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Led by the State Port Administration Office of the General Administration of Customs, the "Single Window" for China's international trade is the official government service platform for customs clearance ports and related businesses in the field of international trade. As the only policy-based insurance company in China, China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation has joined forces with the "Single Window" to jointly create the "'Single Window' Policy-based Export Credit Insurance Service Zone" to provide scenario-based services such as online insurance, online claims, online financing and online risk information for China's small and micro foreign trade enterprises.

(The overall picture style is mainly based on business and trade, and contains elements of science and technology) a computer on a desk, the computer screen has displayed the "single window" and the official website of SINOSURE, switching the animation to fade out effect, and then the computer displays the "single window" and SINOSURE's logo icon and name (expressing the cooperation between the two sides) The interface displays the background picture of navigation, finance and trade-related elements.

"Characteristics of the Zone"


The special zone service has three distinctive features: First, it is "all online", and through the e-government platform, you can apply for policy-based credit insurance protection. The second is "deep interaction", which realizes the interconnection of big data with the authorization of customers and supports foreign trade enterprises more accurately. The third is "co-service", based on Sinosure's insurance policy, deepening the cooperation between government, banking and insurance, and meeting the diversified needs of small and micro foreign trade enterprises such as insurance and financing in one stop.

Display the "'Single Window' Policy-based Export Credit Service Zone" page, and then fade out the effect display feature description information.

"Customer Interviews"


Zhejiang branch customers: this year we applied for the policy from the "policy-based export credit insurance service area", the operation is very convenient, from the top of the "single window" homepage carousel can be directly reached, let us deeply feel the government and Sinosure on our small and micro export enterprises attention and care. The scenario-based service mode meets our daily business handling needs; The policy-based export credit insurance product has helped us solve the problem of risk prevention for going global, and I am very grateful to Sinosure for its support for our services.

【Presentation of interview video content】About 1 minute video with a business technology style border.


Customers of Zhejiang Branch: Through the "single window" credit insurance service area, we received the policy policy online and applied for credit insurance loan financing. No collateral is required and the interest rates are favorable. The whole process of online operation does not need to be run once, which not only protects the risk, but also obtains financing, so that our small and micro enterprises have more confidence and confidence to go out.


Customers of Liaoning Branch: The credit insurance zone allows me to keep abreast of the risk information of countries and industries, and I can also make claims online in case of insurance, which feels that the service for our small and micro enterprises is very comprehensive and convenient.



By the end of 2023, SINOSURE had supported a total of 427,000 policy-based policies for small and micro enterprises through the "single window" service, with an average annual growth rate of 13.8%, and was selected as one of the 20 typical cases of inclusive insurance highlighted by the Insurance Association of China. In the future, SINOSURE will continue to build a "policy-based export credit insurance service area", strengthen cooperation with governments at all levels, banks and enterprises, and do a good job in "inclusive finance" and "digital finance", so as to escort small and micro foreign trade enterprises overseas!

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