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Red September  红色九月

Chapter 4: Want You In My Room
第 4 章:想让你进我的房间

Summary: 摘要

“Forget I said anything.” Henry says awkwardly, rubbing the back of his neck with his free hand, “It was a silly suggestion.”

He needs to move, to get past Alex and into the tent where he can roll over and pretend this night never happened. Come morning he can wake up, act as though he remembers nothing and think of nothing else but this moment until Alex drops him back off at his grandmother’s doorstep.

Henry takes a step forward, going to move around Alex’s immobile frame. He makes it three steps past him, hand reaching for the tent flap when a firm, warm hand grips his other wrist and halts him in his tracks, whirling him back around.

Henry opens his mouth to do something, anything - apologise, explain, brush it off. But he doesn’t get the opportunity as Alex uses his grip on his wrist to yank him forward, his free hand rising to cup Henry’s cheek as he pulls him in, and fucking kisses him.

Notes: 备注

(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter Text 章节正文

Being clean is a complete relief, and he even manages to wash his shirt and underwear in the lake, pulling back on his pants and carrying the remainder of his wet clothes under the crook of his arm. Alex is uncharacteristically silent on their walk back, keeping a few steps ahead of Henry, head tilted high towards the sky. 


He wants to step forward, beg Alex for an insight into that mind of his, to see what he’s thinking. Of course, he says nothing, keeping his stride a bit slower than the other man’s.


On their journey back to the others, Henry finds himself staring up at the sky, the twinkling of stars so much more pronounced out here than at home. He can make out full constellations here, rather than a few twinkling stars and he finds himself smiling as he spots Orion, pointing his finger directly up so he can follow it with his gaze. 


His father had always loved the stars, spending many evenings dragging his children to their bedroom window, pointing up at the stars and regaling the tales of them. He misses it more than he can express, even to himself.


One of his fondest memories is of himself, his father, Bea and Phillip, camped out on the balcony of their home. It had been freezing yet they had made no moves to retrieve any blankets, too content in themselves to consider breaking the spell.


“See there,” Arthur had said, arm wound tightly around Phillip while the two youngest crouched at his feet. His free hand was pointing directly into the sky, “That is Orion.”


Henry had stared wide eyed, the lines between the stars connecting them vaguely visible to his eye.


“Orion was named after a hunter from ancient Greece. He fell in love with the Goddess Artemis. But her twin Apollo hated Orion and refused to let them be together. He tricked his sister into shooting Orion with an arrow and killed him.”
"猎户座 "是以古希腊一位猎人的名字命名的。他爱上了阿尔忒弥斯女神。但她的孪生姐妹阿波罗憎恨猎户座 拒绝让他们在一起他骗妹妹用箭射杀了猎户座"


“That’s not a very happy story.” Bea said, nose scrunched. Her face smoothed out as her father leaned down and poked her nose gently.


“Not all stories have happy endings. But sometimes they exist to teach us something.”


Phillip scoffed, “And what’s the lesson there? Don’t be a fool?”


“To think before you act. To never be too hasty in your words or your actions.”


Henry stayed silent in this entire interaction, content to cuddle further into his sister’s side as the words washed over him. It had always stuck with him, the passion of which his father said those words, the depth behind him. Even at such a young age, Henry took it to heart, and had never strayed from it since.


He had thought before he had leapt into the world of the bandits, despite how hasty it had been. He knew damn well what he would be getting himself into and, despite everything, he knows he can’t bring himself to regret it. 


Not for the first time, he wonders what life would be like if his parents were still here, how different things would be. Phillip would certainly be a lot more tolerable if he were not firmly ensconced beneath their grandmother’s wing.


“About time!” Pez bemoans as they stride into the campsite, “Took you long enough. Busy were we?” 


Henry tries with all of his might not to read into the intense waggle of his eyebrows, it’s a wonder they haven’t danced right off his face. The three are now fully dressed, scattered around the campfire and flasks in hand. Judging by the dazed look on June’s face, it isn’t water in their flasks.


“Ha ha.” Alex says dryly, plopping himself down in front of the fire and laying his clothes out beside it in the vague shape of a human, hat perched on top. Henry makes similar work of his own, smoothing out the creases as he does, all the way down to his socks.


Without a word, June settles down at Alex’s side and hands him his flask, which he opens and takes a lengthy swig from. 


“Thanks, bug.” He murmurs, closing his eyes and tilting his head back. 


Henry’s eyes are immediately drawn to the stretch of his throat, the movement of it as he gulps back what is seemingly a large swig of whiskey. His eyes drop lower, to his bare chest, glistening with remaining droplets of water and practically shimmering in the firelight. He forces his eyes away with great difficulty, fearful of the show he will make of himself if he keeps staring.


His gaze lands on Nora, who is smirking in her usual way, arms folded as she regards Henry with an intensity that unsettles him. Pez’s arm around his shoulder grounds him and he can’t help but smile at the other man as he unceremoniously drags him to the ground, their limbs landing in a tangled heap.


“Cretin.” Henry says with a laugh, shoving Pez until he rolls off of him, landing with an exaggerated ‘oof’ .
"白痴"。亨利笑着说,他推了皮兹一把,直到皮兹从他身上滚下来,落地时发出夸张的 "呜呜 "声。


“You’re fucking strong.” Pez says, passing Henry his own canister, filled with water , he thinks pointedly as the rest have already started on their alcohol. 


Pez eyes up his bare arms with a smirk and Henry already knows with deep certainty that he is not going to enjoy whatever comes out of his mouth.


“You are buff .” Pez says with an exaggerated awe, leaning forward and squeezing it like he’s a caged animal he’s trying to pet, “You hide it under those shirts, babes.”


Henry yanks his arm away, feeling the flush spread across his cheeks, “Go away.”


Pez barks out a laugh, leaning forward and poking Henry directly in the abs, “I would say the girls are chomping at the bit to get a piece of you, eh?”


“Who even says chomping at the bit? The fuck does that even mean?” Alex asks snarkily from across the fire and when Henry turns his head, Alex snaps his eyes closed once more, as though pretending they were never open in the first place.


“I mean, I suppose my wife would be.” The words leave his lips before he can realise the implication of them, a fact that is quickly rectified by the reaction it garners.


Four identical shrieks echo around the quiet night, Pez’s somehow outshining even the girls’ high pitch.
四声相同的尖叫在宁静的夜里回荡,Pez 的尖叫声甚至比女孩们的高音还要响亮。


“You what ?” "你什么?"


“You’re fucking married?”


Henry’s eyes widen at the full attention being thrown on him, making him shift in his spot on the ground. Four pairs of aghast eyes are focused on them, Nora’s jaw nearly touching her neck from how wide open it is. 


Alex’s eyes are the widest, flask clenched in his hand as he stares deeply into his soul. Henry has to look away. His eyes drop to the flask in his hand, turning it over with a sigh, his finger tracing the engraved P.
亚历克斯的眼睛瞪得最大,手里紧握着酒壶,深深地凝视着他的灵魂。亨利不得不把目光移开。他的目光落在手中的酒壶上,叹了口气,翻转酒壶,手指划过刻着的 "P"。


“I’m betrothed.” He says dryly, “Her name is Jessica. My grandmother set it up before I left.”


“You just skipped town on her?” Nora snorts, “Nice.” She flinches as June throws a pebble at her over the fire, “ What ? Yeah, it’s harsh but like…hardcore, man.”


“Thanks?” "谢谢?"


Nora nods in approval, giving him a flimsy thumbs up.


“How have you not mentioned this?” Alex’s tone is accusatory and Henry cannot fathom why he would be offended by this lack of information.


“It didn’t seem…relevant?”


“You don’t want to marry her?”


Alex is strangely persistent on the topic and Henry hates the feeling of judgement rolling off the other man in spades.


Henry hesitates, “I don’t think that’s my decision.”


Alex rolls his eyes, his jaw clenched as he stares Henry down with an intensity he doesn’t quite understand, “Bullshit, man.”


It may be slightly childish, the wave of anger that washes over him at Alex’s snarky tone, the annoyed look on his face making Henry want to smack it clean off. 


“Must I again remind you that you know nothing about me or my life?” He says cooly, mentally patting himself on the back for being able to keep his voice level, “My grandmother controls what I eat for breakfast , who I can be seen with and absolutely who I marry. Jessica is lovely but…” He pauses, fingers curling around the flask, “I do not see myself marrying her and…enjoying it, I suppose.”


He feels more embarrassed about the awkward silence that falls over the group more than anything else on this journey thus far. The silence stretches on but he is unable to tear his gaze from his hands, fingers scrabbling to remain useless, to be of some distraction from the sheer anxiety he currently feels.


After a prolonged silence, another flask is slipped into his trembling hands. A cursive A is engraved into it. He glances up to see Alex looking at him curiously, his face softer than it had been moments before.
在长时间的沉默之后,又一个酒壶塞到了他颤抖的手中。上面刻着一个草书的 "A"。他抬起头,看到亚历克斯正好奇地看着他,脸色比刚才柔和了许多。


“I think you need a drink.” He says simply.


Henry nods, unscrewing the cap and taking a lengthy swig. The warmth of the whiskey runs through him, thrumming beneath his veins and making him hum happily. He takes another swig, but he won’t overdo it.


“Well,” Pez says from his side, “I say we play a little game .”


Henry takes another swig of whiskey to brace himself. As Pez begins explaining the rules of his ‘game’, Alex plasters himself to Henry’s side, shoulder to shoulder.
亨利又喝了一口威士忌,为自己壮胆。当佩兹开始解释他的 "游戏 "规则时,亚历克斯肩并肩地贴在亨利身边。


“So we can share the damn whiskey before you drink it all.” He says with a grin, grabbing the flask from his hand. Their fingers brush and it takes every ounce of self control he has to not whimper at the contact.


It seems as though every minute longer he spends in Alex’s presence, the more hyper aware he becomes of every aspect of him - the feel of their bodies close together, the earthy smell that seems to naturally come to him, warm like sandalwood, and the sound of his soft breaths in his ear. Henry knows very well that Alex may ruin him without even knowing it.


“Very simple. I say something I have never done before. If you have, then you drink.” Pez says with a wicked grin and Henry fears the kinds of things that Pez of all people has never done.


“Sounds a bit juvenile.” Nora says, head now tucked into June’s shoulder, having moved across the fire to be next to her, “I love it.”


“Excellent.” Pez claps his hands with glee, “Let me see…I have never…had sex under the stars.” Pez smirks, taking a swig of his flask, “Oh wait.”


Nora and June give him a matching set of middle fingers while Alex scoffs, taking a swig of his flask. Henry pointedly ignores the low feeling in his gut at the thoughts of Alex and some woman beneath the stars, curled around each other. It’s completely unreasonable, but as the images flash across his mind, Alex’s head thrown back and face screwed up in the way it had been in his dream, Henry’s hands curl into fists in his lap.


“Hazza?” "哈扎?"


“Nope.” He says lightly, forcing the word out of his throat.


“Interesting.” He says with a smirk, something he has now dubbed Pez’s signature smirk designed to test Henry’s patience, “We will get something out of you, my boy.”


Doubtful , Henry thinks ruefully. As the game goes on, Henry finds that he has done barely anything . Not that a life under his grandmother’s thumb would afford him any such luxuries.


“Really?” Alex says as Henry offers up I have never stolen anything , “Not so much as a stamp ?”
"真的吗?"亚历克斯说,亨利说我从没偷过东西 "连一张邮票都没偷过?"


“Why on earth would I need a stamp? Not like I have anyone to write to. Except I suppose B-” He cuts himself off instantly, colour draining from his face.
"我究竟为什么需要邮票?我又没有人给我写信。除了我想 B--"他立刻打断了自己的话,脸上的血色渐渐消失。


Alex raises an eyebrow at him, as though waiting for him to elaborate. Henry pointedly closes his mouth, not yet ready to share Bea with the group at large. She is far too sacred.


“Oh come on then, what have you done?” Nora asks, tone light. While her words sound mocking, the light in her eyes doesn’t feel rude or too much, simply curious.


Henry sighs, taking the flask from Alex’s hands and taking a long swig. After passing it back and forth numerous times when Henry felt left out from not drinking, he has managed to tamper down the physical reaction he has to a simple brush of hands. It’s not down to nothing, but he can at least keep a straight face when it happens.


“Not much,” He eventually says, the whiskey no longer burning on the way down the more it goes down, “the life I lead hasn’t afforded me much of these luxuries.”


“You talk like a poem.” June says with a giggle, head swaying side to side, “I like it.”


“Uh, thank you. I think.” He says, which makes her giggle even harder, her cheeks pinkening.


“I have never…” Nora pauses, gnawing on her lower lip as though debating her next words. The look on her face makes Henry’s stomach sink because he knows exactly what is to come, “had sex?”


The rest of the group drinks and Henry’s cheeks burn in shame, spreading down his neck as he wants to just sink into the ground below and never resurface.


What ?” Alex breaks the silence incredulously, making himself wince at the sheer volume of his voice, “ How ?”
"什么?"亚历克斯难以置信地打破了沉默 他的声音之大让他自己都吓了一跳:"怎么会?"


“Waiting for marriage, I suppose.” Henry jokes with a shrug, but unable to voice the real reason.


Because I can’t bring myself to feel that way for her. Because I fear I won’t be able to satisfy her , or in a much deeper thought, though more than likely myself .


Alex says nothing, but Henry can feel his gaze boring into the side of his face, dark and curious and he refuses to turn his head. He cannot bring himself to meet the gaze head on, terrified of what he will find in it.


“Sleepy.” June mumbles, winding her arms around Nora’s neck, nuzzling in.


Henry, though he would never voice it aloud, is honestly deeply shocked at the openness of the girls’ affection with each other. Or the fact that two women together is something that seems deeply normal to this group. He had never once thought of such a thing, women with other women or…men with other men.


The thoughts of which had crossed his mind more in the last few days than in his last twenty one years of living combined.


“I think it is time for bed.” Pez stretches his arms above his head, sending Henry a wink.


If Henry didn’t know any better, he would assume that Pez is some sort of a mindreader, or a witch. The look on his face cuts Henry to his core as his eyes dart between him and Alex, as if he can sense Henry’s feelings. But, if they show as plainly on his face as they do in his mind, maybe it is that obvious.


“I think I’m up for another drink.” Alex shakes his empty flask, “Henry?”


“Alright.” He shrugs, trying to seem casual, but he finds himself inching a bit further away from Alex, for his own safety.


For his heart’s safety .
为了他心脏的安全 .


“Here,” Pez hands Alex his flask, “Almost full. I carry a spare.”


“Of course you do.” Alex snorts, taking it with a nod, the action making his curls tumble across his face. Henry’s fingers itch to reach across and move the strands from his eyes. Alex does it himself which does nothing to dispel the urge.


“Goodnight babes.” Pez pets Henry on top of his head like a lost puppy he must tend to, “Be good.”
"晚安,宝贝们"佩兹抚摸着亨利的头顶 就像他必须照顾的一只迷路的小狗 "乖"


“I could say the same to you.” Henry mutters with a smirk, laughing at the wink Pez sends him as he ducks into the girls’ tent, them following close behind.


Henry watches the flap slide closed behind them, leaving him and Alex entirely alone alongside the dying fire, smell of smoke and embers still present in the air.


“I will never get used to that.” Alex says with a laugh, turning to face Henry.


“Is that something…normal? In the big city?”


Alex, of course, seems to know exactly what he’s asking and his expression shifts into something that makes the everpresent rock in his stomach sink a little bit deeper, “You mean two women? Two women and a Pez?”


His answer comes out in a shameful whisper, “You know what I mean.”


“Oh, princess.” His voice is so soft that tears prick behind Henry’s eyes. He feels childish. Stupid, “Yes. It’s not something widely spoken about but…it happens. Women with women. Men with men.”


“It’s not something I ever really…heard of. Or considered, I suppose.”


“Makes sense. Your grandmother keeps you on a fairly tight leash.” While his words are lighthearted, the truth in them makes Henry’s heart clench in his chest. If only he knew , “So…you’ve never fucked anyone ?”


Fucked . He had heard having sex, making love, but fucked is a new word for it, one that sends a small thrill down his spine. It sounds dirty, primal, and he finds that the word tumbling from Alex’s lips makes him want it all the more.
性交......他听说过做爱、做爱,但 "操 "是一个新词,让他感到一丝兴奋。听起来很下流,很原始,他发现亚历克斯口中的这个词让他更加渴望。


“No.” "不"


“And…you’re going to be married?”


“I suppose.” His cheeks are absolutely the colour of a rose at this point, deep red and hot to the touch.


“Have you considered your wedding night at all?”


“My…wedding night?” "我的......新婚之夜?"


Alex sighs, though too exaggerated to be serious, “Yes, Henry. Sex is fairly commonplace on your wedding night.”


“Oh because you’ve had so many?”


Alex snorts out a laugh, the noise horrifically endearing despite the brashness of it.
亚历克斯 "噗嗤 "一声笑了出来,尽管笑声很粗鲁,但却令人毛骨悚然。


“Fair point. But I have had my fair share of sex. Men and women. Fairly standard stuff, really.”


If Henry’s heart makes a valiant effort to leap out of his throat at the realisation that Alex has sex with men , he does his very best to keep it at bay. Swallowing loudly, he regards Alex with what he hopes is a casual stare, hoping he doesn’t betray the desperation behind his eyes.


“Right.” He says, clearing his throat when he hears how thin his voice comes out, “I suppose I will figure it out on the night.”


“Figure it out.” Alex raises an amused eyebrow, “Lucky girl.”


“Oh, be quiet.” He doesn’t voice the fact that he still can’t bring himself to enjoy the image of bedding a woman, even one as beautiful as Jessica. Yet something in Alex’s gaze makes him think that the other man knows .


He reaches for the flask in Alex’s hand, taking a long swig as he feels Alex’s eyes firmly on him. His gaze feels heated and Henry refuses to read into what it could mean - he does not need any more fuel for his dreams.


“Keep it up, princess and you’ll outdrink me.” Alex’s laugh is rich and lush, washing over him and warming him even more than the whiskey does.


It’s said whiskey and the lightheadedness it slightly brings that he blames for the giggle that bubbles out of his lips.
他嘴里发出的 "咯咯 "笑声,正是因为威士忌和它带来的轻微头晕。


“I like it when you laugh.” Alex says simply, like it’s just a thing he says. He stretches his arms above his head, cracking his neck, “C’mon, let’s get some rest, still have a full day of riding tomorrow.”


He climbs to his feet and reaches a hand out to pull Henry up alongside him, but Henry is already standing, flask clenched tightly between his hands. It’s empty, lighter than a stone, but it’s oddly grounding having it in his grip.


Alex turns away from him, heading towards the tent but Henry doesn’t follow, words desperate to escape his throat. He once again blames the whiskey for his next words, no matter how true they ring.


"Can you teach me?" His voice is smaller than he would like, timid almost but he can't help it. He remembers the stories of bandits, how they prey on weakness in an instant. Despite his grandmother's shrieked warnings blaring in his mind like alarm bells, he doesn't feel that from the man standing before him.


"Teach you what, sweetheart?" Alex drawls in that honeyed tone only used when they're alone, raising his flask to his lips and taking a long swig.


"How to fuck?" "怎么操?"


Alex's resounding splutter echoes throughout the canyon, making an owl screech and fly away from its perch while Henry can only stare at the sharp line of his jaw.


Alex whirls around to face him, frozen in place, eyes wide and terrified as they look Henry up and down. He looks so endearing, like a doe caught by a hunter, only exacerbated by his wide brown eyes, framed by those damned eyelashes.


“You… what ?” Alex’s voice is thin, eyes boring deliberately into Henry’s, making a shiver run down his spine.


“I…I don’t know.” He forces out a chuckle, “I mean, like you said…if I am to have a wife, shouldn’t I know what I’m doing first?”


Alex stands there, immobile, and each second that passes the faux confidence Henry had managed to build up shatters around him. Shame washes over him and he feels absolutely foolish - of course Alex doesn’t want him that way, why would he?


“Forget I said anything.” Henry says awkwardly, rubbing the back of his neck with his free hand, “It was a silly suggestion.”


He needs to move, to get past Alex and into the tent where he can roll over and pretend this night never happened. Come morning he can wake up, act as though he remembers nothing and think of nothing else but this moment until Alex drops him back off at his grandmother’s doorstep. 


Henry takes a step forward, going to move around Alex’s immobile frame. He makes it three steps past him, hand reaching for the tent flap when a firm, warm hand grips his other wrist and halts him in his tracks, whirling him back around.


He opens his mouth to do something, anything - apologise, explain, brush it off. But he doesn’t get the opportunity as Alex uses his grip on his wrist to yank him forward, his free hand rising to cup Henry’s cheek as he pulls him in, and fucking kisses him .


Every atom of his being is set alight as Alex kisses him, cradles his face in his palm and presses in closer, as though he can’t get enough of Henry. Those hands that have lived in his dream, now so real and pressed against him, nearly enveloping his entire cheek.


His body takes a moment to catch up to his mind as he leans in, free arm wrapping around Alex’s waist and tries to pull him closer. Their bodies are flush, skin to skin with only their pants in the way but still Henry yearns to be closer, to burrow beneath his flushed skin and live there.


His fingers scrabble around Alex’s waist, digging in deeper, unable to let him go for even a moment. He fears that if he lets go, then that’s it, this moment will be shattered and unable to ever be recovered. Alex’s lips are warm and firm against his, coaxing his own open as he slides his tongue in and Henry’s knees tremble, threatening to buckle beneath him.


A moan escapes his lips as Alex presses in closer, his tongue warm against his own and he exhales sharply through his nose. Eventually, unfortunately, in order to breathe, Alex pulls back, the sound of their lips coming apart echoing in the silence. He doesn’t go far, their lips still brushing as he speaks.


“It’s not silly.” He rasps, eyes so dark that Henry can barely make out the slim ring of brown around his pupils, “Fucking hell, princess, you short circuited my brain there.”


“So you want to?” His voice is unsurprisingly hoarse, his heart pounding in his chest as he stares deep into Alex’s eyes, wanting nothing more than to lean back in and let Alex ravage him.


“Want to?” Alex laughs incredulously, eyes widening impossibly further, eyelashes fluttering, “Fuck. I need to.”


His words send Henry’s blood rushing southward, his pants tightening around him at the thoughts of his dream about to come true before his eyes. His literal dreams . The implication that Alex wants him - needs him is enough to turn his spine to jelly, barely keeping him upright.


“Come on, princess.” Alex drawls like he knows damn well what that tone does to Henry, “Let me show you how it’s done.”
"来吧 小公主"亚历克斯喋喋不休地说着 好像他很清楚这种语气对亨利的影响 "我来教你怎么做"


Henry nods so fast it’s a feat that his head doesn’t fall off his shoulders. He whines softly as Alex pulls back, his hand dropping from Henry’s cheek, but his grip remaining firm on his wrist. That grip on his wrist tugs him forward, into the tent, and Henry trips over his own feet in his haste to scramble after him.


The sight of Alex standing in the lamplight in nothing but his pants slung low on his hips has an unholy sound leaving his throat. Alex grins, as though he knows exactly what he’s doing to him and he enjoys it.


“Come here.” Alex says softly, his voice practically molten and it sends another rush of heat through Henry’s entire body, “Let me make you feel good, princess.”


Henry nods rapidly, feet moving themselves forward as he practically throws himself into the other man’s arms. Chest to chest, Alex chuckles, the vibrations travelling down Henry’s body, one of his arms winding around his waist, while the other migrates back up to Henry’s cheek. Henry leans into the touch, eyes sliding shut and relishing in the warmth.


“You are so fucking gorgeous.” Alex murmurs, thumb brushing the soft spot behind Henry’s ear and he melts into the touch and the warmth of Alex’s hand on his skin, “And I am so honoured to do this for you.”


“Thank you.” Henry whispers, because he is so damned grateful and he doesn’t want Alex to doubt that for even a second.


“Thank me ?” Alex laughs, shaking his head, leaning in closer until their lips brush gently, “No. Thank you , baby.”


Henry’s brain doesn’t have a chance to short circuit at the new pet name - the one he called him in his dream - before Alex kisses him again, and every atom of his being is now focused on that, and how to get more of it. Alex kisses like he’s born for it, swiftly and with precision until Henry feels whatever is left of himself completely unravel beneath his practised touch.


He can’t even bring himself to feel jealous about all of the others Alex has done with this, he can only feel gratitude if it meant that it felt like this . Without even realising, Alex has walked them backwards towards the bedroll, sitting down on top of it and gently bringing Henry down until he’s straddling his lap, knees on either side of Alex’s hips.


For something Henry had not even fathomed possible, it feels all too natural to be with him this way, to be completely wrapped up in him. He feels as though it’s another dream, one where he will wake up to Alex staring incredulously down at him for screaming about in his sleep. His fingers go absentmindedly to his own thigh, pinching the skin there. 


He does not wake - this is real.


“That’s it.” Alex murmurs, his hands settling on Henry’s hips and dragging them down against his own, starting a careful rhythm between them, “You’re a natural.”


Henry whines at the friction against his cock, Alex growing harder against him like he had that morning. But this time he’s allowed to indulge, to bask in the pleasure and allow it to overtake him - which he certainly does. Using Alex’s hands as momentum, he grinds himself down experimentally, delighting in the harsh groan Alex lets out against his lips.


“Fuck,” Alex grunts, his own hips bucking up against Henry’s, making them both moan, “just like that.”


“So good .” Henry whines, grinding down, trying to chase the feeling of sparks licking their way up his spine like they had in his dream.


It feels so good, too good and as much as he wants the feeling to last forever, he needs to feel that wave crash over him, to get to the other side and be fully aware of it this time. Alex’s hands burn where they trail down his skin, his sharp nails drawing lines down his sides and Henry wants them to leave deep marks in their wake.


“You like that?” Alex murmurs, his lips now trailing down Henry’s cheek and landing on his neck, kissing down before latching onto the skin above his collarbone, sinking his teeth in.


“Yes !” Henry moans, tilting his head back, one of his hands flying to Alex’s curls to hold him there. His fingers curl into the locks and on a particularly hard nip of Alex’s teeth, they yank on his hair, “Christ, I’m sorry-”


“Do not ,” Alex pants, face still pressed against the hollow of his throat, voice suddenly ragged, “apologise. Just do it again.” 


Henry’s response is to tug again, and harder. Alex’s responding moan lights his body up with glee, the fact that he can make someone like Alex feel as good as he is making him feel. It’s priceless - worth more than any damned teapot. Alex moves on from the spot on his collarbone, dipping his head down, his lips brushing past Henry’s nipple.


He shudders under the touch which turns into a keening moan as Alex’s lips latch around one of the tender buds, sucking it into the warmth of his mouth. Henry hadn’t even been aware this was a thing for him, but it most certainly is, he thinks as he yanks on Alex’s curls, pulling him closer.


“That’s it,” Alex moans, breaking away from Henry’s skin to breathe, “you feel so fucking good, baby.”


Henry would feel embarrassed by the whimper that leaves his lips if Alex’s mouth didn’t immediately chase his, swallowing the sound entirely. His hips jolt down as Alex sinks his teeth into his lower lip, soothing the bite with his tongue. In an instant, Alex’s hands manage to flip them entirely, Henry’s back now pressed against the bedroll with Alex hovering over him, wolfish grin on his lips as he stares down at him hungrily.


“What do you want?” Alex asks, smirk still plastered across his lips, “Whatever you want, it’s yours.”
"你想要什么?"亚历克斯问,嘴角还挂着笑意 "不管你想要什么,都是你的"


You .” He breathes and he hates how true it is, “Just make me feel good, Alex.”


He knows the irony of the situation, that Alex is supposed to teach him how to be good for his wife, but he’ll be damned if he doesn’t have some of his own fun on the way.


“We have lots of time.” Alex says, tracing a finger down the ridges of Henry’s abdomen, “Lots to teach you. So let’s start simple.” His hand trails lower, dipping into Henry’s pants and brushing against where he needs him most, touch featherlight.


“Please.” He breathes, arching his back into the touch, “ Touch me .”


Alex looks up, eyes practically sparkling in the lamplight, “All you had to do was ask.”


Before Henry’s brain can comprehend the words, Alex has reached entirely into his pants and enveloped his cock with his hand. Henry moans, loud enough that it can probably be heard in the neighbouring tent - hell, probably the town - but he can’t bring himself to hold back the sounds of pleasure. Alex’s hand is massive, gripping his cock with firm precision that makes tears prick at the back of his eyes. He grits his teeth, hips chasing the sensation but Alex’s free hand lands on his hip, pressing him down into the bedroll.


His pants are shoved down and completely off as Alex straddles him, cock still firmly in his hand while he remains dressed and something about the imbalance only seems to turn Henry on more .


“You’re fucking huge.” Alex moans, hand stroking up and down his cock almost reverently.


“You.” Henry manages to grit out with great effort, “Want to see you .”


Alex’s eyes widen, as though he had forgotten about himself entirely and they dart down to his own pants, clearly tented from the pressure of his own dick. He shucks his pants off, tossing them somewhere across from the bedroll and presses his weight entirely against Henry’s. His hands scrabble across Alex’s back, pressing him in closer and moaning at the feeling of Alex’s hard cock pressed against his own.


Fuck .” Alex says, eyes clenched shut, “You feel so good, baby.” He moves his hips with ease, each thrust making their cocks rub together and the tight coil in Henry’s gut pull tighter and tighter.


It isn’t going to last long, Henry thinks as he sinks his teeth into his lower lip. It feels too good, too right and however much he doesn’t want it to end, he needs the feeling of release he knows it will bring.


“Please.” He begs, although he’s not sure what for. Alex, ready as ever, seems to know exactly what he needs, changing the angles of his thrusts to make the slide that much more pleasurable.


Henry whimpers, one of his hands reaching up, tangling in Alex’s curls and using the grip to yank his face down, sealing their lips together. His mouth immediately falls open, allowing Alex’s tongue to slide in and just take and take and take.


“Alex…I…”  "亚历克斯,我......"


“You close, baby?” "你靠近了吗,宝贝?"


That’s the exact word for it, he feels close to the edge, about to topple over. He wants to drag Alex down with him, swim in the ocean of pleasure and drown in it, together.


Yes .” "是的。"


“Me too.” Alex groans, thrusting his hips down, the extra pressure making Henry’s knees tremble, “That’s it, baby.”


“Oh God, oh God, oh Christ .” He can feel it, he’s right there on the edge and he can feel himself about to tip over. 
"天啊,天啊,天啊."他能感觉到,他就在边缘 他能感觉到自己就要翻过去了


His movements become frenzied, the weight of Alex keeping his hips firmly against the bed but it doesn’t stop him from moving his body, desperate to feel Alex’s cock press against his harder.


“Fuck. You’re desperate for you, aren’t you?”


He bloody well is desperate for the feeling that only Alex can give him. He needs it. He needs it so badly and the only way he can verbalise it is through broken moans and tugging on Alex’s thick curls.


“You’re so gorgeous. That’s it. Use me . Make yourself come for me, baby.”


The words wash over him like a wave, heat enveloping every part of his body as he feels the coil snap , pleasure crashing through him. He moans through the feeling, his legs shaking beneath Alex’s and all he can do is let it take him over. Alex groans above him, hands clenching impossibly tighter into his hips as he quakes.


Alex collapses on top of him with a grunt, their chests sheen with sweat and their thighs caked in their own release. It’s disgusting and messy yet perfect all the same and Henry finds that he never wants to move again - he wants to forever bask in the feeling of Alex’s heartbeat pressed against his, racing together.


“You cannot be real.” Alex says, voice muffled from where he’s pressed against Henry’s chest.


“Was I okay?” His voice is timid and he hates it, but he can’t help the post clarity he’s feeling, making him want to curl up into a ball.


Was he too loud? Did he do too much? Not enough? Maybe -


“You were perfect .” Alex places a kiss to his pectoral before snuggling back in, “And that was only lesson one, princess. I have so much to teach you.”
"你太完美了"亚历克斯在他的胸膛上吻了一下 然后又依偎了上去 "这只是第一课,公主我还有很多要教你


Jessica Hampton and how he can use these newfound skills on her are the last thing on Henry’s mind as he basks in the afterglow, Alex’s weight firm and grounding on top of him. All he can think of is what Alex can show him - of next time .
杰西卡-汉普顿(Jessica Hampton)和他如何在她身上使用这些新发现的技能,是亨利沉浸在余韵中时最不关心的事情,亚历克斯的体重稳稳地压在他身上。他满脑子想的都是亚历克斯能向他展示什么--下次......。


Henry, for one, cannot bloody wait.

Notes: 备注


How we feeling? We having a good time?

I feel like this is probably the most in depth smut I have written thus far and I am uncertain how I feel about it. Was fucking fun though!!!

I live for Pez in this fic, this fic is absolutely an excuse for me to write Pez as the icon he is. He knows damn well what he's doing.

Hope you all enjoyed!! Super excited for where this goes. I have every chapter outlined it's just a matter of getting words out!! Also working on a few oneshots in the mean time hehe

Until next time my loves xoxx
下次再见,我的爱人 xoxx