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 integration of army and勿
 The cooperation between the hospital and the city will be a challenge.
 Results to notes
II र्युरा
 High-tech Military Industry Supervision Cluster
 Strategic or ware overall cover position

  high opinion

The Group is a large-scale innovation demonstration platform for national civil-military integration established in accordance with the overall requirements of the national civil-military integration and under the relevant instructions and support of the Central Military Commission and the General Armaments Department, and it is one of the five major innovation grips identified by a military branch.

  • The Group is the carrier of the "Falcon Agreement on Cooperation between China Academy of Engineering Physics and Shenzhen Municipal Government" signed by China Academy of Engineering Physics (CAEP), China's only overall nuclear weapons organization.

  • The Group is a "fissioner" led by academicians and aggregated national research team, which has successfully opened the last kilometer of secondary transformation and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements.

-The Group is the headquarters of the high-tech military industry cluster with seven national high-tech enterprises, five with military license qualification, two national specialties and new "small giants" enterprises, and a number of products representing the leading level in China and even breaking the monopoly of foreign countries.

  • The Group is a representative of the highest level of civilian participation in the military, has undertaken 90 military tasks, provided more than 20 cutting-edge products for various military branches, and participated in the research and development and production tasks of DF-XX, the country's major strategic weapons and equipment, as one of the overall units.

-The Group's achievement transformation and development mode were highly evaluated by the leaders of the Military Commission and relevant state ministries and commissions, which considered that "a new path has been taken in civil-military integration".

Aggregate "national team" scientific research power, through the transformation of scientific research results "four links", to cultivate heeding the high-tech military industry cluster.

 1 national R&D center National R&D Center for New Energy Materials Technology (State-level key laboratories) 2 national experimental platforms Shenzhen Innovation Base of National Human Defense Engineering (State-level industry-academia-research bases) National High Precision Industrial CT Demonstration Project Base (Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Education)

 5 Military Industrial Qualification Enterprises

Ltd. Shenzhen Toner Defense Technology Group Limited Shenzhen Toner Defense Technology Limited Chongqing True Measure Technology Co.

7 National High-tech EnterprisesToner Defense Technology Group LimitedShenzhen Toner Defense Technology Co.

 3 Specialized, Specialized and New "Small Giant" Enterprises

Zazhou Longbang Material Technology Co., Ltd. (National) Chongqing Zhenmei Technology Co., Ltd. (National) Shenzhen Tongjian Defense Technology Co.

Ltd. was founded in August 2013 in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, with a capital of RMB 11.11 million. Baked sword set garden is in the central military commission, the general armament department instructions and support for the establishment of the national military fart fusion of mixed ownership innovation demonstration platform, is a military service to determine the "five innovation grasp in" one of the "five innovation", but also 鈥皒he country's only nuclear weapons production unit one of the China Academy of Engineering Physics and the Shenzhen Municipal Government signed the "courtyard city cooperation agreement It is also one of the "five major innovation grasps" identified by the military branch, and the only nuclear weapons production unit in China, the China Academy of Engineering Physics and the Shenzhen Municipal Government signed the "Agreement on Cooperation between the Academy and the Municipality of Shenzhen".

Jingke cooperation woodcutting Liangquiao Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics and Shenzhen Municipal People's Government signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement in Shenzhen.

 III. Introduction to the Gathering of Gardens

 Tonto Group

 R&D team

 Led by two academicians

 35 scientific national teams collaborate

 Cooperating Organizations

  • China Academy of Engineering Physics (three, eight, ten), the Chinese Academy of Sciences, aerospace science and technology (a, three,

(Fourth and Fifth Academy), Aerospace Science and Industry, CEC, Weapon Group, 081 Group, etc.

 Cooperating universities

  • Shaanxi Normal University, Chongqing University, South China University of Technology, Wuhan University, Tongji University, Electronic Science and Technology University, Sichuan University, Shenzhen University, North China Electric Power University, the Academy of Military Science, and the Rocket Force, Navy, Air Force Engineering University, etc.

 Fang Yu Fellow

  •  Academician, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)
  •  Former President and Professor of Shaanxi Normal University
  •  Executive Director of the Chinese Chemical Society

 ex-party member

  •  Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering

  • Professor, Director of Academic Committee, State Key Laboratory of Pulp and Paper Engineering, South China University of Technology

 Research Team

The Group now has a research team of more than 100 R&D talents with master's degrees and doctorates.

 specialist adviser

Zongqing Zhao, Ph.D. Supervisor, Deputy Director, Laser Fusion Research Center, Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics, China

Dou Xincun, PhD Supervisor, Distinguished Core Researcher of Xinjiang Institute of Physics and Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), selected for National Youth Plucking and CAS "Hundred Talent Program".
 He Guanjie, Deputy Director, Structures Room, Institute 15, First Academy of Space Science and Technology

 III. Introduction to the Group

 Scientific research and innovation capacity

 Undertake national research projects

National "863" Program, National Major Instrument and Equipment Special Project, National "Patch the party, the neck" Project
 National and provincial and municipal "specializing in fine poetry and new small said three people
 Second-class prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress, First-class prize of Army Scientific and Technological Progress

The first prize of the Sixth Innovative Innovation and Entrepreneurship Army Roll Ni Dahan, the first prize of the China Electric Power Minmetal Achievement is being declared as the first prize of the National Invention Award and the National Scientific and Technological Progress Award in 2022.
 Independent patented technology Won national honors
 company identification  Number of core patents
 Group Headquarters 89
 Shenzhou Sword Defense Technology Co. 57
 Shenzhen Mining Sword Sky Eye Technology Co. 47
 Chongqing True Measure Technology Co. 60
 Pizhou Longbang Material Technology Co. 54
 Shenzhen Zhongshu Xinghua Technology Development Company 46
 shenzhen shenxin material technology co. 15
 Shenzhen Quantum Defense Online Technology Company 15
 Shenzhen Fangkema New Material Company 21
 Shenzhen Jiuding Wenbo Technology Co. 30

 DF-XX missile launch platform project

  •  Tonto is one of the overall units of this major strategic defense equipment
  •  Tonto is the only private company to take on the sub-general mission
  •  Winning in competition with state-owned military units
  •  Representing the highest level of Shenzhen's civilian military projects

 Hundreds of millions of dollars invested in research and development over 5 years

 Shenzhen Headquarters

 Tonto Mansion

Location: Strategic Emerging Industries Headquarters Base, Liuxiandong, Xili Street, Nanshan District, Shenzhen;

Area: covers an area of about 5,200 square meters, with a total floor area of nearly 90,000 square meters;

Height: total building height of 180 meters, 39 floors above ground, 3 floors underground, divided into R & D rooms, supporting commercial, dormitory and other floors.
 Progress: Completion and delivery is expected by mid-2023;

Location: 300 meters away from Liuxiandong Station of Metro Line 5 in a straight line, adjacent to DJI, Transocean, Lepu, Tannon, Enron, etc. and Pengcheng Laboratory, and surrounded by Vanke Yuncheng large-scale commercial complex.

 III. Introduction to the Gathering of Gardens

 LENGINE Tonto Group

  Manufacturing capacity

 Six industrialization bases I

  • Guangdong Heyuan Lianping Special Equipment Manufacturing and Maintenance Base (covering an area of 50,000 square meters)
  •  Aramid material production base in Dingnan, Jiangxi (covering an area of 100,000 square meters)
  •  Chongqing Shapingba High-end Equipment Manufacturing Base (covering 30,000 square meters)
  •  Sichuan Mianyang 3D geographic information data arithmetic base
  •  Shenzhen Longgang Advanced Protective Equipment Industrialization Base
  •  Guangdong Shunde Emergency Security Industrialization Base
 Heyuan Lianping Special Equipment Manufacturing and Maintenance Base

With a total investment of 250 million yuan, there is a special plant, the highest floor height of 29.7 meters, equipped with heavy-duty cranes and various types of production platforms, as well as office buildings, dormitories and so on.

 Shenzhen Longgang Advanced Protective Equipment Industrialization Base
  III. Introduction to the Gathering of Gardens
 Leadership care
 Tonto Group


The idea of "exhibition", looking forward to answering the force fish bucket, walk this pro-new road." A military commission chief highly concerned

 "The platform is a major innovation in the steak system."

 III. Introduction to the Gathering of Gardens

 Industry Sector | Military Equipment

 Major Strategic Defense Weaponry I DF-XX

 III. Introduction to the Group

 Industry Sector | Military Equipment

 Military special protection module
 Stealth tanker
 Destruction-resistant missile boxes
 New type of high altitude delivery impact resistant and energy absorbing packaging and storage tanks
 Electromagnetic shielding and anti-laser detection special curtains

 III. Introduction to the Group

 Industries | New Materials

 National "Specialized, Specialized and New" Enterprises

  • Fan absolute all known as 䓅 Ray family of polyperylene fiber, is one of the world's three major polymer materials, the main bonding intermediate fall absolute (1313) para 䓅 absolute (1414), Heterocyclic Law absolute, etc., with ultra-high strength, high modulus and resistance to high 湦, acid-resistant 䠞. The weight of the warp and other excellent properties.

  • The company has a production base covering an area of 100,000 square meters, with the existing four warp-fall reed insulation fiber production line, three lagoon insulation paper production line, and an annual production capacity of about 5,000 tons. Ganzhou Longbang Material Technology Co., Ltd. breaks the monopoly of DuPont of the United States to create a number of domestic first!

 Technological Advantage and Industry Position

-Jointly established an engineering R&D center for aramid material application with the team of academician Chen Kefu of South China University of Technology;

Undertake the key projects of the National "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" 863 Program, "Armed Helicopter Localization Project", "Key Industry Revitalization and Technological Upgrading Project" of the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), "Frontier Technology Research Project" of the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), etc.. Frontier technology research projects", etc..

  • The company is the only enterprise that can realize industrialized mass production of 1313 and 1414 aramid paper in China, breaking the market monopoly and technical blockade of DuPont on China's aramid materials for more than 50 years, and realizing import substitution.

  • The only company in China that can produce L633, a high electrical strength insulating argyle paper that competes with DuPont T410.

-The only company in China that can produce aramid fiber mica paper and aramid carbon fiber; -The only company in China that can produce aramid fiber mica paper and aramid carbon fiber.
 The first company in the world to independently develop shielding materials for aromatics.
 ・Listing on the Growth Enterprise Market (GEM) has been initiated.
 ・Submitting for the 2022 National Invention Award.
 production base

 III. Introduction to the Group

 Industry Segment I New Materials
 National "Specialized Specialized Specialized Specialized New" Enterprises

  • The company is capable of producing and selling all kinds of industrial note production from raw material synthesis to final fiber, note paper and its composite materials.

  • The products are used in electrician fishing edge, aviation 貥 sky, coo road transportation, wind dumping, communication equipment, military equipment, special protective fat and so on Xu plateau or.

 Pizhou Longbang Material Technology Co.

  Breaking the U.S. DuPont's monopoly and creating a number of domestic firsts.
 Fungi's honeycomb (a type of honeycomb)
 Aromatic paper insulating paper
 Aroma paper circuit board paper Aroma paper screen 䒽 paper
 Firefighting protective clothing

 Industry Segment |New Materials

 Leader in intelligent protective materials and equipment

ESA material originated from the Liquid Body Armor Material Project of the Chinese Academy of Materials is a new type of intelligent impact energy-absorbing material. Under normal conditions, the front-cutting hole-augmenting material is very soft, and once it encounters a high-speed punch or Sterling Pressure, the material will become dove-hard so as to digest the external force. When the external force disappears

After that, the material will return to its original soft state, with better energy absorption, shock absorption and impact resistance.

  • ESA protection products have a leading position in the domestic industry market and applications, and are now widely used in sporting goods, military bullet protection, airdrop boxes in case of accidents, missile transportation boxes, and the protection of the transportation of precision instruments.

 shenzhen shenxin material technology co.

 Unique technological route with broad dual-use applications.

 Technological Advantage and Industry Position

  • The company's technical route is original, and it is the only enterprise in China that makes anti-DuPont D3O material, and it owns 1 invention patent, 9 utility model patents and 5 design patents;

-Products of various quality indicators are better than industry peers, especially the application of low-temperature resistant materials is the industry application of innovation and leader.

Participated in the "Golden Shield 2019" Explosion-proof and Bullet-proof Material Challenge, and won the first place in the total score of the subject of explosion-proof against 6KgTNT equivalent. Currently, it has entered the development of the fourth generation of protective armor under the leadership of the Institute of Weapons 201.

ESA-made body armor has been used in the Armed Police Force; meanwhile, ESA man-portable protective gear has been equipped for the Airborne Army's Thor Commandos;

  • ESA, as a superior energy-absorbing and shock-absorbing material, is included in the Airborne Army's non-destructive airdrop pre-research project.

  • Leading sporting goods companies such as Anta and Reebok use ESA materials to manufacture their products.

The company, together with BMW and other world automobile giants and new energy vehicle manufacturers such as Xiaopeng, is jointly forming a team to carry out R&D and testing of lightweight protective seats.
 Transit case for weapons and equipment
 Winter Olympics medal shoes
 Missile transportation box cushioning
 Professional sports protective gear / cycling clothing

 III. Introduction to the Group

 Industry Segments |High-end Equipment

 Safety and emergency testing leader

The company has established a complete intellectual property system with 苂光涂层化合物膜片材料、荑光检测侵感 technology as the core, and the products have been realized series development and supporting to become a material as the traction, the country around the high-end security instrumentation R & D and manufacturing, security system integration.

Military equipment manufacturing, mixed with core technology and market influence of the leading enterprises.

 Shenzhen Toner Defense Technology Co.

 Academician led independent research and development of core technologies leading the international

 Technological Advantage and Industry Position

  • The company's shareholder and chief scientist, Prof. Fang Yu, formerly the president of Shaanxi Normal University, was elected as an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2021;...

  • Fang Yu academician led the scientific research team, around the core technology of thin film fluorescence sensing to carry out "sensitive film, a sensor, a detection equipment" of the whole chain of research, and ultimately, through cooperation with the sword, after 14 years of success in the development of hand-held explosives detector and industrialization.

Product sensitivity "high", up to the world's highest level: ; detection range "wide", can detect more than 40 kinds of explosives or important explosives intermediates; false alarm rate "low" ; personalized Configuration "full", the first wireless transmitter alarm mode, to protect the personal safety of detectors; environmental adaptability "strong", can be used in high temperature and high humidity and cold environment normal use;

It has been supported by "National Natural Science Foundation of China", "National Major Scientific Research Instrument Development Project", "863 Highlighted Achievements of the Ministry of Science and Technology", "National Defense 973 Program" and so on. " and other support.

  • China Instrumentation Association identified the company's products "core technology to reach the international leading level, the whole product to reach the international advanced level".
 Explosive Detector
 Specialized small boat customization
 Miniature Explosives/Drug Detectors
 Missile weapons storage containers

 III. Introduction to the Group

 Industry Sectors|High-end Equipment

 Non-destructive testing equipment unicorn company

  • Founded in 2009, the company has a research site and experimental stems of nearly 5,000 square meters, development and production site of more than 20,000 square meters, in the high-precision, quantitative, online, car and railroad motorized industrial CT has a unique advantage.

。 So far, the company has made significant contributions to the launching of more than a dozen satellites, the smooth implementation of the manned space program and the moon project, the development of large-scale weapon systems, the development of aviation engines, the analysis of geological structures, the safety of railway vehicles in speeding up and re-transferring, the prediction of petroleum reserves, the judgment of the quality of mechanical products, the reliability of extra-high-voltage electric power equipment, and the archeology and restoration of cultural relics, among other things.

 Technological Advantage and Industry Position

There are more than 60 engineers and technicians in the company, including 7 professors/doctoral scholars. The chairman of the company, Mr. Ana Wang, is a professor of Chongqing University and an expert with special subsidies from the State Council.

Created a number of domestic first, has developed China's first industrial CT commercial industrial CT, large-scale horizontal industrial CT, on-line industrial CT system, etc., as well as the world's first ultra-high-precision high-energy industrial CT system and vehicle-mounted motorized industrial CT system.

-Constructed "I Industry CT NDT Engineering Research Center of Ministry of Education" with | CT Research Center of Chongqing University, and is the lead unit of the project of "National Special Project for the Development of Major Scientific Instruments and Equipment".

・Completed the independent development of key components of 15/9MeV high-energy gas pedal and micro- and nano-focused ray sources, breaking the foreign embargo;
 R&D and manufacturing base

-It has more than 60 authorized patents, 7 software copyrights and more than 100 proprietary technologies, and was awarded the Second Prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress.

  • It is the only enterprise with the ability to develop the whole series of nano, microfocus, low-energy and high-energy CT products in China, as well as the national demonstration base for the industrialization of high-precision industrial CT inspection system and the largest industrial CT production base in China.

-Participated in the formulation of more than 20 national and industrial standards for industrial CT, monopolizing the development of national standards.

  • It is the only training center and examination center in China for CT/DR NDT personnel in the I industry.

The company has received funding support from the military for the development of mobile weapon rapid detection equipment and has successfully won the tender for installation and procurement, which is expected to greatly increase revenue and enhance the company's listing conditions on the Science and Technology Innovation Board (STB) in the next three years.

 Vehicle-mounted CT and industrial CT test results

 III. Introduction to the Group

 Industry Segment High Turbulence Coating

 Leading LiDAR in China
 Suppliers of equipment for military-network integration

Founded in 2010, the company relies on the background of the China Academy of Engineering Physics, as well as the deep accumulation of self-research technology in LIDAR jaws, has undertaken a number of major national defense research projects, is the only one with LIDAR "hardware manufacturing + software development + data service slanting" integrated solutions provider.

 Shenzhen Sword Sky Eye Technology Co.

 Tonto Group

 LIDAR scanners: breaking the foreign monopoly and realizing import substitution

 Technological Advantage and Industry Position

  • Company May 2020 included in the U.S. 33 Entity Sanctions List companies;.
  •  The first independent developer of lightweight and small airborne LiDAR in China.
  •  The first independent developer of spatial and temporal big data cloud platform in China.
  •  Domestic data service provider with Class A surveying and mapping qualification.
  •  Ministry of Transportation and Communications BIM Application R&D Center.

  • Aerial Remote Sensing Research Center for Geological Hazard Prevention and Control, State Administration of Surveying, Mapping and Geoinformation; and
  •  LIDAR Civil-Military Integration Research and Application Center.

  • The company and Wuhan University, Shenzhen University, North China Electric Power University, the China Academy of Water Resources and Hydropower and other more than 10 universities and institutes to build R & D cooperation.

  • Mao Qingzhou, the shareholder and chief scientist of the company, is a professor of the State Key Laboratory of Surveying, Mapping and Remote Sensing Information Engineering of Wuhan University, who has won the second prize of the National Technological Invention Award, and has presided over the National Major Scientific Instrument Project, the Natural Science Foundation Project and the 863 Project.
 3D laser scanner
 3D live digital city model
 City Violation Detection Management Platform (First 3D Violation Detection)
 3D Intelligent Power Operation and Inspection Platform (First in China)

 III. Introduction to the Group

 LENGINE Tonto Group

 Industrial Segment |Environmental Products



 Underground Environmental Engineering

Founded in 2013, the company is a leading enterprise in the domestic human defense and national defense underground environmental engineering technology, which has been widely used in the army and highly recognized by customers, with the focus on life support in confined spaces, environmental monitoring and management of underground engineering, intelligent unattended systems in the military and wireless communication radio detection and related product development, sales and stock services.

 Technological Advantage and Industry Position

  • The company has a number of hardware and software research and development personnel, after nearly 10 years of precipitation, intellectual property rights to the annual rate of incremental increase;.

  • The company has 50 independent intellectual property rights in the field of underground space environmental management, life and health protection, including 5 invention patents, 30 utility models, 11 appearance patents, 4 software copyrights, 3 patents under processing, 3 trademarks.

  • The company cooperated with the Army Engineering University to set up the national human defense defense engineering internal environment and equipment innovation base in Shenzhen, is also the military academy of sciences in the field of human defense defense engineering internal environment and equipment innovation carriers

  • The company has obtained the certifications of general contracting for building construction in military industry, security construction, military confidentiality secondary qualification, national military standard system, information system integration, etc. The company has complete qualifications, and has the foundation and strength to undertake national defense and human defense projects.
 Kung Ho Shine Regulate Rows (Single)
 (1) XX bank project in one of HJU's ministries  (1) Ceming project for deoxidizing system in a ministry of HJU
 (2) HNJ a ministry information technology platform transformation leveling project  ②) Jilin Cape Plateau Oxygen Concentrator Project
 (3) HJU Ministry's Specialized Chaha's SBP System  (3) HJU a ministry of road machine picking HO
 ) HJJ A Ministry of Information Technology Equipment Procurement
 (vi) Upgrading of the information technology management system of a ministry in HNJ  (vi) Oxygen and Air Quality Inspection Project for a Project in HJU
 (7) Temperature and humidity calibration system for a ministry in HJJ  (3) Integrated air purification and disinfection equipment for the Academy of Military Science
 Integrated installation and site remediation works at a ministry in JJ.  ⑧ HJJ a ministry of counting gas regeneration device picked up
 (9) Zhaoyuan Human Defense Informatization Construction Project
 (10) Colored airborne table at a department of HJU
 Project Cases
 Portable man-portable continuous oxygen concentrator