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jealousy, jealousy  嫉妒,嫉妒

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“Before, you asked me why I get so possessive and jealous of everyone who comes too close to you,” Alex said.

Henry hummed. 亨利哼了一声。

“I know the way you love. The way your lips mold perfectly against mine. The taste of your skin underneath my tongue. Your sweet touch.”

Alex and Henry and jealousy.

Notes: 备注

happy birthday alex ⸜(。˃ ᵕ ˂ )⸝♡
Happy birthday Alex ⸜(。˃ᵕ˂ )⸝♡。

sry 4 bad writing its 3 am and i have a shit ton of homework to do but all i do is rot in bed #girlhood
对不起 4 写得不好,凌晨 3 点,我有一大堆作业要做,但我所做的就是烂在床上 #girlhood

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Alex’s jealousy was always apparent to Henry; a flicker in his eyes, a tension in his touch, emotions flickering across his face, gone as soon as they came. But deep down, Henry understood that a part of his jealousy was rooted in something sweeter than possessiveness — a desire to proudly claim Henry as his own, to bask in their love.

When he’d first brought it up, Henry assumed his jealousy stemmed from his abandonment issues; that Alex was holding a deep-seated fear of losing him to someone else, thus creating a need within him to claim Henry as his own to ensure that no one would take him away.

Yet, as Alex smiled and confessed that he did feel that way before, he made it clear that some of his jealousy was just to show his adoration for Henry, a declaration to the world that he managed to capture the heart of a prince. And Henry couldn’t deny the warmth that spread through him, knowing that he had such an effect on Alex.

They silently acknowledged that jealousy, in moderation, wasn't a sign of weakness or insecurity, but rather a natural product of their public love and the attention their relationship garnered. Despite feeling deeply secure in their relationship, they understood the want they held for others and that the occasional twinge of jealousy that rose was normal. After all, in a world where they were both sought after, desired, and admired, jealousy was inevitable.

So Henry finds himself taken aback when, unexpectedly, Alex's jealousy takes over, revealing a possessiveness that both surprises and intrigues Henry, awakening desires within him that he never knew existed.



The conference was in full swing when Henry and Alex arrived. Attending an international conference on trade relations was easy. Simple. They talked through the sea of diplomats and dignitaries with practiced ease, exchanging pleasantries and discussing ways that could shape global commerce. But along the way, Alex couldn’t help but notice the lingering glances directed at Henry. He didn’t blame them – Henry was good-looking. Attractive and beautiful and a goddamn prince. His grip on Henry’s waist tightened.

As the evening went on, Henry noticed a subtle shift in Alex’s mood. His jaw clenched and he seemed protective whenever someone got too close.

“Is everything alright?” Henry asked, concerned by the shift of atmosphere.

Alex flashed him a reassuring smile, kissing his fingers and brushing them against Henry’s cheek. “Yeah, babe, all good. Don’t worry your pretty little head over it.”

Time passed in a blur of conversations and polite exchanges. Among the crowd, Alex noticed that one person in particular seemed determined to engage Henry in conversation, getting a little too close for Alex’s comfort. 

The man was tall and impeccably dressed, with a smile that could charm anyone. Alex's immediate dislike for him simmered beneath the surface.

Alex noticed that Henry’s polite attempts to maintain a respectful distance failed. The man just didn’t seem to take the hint, with gazes that lingered a fraction too long and compliments and touches veering into territory that made Alex almost break his champagne glass.

Henry discreetly glanced in Alex’s direction and caught his eye, mouthing the words help me. It was meant to be a simple joke, but he noted the subtle clenching of his jaw and the steely determination in his eyes and just knew that Alex’s patience was wearing thin.
亨利小心翼翼地朝亚历克斯的方向瞥了一眼,吸引了他的目光,嘴里还说着 "帮帮我"。这本是一个简单的玩笑,但他注意到亚历克斯下巴微微咬紧,眼神坚定,就知道亚历克斯的耐心已经耗尽。

Henry's silent plea for help didn't go unnoticed by Alex, who stood nearby, ready to intervene if needed. As the conversation continued, Alex learned the man’s name: James Montgomery. A smooth-talking diplomat whose self-assurance was annoying. He touched Henry as if he had the right to, his hand lingering on his back, fingers grazing his arm, trailing down his shoulders with a familiarity that grated on Alex's nerves.

Alex felt his eye twitch in irritation. Just who did this man think he was? It was annoying how strangers, who didn't know Henry at all, assumed they had the right to invade his personal space. Henry was a prince, for fuck's sake – where was this man’s respect?

Meanwhile, Henry offered his polite, practiced smile, the one Alex hated, and extended his hand, aiming for a polite handshake.

 “Mr. Montgomery, it truly was a pleasure discussing with you, but I must be going,” Henry said, attempting to pull away from the handshake, but James firmly grasped his hand.

James leaned in closer, a wide smile on his face. “The pleasure is all mine, Your Royal Highness. I must say, your insights are truly enlightening.” 

Henry let out a nervous laugh, trying to withdraw from James's grip, but James did not give up. His hand continued to linger on Henry's arm, his touch clearly making Henry uncomfortable.

Alex's jaw clenched with pent-up frustration, and without a moment's hesitation, he positioned himself between Henry and James. With a protective arm casually draped around Henry’s shoulders, Alex fixed James with a piercing glare, his expression dripping with judgment.

"And who might you be?" Alex asked, his tone polite but firm.

James introduced himself. Alex did not care.

"I believe that Henry and I have another engagement to attend to.”

James glanced between them, his smile faltering slightly. “Of course. My apologies. Until next time, Your Royal Highness.”

And then he was gone. Henry and Alex stood in silence for a moment, then two. Then, without a word, Alex took Henry’s arm and led him out of the conference room.

They walked until they were alone in a quiet hallway, Alex’s emotions spilling over, his words tumbling out in a rush of frustration.

“That fucking asshole — did you see him? Touching you and smiling at you like he was allowed to do anything to you. God, that made me so mad. You don’t even know.”

“Alex,” Henry said, his fingers tracing gentle patterns on Alex’s skin. “Calm down, darling.”

“…The way he smiled at you gave me the creeps. Like, it actually made me shiver…”

“Alex…” "亚历克斯......"

“What the hell was he thinking — touching you and flirting with you…urgh, everyone already knows you’re mine! Did he really think he had a chance?”

“Alex!” "亚历克斯!"

Alex finally blinked out of his rant and stopped pacing. He turned to Henry, realizing he had been called several times, and brought him into a hug, apologizing.

“Sorry, baby. Was he making you uncomfortable? Shit. That’s a stupid question, of course he was. I should’ve interrupted earlier…”

“Alex,” Henry breathed out, cheek pressing into his shoulder. “There’s no need to be jealous. You know I love you.”

Alex fell silent, the tension slowly dissipating as they swayed together in the hallway. Henry's hands smoothed down the fabric of Alex’s shirt, while Alex's fingers trailed along Henry’s neck, leaving goosebumps in their wake.

“Really, Alex. I love you. And don’t blame yourself for not interrupting earlier — I was going to leave anyway. But I am grateful you stepped in,” Henry reassured, feeling Alex as he nodded against his head. “If he didn’t let go, I was going to kick him in the bloody balls or something.”

Alex laughed, muffled against Henry’s shirt. Then there was the warmth of Alex's lips against the side of Henry’s neck, causing a shiver to run down his spine as he tilted his head back slightly, savoring the feeling. Alex trailed kisses behind the sensitive part of Henry's ear, grazing his teeth along collarbones, feeling the stutter of Henry’s breath against his hair.

“Before, you asked me why I get so possessive and jealous of everyone who comes too close to you,” Alex said.

Henry hummed.  亨利哼了一声。

“It’s simple.” "很简单"

Alex pressed Henry against the wall, fingertips tracing delicate patterns down the curve of his spine. He leaned in, planting tender kisses along the smooth expanse where Henry’s neck met his shoulder. Henry gasped, surprised, but welcoming of the sudden change of atmosphere.

“I know the way you love. The way your lips mold perfectly against mine. The taste of your skin underneath my tongue. Your sweet touch.”

Their lips lingered, meeting gently. A tongue tracing the delicate outline of moles, brown eyes smoldering and dark and desiring. Henry closed his eyes with the sheer amount of emotion he suddenly felt…he felt good . Loved. Overwhelmed by the depth of Alex’s love. It was a love that consumed him, filling every fiber of his being with a warmth and passion he never knew was possible.

“I know how utterly endearing you are when you curl up against me, your sleepy murmurs of love. I know the warmth of your hands as they intertwine with mine. And I know how breathtaking you look when you wake up each morning, your tousled hair begging for my touch.”
"我知道,当你蜷缩在我身边时,你是多么惹人怜爱,你睡梦中的爱的呢喃。我知道你的双手与我交缠时的温暖。"我知道你每天早上醒来的样子是多么迷人" "你蓬乱的头发乞求我的抚摸"

Henry tried to untangle his arms from Alex’s grip on his hips, his fingers longing to trace the contours of Alex’s cheek. But Alex refused to release him, pinning Henry’s hands and wrists against the wall, tightly intertwining their fingers together.

“Do you hear me, Henry? I’m not sharing that side of you with anyone. Ever.”
"你听到了吗,亨利?我不会和任何人分享你的那一面 I'm not sharing that side of you with anyone.永远不会

He grasped Henry’s hand with his own, brushing his lips tenderly against Henry’s palm, relishing the taste of his skin. Brown eyes met the blue of Henry’s eyes, half-lidded with want and longing and desire. He pressed his lips against the blue veins of Henry’s wrist, against the royal blood that coursed through him.

“You’re mine. I’m yours.”

Henry was stunned. Breathless. The intensity of Alex’s possessiveness…it made unexpected heat rush through him. Henry couldn’t deny that being so desired and claimed by someone he loved, that Alex’s display of jealousy was not only thrilling but undeniably…arousing.

Henry kissed him, his body instinctively curling into Alex's as he pulled him closer. He claimed his lips and tongue and teeth. 

“Want you,” he mumbled.

“I’ve got you, baby.”


Notes: 备注

heres da inspo for alex's speech about being jealous over henry i got it from this random ass roleplay twitter account that appeared on my tl lolz
这是亚历克斯关于嫉妒亨利的演讲的灵感来源,我是从我的 tl 上出现的这个随机角色扮演 twitter 帐户上得到的。