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OG Pixel Unlimited Photos Storage: Syncthing Guide
OG Pixel 無限照片儲存:Syncthing 指南

Pixel 1

With June around the corner, millions of users will lose access to unlimited High Quality Photos storage. If you have an OG Pixel or are willing to spare double-digits dollars, you can easily sync your new phone's captures to your old Pixel for unlimited backup at Original Quality. Below I'll describe how I use Syncthing-Fork to automatically and instantly sync photos with insignificant battery drain. We'll also touch on battery maintenance for the OG Pixel, such as cycling the battery with a smart plug, Tasker, and AutoInput.
六月即將到來,數百萬用戶將失去無限高品質照片存儲的訪問權限。如果您擁有 OG Pixel 或願意花費數十美元,您可以輕鬆將新手機的拍攝內容同步到舊的 Pixel 上,以實現無限原始質量的備份。下面我將描述如何使用 Syncthing-Fork 自動且即時地同步照片,並且對於 OG Pixel 的電池維護,例如使用智能插頭、Tasker 和 AutoInput 進行電池循環,我們也會提及。

Installation and Folder Selection

Syncthing-Fork is a "Syncthing Wrapper for Android." I originally used the official app but battery drain was consistently high and the connection was not stable. The fork resolved both issues for me. Install Syncthing-Fork on both phones so we can select the relevant folders.
Syncthing-Fork 是一個「Syncthing 的 Android 封裝程式」。我原本使用官方應用程式,但電池耗電一直很高,而且連線不穩定。這個封裝程式解決了這兩個問題。在兩部手機上安裝 Syncthing-Fork,這樣我們就可以選擇相關的資料夾。

Open the app and hit Menu (☰) > Web GUI > + Add Folder > General.
打開應用程式並點擊 Menu (☰) > Web GUI > + Add Folder > General

  • Label your folder whatever, e.g. "Camera"
    Label 你的文件夾,例如「相機」

  • Path to the relevant folder, e.g. /storage/emulated/0/DCIM/Camera
    Path 到相關的文件夾,例如 /storage/emulated/0/DCIM/Camera

Go to the Ignore Patterns tab to exclude things. I don't sync thumbnails (high frequency changes) or photos queued for deletion (unimportant) and input *thumbnail* and *trashed* on separate lines in the text box. You may also add paths to subdirectories that should be ignored, such as Messenger. Note the operator guide under the text field.
轉到 Ignore Patterns 標籤以排除事物。我不同步縮略圖(高頻變更)或排隊刪除的照片(不重要),並在文本框中分別輸入 *thumbnail**trashed* 。您還可以添加應忽略的子目錄路徑,例如 Messenger 。請注意文本字段下的操作指南。

Finally, go to the Advanced tab:
最後,前往 Advanced 標籤頁:

  • Type as "Send Only" so external devices can't modify your new phone's files
    Type 作為「僅發送」,以防止外部設備修改您的新手機文件

  • Pull order "Oldest First" because ??? This is unimportant because syncing occurs so frequently that your pool is only 1-2 items.
    Pull order 「最早的先」因為???這不重要,因為同步發生得如此頻繁,您的池中只有 1-2 個項目。

  • Save

Repeat the above steps for additional folders except do not repeat individual Ignore Patterns because we can do it globally later. Finish adding your folders. Remember that subfolders ARE included. Each sync'd folder will contain .stfolder and other .stremoved* files. Removing these files will break your sync. To fix, simply replace the removed file with one of the same name. Learn more about ignoring files here.
重複上述步驟以新增其他資料夾,但不要重複個別的 Ignore Patterns ,因為我們可以在全域範圍內進行。完成新增您的資料夾。請記住,子資料夾是包含在內的。每個同步的資料夾將包含 .stfolder 和其他 .stremoved* 檔案。刪除這些檔案將中斷您的同步。要修復,只需用相同名稱的檔案替換已刪除的檔案。在此處了解更多有關忽略檔案的資訊。

I sync the following folders

  • /storage/emulated/0/DCIM/Camera

  • /storage/emulated/0/Movies/

  • /storage/emulated/0/Pictures/

If you created a folder and specified Ignore patterns, you should have a '.stignore' file in your /storage/emulated/0/DCIM/Camera folder. Copy that to your root direction (e.g. /storage/emulated/0/). Open .stignore with a text editor and it should look like this:
如果您創建了一個文件夾並指定了 Ignore patterns ,您的 /storage/emulated/0/DCIM/Camera 文件夾中應該有一個'.stignore'文件。將其複製到您的根目錄(例如 /storage/emulated/0/ )。使用文本編輯器打開 .stignore ,它應該看起來像這樣:


Right now, it will ignore any files and folders with those terms in their names. Please modify however you want per the linked documentation above. Include directories with respect to the root directory (e.g. !(?d)/Movies/Messages).
現在,它將忽略任何檔案和資料夾,其名稱中包含這些術語。請根據上面連結的文件進行修改。包括相對於根目錄的目錄(例如 !(?d)/Movies/Messages )。

Syncing to OG Pixel
同步至 OG Pixel

On your new phone, Syncthing-Fork > Menu (☰) > Show device ID. On your OG Pixel, Syncthing-Fork > Devices (tab) > Add Device (top right). Tap the QR code button to scan your new phone.
在您的新手機上, Syncthing-Fork > Menu (☰) > Show device ID 。在您的 OG Pixel 上, Syncthing-Fork > Devices (tab) > Add Device (top right) 。點擊 QR 碼按鈕掃描您的新手機。

  • Name it whatever   Name 無論是什麼

  • Introducer enabled because your new phone will introduce stuff
    Introducer 啟用,因為您的新手機將引入新功能

  • I think there was an accept all folders options, or maybe it was in the GUI, Idr.

  • Go to Web GUI

I kinda ran out of steam for this section so ask in the comments if you have trouble. The GUI is pretty straightforward so you should get the hang of it by now.

Battery Health Maintenance

Chargie is one option. Kinda pricey, would not recommend.
Chargie 是一個選擇。有點貴,不推薦。

The absolutely best method requires you have a bootloader unlocked OG Pixel so you can install acc by VR25 alongside AccA by MatteCarra. This method will allow you to directly power the device and bypass the battery entirely. If the device loses power, it will revert to battery. Unfortunately my version is from Verizon (but was only $60 mint condition) so I had to use Tasker and AutoInput.
絕對最好的方法是需要您解鎖啟動程序的 OG Pixel,這樣您就可以在 AccA by MatteCarra 旁邊安裝 acc by VR25。這種方法將允許您直接為設備供電,完全繞過電池。如果設備失去電源,它將恢復到電池供電。不幸的是,我的版本是來自 Verizon(但只花了 60 美元,狀態良好),所以我不得不使用 Tasker 和 AutoInput。

Install Tasker/AutoInput, then go through the setup and accessibility and write secure adb stuff. Each app will walk you through how to do it.
安裝 Tasker/AutoInput,然後進行設置和無障礙設置,並編寫安全的 adb 內容。每個應用程序都會引導您完成操作。

Create two Tasker profiles with state = power and source = AC, and toggle Invert for one. First profile is Invert and turns on the plug when your battery drops too low. Second profile turns off the plug upon your specified charge level. There's some stuff with AutoInput I'm too lazy to explain at the moment, but here's my tasks (to turn on charger, and to turn it off). Link your profile active when power is on (AC not Inverted) to the task that turns off when the battery hits 70. Link the Invert profile to the one that turns on when the battery hits 30. I can confirm it will automatically turn off at 70%. I will update if it doesn't turn on or there are any update. Assume the taskernet link is the most up-to-date.
創建兩個 Tasker 檔案,狀態為 power ,來源為 AC ,並切換 Invert 。第一個檔案是 Invert ,當電池電量過低時開啟插頭。第二個檔案在指定的充電水平時關閉插頭。目前我懶得解釋 AutoInput 的一些東西,但這是我的任務(開啟充電器和關閉充電器)。將你的檔案連結到電源開啟時(交流電而非反相器)的任務,該任務在電池電量達到 70% 時關閉。將反相檔案連結到電池電量達到 30% 時開啟的檔案。我可以確認它會在 70% 自動關閉。如果它不開啟或有任何更新,我會更新的。假設 Taskernet 連結是最新的。

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This is a lot of work to save $20/year for the 100GB Google One plan.
這是一項很大的工作,為了每年省下 20 美元而選擇 100GB 的 Google One 計劃。

Pixel 6a

It may seem silly for photos, but using the OG Pixel to backup videos is amazing. 4k60 videos can be taken without penalty.
對於照片來說,這可能看起來有點傻,但使用 OG Pixel 來備份視頻是令人驚奇的。可以拍攝 4k60 視頻而不會受到懲罰。

4k60 videos can be taken without penalty
可以拍攝 4k60 的影片,不會有任何懲罰

A lot of oversimplification in this thread by people who are not all in the same boat in how they take pictures or use the gphotos service. This clinches it for me. As someone who pays for Google One, knowing that I won't have to choose between rationing my storage data and video quality is a pretty big deal. It's also why I'm still using my OG Pixel as my daily driver and will continue to use it until my telcom no longer supports its data radio bands.
這個帖子中有很多人過於簡化問題,他們在拍照或使用 gphotos 服務方面並不處於同一個位置。這對我來說是個決定性因素。作為一個付費使用 Google One 的人,我知道我不必在存儲數據和視頻質量之間做出選擇,這是一件相當重要的事情。這也是為什麼我仍然使用我的 OG Pixel 作為我的日常手機,並將繼續使用它,直到我的電信公司不再支持它的數據無線電頻段。

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8 Pro , Watch 2

$20/year in perpetuity.
每年 20 美元,永久有效。

If you exceed your free Drive allowance (either naturally or by stopping Google One payment), your Google account is effectively kneecapped:
如果您超出了免费的 Drive 配额(无论是自然超出还是停止 Google One 付款),您的 Google 帐户将被有效地限制

If you go over your storage limit, you won't lose anything. However, you won’t be able to store new files in Google Drive or store new Original quality photos or videos in Google Photos, and you may not be able to receive emails with your Gmail address.
如果您超過存儲限制,您不會丟失任何內容。然而,您將無法在 Google Drive 中存儲新文件,也無法在 Google Photos 中存儲新的原始質量照片或視頻,並且您可能無法使用 Gmail 地址接收郵件。

I will admit this is a better policy than I was expecting (Amazon Photos, for example, will outright delete your photos if you stop paying for Prime). However, the point stands -- once you start storing stuff that counts against Drive allowance, you're effectively locking yourself into a subscription fee to use your Google account normally. That's not something I'm comfortable with, and if I can legally store photos without contributing to the cap, I'll do it.
我承認這比我預期的政策要好得多(例如,如果您停止支付 Prime,Amazon Photos 將直接刪除您的照片)。然而,問題仍然存在-一旦您開始存儲佔用 Drive 配額的內容,您就相當於將自己鎖定在使用 Google 帳戶的訂閱費中。這不是我感到舒適的事情,如果我可以合法地存儲照片而不對配額做出貢獻,我會這樣做。

Potentially not being able to receive emails after exceeding limit seems like a pretty major penalty.


There’s no “potentially” either - if your storage is full you do not receive emails. Happened to my parents recently.

Pixel XL 128GB

Yeah I've been hovering around 97% usage of my free plan for a while because I never delete emails; I just archive them. So I've got an assload of stuff going back to when I was one of the first people on Gmail as a beta back in like spring 04.
是的,我已經在免費計劃上使用了 97%的容量一段時間了,因為我從來不刪除郵件,只是將它們存檔。所以我有一大堆的東西,回溯到我在 2004 年春季成為 Gmail 的首批測試用戶之一的時候。

I've already cleared out my 2004–2008ish and put them in MBOX files that are on my LAN and searchable with elasticsearch and backed up to crashplan.
我已經清理了我的 2004 年至 2008 年左右的郵件,並將它們放在了我的局域網上的 MBOX 文件中,可以使用 elasticsearch 進行搜索,並備份到 crashplan。

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Pixel 7 Pro

Shutterfly still has unlimited photo storage
Shutterfly 仍然具有無限的照片儲存空間

$20/year in perpetuity.  每年 20 美元,永久有效。

So? OP mentioned a device to deal with the battery issue that he paid $60 for. That's 3 years right there. I doubt even if I followed OP's instructions, I probably wouldn't leave it setup for 3 years.
那又怎樣?OP 提到了一個處理電池問題的設備,他花了 60 美元。那就是 3 年的使用期限。我懷疑即使我按照 OP 的指示操作,我可能也不會讓它連續運行 3 年。

$20/yr is nothing. That's barely over a $1.50 a month. You don't need to store your photos or videos in the cloud at all, but if you want that service, this is pretty cheap if you're not a professional needing over 100GB.
$20/yr 是微不足道的。那只是每月 1.50 美元多一点而已。你根本不需要把照片或视频存储在云端,但如果你需要这项服务,这个价格非常便宜,除非你是一个需要超过 100GB 的专业人士。

$20/yr is also only $400 for 20 years.
$20/yr 也只有 20 年的$400。

Pixel XL 128GB

if you're not a professional needing over 100GB.
如果您不是需要超过 100GB 的专业人士。

I'm not a professional. I'm just a dad. I've generated over 100GB in photos and videos using my OG Pixel XL alone.
我不是專業人士。我只是一個爸爸。僅僅使用我的 OG Pixel XL,我已經產生了超過 100GB 的照片和視頻。

I am not a professional either, and I have over 10 TB of images, several million. Put an insurance plan on the OG pixel just so I can replace it when it dies (not if, when. Expected to go through 3 this year)
我也不是專業人士,我有超過 10 TB 的圖片,數百萬張。只是為了在 OG Pixel 壞掉時能夠更換它,我買了一份保險計劃(不是如果,而是當它壞掉時。預計今年要換 3 次)。

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Pixel 6 Pro

I agree this is a very fair price for the service but would also point out that the price per GB is likely to decrease over time to stay competitive with over services. Look at the price of S3 over the past 10 years as an example.
我同意這是一個非常公平的價格,但也要指出,每 GB 的價格很可能會隨著時間的推移而下降,以保持與其他服務的競爭力。以 S3 在過去 10 年的價格為例。

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It was a thought experiment for a while, and then the Photos storage discontinuation announcement happened. I was too lazy to do this and just ponied up for a year of 2TB storage instead.
這是一個思考實驗一段時間,然後照片儲存停用的公告發生了。我太懶惰去做這個,只是選擇支付了一年的 2TB 儲存空間。

But I'm feeling pretty subscriptioned out. Honestly, I don't even want general storage, just Photos features. I don't want Photos separate from Drive/One (ugh, ads for Photos Premium), but it doesn't feel right bundling it with One.
但我已經對訂閱感到厭倦了。老實說,我甚至不想要一般的儲存空間,只想要照片功能。我不想要照片和 Drive/One 分開(呃,為照片高級版打廣告),但將其與 One 捆綁在一起也不太合適。

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I actually have a couple of terabytes of photos and videos. How? Well, amateur photography, aggregating all photos from all sources in a single place, organizing them properly, etc.

If I really wanted to save space, I'd just use XNView to batch convert images to WEBP format and store it all on the phone. But I also need the RAW data, since deciding which ones to delete and which ones to leave is an extremely time-consuming task, so it's best to keep it all.
如果我真的想要節省空間,我會使用 XNView 批量轉換圖片為 WEBP 格式並將其全部存儲在手機上。但我也需要原始數據,因為決定哪些要刪除哪些要保留是一個非常耗時的任務,所以最好全部保留。

Anyway, different use cases.

But there are easier ways. From other sync protocols like BitTorrent Sync, to just having your own cloud, OwnCloud. Or NextCloud, whatever. Hosting costs money, but with an SSH tunnel between a potato server, and my 12TB NAS at home, I have quite a lot of "cloud-like" storage that would've been quite expensive otherwise. Plus I get the added benefit of having something really fast on the LAN.
但有更简单的方法。从其他同步协议,如 BitTorrent Sync,到拥有自己的云存储,OwnCloud。或者 NextCloud,随便。托管需要花钱,但通过一个土豆服务器和我家里的 12TB NAS 之间的 SSH 隧道,我拥有了相当多的“类云”存储,否则将会非常昂贵。此外,我还获得了在局域网上拥有非常快速的额外好处。

But there's a nice satisfying feeling you get on exploiting one of the world's biggest companies. :)
但是當你利用世界上最大的公司之一時,你會感到一種愉快的滿足感。 :)

100GB isn't enough for me. Especially if you upload 4K videos. With the OG pixel, you can even backup full size 4K movies that are over 10GB. You can also backup all your photos taken with a professional camera. If you do that with the 100GB plan, it'll be full in just a few months.
100GB 對我來說不夠用,尤其是當你上傳 4K 視頻時。使用 OG Pixel,你甚至可以備份超過 10GB 的全尺寸 4K 電影。你還可以備份所有用專業相機拍攝的照片。如果你使用 100GB 計劃進行備份,只需幾個月就會滿。

I just checked and I have over 22.000 photos in Google Photos. I don't think 100GB will be enough for that.
我剛剛檢查了一下,我在 Google 相片中有超過 22,000 張照片。我不認為 100GB 足夠。


Please don’t upload ripped movies, that’s one way to get the service pulled for everyone. MS did it after people abused it by doing things like that.

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I’d require the $65 a month plan right now if it wasn’t for my OG pixel. In a few years I’d need to pay hundreds a month.
我現在需要的是每月 65 美元的計劃,如果不是因為我的 OG Pixel 的話。幾年後,我每個月需要支付數百美元。

If you don’t take photos and videos much then sure, don’t bother doing this, but for those of us that do it’s great.

Remember, you’re not everyone. Everyone has different needs.

Edit: I’m in Australia, I don’t need people quoting me the USA prices for google one.
編輯:我在澳大利亞,不需要人們引用美國的 Google One 價格。

Pixel 8 Pro

Then pay for backblaze or a service designed for high capacity data back up. Exploiting the unlimited photo/video upload is why we can't have nice things. Opportunists ruin things for everyone.
然後支付給 Backblaze 或專為高容量數據備份而設計的服務。濫用無限的照片/視頻上傳功能是我們無法擁有好東西的原因。投機者破壞了每個人的利益。

The unlimited capacity is a big part of why a lot of people bought a pixel in the first place

Pixel 8 Pro

Yeah unlimited photos and videos taken by the phone not dump 2tb of your whole life and every raw photos taken on other cameras onto Google photos. People doing that is why Google stopped the unlimited original quality uploads.
是的,用手机拍摄的照片和视频是无限的,而不是将你一生中的 2TB 数据和其他相机拍摄的原始照片全部上传到 Google 相册。人们这样做是导致 Google 停止了无限上传原始质量照片的原因。

So, say I get a pixel 6 when it comes out. You'd be okay with me carrying about my 4 just to use as a camera, but not okay with me talking a picture of the 6, sending it to my 4 then uploading it?
所以,假設我在 Pixel 6 推出時買了一部,你不介意我攜帶著我的 Pixel 4 作為相機使用,但不允許我拍攝 Pixel 6 的照片,然後將其發送到我的 Pixel 4 再上傳,對吧?

I agree that there are ways people abuse this, but I'm not convinced that just using it for your photos is it.