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Red September  红色九月

Chapter 5: Shadow
第 5 章:阴影

Summary: 摘要

He’s come to love the feeling of riding atop a horse, something he had never really gotten to do back home. His arms wound around Alex’s waist, he’s finally comfortable enough to lean into the touch, tuck his chin into Alex’s shoulder and grin as the wind whips through his hair. Alex leans into the contact, leaning back more than once to press a soft kiss to his nose, lips, whatever he can reach.

If he died today, he fears he would die happier than he has ever lived.

When the sun finally sets on the horizon, his eyes are drooping, face buried in Alex’s back as he struggles to keep his hold tight.

“You okay back there?” "你还好吗?"

“Sleepy.” Henry mumbles, “‘m okay.”

“Almost there, princess. Hold on tight.”

With every ounce of energy left in him, he does.

Notes: 备注

We're back!!!!! I have been soo sick the last few days, so this chapter is a little bit shorter.

Next chapter we arrive at our first stop - and encounter some Jealous Henry for a change, followed by Simp Alex
下一章,我们来到了第一站--换换口味,遇到了 "嫉妒的亨利",接着是 "辛普-亚历克斯"。

Happy birthday ACD, this is for u bb
生日快乐 ACD,这是给你的 bb

(See the end of the chapter for more notes.)

Chapter Text 章节正文

five 五个


He’s insufferably warm when he wakes, the feeling of damp, warm skin plastered against his own, head to toe. There is nothing in the world that could be offered to him at this moment that would get him to pull away from where Alex is currently snoring gently in his ear, his breath hot against his neck. Henry smiles, snuggling further into the warmth and keeping his eyes closed, allowing himself to bask in the feeling. 


Some immeasurable amount of time later, he can feel Alex’s body shift where it’s pressed against his own, feeling a soft pressure against his cock that makes him whimper gently. He can feel the smirk pressed against his neck.


“Good morning.” Alex rasps, his voice low and scratchy, “How are you feeling?”
"早上好"艾利克斯的声音低沉而嘶哑 "你感觉怎么样?"


If he were truly honest - and more awake - he would say the absolute truth, that he feels as though he’s riding a cloud through the sky, floating and wonderful and truly at peace.


The irony of feeling more at peace with bandits on the run than he ever has in his own home does not escape him. He’s come to realise that home has become a bit of a gilded cage, a place where nothing would ever happen to him. But, in the same vein, nothing will ever happen to him .


“Mpff.” Henry says eloquently, and Alex’s smirk widens as he begins to pepper soft kisses along the side of his throat, climbing higher with each one. 


“Good. Feel like another lesson?”


“Mhmmmm.” "嗯哼"


“Wonderful.” Alex shifts his weight, throwing his leg across Henry’s hip and hitching himself over until he’s straddling him, grin blinding in the dim light of the tent.


The sun has risen outside but the material of the tent is thick, only small streams of light breaking through. Alex leans down impossibly close, their noses brushing as he whispers.


“I am going to have fun with you, princess.”


Please .” He doesn’t even know what he’s asking for - but he knows he wants it more than he wants the oxygen in his lungs.


Alex smacks a single kiss to his lips, pulling back as Henry chases them, whimpering softly. He makes his way back down Henry’s throat, alternating kisses and sharp nips to his throat until he reaches the base, sinking his teeth into the sharp ridges of his collarbone, sending sparks down his spine. Henry’s back arches of its own accord, pressing his chest further into Alex’s grasp.


“Lesson two,” Alex breathes, “is an important one.”


Henry sounds wrecked as he says, “Which is?”


The lesson could honestly be to punch Henry in the face and he would likely go along with it if it meant Alex wouldn’t let go of his cock. He looks sinful , curls a tangled mess from sleep, eyes still tired but shining and utterly joyful, his plush lower lip being dragged and released by his teeth. Henry wants to lean up and bite him.


“To enjoy . To have your own pleasure.”

“Shouldn’t,” he sucks in a breath as Alex grinds down against his hardening cock, “I be learning on how to give pleasure to my future wife?”


He doesn’t know why he’s arguing, why he’s doing anything but letting this happen to him, but the remaining logical brain cells in his mind are fighting to be heard.


Alex scoffs, as though the idea personally offends him, “We’ll get there. Need to loosen you up first, princess.”


Henry considers arguing the logistics of it, but every word he has ever learned is wiped from his subconscious as Alex’s hand trails between their bodies and wraps firmly around his cock. He’s leaking enough for Alex to use it as a lubricant, stroking him with perfect precision that has him trying to thrust his hips upward, but being stopped by the weight of Alex perched on his thighs.


Not for the first time, he wonders if the bandits had killed him that night in the manor, and this was some sort of blissful afterlife where his wildest dreams had come true. Because in no conceivable reality would Henry be lying across a bedroll, the most beautiful creature he could ever dream up splayed across his lap, stroking his cock leisurely. If not, he fears he may die before this trip is finished.


“That’s it.” Alex murmurs, shifting his body until he’s now lying beside him, propped up on one elbow and smiling lazily, “You like that?”


His heart is pounding in his chest, so hard he’s surprised he isn’t taking flight like a hummingbird. Even if he could, Alex’s firm press of his hips keeps him firmly planted on the bedroll.


“Mhm.” Henry manages to let out, lower lip firmly clenched between his teeth, feeling the flush spread from his cheeks down his chest.


“Wonderful. Now, for the lesson.”


“This isn’t - uh - the lesson?”


“Nope.” Alex pops the ‘p’ in a way that shouldn’t be as endearing as it is, “ This is.”
"不"艾利克斯 "噗 "的一声说:"这就是。"


Before Henry can question his vague words, he lets out an unholy yelp as Alex sinks his mouth down around his cock. The feeling of wet warmth suctioning around him makes his hips buck up into the feeling and Alex places a firm hand on his hip bone, pressing him back down.


Christ .” He breathes, hands scrabbling until landing in the sheets, clenching around them and yanking tightly. His eyes travel down to find Alex already staring at him, gaze positively molten as he peers up through those long lashes that never fail to drive Henry utterly demented.


Alex’s eyes narrow as they stare up at him until one of his hands shoots up, grabbing Henry’s where it’s currently attempting to tear a hole in the sheets. His hand wraps around Henry’s, tugging it so that he releases his grip before yanking it forward until it lands in Alex’s curls, pointedly curling his hand around his, making his fingers sink in.


His gaze remains firm as he tilts his chin slightly, as though saying go for it . Henry is not going to ask questions and instead sinks his fingers deep into his hair and tugging on the soft curls. Alex lets out a strangled moan around his cock, the vibrations making Henry’s legs spasm. Everything is too much, far too much, but he never wants it to end.
他的目光依然坚定,下巴微微上翘,似乎在说 "去吧"。亨利不打算多问,而是将手指伸进他的头发深处,拽着柔软的卷发。亚历克斯围绕着他的阴茎发出一阵阵呻吟,震动让亨利的双腿痉挛。一切都太过了、太过了,但他永远不想结束。


“God, yes .” Henry breathes, sinking further into the bedroll as his body becomes limp, fully giving into the heat and pleasure thrumming through his veins.


Alex sucks his cock in the same way he seems to do absolutely everything else - like he was born for it. His tongue swirls around his shaft, sliding down it and sending tremors down Henry’s spine. He pulls back only slightly in order to flick his tongue into the slit and Henry practically keens into the touch, moans spilling from his lips louder than he would like. In an attempt to muffle them, his free hand flies to his own mouth, biting down on the pads of the fingers.


Alex’s eyes seem to light up with mirth at the sight, renewing his efforts at entirely tearing Henry apart, taking Henry deeper until he’s nosing at the base of his cock. He knows by the coil in his gut that he isn’t going to last much longer.


“Close .” He manages to grit out around his fingers, eyes clenching shut as Alex seems to take that as a sign to suck harder.


Completely of its own accord, Henry’s hand tightens in Alex’s hair, yanking harder and ripping an obscene and muffled moan from deep in Alex’s throat. The feeling it shoots through his cock is enough to send Henry careening over the edge with a loud moan, barely muffled by his own fingers that are halfway down his throat, effectively gaging him. 


Even once he seems to have finished, Alex pulls back only slightly, leaving little kitten licks across his softening cock until Henry whimpers with oversensitivity, his drool-covered fingers falling from his mouth and his grip on Alex’s curls loosening. His hand drops to the bedspread as he starfishes out, eyes shut.


He feels the bedroll shift as Alex slides back up, perching beside Henry. His smile is practically audible and as Henry peels his eyes open to check, only to be met with a blinding grin.


“You alive there?” "你还活着吗?"


Yes, maybe, no, absolutely not . Henry is fairly sure Alex has managed to suck his soul out entirely through his cock and he’s unsure if it’ll ever return. He’s not certain that he wants it to, content to let it live deep inside of Alex, a part of him forever with him. Christ , his brain may have also jumped ship in the interim.


“Yeah.” Henry breathes, chest still heaving, “Give me a second and I’ll-”


Alex trails a gentle finger along the ridges of Henry’s chest, flicking his nipple jokingly as he passes it, “No need, princess.”  


Henry frowns and opens his mouth to protest when he sees the familiar splatter of white across Alex’s chest, “You…?”


The thoughts of Alex silently finishing with nothing more than his mouth around Henry’s cock is tantalising and his own cock makes a valiant effort of coming back to attention, despite the oversensitivity.


“Yep.” He says, almost proudly, resting his chin on Henry’s chest and staring up at him, eyes soft, “The noises you make, princess. More than enough to finish me off.”


A warmth that Henry vaguely registers as pride rushes through him at the realisation that he made Alex finish without even laying a hand on him.


They’re in no rush to leave the tent, despite the noise of the others stirring outside. Henry is happy to lay there, completely spent and losing himself in Alex’s eyes as he stares at him with something he’s never seen before. He refuses to read too much into it - Alex is helping him .


Just friends helping friends, that’s all it is.



“Good morrow my loves!” Pez trills cheerfully as they eventually emerge from the tent, clean and fairly put together, though Alex stays very shirtless.


Henry squints at the bright sunlight assaulting his eyes, refusing to meet Pez’s teasing gaze. It seems that he isn’t given a choice as the man lunges forward, slinging a familiar arm around his shoulders and ruffling his hair with his free hand.


Pez is very free with his touches, Henry has come to find, with absolutely everyone. It’s a rare moment to find him without an arm wrapped around Henry, a hand clasped on Alex’s shoulder or tracing a finger down one of the girl’s faces.


“It’s my love language.” Pez had said resolutely when Henry had questioned it, which only served to make him more confused.


“Sounds like you two had a fun night.” Pez says lightly, biting down on his lip to barely disguise the glee that is lighting up his face. The emphasis on ‘fun’ is obvious, but Henry refuses to take the bait that he is clearly tossing around.
"听起来你们俩今晚过得很开心"。佩兹轻描淡写地说,他咬着嘴唇,勉强掩饰住脸上的喜悦之情。强调 "有趣 "是显而易见的,但亨利拒绝接受他明显是在抛出的诱饵。


Henry believes he has yet to see Pez be still ; a part of him is always moving. His fingers tapping against the ground, his body weight shifting on his feet, his head bobbing back and forth as though listening to music. He is so constantly on the go Henry wonders how it isn’t exhausting.


“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Henry says primly, turning his nose up at the other man, but he can’t help the small smile threatening to spread across his lips.


It has become increasingly difficult to not smile in Pez’s presence - though he hardly tries not to.


“Hmm, sure you don’t, dear Hazza. Poor horses had their heads buried in the sand when I emerged this morning. Wonder why that is.”


“They did not .”


“Pez,” Alex’s voice is light, but something darker undercutting it, “Would you like me to discuss what I heard this morning when I went for a piss? Something along the lines of, oh Nora, please put your -


“Alright!” Pez interrupts, his voice clipped but his smile, of course, doesn’t waver, “We shall call it a truce, my dear.” His smile shifts into something more akin to a smirk, “We will have lots to discuss around the fire tonight, babes.” He smacks a sloppy kiss to Henry’s cheek before letting go, shooting a wink over his shoulder.


Rooted to the spot, Henry wipes the saliva from his cheek, shaking his head fondly at Pez as he makes his way over to the horses, humming a cheerful tune.


“He is far too chipper.” Alex snorts as he comes up behind him, winding an arm around his waist and leaning in close, “You know he won’t tease if you tell him it makes you uncomfortable.”


“It doesn’t make me uncomfortable.” Henry says and, surprisingly, means every word of it.


It makes him feel as though he belongs , like he has a place among these wacky bandits, however fleeting. Like they have accepted him, despite his social standing, despite knowing nothing about the life that they lead. It’s extremely comforting, to feel at home despite being miles from it. He refuses to think about the inevitable right now - he just wants to enjoy it while it lasts.


“Good.” Alex smacks a kiss to the top of Henry’s head, which has him feeling entirely different from how he does when Pez does it.


One thing about Alex that Henry is quickly coming to find, is that he does these kinds of things as though they come naturally to him. Planting a kiss on Henry’s head in full sight of the others, winding an arm around him. It’s completely contrasting to the agreement they had come up with but he can’t find it in him to mention it, lest he stop.


When Alex pulls away, Henry’s body feels oddly cold, his eyes unable to move away from the other man as he pokes his head into the girl’s tent.


Morning Bug. Nora. ” He says teasingly and he can hear the exaggerated smack of a kiss that Henry refuses to let himself feel negatively about.


Alex can do whatever he likes to whoever he likes, and it is none of Henry’s business. Even still, he has the distinct urge to run into the tent and see exactly what is going on. The soft murmurs of conversation can be heard but their words remain inaudible and Henry decides to ignore it completely and go see to David, who huffs when he sees him, as though angry with him.


“Morning, boy.” Henry strokes his mane gingerly, smiling at the other two horses nudging his side in unison.


David has perked up more, filled out considerably from the frail horse he had been a few days prior. The constant riding seems to be doing him the world of good, along with the obscene amounts of food Pez sneaks him when he thinks Henry isn’t watching.


“I have always considered Babe a very good judge of character.” Pez says as he sets out water for them, “And she seems to adore you.”
"我一直认为贝比很会看人"佩兹一边给他们倒水一边说 "她似乎很喜欢你"


Henry smiles, “Thank you, Pez.”


The plan of action is identical to the day before; ride throughout the day, set up camp for one more night and then by the following afternoon they would arrive at their first stop. A small town with a saloon to blow off steam in - Pez had gleefully announced - and a place for the bandits to barter their goods - half of which seems to be Henry’s. Deep down, he hopes that damn teapot is the first thing to go.


He’s come to love the feeling of riding atop a horse, something he had never really gotten to do back home. His arms wound around Alex’s waist, he’s finally comfortable enough to lean into the touch, tuck his chin into Alex’s shoulder and grin as the wind whips through his hair. Alex leans into the contact, leaning back more than once to press a soft kiss to his nose, lips, whatever he can reach.


If he died today, he fears he would die happier than he has ever lived.


When the sun finally sets on the horizon, his eyes are drooping, face buried in Alex’s back as he struggles to keep his hold tight.


“You okay back there?”


“Sleepy.” Henry mumbles, “‘m okay.”


“Almost there, princess. Hold on tight.”


With every ounce of energy left in him, he does.



“So!” Pez beams once they’re all sufficiently fed, Henry’s eyes still struggling to remain open, “We have much to discuss.”


Pez is shirtless, dangerously close to the fire as he ‘works on his tan’ in his own words. Henry had warned him more than once about the dangers of being close to a naked flame and Pez’s response was “Well, I’m hotter, babes.” Henry had given up on trying to convince him.
佩兹没穿上衣,危险地靠近火堆,用他自己的话说是在 "晒太阳"。亨利不止一次警告过他靠近赤裸火焰的危险,而佩兹的回答是 "我更热,宝贝们"。亨利已经放弃说服他了。


“Do we?” Alex snorts, currently kicking at June’s legs as she tries to sprawl across him in the dirt.


Henry’s heart does a vague twist in his chest at the sight of it.


“Sure we do. Now that you’ve managed to seduce the hostage.” Nora says lightly, filing at her nails. She is sat on June’s other side, pointedly ignoring the scuffle the other two have gotten themselves into.


Henry’s eyes snap open, every ounce of exhaustion leaving his body and his heart promptly falling through to his stomach. Despite it being entirely accurate, there was something about still being referred to as a hostage that made his heart positively sink .


Nora !” Alex hisses, his cheeks cherry red in the glow of the fire, “Jesus!”
"诺拉!艾利克斯嘶吼着 在火光的映照下脸颊通红 "上帝啊!"


“What?” She says innocently, palms held up, “I’m just saying .”


Henry opens his mouth to defend Alex - and himself - but falters as he realises his excuse would fall flat. He’s just helping me prepare for my marriage sounds oddly juvenile when he puts it into words. And it’s not like he can say the truth - I have feelings for him .


“It’s none of your business.” Alex’s tone is sharp, leaving no room for argument and Henry would be lying if he said it didn’t do anything for him, “So leave it.”


“Fine.” Nora says, her gaze drifting briefly to Henry, once again making his heart drop at what he sees in there - something vaguely akin to pity .


He looks away, deciding it’s safer to focus on Pez.


“Alright alright.” The man in question makes an exaggerated show of rolling his eyes, flicking at some dirt, “I’ll drop it. For now .”


He’ll take it. 他会接受的


A soft lul overtakes the group, which Alex and Pez quickly destroy, starting an argument about the merits of whisky versus beer. Pez is adamant that if Alex tried a beer, he would never turn back. Alex rolls his eyes and demands for Pez to ‘go fuck himself’. 
艾利克斯和佩斯很快就破坏了这一气氛,开始争论威士忌和啤酒的优劣。Pez 坚称,如果 Alex 喝了啤酒,他就再也不会回头了。亚历克斯翻了翻白眼,要求佩兹 "去死吧"。


By the time the fire begins to fizzle out, Henry has fallen almost entirely asleep from his perch on the ground, curled up like a cat, eyes firmly shut. Despite the hard ground beneath him, the heat makes it insanely comfortable.


“C’mon princess.” He hears through his sleep-addled state, “Let’s get you to bed.”
"来吧,公主"他在睡梦中听到 "我们去睡觉吧"


Henry makes a vague noise of assent but his limbs are currently too heavy to move. He could absolutely sleep out here, under the glow of the moon, a warm breeze wafting over him.


“Fine then, you leave me no choice.”


Henry’s eyes snap open and he squeals as he finds himself lifted into the air, Alex’s arms scooping him up and holding him in - ironically - bridal style. His arms flail before settling around Alex’s neck as he fixes him with a sleepy, albeit still threatening glare.


“I am not a sack of potatoes.” His yawn that erupts disrupts his threatening tone.


“I know, princess.” Alex says, eyes sparkling with glee as he dutifully carries Henry through the threshold of the tent.


Henry can’t stop himself from picturing this exact scenario playing out in the future, Alex carrying him through the threshold of their own home -


He stops himself. Even the fantasy is too much for him to currently bear.


Instead of tossing him on the bedroll like he assumed Alex would, the other man places him gingerly down, lying beside him and pulling the blanket up around them both. Henry can’t help but smile, wide and open at the other man at the sheer softness of the moment. It feels too fragile to break with words but, Alex being Alex, manages it.


“You are adorable.” "你真可爱"


Henry can feel himself flush, scrunching up his nose and shaking his head, “Be quiet.”


Alex plants a kiss on Henry’s nose, burrowing in closer under the blanket, “Never.”


As Alex’s gaze remains on him, he feels a tinge of guilt run through him at the fact that he’s too tired to continue what they started tomorrow.


“I’m sorry, but…I’m too tired for a lesson tonight, is that alright?”


Alex’s brow furrows and he stares at him incredulously, “Of course it is. Henry, you’re half asleep, you hardly think I was expecting it.”


Henry shrugs, slightly shameful, “I don’t know.”


“Princess…” His tone is soft, too soft and Henry is torn between wanting it to envelop him and never wanting to hear it again, “You know that despite…this…you’re more than that, right? I know I’ve gone about this ass backwards but…I do care about you.”


The words, despite being everything he has wanted to hear, ring slightly hollow. He imagines them in a different context, one where they mean exactly what he wants them to mean. For now, he will take it, for as long as he can have it.


Henry smiles softly, “Thank you, Alex. I care about you too.”


That’s putting it lightly.


Seemingly satisfied, Alex beams back, leaning forward to brush a gentle kiss across his forehead, “Goodnight, sweetheart.”


“Goodnight.” Henry echoes, feeling his heart swell in his chest at the nickname.


They nestle in close together, legs tangled and one of Alex’s hands still firmly holding Henry’s as they drift to sleep within minutes, a smile plastered across both of their lips.



The sun has barely risen when Alex nudges him awake, murmuring softly in his ear, fingers tracing his sides gently. When Henry peels his eyes open, he’s expecting Alex to slide down his body or to attempt to pull their clothes off, but instead it seems as though Alex is putting more on , which makes Henry frown.


“Whasgoin’on?” He asks, words slurred as he struggles to keep his eyes open, “Early.”


Alex chuckles, the sound low and warm, making it slightly easier for Henry to open his eyes to look at him properly as he pulls on his shoes, “It is. Come with me?”


He holds out a hand and Henry doesn’t hesitate in taking it, allowing him to be pulled to his feet. Despite the mystery, he doesn’t ask any questions, content to let Alex drag him out of the tent and into the low light of the morning, the sun barely beginning to rise.


Surprisingly, he leads Henry to David, stroking his mane lightly in order to wake him up. David snorts as he raises his head, fixing them both with a look that, despite him being a horse, clearly reads displeasure at being woken so early.


“Sorry, bud.” Alex murmurs, “But we got plans.”
"抱歉 伙计"亚历克斯喃喃自语:"但我们已经有计划了"


They don’t ride for long, just until they reach a clearing and Alex is sliding off the horse with ease.


“Have you brought me out here to kill me?” Henry teases with a grin as he jumps down, patting David’s back.


“Maybe.” Alex says, but shoots him a wink, “No, I have brought you here to teach you the ways of a bandit .”
"也许吧"艾利克斯说,但向他使了个眼色 "不,我带你来这里是教你强盗之道的"

“Is that what I am now?”


“You roll with us now, princess. You need to know the basics.”


“Such as?” "比如?"


Instead of a verbal response, Alex reaches back into the waistband of his pants and pulls out a gun, waggling it cheerily, as though brandishing a toy. Unlike the fear he had felt the first time, being faced with that exact gun, now that he knows it isn’t a danger all he can feel is pure intrigue at the piece of metal.


“You wanna learn how to shoot a gun?”


He can’t help but imagine his grandmother’s face should she have heard this, flushed red with anger and mouth pursed in a thin line as she holds back a scream. The thought of it only makes Henry want to do it more .


“Weirdly enough, I do.”


Alex’s responding grin sends Henry’s heart straight to his knees. He finds himself standing rigidly straight, Alex’s arms firmly around him. The gun is held tightly between two hands, arms extended in front of him. Alex’s hands are covering his own, tightly pressing them into the gun.


“That’s it.” He croons in Henry’s ear, nose brushing the sensitive spot behind it, “You’re a natural.”
"就是这样"他在亨利耳边吟唱 鼻子拂过耳后的敏感点 "你是天生的"


He can’t help but laugh, loud and echoing through the clearing. The noise feels good to his ears, one he hasn’t heard often enough, but has more in the last few days than he has in years.


“I haven’t even shot it.”


Alex presses a soft kiss behind his ear, “You’re a fast learner. I have faith.”


Henry’s shoulders shake with barely contained giggles and he takes a deep breath to compose himself, fingers curling tighter around the gun, finger brushing the trigger but not yet pulling.


“Whenever you’re ready. Take a deep breath, be steady.”
"只要你准备好了深呼吸 稳住


In lieu of an answer, Henry nods, fixing his gaze firmly on the tree in front of him, particularly the large mark in the centre that Alex had scratched out with a stone to use as a target. He wants to get it - to impress Alex, make him proud . Thankfully, his arms don’t shake as he presses down on the trigger, his arms jolting back slightly, but firmly held in place by Alex’s tight grip.


The loud bang that resounds makes Henry’s ears ring slightly but it’s completely overshadowed by the exuberant whoop Alex lets out. His eyes widen almost comically and his hands tremble as he stares at the tree a few feet away.


“You did it!” Alex exclaims, spinning Henry around and planting a firm kiss on his lips that he laughs into joyfully, “That was fucking brilliant !”


Henry can feel the pride rushing through him, heat rushing to his cheeks out of sheer joy. He did it . The bullet left a large mark in the centre of the tree, completely obliterating the scratch Alex had made with his stone.


Not for the first time, his mind flits to his sister as he wishes she was here to see this moment. To see him be fully in his element, to see him smile . He can imagine it now, the soft lilt of her lips as she pulls him in for a tight hug, the ‘ Good job, Hen’ said into his ear. He can hear it if he thinks hard enough.
他不是第一次想到他的妹妹,他希望她能在这里看到这一刻。看到他完全进入状态,看到他的笑容......。他现在可以想象得到,她拉着他紧紧拥抱时轻柔的嘴唇,对着他的耳朵说 "干得好,轩"。只要他想得够多,他就能听到。


God, he misses her so much that it genuinely hurts to think about.


“You’re a fucking natural , princess!” Alex wraps his arms around Henry’s waist and spins him as Henry shrieks, his feet a few inches off the ground.


He has seen Alex many ways - angry, fearful, face scrunched in ecstasy - but he has yet to see him exactly like this . Face alight with warmth and joy, completely ecstatic as he stares deeply into Henry’s eyes. It’s warm and confusing and it makes Henry’s heart ache. He realises that the only thing he wants is to see that look on his face forever . And he knows that he would do anything to keep it there, to keep him looking at him this way.


It’s an oddly youthful look on him, no longer appearing like a man weathered from years of thievery and running. He’s just a boy, happy to be in Henry’s company, as though they are two children conspiring to create mischief.


“We’ll make a bandit of you yet.” 


Alex is grinning so widely, it looks like it hurts and he reaches atop his head, grabbing his hat and planting it firmly on Henry’s. His hand drifts to Henry’s cheek, brushing it gently with his thumb and he leans in, pressing their lips softly together. The feeling is so delicate, nothing more than a brush of lips and Henry’s pulse is galloping.


In that moment, Henry is entirely floored as he realises one important, life altering thing.


Christ. 基督啊


He’s falling in love with Alex Claremont Diaz.

Notes: 备注

I tried to write Alex more aloof, I really fucking did. But he is so whipped for Henry it's not even funny. ACD himself smacked me across the head and made me rewrite it until it was accurate!!!

also someone will eventually tell Henry that June is his sister...someday...

I hope you all enjoyed :)

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