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《被迫玄学出道后我红了》作者:宗年 "I was red after I was forced to debut metaphysics" Author: Zong Nian
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When he got up, he heard a cracking sound. He lowered his head and saw that the leg bone he tripped over and stepped on was a human leg bone.

  “好,疼啊……”  "Okay, it hurts…"
  一股阴寒的尸气,从队员身后靠了过来。  A wave of cold Corpse Qi approached the team member from behind.
  血红色的骨爪扒上了队员的肩膀,紧紧缠住了他。  The blood-red bone claw grabbed onto the team member's shoulder and tightly wrapped around him.
The team members could even smell the rotten smell of blood coming from the side of their necks.

  “把你的人皮,把你的血肉赔给我吧。”  "Give me your skin and your flesh."
  “我们,来交换身份吧……”  "Let's exchange identities…"
The young team member was finally defeated by fear beyond cognition, and his mental defense completely collapsed.

  “啊啊啊啊啊!!!鬼,鬼啊!!!”  "Ahhhh! Ghost, ghost!"
The middle-aged Taoist priest, who was leading the rescue team, turned around and saw an arm sticking out of the ground and sinking into the ground.

  那手臂上穿着的,就是救援队的服装。  That arm was wearing the uniform of the rescue team.

第29章 鬼山林屋(29) Ghost Mountain Forest House (29)
The interruption of the live broadcast signal made the program team's last means of communication with the outside world ineffective.

  观众们看着突然失去信号黑屏了的屏幕,傻了眼。  The audience was stunned when they saw the screen suddenly go black.
The fear that had slowly accumulated due to the anomalies that kept appearing in the camera finally reached its peak at this moment.

  人类恐惧未知。  Humans fear the unknown.
  等待带来惶恐。  Waiting brings fear.
  于是,视频平台迎来了史上最奇异的事件——  So video platforms have had the strangest event in history_
A live broadcast program with all the screens on the main screen and black screens quickly climbed to the top of the video platform's homepage with unstoppable momentum by relying on the rapidly rising topic level every second.

Millions of viewers subscribe to the show and watch it uneasily, with an anxious face reflected on every black screen on their mobile phones and computers.

They are either praying silently or discussing with other viewers in the comment section to ease their impatience and fear.

On the social media platform, many people who were originally interested in this live broadcast were almost scared silly.

"I am a firm scriptwriter. From the very beginning until now, no matter what you say, I can find the corresponding props and methods to prove that the monsters that appear in the camera are man-made. But I'm wondering... Is the director of this show crazy? Direct black screen??? Isn't it too realistic? There's no need, buddy. I believe you, okay?"

"At this point, there's still a script party? Even Binhai City officials are involved, big brother. So many people have been alerted. Even the rescue team has gone. How can it be a script?"

"But didn't the officials and rescue team report that they didn't find anyone at Gui Mountain? Also, Geo said that the camera was not Guishan at all. Isn't that enough to show that this program is from a performance? Maybe we'll find a small hill somewhere and start shooting."

"Speaking of officials…haven't you noticed that the officials haven't announced the latest search progress for several hours? I am optimistic about a few online celebrities who follow the photo all say that there seems to be a sudden storm on the other side of Guishan. There are still a lot of cars reinforcing Guishan just now. All the highways and roads leading to Guishan have been blocked. There are roadblocks and people guarding them. No one is allowed to pass through."

"The latest news is that the Sea Cloud Temple has suddenly invited all the tourists away. The temple has been temporarily closed. They say there is an internal ritual to be done."

"F * ck! Really? If this was true, then it would be amazing. There would be a sense of tension as if rain was about to fall. Is this all part of the script? The director is too awesome."

Or endure, or want to curse. You see the live broadcast signal interrupted, the official did not report, should not care about the safety of the program team? What if something really horrible happens? If you're still questioning the script, let me ask you, what kind of big shot does the director have to be to make the officials cooperate with him in acting?"

"The instant the live broadcast signal was cut off, I happened to be watching the main screen of the live broadcast. It was really terrifying! I was so scared I didn't have time to take a screenshot. Didn't you see that there was a blood-red shadow behind all those people from the program team! They were talking to others as if they couldn't see it. A second before the signal was cut off, a bloody face directly hit the camera. I was so scared that I rolled off the bed. My heart was about to jump out."

  “节目请的水军?编,我继续听你编。”  "A troll hired by the program? Make it up, I'll continue listening to you make it up."
"No, I saw it too. I was squatting on Brother Yan's split screen, but I couldn't see him on his split screen. I ran to the main screen, and then I saw him! It was true that behind each of them was a vague blood-red shadow. Those shadows did not speak or move. Wherever they went, the shadow would quietly stand behind them and stare at them! I originally thought that my myopia had increased again. I just communicated with others in the comments section and found out that there were still a few people who looked at the main screen and saw that scene."

"If what you say is true, I have an idea. Didn't they say that ghosts were actually magnetic field polymers? The magnetic field they carried was different from ours. They could also affect circuits and signals. Do you think that the live broadcast suddenly went black because of this?"

  “别吵了,眼见为实一下吧……”  "Stop arguing. Seeing is believing…"
Seeing that the hashtag topic had become a mess, the topic became more and more biased, and the variety show V Brother Goose suddenly appeared in the topic.

Brother Goose, who was alone at home, looked at the screenshot on his computer and wiped his face in despair. He repeated three times in a row,"Amitabha Amitabha, ghosts don't come looking for me" to cheer himself up. Finally, he mustered his courage and pressed the send button.

  大V的最新动态,立刻出现在了所有讨论者的眼前。  The latest development of Big V immediately appeared before all the discussants.
In the dynamic picture, there are several live screenshots of the guests and staff of the program group shot from different angles. It can be seen at a glance that they are screenshots of the split screen and live main screen from each guest.

Big V Goose picked out a few of the best pictures from the private messages sent to him by the frightened fans and posted them.

From these screenshots, one could clearly see that behind everyone in the program group stood a bright red humanoid shadow. (3) Think of (3) Rabbit (3) Net (3) Document (3) Share (3) and (3) In (3) Line (3) Read (3) Read (3)

They did not speak, but focused on the living person in front of them. Their red eyes, which were empty like glass beads, carried a strange desire, but they endured it as if they were waiting for an opportunity.

However, the program team members could not see these ghosts at all. Even if they were facing each other, their expressions were normal and relaxed. They did not notice that they were in the living room at all.

  已经站满了带着恶意的鬼魂。  It's full of evil spirits.
However, either through the lens or against the black slate in the lens, from these carefully selected video screenshots, everyone who sees the image can easily see these ghosts.

  好奇是人的本能,逆反心理也普遍存在。  Curiosity is human instinct, and rebellious psychology is also common.
Many people didn't know about the existence of this program, but they followed the trending search and saw the news of Big V Goose. There were also viewers of this program who felt that something was wrong when they saw Brother Goose's desperate tone.

However, the last two reminders added by Brother Goose suddenly made many people who didn't want to click open suddenly have rebellious psychology_you said no point ah? I want to see what it is!

When these people who saw the big V's movements clicked on it curiously, they almost couldn't breathe. They were so scared that they went into cardiac arrest.

Many people were so scared that they subconsciously shouted and threw their phones away.

When a small number of people reacted and managed to stabilize their minds, their hearts were still beating wildly.

  “卧槽卧槽卧槽啊啊!!”  "F * ck f * ck f * ck ah!!"
  “妈妈我要回家!啊啊啊啊啊!!”  "Mom, I want to go home! Ahhhh!"
  “呜呜我柜子动了,我不玩了。”  "Wuwu, my cabinet moved. I'm not playing anymore."
"... silently rolled over in bed, facing up. After reading these pictures, it is indeed safer to lean against the bed. Hu."

"Brother upstairs, perhaps you have one hidden under your bed (Demon Whisper)."

  “啊啊啊啊啊快闭嘴!!”  "Ahhhh, shut up!!"
"No, wait! Did you guys realize that Bai Shuang and Annan didn't know about this at all? What should I do? I'm so anxious that I'm about to cry. The live broadcast signal has been cut off, and they didn't respond to the comments section. Is there any other way to tell them about this?"

"Heavens…Brother and the others are in great danger! Those things might do something. Come on, help! Someone save them!"

Brother Goose used his eyes, which had not slept all day, to look at the comments that were rapidly increasing under his movements. He nodded tiredly and gratified.

--I can't be scared half to death alone. Come on, it's all the audience of this program. Of course, we can share the blessing and watch the screenshots together.

Then, as if he was scared out of his mind, he quickly glanced left and right. After confirming that there was no red ghost standing beside him, he heaved a sigh of relief and continued to wrap his little blanket tightly, replying to those anxious fans who were about to cry.

"I also sent the screenshot to the rescue team and the officials. They have people at Guishan. After seeing the picture, they will definitely find a way to send a message to Guishan. Don't worry."

Seeing Brother Goose's reply, the people who were watching the show heaved a sigh of relief.

Indeed, this was already the best way to deal with it at the moment. They can only wait in front of the screen and worry, but those rescue teams on the scene are the ones who can really solve things.

However, the relieved audience did not know that the officials who received the screenshot were also very anxious.

It wasn't just the viewers who noticed the ghostly presence in the live broadcast, but also the Taoist priest of Haiyun Temple.

Some viewers could only vaguely see red shadows in the screenshots, but some viewers could see clear ghosts directly in the lens. This was because many people still had innate intelligence or were still young, so they were more sensitive to the existence of these ghosts.

However, the Taoist priests, who were already good at catching ghosts and exorcising evil spirits, realized the seriousness of the matter when they noticed the abnormal image of the sea of blood on Yan Shixun's split screen. They specially opened their dark eyes to watch the live broadcast, paying close attention to the ghosts in the villa at all times. Moreover, they immediately noticed that something was wrong and immediately sent a warning to the Taoist priest team at Guishan.

However, when the Taoist priest, who was waiting outside Gui Mountain with some of the rescue team members, received the news and wanted to rush into Gui Mountain, his expression changed drastically.

  ——规山,进不去了!  - Guishan, we can't get in!
Those trees that looked like they were planted randomly and savagely were now like a complete magic array. No matter how the Taoist priest went left or right, the tall trees would block his way into Gui Mountain.

  四面八方皆是死门,鬼神不应,便无有生门。  All directions are dead doors, ghosts and gods do not respond, there is no living door.
"Priest Ma, the radio signal of the first team entering the mountain has been cut off. We haven't received a reply from them."

The captain of the rescue team who stayed behind held his communicator and looked serious."Please contact Daoist Song and the others urgently to ask if it's a problem with the equipment or if they've encountered an accident. Do you need reinforcements?"

Priest Ma stepped on the tree trunk and jumped backward from the sky. Like the legendary Lightness Skill, he quickly dodged the branches blown by the strong wind and landed firmly beside the rescue team leader.

Before he could catch his breath, he immediately began to divinate, but soon shook his head.

The rescue team leader frowned."Priest Ma, I said contact by phone, not this kind…"

  “这个比电话快,还不用担心没信号,方便。”  "This is faster than a phone call. You don't have to worry about no signal. It's convenient."
Priest Ma frowned tightly. He looked at Guishan warily."But no, Guishan…disappeared. No matter if it was an electronic signal or divination, there was no response."

  “最坏的可能,是规山已经不在阳间了。”  "The worst possibility is that Guishan is no longer in the Yang Realm."
His voice was very low, as if he was talking to himself, so that the rescue team leader couldn't hear him clearly. Not only is there a Gui Mountain, but there is also a Ghost Mountain that faces Yin…"

The mountain was right in front of them, but at this moment, it seemed infinitely far away. It was life and death that the living could not cross.
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