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1. (A)Ms. Tang: Good morning, Mrs. Cole. We are delighted to have this opportunity to introduce our exquisite hand-embroidered silk products. Does the sample meet your expectations?
1. (A)女士唐:早上好,科尔夫人。我们很高兴有这个机会介绍我们精美的手工刺绣丝绸产品。样品是否符合您的期望?

2. (B)Mrs. Cole: Hello, Ms. Tang. First of all, I'd like to thank you for the samples you sent. I am very impressed with the quality of your silk products, especially the texture and luster of the scarves, which are excellent.
2. (B)夫人Cole:你好,唐小姐。首先,我要感谢您寄来的样品。你们的丝绸产品的质量给我留下了深刻的印象,尤其是围巾的质地和光泽,非常好。

3. (A)Ms. Tang: I'm glad to hear your positive feedback, Ms. Cole. We have always been committed to providing the highest quality hand-embroidered silk products. What do you think about the pattern and design?
3. (A)女士唐:我很高兴听到你的积极反馈,科尔女士。我们一直致力于提供最优质的手工刺绣丝绸产品。您如何看待图案和设计?

4. (B) Mrs. Cole: As for the patterns, I must confess that I am very satisfied with our range of scarves, but I have some reservations about the design of the handkerchiefs. Although the quality of the handkerchiefs is equally excellent, I feel that their patterns may not appeal enough to my customer base.

5. (A)Ms. Tang: It's interesting because we think the design of these handkerchiefs is quite unique in the market. However, it is important for us to understand our customers' preferences. Could you specify what you are dissatisfied with?
5. (A)女士唐:这很有趣,因为我们认为这些手帕的设计在市场上是相当独特的。但是,了解客户的偏好对我们来说很重要。你能具体说明你不满意的地方吗?

6. (B)Mrs. Cole: Of course. In my opinion, the pattern on the handkerchief is too traditional and lacks modern sense. My clients prefer stylish, innovative designs that reflect a modern and elegant lifestyle.
6. (B)夫人Cole:当然。在我看来,手帕上的图案太传统了,缺乏现代感。我的客户更喜欢时尚、创新的设计,反映现代和优雅的生活方式。

7. (A)Ms. Tang: Thank you very much for your frank and detailed feedback. To address this, we have recently developed some new designs that I think might be more in line with the needs of your customers. May I show you these latest designs and hear your opinion?
7. (a)女士唐:非常感谢您坦率而详细的反馈。为了解决这个问题,我们最近开发了一些新的设计,我认为这些设计可能更符合您客户的需求。我可以向你展示这些最新的设计,听听你的意见吗?

8. (B) Mrs. Cole: That's great. I'm looking forward to seeing the new designs. I believe that if we have the right design, our cooperation will be more smooth.

9. (A)Ms. Tang: I'm glad to hear that. I will arrange to send you the information of these latest designs immediately. At the same time, if you have any custom needs or special requirements, please feel free to let us know.
9. (A)女士唐:我很高兴听到这个消息。我会立即安排将这些最新设计的信息发送给您。同时,如果您有任何定制需求或特殊要求,请随时告知我们。

10. (B)Mrs. Cole: Of course I will. I also look forward to discussing further details of the order. Based on the discussion so far, I am ready to place a preliminary order to test the market reaction.
10. (B)夫人Cole:我当然会。我也期待讨论该命令的进一步细节。根据到目前为止的讨论,我准备下初步订单来测试市场反应。

11. (A)Ms. Tang: Thank you for your trust and support. We are committed to providing the best products and services. We look forward to the success of our cooperation.
11. (A)女士唐:谢谢你的信任和支持。我们致力于提供最好的产品和服务。我们期待着我们的合作取得成功。


1.(A) Candidate: Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to attend this interview. I have always been very interested in the projects of your company and believe that my experience and skills can bring value to the company. My expected annual salary is 120,000 yuan.
1.(A) 候选人:非常感谢您给我机会参加这次面试。我一直对贵公司的项目非常感兴趣,相信我的经验和技能可以为公司带来价值。我预计年薪是12万元。

2.(B)Human Resources Manager: Hello, we are very impressed with your qualifications and skills. However, our current budget for this position is 100,000 yuan a year. We would love to have you on our team, but we also hope you understand our budget constraints.

3. (A)Candidate: I understand the importance of a budget, but 120,000 yuan is a reasonable expectation based on the market and my expertise. I believe I can bring corresponding value to your company.

4. (B)Human Resources Manager: We really see your potential and value. To show our sincerity, we might consider offering some additional benefits, such as more annual leave, flexible working hours or career development training, to compensate for the lack of pay.

5. (A)Candidate: These benefits sound attractive, but I'm still worried that the salary gap will affect my quality of life. Perhaps we could explore the possibility of adjusting the salary at some point in the future to match my expectations?
5. (A)应聘者:这些福利听起来很有吸引力,但我仍然担心工资差距会影响我的生活质量。也许我们可以探索在未来某个时候调整薪水以符合我的期望的可能性?

6. (B)Human Resources Manager: That's a reasonable proposition. We may include a trial period in the contract, and if your performance exceeds expectations during this period, we may consider reassessing your salary after the trial period is over.

7. (A) Candidate: Yeah,I hope to know a clear salary increase plan after thr trial period

8. (B) Human Resources Manager: Of course, we can make that clear in the contract. In addition, we may also consider offering some performance bonuses, so that you have the opportunity to increase your income based on your performance.

9. (A)Candidate: A performance bonus is a good incentive for me. I am willing to accept the offer and show my ability during the trial period.

10. (B)Human Resources Manager: Great, we're glad you'd like to join us. Let's discuss the specific terms of the contract in detail and arrange for you to start working as soon as possible.
10. (B)人力资源经理:太好了,我们很高兴您愿意加入我们。让我们详细讨论合同的具体条款,并安排您尽快开始工作。

11. (A)Candidate: I look forward to working with your company and making my contribution to the success of the project. Let's work out the details as soon as possible.
11. (A)候选人:我期待与贵公司合作,为项目的成功做出贡献。让我们尽快制定细节。


1.(A)Buyer: Thank you very much for taking the time to see us today, we are very interested in your high-tech equipment, I believe it can greatly improve the production efficiency of our factory.

2.(B)Seller: I'm glad to hear that. Our equipment is truly unique on the market, bringing unprecedented productivity and quality assurance to your company.

3.(A)Buyer: We have done market research, and although your equipment is very advanced in technology, it seems to be much more expensive than similar products. We are hoping to buy the equipment for $1 million, which is already a competitive offer.
3.(A)采购商:我们做过市场调查,虽然你们的设备技术很先进,但似乎比同类产品贵很多。我们希望以 100 万美元的价格购买设备,这已经是一个有竞争力的报价。

4.(B)Seller: We understand your concern about price, but let me state that our equipment incorporates state-of-the-art technology and unique processes whose long-term value and benefits will far outweigh the initial investment. This price reflects the true value of our equipment.

5.(A)Buyer: We recognize the advantages of your equipment, but our budget is limited. In addition to price, can we reduce the overall cost in other ways? For example, include after-sales service or extended warranties.

6.(B)Seller: We can provide extended warranty service and quality after-sales support to ensure the operating efficiency and service life of the equipment. In addition, we can also consider providing technical training to ensure that your team can take full advantage of all the features of the equipment.

7.(A)Buyer: These value-added services are very attractive. If that were included, ,we might be able to come to an agreement in a modest price concession. Could you suggest a specific discount plan?

8.(B)Seller: Considering your needs and our cooperation potential, I can offer you a 5% discount, including one year of free technical support and an additional six-month warranty. This is the best solution we can offer.

9.(A)Buyer: I appreciate your offer. A 7% discount would be more in line with our budget , and we are willing to include a performance incentive clause in the contract that will pay an additional incentive fee if the using effect as our expected.

10.(B)Seller: A 7% discount plus a performance incentive clause sounds like a win-win proposition. We are willing to accept this condition and look forward to long-term cooperation with you.

11.(A)Buyer: Great.Hope our cooperation will be successful. And then We will arrange the meeting as soon as possible.


1.(A): Hello, I'm very interested in your company's equipment. However, we have a limited budget, can we buy it for $800,000?
1.(A): 您好,我对贵公司的设备很感兴趣。但是,我们的预算有限,我们能花 800,000 美元购买它吗?

2.(B): Hello, we are glad that you are interested in our products. But the 800,000 dollars offer is really too low, and our lowest price is 1 million dollars
2.(B): 您好,我们很高兴您对我们的产品感兴趣。但是80万美元的报价实在是太低了,我们的最低价格是100万美元

3.(A): I understand your position. We are willing to increase our offer to 820,000 dollars, and we would like to add some additional services, such as free delivery.
3.(A):我理解你的立场。我们愿意将报价提高到 820,000 美元,并且我们想增加一些额外的服务,例如免费送货。

4.(B)Character B: 820,000 dollars plus free delivery sounds good, but our costs are still a little high. Could you consider 850,000 dollars? We can offer a two-year free guarantee.
4.(B)角色B:820,000美元加上免费送货听起来不错,但是我们的成本还是有点高。你能考虑 850,000 美元吗?我们可以提供两年免费保修。

5.(A)Character A: 850,000 dollars sounds more reasonable. We are willing to accept the price, but we need some additional concessions, such as immediate delivery.

6.(B)OK, if you agree to 860,000 dollars, we can ship it right away. And, as an added bonus, we'll throw in a free car stereo.

7.(A)Character A: 860,000 dollars plus immediate shipping and free stereo sounds like a good deal. We agree to this condition.

8.(B): Great, we're glad to have reached an agreement with you. We will start preparing the contract and delivery immediately.
8.(B): 太好了,我们很高兴与您达成协议。我们将立即开始准备合同和交货。

9.(A)Role A: Looking forward to working with you. We believe this will be a good start.

10.(B)Character B: So do we. Let's close the deal as soon as possible so that the equipment can be put into use as soon as possible.


1.(A)Department store manager: Hello, thank you very much for your interest in our refrigerator style. Our products are carefully designed and manufactured to ensure quality and performance. I understand your concern about price, but our price is already very reasonable in the market.

2.(B)customer: I really like the design of this refrigerator, but I find that the door is a little loose and the freezer drawers don't seem to be very smooth. These questions make me think it's not perfect, and maybe that's why I should get some discounts.

3.(A)Department store manager: You have observed very carefully. As for the small problem you mentioned, I can assure you that our after-sales team will solve it for you immediately. But our refrigerators are impeccable in their overall performance and durability. Regarding the price, we don't usually offer discounts, but considering your love for the product, I can offer you some small benefits, such as a free one-year extended warranty service.

4.(B): A one-year extended warranty sounds good, but I'd prefer it reflected in the price. 7.5% discount would be more attractive to me. After all, I don't need a delivery service, which can save you some money.

5.(A)Department store manager: I understand your point of view, but delivery is part of our service and does not affect our pricing. However, I can apply to my supervisor to see if it is possible to offer some special concessions. Just a moment, please.


6.(A)Department store manager: After communicating with our superiors, we are willing to offer you a compromise plan. We can offer you a 5% discount and include a one-year extended warranty. This is the best offer we can make.
6.(A)百货经理:在与上级沟通后,我们愿意为您提供折衷方案。我们可以为您提供 5% 的折扣,并包括一年的延长保修。这是我们能提供的最好的报价。

7.(B): I really appreciate your efforts and offer. A 5% discount plus an extended warranty sounds like a good deal. I'm willing to accept the offer. Can we finish the purchase process now?
7.(B): 我非常感谢您的努力和提议。5% 的折扣加上延长保修听起来很划算。我愿意接受这个提议。我们现在可以完成购买过程吗?

8.(A)Department store manager: Of course. I'm glad you decided to buy our refrigerator. Please follow me to the cashier and we will process your purchase as soon as possible.

9.(B): Great. Thank you for your help.

10.(A)Department store manager: You're welcome, Sir, we really appreciate your visit and your interest in our products. Please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help you. Have a nice day!


1.(A)seller: Hello, we are a professional soft drink manufacturer. We understand that your stadium needs a large supply of beverages during the games, and we would be happy to be your supplier.
1.(A)卖家: 您好,我们是一家专业的软饮料制造商。我们了解您的体育场在比赛期间需要大量饮料供应,我们很乐意成为您的供应商。

2.(B)buyer: Hello, we are really looking for a reliable beverage supplier. We are very price sensitive because we need to provide a high-quality product to our audience while remaining cost effective. The price you proposed is 0.90 yuan per bottle, which is a bit high for us.
2.(B)买家: 您好,我们真的在寻找可靠的饮料供应商。我们对价格非常敏感,因为我们需要为我们的受众提供高质量的产品,同时保持成本效益。你提出的价格是每瓶0.90元,这对我们来说有点高。

3.(A)seller: Our products enjoy a high reputation in the market, and our production process guarantees the high quality of our products. We think 0.90 yuan is a reasonable price to ensure a satisfactory profit margin for both parties.

4.(B)buyer: We understand the importance of quality, but we also have budget constraints. We hope to purchase at the price of 0.80 yuan per bottle, so that we can order more quantities, which will be beneficial to both parties.

5.(A)seller: We can think about your proposal. If we can establish a long-term relationship, maybe we can discuss a price adjustment. Can you guarantee an order of at least 10,000 bottles?

6.(B)buyer: We can guarantee to order at least 8,000 bottles per week, and possibly up to 12,000 bottles if there are more events. We are also willing to discuss the possibility of long-term cooperation.

7.(A)seller: So, if we agree to supply at 0.85 yuan and you promise to order at least 10,000 bottles per week, would that be acceptable?

8.(B)buyer: I think the price and quantity are acceptable for us. We can sign a trial operation contract and see how the cooperation goes.

9.(A)seller: Good. We can prepare a pilot contract for three months and then adjust the terms according to the situation.

10.(B)buyer: Agreed. We look forward to working with you and hope to provide the audience with quality drinks.


1.(A)Ms. Wood: Hello, Ms. Qing. I am very pleased that we can sit together today to discuss this exciting joint venture project. I believe this will be a good start for our cooperation.

2.(B)Ms. Qing: Hello, Ms. Wood. We are also looking forward to this cooperation.

3.(A)Ms. Wood: We are interested in establishing a medium-sized joint venture with you in Shenzhen for microwave ovens. We think this market has great potential and room for growth.

4.(B)Ms. Qing: We are also very optimistic about the microwave oven market and believe that the cooperation with your company can bring win-win results.

5.(A)Ms. Wood: Well, do you have any suggestions or requirements regarding the registered capital of the joint venture?

6. (B)Ms. Qing: We believe that the registered capital should reflect the strength of both parties and the confidence in the project.
6. (b)女士秦:我们认为,注册资本应该体现双方的实力和对项目的信心。

7.(A)Ms. Wood: I suggest that we invest 7 million dollars and consider raising the rest through a bank loan. What do you think of this proposal?

8.(B)Ms. Ching: An investment of 7 million dollars is a good starting point and we will consider your suggestion and further discuss the possibility of a loan with our finance team.

9.(A)Ms. Wood: Very good. Could you give me some information about the minimum investment for foreign parties?

10.(B)Ms. Qing: According to our policy and market conditions, the minimum investment limit for foreign parties is usually 25% of the registered capital.

11.(A)Ms. Wood: I see. We plan to invest in both cash and equipment to ensure the joint venture can get up and run quickly.

12.(B) Ms. Qing: The investment of cash and equipment is reasonable and we will specify these details in the contract.

13.(A)Ms. Wood: Also, I would like to know what the terms and conditions are if we need to terminate the joint venture in the future.

14.(B)Ms. Qing: The termination of the joint venture requires mutual agreement. We will specify relevant terms in the contract to ensure that the rights and interests of both parties are protected.

15.(A)Ms. Wood: That sounds very reasonable. We agree with these initial negotiating points and look forward to further detailed discussions and the development of a contract.

16.(B)Ms. Qing: We agree and look forward to a long and fruitful cooperative relationship with your company.


1.(A)You (employee): Hello,Boss. if it is convenient for you, I would like to arrange a time to talk with you about my salary.

(B)Boss: Of course. Can we talk about it now?

3.(A)You: I believe I have made some notable achievements in the past few months, such as successfully spearheading a $1 million project and receiving high praise from clients. I think it's time for me to consider making some adjustments to my income.

4.(B)Boss: I know what you mean. But as you know, the company is in a tight financial situation these days.

5.(A)You: I totally understand. However, I also did some market research and found that salaries in the same industry are generally higher. I'm not asking for a big raise right away, just a gradual adjustment to a reasonable level.

6.(B)Boss: I know the situation you mentioned. Do you have any specific suggestions?

7.(A)You: I was thinking maybe we could consider a phased increase, or if I can meet certain performance metrics over the next few months, we could reevaluate the salary.

8.(B)Boss: I think that's a good suggestion. Let's set some clear performance goals, and if you can meet them in the next quarter, we can adjust your salary based on your performance.

9.(A)You: Great. I'm glad we can find a mutually satisfactory solution. I'll work hard to make sure we reach the goals we've set.

10.(B)Boss: OK, I appreciate your efforts. We'll give you an answer as soon as possible.

11.(A)You: Thank you very much. Looking forward to your good news.


1.(A)Buyer Rep: We recognize that the delay of this transaction has caused you inconvenience and cost. However, due to changing market conditions, we are re-evaluating our supply chain and exploring all available options to find the most suitable solution.

2.(B)Seller Rep: We understand that the market is constantly changing, but we have invested considerable resources and costs into this transaction. If you decide not to proceed, we will face heavy losses.

3.(A)Buyer Rep: We realize this, and we don't want to lose the opportunity to cooperate with you. But the fact is, we had budget problems, and we were also exploring a possible partnership with another supplier. But that doesn't mean we're giving up on your deal.

4.(B)Seller Rep: We would like to hear about your solutions.

5.(A)Buyer Rep: We are considering whether we can extend the delivery time to reduce our inventory pressure, and we are also willing to consider paying part of the cost already incurred as compensation.

6.(B)Seller Rep: The extended delivery time has an impact on our production schedule, but we are willing to consider it. As for the cost reimbursement, we need to know exactly what percentage you are willing to bear.

7.(A)Buyer Rep: We propose to pay 30% of the cost already incurred as compensation. In the meantime, we hope to get some discount on the price to reflect the importance we attach to this delay.

8.(B)Seller Rep: 30% compensation is a starting point, but we'd like to get to at least 50%. As for the price, we can offer a 5% discount, but we need to ensure that the total amount of the transaction remains the same.

9.(A)Buyer Rep: We can accept a 50% compensation offer. As for the price, we expect a discount of at least 8% to compensate for the market risk we may face as a result of the delay.

10.(B)Seller Rep: 8% discount is a big concession for us, but we are willing to accept it in view of our long relationship. However, we hope that this transaction will be finalized as soon as possible to reduce uncertainty.

11.(A)Buyer Rep: We agree to finalize the transaction as soon as possible. To show our commitment, we can immediately sign a revised contract specifying the new terms and compensation details.

12.(B)Seller Rep: That sounds like a reasonable solution. Let's draw up the revised contract at once and arrange for signature as soon as possible.

13.(A)Buyer Rep: We will prepare the contract as soon as possible. We look forward to continuing a long and mutually beneficial relationship with your company.


1.(A)Phoenix Communication Equipment Co., LTD. Representative (seller):

Hello, we are pleased to negotiate with you on the transaction of V600 music mobile phone. With the latest features and technologies, our products are perfect for your market. Our initial offer is 360 dollars per unit FOB Shenzhen.
您好,我们很高兴与您就V600音乐手机的交易进行谈判。凭借最新的功能和技术,我们的产品非常适合您的市场。我们的初始报价是每单位 360 美元 FOB 深圳.

2.(B)Cairo Buyer's representative:

Hello, thank you for your product information. We were very interested in the V600 music phone, but we thought the price was a bit high. We are willing to buy 4000 units, but hope the price can be more favorable. Our offer is 330 dollars per unit CIF Cairo.
您好,感谢您提供产品信息。我们对V600音乐手机非常感兴趣,但我们认为价格有点高。我们愿意购买4000台,但希望价格可以更优惠。我们的报价是每单位 CIF 开罗 330 美元。

3.(A)Phoenix Communication Equipment Co., LTD. Representative:

We understand your budget considerations, but our costs are also relatively high. However, given our desire for a long-term relationship, we are willing to make some concessions. We can reduce the price to 350 dollars per set FOB Shenzhen.
我们理解您的预算考虑,但我们的成本也相对较高。然而,鉴于我们对长期关系的渴望,我们愿意做出一些让步。我们可以将价格降低到每套 350 美元 FOB 深圳。

4.(B)Cairo Buyer's representative:

We appreciate your concession, but 350 dollars is still over our budget. Our target customers are consumers in new markets who are very price sensitive. Can we discuss the price further to find a figure acceptable to both of us?
我们感谢您的让步,但 350 美元仍然超出我们的预算。我们的目标客户是新市场的消费者,他们对价格非常敏感。我们能否进一步讨论价格,找到一个我们双方都能接受的数字?

5.(A)Phoenix Communication Equipment Co., LTD. Representative:

To show our sincerity, we can offer some additional benefits, such as a free year of technical support services. At the same time, we can reduce the price to 340 dollars per set FOB Shenzhen.

6.(B) Cairo Buyer's representative:
6.(B) 开罗买方代表:

This tech support service sounds very attractive. But we still hope to reduce the price. If you can offer a better price, we are willing to increase our order to 5000 sets.
这项技术支持服务听起来很有吸引力。但我们仍然希望降低价格。如果您能提供更优惠的价格,我们愿意将订单增加到 5000 套。

7.(A)Phoenix Communication Equipment Co., LTD. Representative:

We are glad to hear that you are willing to increase your order. Based on this, we can reduce the price to 335 dollars per set FOB Shenzhen and provide two years of technical support services.

8.(B)Cairo Buyer's representative:

Your proposal is very attractive. We are willing to accept the price of $335 per set and increase the order to 5000 sets. At the same time, we would like to include some flexible payment terms in the transaction.
你的建议非常有吸引力。我们愿意接受每套 335 美元的价格,并将订单增加到 5000 套。同时,我们希望在交易中加入一些灵活的付款条件。

9.(A)Phoenix Communication Equipment Co., LTD. Representative:

OK I SEE.We agree to offer 30% advance payment and the remaining 70% within 60 days after shipment.
好的,我明白了。我们同意在发货后 60 天内提供 30% 的预付款和剩余的 70% 预付款。

10.(B)Cairo Buyer's representative:

This payment plan suits us perfectly. We agree to the price and terms. Let's start preparing the contract.

11.(A) Phoenix Communication Equipment Co., LTD. Representative:

We are glad to have reached an agreement with you. We will start preparing the contract immediately and look forward to working with you for a long time.