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Far Right Wins First Round of French Parliamentary Elections

Le Pen’s National Rally is on track to score an unprecedented haul of parliamentary seats in the July 7 runoff
勒庞的国民集会党有望在 7 月 7 日的决选中获得前所未有的议席大丰收

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Marine Le Pen’s far-right National Rally won the first round of French elections, according to projections by a polling firm. Photo: Yves Herman/Reuters
根据一家民意调查公司的预测,极右翼国民集会党在法国选举第一轮中获胜。照片:YVES HERMAN/路透社
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PARIS—Marine Le Pen’s National Rally notched a victory in the first round of parliamentary elections across France on Sunday, according to projections that showed her far-right party moving one step closer to its goal of winning control of the National Assembly and taking the reins of government.

A projection by polling firm Elabe said National Rally and its allies won 33% of first-round votes while the New Popular Front, a coalition of leftist parties, garnered 29% of ballots. President Emmanuel Macron’s pro-business party and its allies were heading for a third-place finish with 22% of the vote, Elabe said.
民调公司 Elabe 的预测显示,国民联盟及其盟友在第一轮投票中获得了 33%的选票,而左翼政党联盟新人民阵线获得了 29%的选票。Elabe 表示,总统埃马纽埃尔·马克龙的亲商业党派及其盟友将以 22%的选票获得第三名。

National Rally is on track to score an unprecedented haul of parliamentary seats when voters return to the ballot box for the July 7 runoff, marking a watershed moment in the history of France’s modern Fifth Republic. If National Rally wins a majority in the National Assembly, Macron would face the possibility of sharing power with the first far-right government since Vichy France. Macron’s presidential term ends in 2027, and he said he won’t resign.
国民集会有望在 7 月 7 日的决选中获得前所未有的议会席位,这将标志着法国现代第五共和国历史上的一个分水岭时刻。如果国民集会在国民议会中赢得多数席位,马克龙将面临与维希法国以来首个极右翼政府共享权力的可能性。马克龙的总统任期将于 2027 年结束,他表示不会辞职。

Macron placed a massive bet when he called the snap elections, expecting to edge out leftist parties in the first round and force their voters to rally around his party for the runoff as they had in previous national elections. The election, Macron said, would provide France with a moment of “clarification” after her forces trounced his in European elections at the start of June.

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President Emmanuel Macron placed a massive bet when he called the snap elections. Photo: ludovic marin/Agence France-Presse/Getty Images

Now Macron’s calculation appears to have backfired, ushering Le Pen and her allies within striking distance of a 289-seat majority in the National Assembly. That would compel Macron to select a prime minister from Le Pen’s ranks as Paris is just weeks away from hosting the Summer Olympics.
现在马克龙的计算似乎出现了逆转,让勒庞及其盟友在国民议会中获得了 289 个席位的多数席位。这将迫使马克龙从勒庞的阵营中选出一位总理,因为巴黎距离举办夏季奥运会仅有几周的时间。

On Sunday, Le Pen reveled in the thought of her protégé, 28-year-old Jordan Bardella, running the next government. Bardella has placed immigration and the rising cost of living at the center of his campaign, hammering the president over inflation and promising to turn the page on seven years of “macronisme.”
周日,勒庞沉浸在她的门徒、28 岁的乔丹·巴尔德拉可能领导下一届政府的想法中。巴尔德拉将移民问题和生活成本上涨置于其竞选活动的中心,抨击总统通胀问题,并承诺结束七年的“马克龙主义”时代。

“We need an absolute majority so that Jordan Bardella will be appointed prime minister in eight days by Emmanuel Macron,” Le Pen said in a speech before a crowd of supporters waving tricolor flags.

Bardella told reporters on Sunday the runoff vote next week will be “one of the most decisive in the history of the Fifth Republic.”

Based on Sunday’s vote, Elabe estimated that National Rally and its allies would win between 255 and 295 seats. The New Popular Front—which includes socialists, greens and the far-left party France Unbowed—was expected to win between 120 and 140 seats, and Macron’s party and its allies could win 90 to 125 seats, the polling firm said.
根据周日的投票结果,Elabe 估计国民集会及其盟友将赢得 255 至 295 个席位。预计包括社会主义者、绿党和极左翼政党法国不屈在内的新人民阵线将赢得 120 至 140 个席位,而马克龙的政党及其盟友可能赢得 90 至 125 个席位,该民调公司表示。

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Jordan Bardella has focused on immigration and the rising cost of living. Photo: Mohammed Badra/EPA/Shutterstock
乔丹·巴尔德拉关注移民和生活成本上涨。照片:Mohammed Badra/EPA/Shutterstock

Whatever the final tally, Sunday’s vote provided a strong signal that the French parliament is headed for a political realignment. Macron’s party finished with 245 seats in the previous parliamentary election in 2022. Le Pen had 89.
无论最终结果如何,周日的投票都表明法国议会正朝着政治重新调整的方向发展。马克龙的政党在 2022 年的上次议会选举中获得了 245 个席位。勒庞获得了 89 个席位。

The weak showing of Macron’s party marked a humbling moment for a leader who once compared his office to Jupiter, the ancient king of the gods. The third-place finish means many of his candidates might miss runoff races around the country. Candidates need to win support from 12.5% of registered voters on Sunday to qualify for the final round.
马克龙政党的疲软表现标志着一位曾将自己的职位比作古代众神之王朱庇特的领导人的谦卑时刻。第三名的成绩意味着他的许多候选人可能会错过全国各地的决选赛。候选人需要在周日赢得注册选民 12.5%的支持才能进入最后一轮。

For decades, France’s two-round system of voting has functioned as a bulwark against parties from the far ends of the political spectrum, encouraging voters to blow off steam in the first round and then coalesce around an establishment candidate in the final one.

Candidates finishing third on Sunday came under immediate pressure to drop out of the runoff. That would allow voters who supported the leftist coalition and Macron’s ranks in the first round to unite behind a single candidate in a “republican front” to block National Rally. Elabe estimated that up to 320 districts could have three-way races if no one drops out.
周日获得第三名的候选人立即面临退出决选的压力。这将允许在第一轮支持左翼联盟和马克龙阵营的选民们在“共和阵线”中团结起来,支持单一候选人,以阻止国民集会党。Elabe 估计,如果没有人退出,最多可能有 320 个选区出现三方竞争。

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“In the face of National Rally, the time has come for a broad, clearly democratic and republican coalition for the second round,” Macron said in a statement on Sunday evening.

Raphaël Glucksmann, a prominent socialist, called on parties that finished third to drop out of the race and form a blockade against National Rally, adding: “We have seven days for France to avoid a catastrophe.”

The push for unity, however, is complicated by the presence of France Unbowed within the leftist coalition. The founder of the biggest party within the alliance—Jean-Luc Mélenchon of the far-left France Unbowed—has faced accusations of antisemitism, which he has denied, over his incandescent criticism of Israel and the Gaza war, making him radioactive to many of Macron’s voters.

“Mélenchon and his friends represent an existential threat for our country,” Bardella said.
“梅朗雄和他的朋友们代表着我们国家的存在威胁,” 巴德拉说。

Eric, a 27-year-old from the 14th district of Paris, said he couldn’t vote for the leftist alliance because he sees France Unbowed catering to Muslim voters. “It’s not the left of before. They have lost their values.” The Wall Street Journal agreed to use only his first name.
埃里克,一位来自巴黎第 14 区的 27 岁年轻人表示,他无法投票给左翼联盟,因为他认为法国不屈党迎合穆斯林选民。“这不是以前的左派。他们已经失去了价值观。”《华尔街日报》同意仅使用他的名字。

On Sunday, Mélenchon called on France Unbowed candidates who finished third in districts where National Rally is leading to drop out of the runoff. Protesters poured into Place de la République to protest against the far right.

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Sunday’s vote is a measure of how National Rally’s strident anti-immigrant stance has moved into France’s political mainstream.

The party campaigned on restricting the rights of foreign residents living legally in France and tightening access to citizenship, welfare and housing. The party aims to rewrite parts of the French constitution, abolishing the right to citizenship for the children of foreigners who are born in France. It also wants to bar women from wearing Muslim headscarves in any public space—including the sidewalks of Paris—though Bardella has recently said the stance won’t be a priority.

Supporters of Marine Le Pen celebrated after Sunday’s first round of parliamentary elections. Photo: yves herman/Reuters
马琳·勒庞的支持者在周日的议会选举第一轮后庆祝。照片:yves herman/路透社

Marion Trolet, a 46-year-old accountant in Burgundy, said she cast her vote for the National Rally because she believes Bardella is the only politician who is ready to tackle crime and immigration head on.
马里昂·特罗莱,一位 46 岁的勃艮第会计师表示,她投票支持国民集会党,因为她相信巴德拉是唯一一个准备直面犯罪和移民问题的政治家。

“He doesn’t let people intimidate him,” Trolet said. “He has incredible charisma; he is amazing,” she added.

Le Pen has spent years attempting to distance her party from its controversial founders, including her father and Pierre Bousquet, who was a member of the French division of the Waffen-SS during World War II. Then called the National Front, the party was ostracized by mainstream French politics as the country grappled with its role in deporting tens of thousands of French Jews to Nazi death camps during World War II.

The party’s isolation deepened when Jean-Marie Le Pen described the Nazi gas chambers as a mere “detail” of history in the 1980s. He repeated the stance in 2015, prompting his daughter to throw him out of the party.
该党在 1980 年代让·玛丽·勒庞将纳粹毒气室描述为历史的一个“细节”时,其孤立加深。他在 2015 年重申了这一立场,导致其女儿将其赶出了该党。

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Le Pen changed the party’s name to National Rally after losing the presidential election to Macron in 2017. She kept the tricolor flame, a fascist symbol, as the party’s logo.
勒庞在 2017 年输给马克龙后将党名改为国民联盟。她保留了三色火焰作为党徽,这是法西斯主义的象征。

Today, National Rally is animated by widespread anxiety that France’s Muslim minority, one of the largest in Europe, is encroaching on the secular values of the French republic.

On Sunday, Le Pen sought to assuage widespread concerns that the arrival of National Rally in the halls of government would herald an era of illiberalism. “No French person will lose any rights. Au contraire, the rights will be guaranteed,” she said.

Matthew Dalton contributed to this article.

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