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Celebrating the Gift of Life -1
庆祝生命的礼物 -1

By Prasanna Bhushi-Moka 由 Prasanna Bhushi-Moka

SSP Staff Writer SSP 工作人员
HE PARTY, the cake, the presents, and then the late-night calls and messages from friends, who stay up just to be the first to wish us a happy birthday. For many of us, a birthday is a day of celebration. However, it is only as the day passes and the party ends that we come to realize that we are getting one year older, reaching another milestone (里程碑) in our lives.
There are also those individuals who accept the affection but shy away from celebrations. What exactly does a birthday mean, beyond a gala night and a shower of blessings from our loved ones?
One year, I spent my birthday alone in a completely new place, Calls and messages poured in as usual, but I found myself at a loss. I had nowhere to go, nor did I know anyone with whom I could go out and share the joy of the occasion.
At that moment, my mother called me, asking, "What are you planning for your birthday?"
"I'm not sure, Ma. There's no one here," I said in a low voice.
"You don't always need a crowd for your birthday," she reassured (使…… 安心) me., "Just follow your heart and make this day yours."
I did exactly that, indulging in "my own day," and unexpectedly, I plugged into my inner self. For the first time in years, I was not striving to meet anyone else's expectations on my special day. It was a peaceful yet fulfilling day. It dawned on me that I had matured, from the toddler (满理学步的儿童) who shared

chocolates with the whole class on my birthday to someone who could now celebrate it with myself.
When I lay in bed that night, my mother's words echoed in my mind: "You came into our lives this day," she said, her voice filled with joy and gratitude for the story of my life. And that, indeed, is the true essence of birthday celebrations - the precious gift of life itself.
当晚我躺在床上时,母亲的话在我脑海中回荡:“你就是在这一天来到我们生活中的,”她说,声音中充满了对我的生命故事的喜悦和感激。而这,确实就是生日庆祝的真正精髓 - 生命本身这份宝贵的礼物。
Now, as a mother myself, I have watched my son's years going by in a flash. With each passing year, I witness his growth and recognize that he does not turn 15 or 16 exactly on his birthday. He goes about his days, fools around, studies his lessons, solves his troubles, and gradually learns to be a year-old teenager.
现在,作为一个母亲,我看着我儿子的岁月如梭。随着每一年的过去,我见证着他的成长,并意识到他并不是在生日那天准确地变成 15 或 16 岁。他过着自己的日子,胡闹,学习功课,解决问题,逐渐学会成为一个 岁的青少年。
The milestones we eagerly anticipate from a birthday are not achieved overnight on that particular day, but through the accumulation (具积) of daily efforts and experiences. From babbling (含眛讪说出) our first words and mastering new skills as babies, to making achievements in art or sports, and working our way up in careers, each day gives us an opportunity to walk towards those milestones. Birthdays simply serve as flags that mark the progress of our powerful, unique journey through life.