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The MOTIVES Personality System

Men acquire a particular quality by constantly acting a particular way. - Aristotle
人们通过持续以特定方式行事来获得某种品质。- 亚里士多德

Abstract/Summary 摘要/概述

There are seven personality traits, motivations that explain most of human personality (admiration-seeking, experimenting, planning, helping, being-positive, relaxing, and tribal defense). Healthy people appreciate and are developed in one or more of these seven traits. Unhealthy people over value and/or under value, lack development in one or more of those same seven traits.

To better explain things through metaphor, if the whole world was a single city...

Materialists (admiration-seekers) would be in or trying to get into the expensive exclusive parts of the city, and if in the most exclusive parts of the city, they would try to be maximizing their position/rank.

Offbeats (experimenters) would be outside the city exploring the unknown or inside investigating, changing/innovating, and/or challenging the status quo of the city.

Thinkers (planners) would be organizing, planning, maintaining the functioning of the city

Interpersonals (helpers) would be serving, taking care of others throughout the city (at home, in schools, hospitals, stores, companies, etc.)

Vitalists (optimists) would be bringing life, positivity, enthusiasm to any environment they occupy

Easygoers (relaxers) would be lounging on their couch, at the beach, taking naps, chilling at the movie theater, bar, restaurants, or if they had to be at work or other less leisurely places, keeping things calm and peaceful there

Sectarians (conservatives) would be preoccupied with the defense of the city from outsiders / perceived threats inside and outside the city borders

All of the above roles / personality types are (or at least were at some point) needed, have a place in human culture / evolution (i.e. adaptive), that’s why they developed. Despite my personal opinions / biases, my data suggests it’s possible for some people to be happy and healthy following any of the above strategies. Now, I’m not sure I can say all of the above traits are positive for the health of the world (particularly the Materialist and Sectarian trait), but that’s something I’m still researching.

It should be noted, I've found very few counter type preference MOTIVES items with a positive (i.e. high Vital) factor correlation at least when looking at the general population of test takers as a whole. For example, the Materialist trait is the MOTIVES version of extroversion, so people who score low on that trait may identify as an introvert in other personality models (although modern notions of extraversion/introversion are hodge podge of traits, one of them being Vitality / Big Five Emotional Stability which is why it’s a flawed non-unidimensional trait as explained in depth here ). I’ve found very few items that correlated with low Materialism that correlate with Vitality (i.e being healthy/happy). While there are some people that don’t care about being admired (i.e Low Materialism scorers) that are happy, there are at least not enough of them that have taken my tests to show a potential significant trend association between being happy and not caring about admiration. On other MOTIVES traits I've found even less or more often no low scoring items which show a Vitality correlation. Vitality is orthogonal (non correlating) to the other six MOTIVES traits across the data as a whole so no association should be expected generally, but there are still many individual personality items that display associations between being higher or one or more particular MOTIVES items and Vitality.​
需要注意的是,在审视整个测试者群体时,我发现极少有反类型偏好动机(MOTIVES)项目与正向(即高生命力)因子相关性显著。例如,物质主义特质在 MOTIVES 中相当于外向性,因此在该特质上得分较低的人可能在其他人格模型中被认定为内向者(尽管现代对内外向的理解是包含多种特质的混合体,其中之一便是生命力/大五人格中的情绪稳定性,这也是为何它是一个非单一维度的复杂特质,详见深入解析)。我找到的与低物质主义相关且与生命力(即健康/快乐)相关的项目寥寥无几。虽然确实存在一些不在乎被赞赏(即物质主义得分低)的人感到幸福,但至少在我的测试中,这样的人数量不足以显示出幸福与不在乎赞赏之间可能存在的显著趋势关联。至于其他 MOTIVES 特质,我发现相关性低或无生命力相关的低分项目更是少之又少,甚至经常不存在。 活力与其他六种 MOTIVES 特质在整个数据中呈正交(非相关)关系,因此通常不应预期它们之间有联系,但仍有许多个体性格项目显示出在一种或多种特定 MOTIVES 项目上较高与活力之间的关联。​

In any case, explore the vast catalog of MOTIVES items listed on this page, (such as in this list and also here). Take note of the respective factor correlations and decide for yourself. The core purpose of this site is to present the most scientifically accurate and neutral architecture of human personality and let you decide what aspects of personality you think are healthy and unhealthy, what traits you want to reinforce and/or change. The MOTIVES system should also help you understand others better and make better choices on the type of people you associate with.
无论如何,请探索本页列出的 MOTIVES 项目的庞大目录(例如此列表及此处所示)。注意各自的因子相关性,并自行决定。本网站的核心目的是呈现最科学准确且中立的人格架构,让您决定哪些人格方面是健康或不健康的,哪些特质您想要强化和/或改变。MOTIVES 系统还应帮助您更好地理解他人,并在选择交往的人群类型上做出更好的决策。


The MOTIVES personality theory is a refined hybrid of previous notions of personality (Big 5, Jung, Freud, Golden Rule) which posits that the entire spectrum of personality can be explained by seven independent, alterable, and empirically provable personality motivations / strategies.
MOTIVES 人格理论是对先前人格概念(如大五人格、荣格、弗洛伊德、黄金法则)的精炼混合,它提出整个人格光谱可以通过七种独立、可变且经验上可证明的人格动机/策略来解释。

The most empirically proven personality model, to date, is the Big 5. It is a lexical personality model, which basically means it is based on the premise that language is a good representation of reality (as words are merely intellectual tools created to describe reality). Essentially this makes the Big 5 a wisdom of crowds approach at explaining who/how people are. The limitation of this is that this makes the Big 5 compromised by whatever biases the crowd has. If most people have a more superficial understanding of what makes people and themselves tick than that is going to be reflected in the lexicon of words understood by most to explain how others and themselves are. I think most people (even very smart people) don't entirely know what makes them tick, why they do what they do.

Jung and Freud represent the expert approach, intelligent individuals with fairly extensive clinical experience treating individuals. However, they were also limited by the make up of their sample size, which was more disturbed (and wealthy) than average. They were also limited by their lack of empiricism. They spent more time formulating concepts/ideas than they spent vetting those concepts/ideas via the scientific method. It's entirely implausible to think that an individual no matter how intelligent can produce flawless personality theories solely based on their instincts, logical judgment, and/or unempirical observations. That's why Jung and Freud's ideas - while profound starting points in parts - don't tell the whole story. That's why people who are really into Myers-Briggs or the Enneagram are more like religious disciples, those systems are not sufficiently rational (empirically proven/provable), and so faith/belief/suspension-of-rationality is required to buy into them.

The solution to the aforementioned problems is to come up with a system applicable to the general and clinical population, which accounts for all aspects of personality, which can be proven empirically.

The MOTIVES theory is based around the idea of seven central reward drives. These are evolutionary hard wired and/or environmental adaptation styles to life.
MOTIVES 理论围绕着七种核心奖励驱动的概念构建。这些驱动既是进化上的固有机制,也是对环境适应的生活方式。

Materialistic - by being more attractive / impressive, I will have a survival advantage
物质主义 - 通过更具吸引力/令人印象深刻,我将获得生存优势

Offbeat - by being more novel / unconventional, I will have a survival advantage
非主流 - 通过更具新意/非传统,我将获得生存优势

Thinking - by being more thought out / systematic, I will have a survival advantage
思考型 - 通过更周密/系统化,我将获得生存优势

Interpersonal - by being more selfless / helpful to others, I will have a survival advantage
人际关系型 - 通过更无私/乐于助人,我将获得生存优势

Vital - by being more positive, energetic, I will have a survival advantage
活力型 - 通过更积极、充满活力,我将获得生存优势

Easygoing - by conserving my energy, relaxing, I will have a survival advantage

Sectarian - by prioritizing the strength of my group/tribe/country, I will have a survival advantage

Originally, I thought there were (or as theories often arise, 'should be') seven counter preferences to the above. However, I found (after testing that theory) that not to be the case exactly. For example, someone that scores low on Offbeat traits does not necessarily fixate on the opposite behavioral tendency, i.e. conventional behavior, they are just more likely to disprefer unconventional behavior or simply not expend effort being unconventional, different. What I've found in general is that while high trait scorers are heavily invested, and/or fixated, on the MOTIVES behaviors they score highly on, low scorers are characterized, on average, more by their absence of fixation on those behaviors (with the exception of Vital, the Depressed counter fixation appears to be equally strong if not stronger). This makes sense when you think it requires effort to be authentically attractive, or to be authentically different than others, or to be organized, or to be generous, versus simply not being any of those things. Someone with a low Materialistic preference (an Ascetic) is not preoccupied by being socially attractive but that doesn't mean necessarily they are as anti social attractiveness as most Materialists are pro social attractiveness (though some Ascetics certainly are).
起初,我以为上述内容应有(或如理论常提出的,“应该有”)七种对立偏好。然而,经过实证后发现并非完全如此。例如,在非主流特质上得分低的人,并不一定会执着于相反的行为倾向,即传统行为,他们只是更可能不喜欢非传统行为,或者根本不愿费力去追求与众不同。总的来说,我发现高特质得分者对他们在动机行为上的高分投入极深,甚至有所执着,而低分者则平均而言,更多地表现为对这些行为的不执着(除了生命力强的特质,抑郁的对立执着似乎同样强烈,甚至更强)。当你考虑到,要真实地吸引人、真实地与众不同、有条理或慷慨,都需要付出努力,而不具备这些特质则相对容易时,这一点就变得合情合理了。 一个物质欲望较低的人(禁欲者)并不以社交吸引力为重,但这并不意味着他们必然像大多数物质主义者推崇社交吸引力那样反社交吸引力(尽管有些禁欲者确实如此)。

So instead of counter preferences, it may be more accurate to view these as simply non preferences...

Ascetic - Less concerned with attractiveness, money, sex, mate value

Conventional - Less likely to be unconventional, curious, experimental
传统型 - 不太可能非传统、好奇、实验性

Haphazard - Less likely to follow a mental plan, more likely to be messy, disorganized, aimless
随意型 - 不太可能遵循心理计划,更可能杂乱无章、无组织、漫无目的

Withholding - Less likely to be selfless, less likely to be considerate, accommodating, supportive of others
保留型 - 不太可能无私,不太可能体贴、迁就、支持他人

Depressed - Sullen, negative, pessimistic, destructive, self sabotaging
抑郁 - 闷闷不乐、消极、悲观、破坏性、自我破坏

Rigid - Less likely to prioritize relaxation, prone to be on edge, high strung, stiff
刚性 - 不太可能优先考虑放松,容易紧张,高度紧绷,僵硬

Globalistic - Less likely to be nationalistic, ethno-egotistical, tends to favor inclusion, unity, diversity; more likely to put the welfare of the whole world above the welfare of their tribe/culture/nation/race/etc.
全球主义 - 不太可能民族主义,种族自大,倾向于支持包容、团结、多样性;更可能将全球福祉置于自己部落/文化/国家/种族等的福祉之上

Each person's distinct mix on these seven motivational spectrums result in an vast number of different personality orientations, as few as 128 if you consider a high/low preference on each, 2187 if you consider a high/middle/low preference on each, even more when you consider that some high/low preferences will be higher/lower than others. Although you will have a lot more insight into yourself or others if you are able to discern that one of the seven orientations is more dominant than the rest. Though it's certainly possible to have two or more equally dominant MOTIVES types, most people only have one or at most two dominant types.
每个人在这七个动机谱系上的独特组合,导致了大量不同的个性取向,如果考虑每个谱系的高/低偏好,最少有 128 种,如果考虑每个谱系的高/中/低偏好,则有 2187 种,当考虑到某些高/低偏好会比其他更高/更低时,这个数字还会更多。虽然如果你能辨别出七个取向中有一个比其他更占主导地位,你将对自己或他人有更多的了解。尽管存在两个或更多同等主导的动机类型是可能的,但大多数人只有一种或最多两种主导类型。

So, there are seven Primary types - Materialistic, Offbeat, Thinking, Interpersonal, Vital, Easygoing, and Sectarian

When assessing yours or someone elses' personality across all seven traits...

A simple bipolar type can be coded as MCHIDEG (Materialistic, Conventional, Haphazard, Interpersonal, Depressed, Easygoing, Globalistic)
一个简单的双极类型可以编码为 MCHIDEG(物质主义、传统、随意、人际、抑郁、随和、全球主义)

A more useful type can be coded as XOTWXES (middle preference on Materialism, Offbeat, Thinking, Withholding, middle preference on Vitality, Easygoing, Sectarian)
一个更有用的类型可以编码为 XOTWXES(物质主义中立偏好、非主流、思考、保留、活力中立偏好、随和、宗派主义)

A more complex type coding would be Mox|I|drS, with upper case letter reflecting a strong preference, lower case reflecting a medium preference, || representing the dominant preference, and x representing a middle preference.
一个更复杂的类型编码将是 Mox|I|drS,其中大写字母表示强烈偏好,小写字母表示中等偏好,||表示主导偏好,x 表示中立偏好。

Another way to look at MOTIVES which is slightly different is that you really have six behavioral drives, with the seventh, Vital, being more of a scoreboard of the effect of the other six preferences. So everyone is somewhere on the following six spectrums...

  • I want to get preferential / special attention vs. I'm unconcerned with image / attention (Materialistic vs. Ascetic)
    我想要得到优待/特别关注 vs. 我对形象/关注漠不关心(物质主义 vs. 苦行主义)
  • I want to try new things / new ways vs. I'm not a big fan of change (Offbeat vs. Conventional)
    我想要尝试新事物/新方法 vs. 我不太喜欢改变(非主流 vs. 传统)
  • I want to live life by a mental plan vs. I am unplanned, disorganized (Thinking vs. Haphazard)
    我想要按照心理计划生活 vs. 我无计划、杂乱无章(思考型 vs. 随意型)
  • I want to help others vs. I'm not compelled to help others (Interpersonal vs. Withholding)
    我想要帮助他人 vs. 我不太愿意帮助他人(人际交往型 vs. 保留型)
  • I want to take it easy vs. I don't prioritize relaxation (Easygoing vs. Rigid)
    我想要轻松生活 vs. 我不优先考虑放松(随和 vs. 刻板)
  • I put my tribe, culture, nation first vs. I don't prioritize nationalism (Sectarian vs. Globalistic)

Your distinct preference profile on the above six spectrums results in a certain happiness or unhappiness level which is a major aspect of your Vital score. If you are unhappy and you are not changing your preferences, then you are unlikely to change your happiness level. I think for some people Vitality is somewhat of a drive in itself but for others the Vital score is more of a reflection of the success or failure of their preferences on the other six drives. Some people spend their whole life being rewarded for their preference profile and suddenly it's no longer rewarded. If their happiness never recovers and they never make any changes to address that, they had the effect of Vitality (happiness) but they lacked the drive to maintain it (i.e. it was never really a drive for them).

To get a better sense of how significant these drives are, consciously and/or unconsciously, I explored many different angles of how people self rated on these MOTIVES traits in different contexts. The following are a sample of those along with their respective factor scores.

My identity is my appearance rank. 720

My identity is my experimental nature. 710

My identity is my organized nature. 780

My identity is my service to others. 760

My identity is my depressive nature. 750

My identity is my relaxed nature. 760

My identity is my-country-first. 587

Looks-centric would be a good description of me. 733

Experimenter would be a good description of me. 765

Organizer would be a good description of me. 755

Helper would be a good description of me. 737

Depressive would be a good description of me.- 780
抑郁者或许是对我最恰当的描述。- 780

Relaxer would be a good description of me. 714

My-country-first would be a good description of me. 523

I have a need to be attractive to everyone. 789

I have a need to experiment. 664

I have a need to follow a plan. 765

I have a need to help everyone. 806

I have a need for my life to be over.- 722

I have a need to always be relaxed. 541

I have a need to defend the honor/traditions of my country. 508

The most important quality in a friend is how attractive they make me look to others. 469

The most important quality in a friend is how curious they are. 519

The most important quality in a friend is how organized they are. 468

The most important quality in a friend is how considerate they are. 382

The most important quality in a friend is how depressed they are. - 503

The most important quality in a friend is how laid back they are. 421

The most important quality in a friend is how patriotic they are. 478

I believe happiness can be achieved through popularity. 638

I believe happiness can be achieved through discovery. 447

I believe happiness can be achieved through orderliness. 602

I believe happiness can be achieved through generosity. 642

I believe happiness can be achieved through rest and relaxation. 345

I believe happiness can be achieved through loyalty to one's country. 406

Clearly the seven MOTIVES drives result in distinctly different motivations, preferences, values, self identities that have real life effects on behavioral choices, life paths, etc.. If you don’t value generosity (and don’t want to change that about yourself), you will be unlikely to enjoy and thus probably to do well in a career which requires it. You will be less likely to form a close lasting friendship or maintain a long term significant romantic relationship with someone who does (a high Interpersonal scorer). Offbeat types desire an exploratory existence which can include endless philosophical conversations, changing careers, trying different life paths, moving to different cities. Someone lower on the Offbeat trait is not going to be very compatible with those preferences. High Materialistic scorers enjoy fancy things (nice cars, nice clothes, expensive restaurants). Ascetic types are unlikely to enjoy someone with those preferences, and vice versa. Thinkers enjoy a planned out, orderly, organized life, they are unlikely to tolerate a Haphazard type, and vice versa. Easygoing types like to keep things copacetic. Someone with a high strung personality is going to inhibit their preference for a perma-relaxed vibe. If you want to try to make a relationship work with someone with a conflicting personality preference it helps to have a framework to understand and discuss your personality preference differences and hopefully find workable, fair compromises... but that's often not possible, realistic. The middle ideal traits (Materialistic, Interpersonal, Easygoing, Sectarian) suggest that someone with an opposing preference could work if both parties desire being more in the middle. However, significant differences on the high ideal traits (Offbeat, Thinking, Vital) will likely doom a relationship. Once you learn, understand the aforementioned, you will save yourself a lot of time in failed friendships, relationships, ill fitting careers, etc..
显然,七大动机驱动导致截然不同的动机、偏好、价值观和自我认同,这些在现实生活中影响着行为选择、人生道路等。如果你不重视慷慨(且不想改变这一点),你就不太可能享受并因此在需要慷慨的职业中表现出色。你更不可能与一个重视慷慨(高人际得分者)的人建立并维持长久深厚的友谊或重要的浪漫关系。非主流类型追求探索性的生活,这可能包括无休止的哲学对话、变换职业、尝试不同的人生道路、迁居不同城市。在非主流特质上得分较低的人与这些偏好不太相容。高物质主义得分者喜欢奢华之物(好车、好衣服、昂贵餐厅)。苦行僧类型不太可能欣赏具有这些偏好的人,反之亦然。思考者喜欢规划有序、井井有条的生活,他们不太可能容忍随意型的人,反之亦然。随和型的人喜欢保持和谐。 一个性格紧张的人会抑制他们对永久放松氛围的偏好。如果你想尝试与性格偏好冲突的人建立关系,拥有一个理解并讨论性格偏好差异的框架会有所帮助,希望能找到可行且公平的妥协方案……但这往往不现实。中间理想特质(物质主义、人际关系、随和、宗派主义)表明,如果双方都希望更接近中间状态,具有相反偏好的人也可能合作。然而,在高理想特质(古怪、思考、活力)上存在显著差异,很可能会导致关系失败。一旦你了解并理解了上述内容,你将为自己在失败的友谊、关系、不合适的事业等方面节省大量时间。

MOTIVES key trait items (high factor loading item for each trait)


Materialistic - I am compelled to be desirable.
物质主义 - 我渴望被渴望。

Offbeat - I am preoccupied with discovery.  
非主流 - 我专注于探索。

Thinking - I prioritize being structured.   
思考型 - 我优先考虑结构化。

Interpersonal - I must help others.

Vital - I struggle with depression.-    (negatively keyed item, i.e. score is reversed)
至关重要 - 我与抑郁作斗争。- (负向关键项,即得分需反转)

Easygoing - I have a tranquil nature.
随和 - 我性格平和。

Sectarian - Immigrants are a burden on my country.
宗派主义 - 移民给我的国家带来了负担。

The following items are examples of high(+), average(=), and low(-) vitality (health) items for each MOTIVES type based on user test data (in the case of two scores, xxx/xxx, the second score is the Vital score): 


+I'm very popular in mainstream society. 471/253

=I am preoccupied with my appearance rank. 770  

-I want to be liked so I'm not entirely honest about who I really am. 480/-460 


+I innovate. 596/254 我创新。596/254

=I feel best when I am taking risks. 676

-My identity is very much about being different/strange/mysterious compared to the majority. 565/-244 


+I'm focused. 672/289 我很专注。672/289

=My life's work is staying organized. 784

-I hate how overly planned I am. 400/-200  


+I deeply care about community. 579/269

=I am preoccupied with serving others. 830 I'm biased to whatever path best helps others. 730
我一心想着服务他人。830 我倾向于选择最能帮助他人的道路。730

-I'm depressed that I'm not better able to help others. 532/-379


+I love my life. 750

-I feel that life has no meaning. 700 


+I love how peaceful I am. 568/325

=I'm the kind of person that likes to take it easy. 663 

-I am a bit of a slacker. 352/-451


+My culture would be a good role model for other cultures. 651/228

=My country cannot absorb any more immigrants from certain ethnic groups without causing problems. 794

-People from other cultures tend to act strange and unusual when they come into my culture. 526/-222

MOTIVES ultra short form personality test - http://similarminds.com/personality-research.html
MOTIVES 超短型人格测试 - http://similarminds.com/personality-research.html

answer key - [left item is very me][left item is somewhat me][i'm in between][right item is somewhat me][right item is very me]
答案键 - [左侧选项非常符合我][左侧选项有点符合我][我处于两者之间][右侧选项有点符合我][右侧选项非常符合我]


1) I find getting attention rewarding. [M][m][x][a][A] Social status doesn't mean much to me.
1) 我觉得获得关注很有回报。[M][m][x][a][A] 社会地位对我来说意义不大。

2) As soon as I'm not learning something, I change things up. [O][o][x][c][C] I usually avoid risky situations.
2) 一旦停止学习,我就会调整方向。[O][o][x][c][C] 我通常会避免冒险的情况。

3) I maintain my spaces in an orderly way. [T][t][x][h][H] I tend to live life without a plan.
3) 我保持我的空间井然有序。[T][t][x][h][H] 我倾向于无计划地生活。

4) Short of putting myself in danger, I will help pretty much anyone, good or bad. [I][i][x][w][W] I don't live for others.
4) 只要不危及自己,我几乎会帮助任何人,无论好坏。[I][i][x][w][W] 我不为他人而活。

5) I frequently feel pleasant emotions. [V][v][x][d][D] I am not in the mood for anything.
5) 我经常感受到愉悦的情绪。[V][v][x][d][D] 我对任何事都提不起兴趣。

6) I have a tranquil nature. [E][e][x][r][R] I rarely take it easy.
6) 我性格平和。[E][e][x][r][R] 我很少放松自己。

7) Immigration should be controlled. [S][s][x][g][G] I am politically liberal.
7) 移民应受到控制。[S][s][x][g][G] 我政治上持自由主义立场。

Answer the seven items above with the appropriate letter and then select whichever item fits you most and [bracket it]

Sample Result: aOhxx[E]g

The MOTIVES personality system is the macro (wide-angle) companion to the R-Drive personality system which covers a more detailed micro (zoomed in) approach to individual personality. The 14+ R-Drive motivations (as well as pretty much any personality characteristic, or personality model type /Big 5/MBTI/Enneagram/) can all be explained by high-neutral-low preference combinations of the seven MOTIVES drives much the same way that every color can be decoded by it's distinct mix of primary colors. (I recently created a fairly comprehensive chart of the MOTIVES factor loadings of various personality types/traits on this page.)
MOTIVES 人格系统是 R-Drive 人格系统的宏观(广角)伴侣,后者涵盖了更细致的微观(放大)个体人格方法。14 种以上的 R-Drive 动机(以及几乎任何人格特质,或人格模型类型/大五/MBTI/九型人格/)都可以通过七种 MOTIVES 驱动力的高、中、低偏好组合来解释,就像每种颜色都可以通过其独特的原色混合来解码一样。(我最近在这页面上创建了一个相当全面的 MOTIVES 因子载荷图,涵盖了各种人格类型/特质。)

MOTIVES factor analysis MOTIVES 因子分析

M 0.714 0.082 0.009 0.003 -0.063 -0.013 0.060
O 0.091 0.645 -0.017 0.008 0.046 0.061 0.034
T 0.010 -0.013 0.729 0.070 0.068 -0.028 0.080
I 0.004 0.009 0.070 0.746 -0.019 0.071 0.025
V -0.068 0.041 0.072 -0.018 0.705 0.055 0.016
E -0.012 0.057 -0.030 0.077 0.056 0.624 0.030
S 0.072 0.038 0.097 -0.027 0.019 0.034 0.597

*sample size 6675 (2308 men, 4367 women)
样本量 6675(男性 2308 人,女性 4367 人)

MOTIVES to Big 5 (TIPI) factor analysis

Extroversion 0.269 0.296 -0.046 0.140 0.398 -0.232 0.006
Conscientiousness -0.024 0.019 0.561 0.032 0.308 0.026 0.093
Emotional Stability 情绪稳定性 -0.098 0.111 0.174 -0.104 0.591 0.318 0.117
Openness 0.069 0.411 0.010 0.011 0.214 0.049 -0.080
Accommodation -0.053 -0.073 0.016 0.369 0.245 0.155 -0.078

*sample size 3189, 10 test items from the TIPI Big Five test
*样本量 3189,来自 TIPI 大五人格测试的 10 个测试项目

MOTIV to Big 5 (BFI) factor analysis
MOTIV 到大五人格(BFI)的因素分析

Extroversion 0.258 0.211 -0.036 0.091 0.464 -0.161 0.035
Conscientiousness -0.062 0.033 0.519 0.035 0.241 -0.076 0.048
Emotional Stability 情绪稳定性 -0.042 0.058 0.044 -0.065 0.618 0.233 0.059
Openness 0.035 0.456 0.004 0.021 -0.016 0.033 -0.053
Accommodation -0.069 -0.003 0.052 0.430 0.225 0.107 -0.035

*sample size 2888, 44 test items from the BFI Big Five test
样本量 2888,包含 BFI 大五人格测试中的 44 个测试项

The TIPI is a ten item Big Five test and the BFI is a 44 item Big Five test, both have been used frequently by academic researchers. Based on the correlations, Open-mindedness is analogous with Offbeat, Accommodation is analogous with Interpersonal, Emotional Stability and Extroversion are analogous with Vitality (which explains why the introvert self descriptions are more negative than extrovert self descriptions on this site as discussed in this article), and Conscientiousness is analogous with Thinking. All five Big Five traits show significant correlations to Vitality (except BFI Openness) which I think reflects a misalignment in the Big Five structure.
TIPI 是包含十个项目的五大性格测试,而 BFI 则是包含 44 个项目的五大性格测试,两者均常被学术研究者采用。根据相关性分析,开放性类似于非主流,宜人性类似于人际关系,情绪稳定性和外向性与活力相类似(这解释了为何本网站上内向者的自我描述比外向者的更为消极,如本文所述),责任心则类似于思考。五大性格特质均与活力显示出显著相关性(BFI 开放性除外),我认为这反映了五大性格结构中的一种错位。

MOTIV to Myers Briggs / MBTI / Jung factor analysis
MOTIV 对应迈尔斯-布里格斯性格类型指标(MBTI)/ 荣格因素分析

M 0.367 -0.041 -0.044 -0.009
O -0.027 0.488 0.078 -0.176
T -0.222 -0.183 0.175 0.603
I 0.090 -0.038 -0.580 -0.015
V 0.624 0.015 -0.035 0.101

*sample size 1200, test items from an MBTI/Jung analog test on SimilarMinds
样本量 1200,测试项目来自 SimilarMinds 上的 MBTI/荣格模拟测试

The MBTI is a forced choice personality test system which presents dichotomies a user has to choose between (I think the forced choice system offers limited personality clarity but I will discuss that in another article). The factor analysis reveals the Extroversion/Introversion dichotomy as a strong analog for MOTIVES Vitality and a medium analog for MOTIVES Materialistic, the Intuition/Sensing dichotomy is a strong analog to MOTIVES Offbeat, the Thinking/Feeling dichotomy is a strong analog to MOTIVES Withholding (i.e. low MOTIVES Interpersonal preference). The Judging/Perceiving dichotomy is a strong analog to MOTIVES Thinking. The standout issue in the above results is that a person can have a high Materialistic orientation and a low Vital orientation but you would not accurately be able to discern that from their MBTI/Jung type because MBTI/Jung Extroversion has a positive loading on Materialistic and Vital traits. This illustrates the central flaw in the MBTI system which is that it conflates unhappiness and introversion and happiness and extroversion (which I discuss at length in this article).
MBTI 是一种迫选式人格测试系统,要求用户在二分法之间做出选择(我认为迫选系统对人格清晰度的提供有限,但这一点将在另一篇文章中讨论)。因子分析揭示了外倾/内倾二分法与 MOTIVES 活力的高度相似性,以及与 MOTIVES 物质主义的中等相似性;直觉/感觉二分法与 MOTIVES 非主流的高度相似性;思维/情感二分法与 MOTIVES 保留(即低 MOTIVES 人际偏好)的高度相似性;判断/知觉二分法与 MOTIVES 思考的高度相似性。上述结果中的突出问题是,一个人可能具有高物质主义倾向和低活力倾向,但根据其 MBTI/荣格类型无法准确判断,因为 MBTI/荣格的外倾性在物质主义和活力特质上均有正向负荷。这揭示了 MBTI 系统的核心缺陷,即它将不快乐与内倾、快乐与外倾混为一谈(这一点我在本文中有详细讨论)。

MOTIVES Drive Architecture

Materialistic vs. Ascetic Personality (Vanity vs. Austerity)

The Materialist is oriented towards wanting to be attractive and impressive to others. They are often externally narcissistic, seeking to be whatever the external world deems best. The most efficient way to do this is to be physically attractive to others, so the Materialist values beauty, attractiveness more than anything else. To the degree beauty is not enough or is difficult for them to cultivate, maintain, the less healthy Materialist is more likely to resort to other tricks/enhancements such as makeup, hair coloring, fashion, plastic surgery, etc. to make them appear to be more attractive than they actually are. Fancy cars, houses, baubles, also are used to advertise to other people how valuable and desirable less healthy Materialists wish to appear. Anything other people might think is valuable Materialists value. A less healthy Materialist might pursue a particular career because of it's prestige in the eyes of others more than because they have authentic internal interest in that career. They are more likely to borrow their taste from the desires of others so they are keen on following the latest trends and fashions.

The Materialist wants to resemble a mirrored reflection of what is considered most ideal/attractive by others, society, or their subculture. Money which is basically a social IOU is naturally prized by the Materialist, the more they have, the more they think they are worth, there value is drawn from the external instead of the internal. The Don Draper character in Mad Men exemplifies a less healthy Materialist personality, attractive, rich, and successful on the outside, something else entirely underneath the surface. This drive taken to an unhealthy extreme is what drives the growing wealth inequality phenomena, why when one person builds something of no practical value to existence like a 200ft super yacht, someone else will want to build an even less practical 300ft one, to appear better, more perfect/desirable. This is why a Depressive Materialist may not want to be friends with anyone so attractive they might attract/steal their significant other (or even just steal attention). Materialists tend to be more attractive than average, but their attractiveness can make them stuck developmentally, less likely to develop other aspects of their personality/life. One only has to think of the image of the prettiest caveman enchanted by their reflection in a river to understand that this personality tendency can overvalue a temporary advantage over others to no benefit to the individual or society in the long run.
物质主义者渴望成为他人、社会或其亚文化中最理想/吸引人的一面镜像。金钱,本质上是一种社会借条,自然受到物质主义者的高度珍视,他们拥有的越多,就越认为自己有价值,其价值来源于外部而非内心。《广告狂人》中的唐·德雷柏角色便体现了这种不甚健康的物质主义人格,外表光鲜、富有且成功,而内心深处则截然不同。这种追求走向极端,正是导致财富不平等现象加剧的驱动力,为何当有人建造出对生存并无实际价值的 200 英尺超级游艇时,其他人会想要建造更不实用的 300 英尺游艇,只为显得更优越、更完美/令人向往。这也是为何抑郁的物质主义者可能不愿与过于迷人的人交友,担心对方会吸引/夺走自己的伴侣(或仅仅是注意力)。物质主义者往往外表出众,但这种吸引力可能阻碍其个性与生活的全面发展。 只需想象一下最迷人的穴居人被河中倒影迷住的画面,就能理解这种性格倾向可能会过分看重相对于他人的暂时优势,而从长远来看,这对个人或社会都无益。

On the other hand healthy Materialists can use their superior desirability for the good of the world much like attractive actors and actresses often serve as ambassadors for non profits. While certainly unhealthy Materialists can desire that no one is more attractive than them, the reality is everyone in theory can be more physically attractive. And authentic physical attractiveness reflects better physical health so this is certainly something worthwhile for everyone to aspire to, work towards/on. This personality type is also a core component to many that are in the entertainment industry. So if you enjoy music, movies, comedy, you can see the value in this trait. If people didn't enjoy entertaining others and being applauded for that, then there wouldn't be much of an entertainment industry.

While obviously there are many societal rewards to being higher on social attractiveness, it's telling that one of the few Materialist items that correlates with Vitality is "I'm popular with everyone." Therein lies the problematic nature of this personality type in relation to happiness since being popular with everyone is not an easy nor for many enjoyable long term path to pull off. In fact, people who self rate that most of their happiness is internal tend to self rate as being happy whereas people that self rate that most of their happiness is external tend to self rate as being unhappy.

The counter persona to the Materialist is the Ascetic personality. The Ascetic shuns the material world, external ideals, public opinion, and the need to find validation in their social rank/status, physical beauty. They could thus be considered internally narcissistic, only caring about what they think is valuable. They tend to want to live apart from society, outside of it, in the metaphorical or actual wilderness. Great ideas have come from Ascetic intellectuals (which not all Ascetics are) but Ascetics are not necessarily any less foolish in their life choices than unhealthy Materialist types who lazily, derivative adopt whatever is popular/attractive regardless of whether it is right. A drawback to being Ascetic is illustrated by Aristarchus who figured out the Sun was the center of our planetary system 1800 years before Copernicus readopted the idea and proved it. Had Aristarchus been more social connected, adept, maybe he could have convinced the public of his ideas and the world might be more advanced today as a result. On the other hand you can only convince people of so much, so being fixated on persuading others on ideas they will never understand or agree with is a recipe of futility. This may be why the most intelligent people tend to be ascetics because they inevitably are less capable of enjoying, connecting with, or influencing popular culture.
与唯物主义者相对的是禁欲主义者。禁欲主义者回避物质世界、外在理想、公众舆论以及在社会地位/身份、外貌上寻求认可的需求。因此,他们可以被视为内在自恋,只关心自己认为有价值的事物。他们往往希望远离社会,置身于象征性或实际的荒野之中。伟大的思想源自禁欲主义知识分子(并非所有禁欲主义者都是),但禁欲主义者在生活选择上未必比那些懒惰、盲目追随流行的不健康唯物主义者更明智。禁欲主义的一个缺点体现在阿里斯塔克斯身上,他在哥白尼重新提出并证明太阳是太阳系中心之前 1800 年就已发现这一事实。如果阿里斯塔克斯更具社交能力,或许他就能说服公众接受他的观点,世界或许因此而更加先进。 另一方面,你能说服人们的程度有限,因此执着于说服他人接受他们永远无法理解或同意的观点,无异于徒劳之举。这或许解释了为何最聪明的人往往倾向于苦行,因为他们不可避免地在享受、融入或影响流行文化方面能力较弱。

The whole underlying psychology of this orientation spectrum is how much one values social rank, status, society, and what society deems valuable. Now if you have a more Ascetic orientation then you may cringe at the notion of society (the unwashed masses) having good judgement on what has value. But the idea of the wisdom of crowds has a lot of compelling evidence behind it (the book The Wisdom of Crowds is a good overview). If you compare the dart accuracy of one random person selected at average versus the average of a group of people, the latter will always be more accurate. The larger the group of people shooting you average, the more accurate. This phenomena only breaks down on things that are too complex for most people to grasp, hence why advanced intellectuals tend to be Ascetics more often. While any one individual may possibly exceed society's collective wisdom on one topic, most of the time the collective, averaged intelligence of the group exceeds that of any one individual on most topics. The MOTIVES personality model is basically a refinement of the Big 5 academic personality model which was developed when researchers averaged the data on people's self ratings on a large pool of descriptive adjectives, finding five discrete personality traits. Although, ironically, some of the flaws of the Big 5 involve superficial errors in the collective understanding of personality (such as the problems with Extroversion/Introversion).
这种定位光谱的整个心理基础在于一个人对社会地位、等级、社会以及社会认为有价值的事物的重视程度。如果你更倾向于禁欲主义,那么你可能会对社会(未洗礼的大众)对价值的判断感到反感。然而,“群体智慧”这一概念背后有着大量令人信服的证据(《群体的智慧》一书对此有很好的概述)。比较一个随机选出的普通人与一群人的平均投掷飞镖准确度,后者总是更准确。投掷飞镖的人群规模越大,准确度越高。这种现象仅在大多数人难以理解的过于复杂的事物上失效,这也是为什么高级知识分子往往更倾向于禁欲主义。尽管任何个体在某一话题上可能超越社会的集体智慧,但在大多数情况下,群体的平均智慧在多数话题上超越了任何个体。 MOTIVES 人格模型基本上是对学术界广泛认可的五大人格模型的一种改进。该模型是在研究人员将大量描述性形容词上人们的自我评分数据进行平均后,发现了五个独立的人格特质。然而,具有讽刺意味的是,五大人格模型的一些缺陷涉及对人格的集体理解上的表面错误(例如外向/内向的问题)。

Ascetics, more free of social preoccupations, can be better able to focus more on whatever their internal interests might be but their social isolation can impair their cognitive capacity, greatly limiting the universe of ideas they are exposed to (in the same way one computer is less powerful than a network of computers). Also, since they are less connected to others and/or less able to connect to others, attract others, their ideas/work may never reach others / the world. This is why an Ascetic and a Materialist pair can work very well together, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs being a good example.

The dangers of an overly Ascetic existence is the rejection of the material nature of existence and the value of others, society, civilization. Physical attractiveness, physical symmetry does correlate to health to a fair degree, lack of social standing/awareness can endanger one's life, and on many topics society knows more than most individuals, so to shun, not attend to the external compromises your ability to be physically happy, healthy, not to mention harms the quality of society you are choosing to avoid, not contribute to. Having a partner/mate and good friends are a proven variable in being healthy, living longer, according to research studies. There are dangers to the Materialistic orientation too. Sacrificing (failing to develop) an internal identity as a result of focusing too much on external attractiveness/image/popularity, infidelity as the prioritization of the physical best and/or who values you most causes you to sabotage/stray from perfectly workable relationships you already have, having more kids than you or the planet can happily sustain (or even unhappily sustain), the aforementioned growing wealth inequality problem caused by unconsciously or consciously trying to maximize mating attractiveness in oneself or one's descendants. The less healthy Materialist is also more prone to substituting drugs, alcohol, food, shopping, gambling, and/or other external stimulation addictions as a substitute for the dopamine rush of external social validation. Coupled with the Depressive orientation, Materialists can be very controlling and manipulative of whatever the source of their external validation is, as they depend on this. Of course some unhealthy Materialists can be so charming, ideal seeming at first that it's hard to believe how ugly they actually are deep down, but in these cases their charm is merely a lure, their camouflage not the authentic (albeit sometimes generic) beauty you find in healthy Materialists.
过度禁欲生活的危险在于拒绝存在的物质本质和他人的价值、社会与文明。身体吸引力、身体对称性在相当程度上与健康相关,缺乏社会地位/意识可能危及生命,而在许多问题上,社会比大多数个体更了解。因此,排斥、不关注外界会削弱你获得身体幸福和健康的能力,更不用说损害了你选择回避、不贡献的社会质量。根据研究,拥有伴侣/配偶和好友是健康长寿的已证实因素。物质主义取向也存在风险。 由于过分关注外在吸引力/形象/人气,牺牲(未能发展)内在身份认同,将不忠视为优先考虑身体最佳和/或最重视你的人,导致你破坏/偏离已经可行的关系;生育超出你或地球能快乐维持(甚至不快乐维持)的孩子数量;上述因无意识或有意识地试图最大化自身或后代交配吸引力而加剧的财富不平等问题。较不健康的物质主义者也更倾向于用药物、酒精、食物、购物、赌博及其他外在刺激成瘾来替代社交认可带来的多巴胺冲动。结合抑郁倾向,物质主义者可能对其外部认可来源极为控制和操纵,因为他们依赖于此。 当然,有些不健康的唯物主义者可能初看之下极具魅力,理想化得令人难以置信,但深入了解后会发现他们内心的丑陋。在这些情况下,他们的魅力不过是一种诱饵,他们的伪装并非健康唯物主义者所拥有的那种真实(尽管有时显得普遍)之美。

Offbeat vs Conventional (New Ways vs. Old Ways)

Evolution / change seems to be the norm in human existence. There are certainly periods of cultural collapse which result in a more primitive existence than before but overall most newer cultural/intellectual/technological peaks exceed previous ones. The chase of the new, innovation, invention, is the driving force of human evolution. The Offbeat mindset seeks to live on the vanguard of existence, to step into the unknown. There are dangers to this approach, astronauts die, inventors explode themselves in their labs, revolutionaries are killed, athletes die from over-training, but there are clearly also rewards. What is the point of living a life that has already been lived before is the ethos of the Offbeat individual, to sacrifice who you were, are, to become something new, different.

The Conventional on the other hand is more likely to fear change and sometimes even desires an older more simple existence. The Amish are an example of a culture of Conventionals. Orthodox versions of any religious or cultural group are another example. The Flat Earth society is a humorous extreme. Someone who celebrates Christmas or any other cultural holiday is a more mainstream example of this mindset. Some conventions have their place and you can't constantly reinvent better ways to do things at every moment but erring on the side of the conventional is inherently stagnant, if not regressive. There is so much that hasn't been figured out, perfected, etc. that to be too conventional is to be against improvement, progress, a better life and a better world. There is nothing admirable in that and that is why no one typically admires the conventional.

So, this spectrum is about knowledge selection and discovery, experimental vs. conventional living. I think the ideal on this spectrum is to be as unconventional as you can be without risking your physical existence. I think it's really cool to watch someone do some physical stunt that no one has ever been able to do before but if they end up dying do it, it's doesn't seem as worthwhile. Maybe Marie Curie would have had an even more enjoyable and productive life had she been a little more cautious around the radium that eventually killed her. Realistically, she had no way of knowing with certainty the fatal risks of radiation based on what was known at the time, which is a danger of living more in the unknown.

Thinking vs. Haphazard (Planned vs. Unplanned)

The Thinker's prime motivation is to have a planned out, orderly life, to know where they are headed. Essentially, they desire predictability, security, certainty, order. It is not enough to understand that something feels good or that something works, the Thinker needs a more rational understanding so they can achieve reliable results in life. This mentality (coupled with an Offbeat orientation) is the foundation of science and has resulted in a much greater understanding of the world, and a vast number of improvements to the world. The only problem with this orientation is getting too stuck in a particular plan, not being open to updating, changing one's life plan based on poor results and/or new information. There is so much yet that we do not know and new information can change what we know as true. A Thinker can be hindered by their need for total certainty, order in what will likely always be a somewhat uncertain, disordered world, their need to understand things that remain indecipherable. A problem with Thinkers is analysis paralysis or simply over-analysis delays where the Thinker spends more time on a decision than the import of the decision merits or the information available on that decision justifies.
思考者的首要动机是规划有序的生活,明确自己的方向。本质上,他们渴望可预测性、安全性、确定性和秩序。仅仅知道某事感觉良好或有效是不够的,思考者需要更理性的理解,以便在生活中获得可靠的结果。这种心态(加上非主流的取向)是科学的基石,极大地加深了我们对世界的理解,并为世界带来了无数的改进。这种取向的唯一问题是过于固守某一计划,不愿根据不佳的结果或新信息更新和改变生活规划。我们未知的事物还有很多,新信息可以改变我们所认为的真理。思考者可能会因其对完全确定性和秩序的需求而受阻,在可能永远有些不确定和混乱的世界中,他们试图理解那些难以解开的谜团。 思考者面临的一个问题是分析瘫痪,或者说是过度分析导致的拖延,这种情况下,思考者在一个决策上花费的时间超过了决策本身的重要性或现有信息所能证明的合理性。

The Haphazard shuns or finds it difficult to be structured and orderly, to make and follow long term plans. Consequently, they tend to live a more unplanned, meandering life, relying more on chance. This makes them less stiff, less rigid than thinkers can be (at their worst). But it also makes them basically stuck in the mental development of a child. This is normal when you are a child and your brain is still developing, but a resistance, failure to plan, develop that ability/skill, becomes disabling as an adult. Like children, Haphazards are a bit lost, undifferentiated. They have a more amorphous identity as a result of their aversion or inability to focus, organize. They may prefer environments, situation that allow them to continue living as a child developmentally. They are more likely to be artistic but to the degree they don't plan, substantive artistic achievement is less likely.

This personality spectrum relates to the executive function located in the frontal lobes, the newest part of the human brain. I think like with the Offbeat trait the ideal is to be as Thinking as possible short of being too narrow minded, over-planned.

Interpersonal vs. Withholding (Othercentric vs. Selfcentric)

It is surprising the number of people, who identify as selfless/considerate with people close to them and selfish/inconsiderate with strangers, that consider themselves nice or consider themselves perfectly normal, ideal even. The latter type of people are not Interpersonal types. Interpersonal types care more about others than themselves and would rather hurt them-self than hurt another person. They don't help others to get something back, they help others because they are more wired to the needs/feelings/happiness of others than their own. They feel the hunger, pain, happiness in someone else more than in themself. A lot of good can come out of this orientation. It is the basis for a lot of the charitable and humanitarian causes which make the world a more hospitable place. However, there is also a negative to this orientation. A society of selfless people can be prime fuel for selfish people to take advantage of. Furthermore, you can unwisely avoid developing your own life by being overly devoted to the lives of others. If other people's lives are so worthy of attention, why isn't yours as well?

Withholding types are less common than Interpersonal types (at least in terms of self reports). If Withholding types are not hiding who they are (which they can certainly do) they kind of stand out since they are so much more disagreeable/unaccommodating/selfish than most people. Withholding types like to claim everyone is selfish as they can't imagine anyone not having their selfish orientation (and also use this fake claim as way to excuse their selfishness/inconsideration). An extreme Withholding preference is one aspect of all sociopaths of the world. They lack empathy towards others, which means they are ignorant or inconsiderate of the pain of others. One convicted serial killer murdered his first victim after a one night stand. His motivation was that he thought his victim looked so peaceful and pretty and he didn't want him to leave his bed, so he calmly strangled him to keep him there (interestingly, he, Jeffrey Dahmer, grew up with parents who had no regard for him as well, who basically abandoned him). A more common Withholding type is simply just looking out for their own interests a little more than other people's (sort of like the ideal of modern American capitalism). If you add a Materialistic and Depressive orientation you get fictional characters like Ebenezer Scrooge or Mr. Potter from It's A Wonderful Life.
在自我报告方面,内敛型人格相较于人际型人格较为少见。如果内敛型人格没有隐藏自己的本性(他们确实能做到这一点),他们往往会显得格外突出,因为他们比大多数人更难以相处、不妥协且自私。内敛型人格倾向于声称每个人都是自私的,因为他们无法想象有人不具备自私的倾向(同时,他们也利用这种虚假的指控来为自己的自私和不顾他人辩解)。极端的内敛倾向是世界所有反社会人格的一个方面。他们缺乏对他人的同理心,意味着他们对别人的痛苦视而不见或漠不关心。一名被定罪的连环杀手在发生一夜情后杀害了他的第一个受害者。他的动机是认为受害者看起来非常平静和美丽,他不希望受害者离开他的床,因此他冷静地将其勒死,以使其留在那里(有趣的是,凶手杰弗里·达默尔成长于一个对他漠不关心的家庭,父母基本上抛弃了他)。更常见的内敛型人格则只是比其他人更关注自己的利益(有点类似于现代美国资本主义的理想状态)。 如果你加入物质主义和抑郁的倾向,你会得到像《圣诞颂歌》中的埃比尼泽·斯克鲁奇或《美好人生》中的波特先生这样的虚构角色。

Intelligence seems to be a limiting factor in people's capacity to want to help others, I think if people were more aware (for example of how everyone is connected, however remotely) they would be more altruistic. But most are not, and most people that are very nice even to strangers typically would still probably save a loved one over a stranger from a sinking boat, even if the stranger had more to offer the world (of course a Withholding type would save them-self over a loved one). This results in the kind of culture of selfishness and enabling selflessness (conscious or unconscious) that idly stands by while a majority of the world lives a far less humane life than most in the west (for now), even though in the long run that can hurt everyone as it destabilizes civilization.

The substance of this personality spectrum is about valuing others, empathy. I think the ideal is to be as Interpersonal as possible without hurting yourself and/or the world. If helping others hurts you (or doesn't even really help others in the case of enabling behavior), the world as a whole doesn't benefit. The wise approach is to look out for your interests and the interests of the world (as you can't survive without a world to live in).

Social scientists interested in game theory have found that a strategy where you always cooperate with others at first and only defect from others if they betray and never apologize is the best socially sustainable strategy Tit for Tat research). You can take consideration too far if you continue to be accommodating to a significant other, family member, offspring or even stranger who doesn't act accommodating to you or others (the principle of reciprocity) as that engenders/reinforces selfish behavior, an entitlement complex, which lowers the quality of the social ecosystem hurting you and everyone else. The healthy version of this behavior is about doing things that actually help others not simply doing whatever others want. Our happiness is more contingent on the health of society than individual health as the healthiest individual would not fair as well in an apocalyptic wasteland. Thus it is essential for the healthiest people to invest in helping others to make for a better society, world and not to live opportunistic selfish lives which is becoming all too common today.

Vital vs Depressed (Optimism/Happiness vs. Pessimism/Apathy)
活力与消沉(乐观/快乐 vs. 悲观/冷漠)

This is one of the most important drives of the MOTIVES system, the desire to be alive. None of us chose to be born so it understandably makes sense that not everyone is fully on board with being alive. If you have ever been happy, grateful to be alive, even for a moment, then you know what it feels like for people that have a high Vital orientation, except for them, they are like that most of the time. There was an interesting article recently about a small percentage of the population that doesn't need much sleep.
这是 MOTIVES 系统最重要的驱动力之一:渴望生存。我们无人选择出生,因此不难理解,并非每个人都全心全意地接受生命。如果你曾有过哪怕片刻的快乐或对生命的感激,那么你就能体会到那些生命力旺盛者常有的感受,对他们而言,这种状态是常态。最近有篇有趣的文章提到,一小部分人不需要太多睡眠。

Dr. Jones says he has identified only about 20 true short sleepers, and he says they share some fascinating characteristics. Not only are their circadian rhythms different from most people, so are their moods (very upbeat) and their metabolism (they're thinner than average, even though sleep deprivation usually raises the risk of obesity). They also seem to have a high tolerance for physical pain and psychological setbacks.
琼斯博士表示,他只识别出大约 20 名真正的短睡眠者,并指出他们具有一些引人入胜的共同特征。他们的昼夜节律不仅与大多数人不同,情绪(非常积极)和代谢(他们比平均水平更瘦,尽管睡眠不足通常会增加肥胖风险)也是如此。他们似乎还对生理疼痛和心理挫折有很高的耐受力。

"They encounter obstacles, they just pick themselves up and try again," Dr. Jones says.

Some short sleepers say their sleep patterns go back to childhood and some see the same patterns starting in their own kids, such as giving up naps by age 2. As adults, they gravitate to different fields, but whatever they do, they do full bore, Dr. Jones says.
一些短睡眠者表示,他们的睡眠模式可以追溯到童年,有些人甚至在他们的孩子身上看到了类似的模式,比如 2 岁前就放弃了午睡。成年后,他们倾向于不同的领域,但无论从事什么,他们都全力以赴,琼斯博士说。

"Typically, at the end of a long, structured phone interview, they will admit that they've been texting and surfing the Internet and doing the crossword puzzle at the same time, all on less than six hours of sleep," says Dr. Jones. "There is some sort of psychological and physiological energy to them that we don't understand." (source)

Vital types self report as liking who they are, enjoying life, being optimistic, having a strong will to live, and being self motivated. Whereas Materialistic types report wanting to be liked the most, Vital types actually report being liked the most.

Depressed types on the other hand hate who they are while also reporting that they don't even know who they are. They lack motivation, feel they have no control over life, think most people are better than them, feel unable to change their circumstances, feel broken, don't like most people, feel that being optimistic leads to disappointment, are self destructive, and have a defeatist outlook on life.

Two of most interesting and highest factor scoring differences between Vital and Depressed types are the following items.

At a certain point in my life my parents distanced themselves from me (and they remain distant).

At a certain point in my life I distanced myself from my parents (and I remain distant).

Since no one chooses to be born, it makes sense that one's parents, one's maker / original propeller, appear to have a profound effect on a person's outlook on life, their will to live (both environmentally and genetically). Being distant is also a personality trait on it's own that's correlated with being Depressive and has a genetic component (source). Another significant item which correlated with being Depressed is "I cannot explain why my parents are they way they are (or were the way they are)." It seems growing up with parents that don't know who they are results in kids who don't know who they are, and as a result, Depression because having no sense of identity is basically a depression of the self. Regardless, unhealthy attachment issues (whether genetic or environmentally caused) appear to be a preeminent feature in whether a person has a Vital or Depressive orientation. Not all unhealthy attachment issues are about parental rejection or genetics, excessive coddling and/or closeness (over-parenting) can also result in a helpless disposition that defines the Depressive personality (as discussed in this article).

If you are someone who thinks they had/have healthy attachments BUT romantic relationship breakups are very difficult for you, break your will, then you need to reexamine your attachment history/reality because an authentic Vital type weathers romantic rejections very well, a Depressive does not. If the loss of a relationship ruins your will to live, you didn't have much of a will to live to begin with.

Serious trauma can also disrupt/injure/break someone's will to live. If something happens to you, like in war, that upsets your entire world view, that can stop the momentum of a person with even a fairly ideal background whose previous motivation was built on a lot of emotional and intellectual influences that have now been overshadowed by the greater impact of their trauma.

Certain behaviors, foremost of them developing/maintaining physical fitness, are essential to maintaining a Vital disposition to life (exercise is one of the few actionable behaviors I've found which correlates to the Vital disposition, which suggests you can improve your Vitality with regular exercise). But if you, in your head (consciously or unconsciously), don't want to be alive, lack a will to live, nothing else really matters. For example, if you are a great driver, as far as capability, but don't voluntarily choose to turn the steering wheel when you need to on a steep mountain road, you will plummet to your death. On a less dramatic level, someone who has less internal will to live won't do, consistently, all the things necessary to maintain a healthy functional life. That's basically what the Depressive personality is for a lot of people, a slow prolonged unpleasant death (often with collateral damage).

Depressives are the people that inspire zombie movies, droning through life, sometimes hungry for life in others and therefore potentially destructive of others, but lacking sufficient authentic life drive inside. Depressives who are also Materialistic and Withholding are the villainous despots of history, Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot. They selfishly act out their self destructive death wishes on the whole world. To kill another person (or yourself) is a very easy thing to do if you simply don't value life.

I recently discovered that Depressives self report as being really hard on themselves which is ironic because they also self report as not really putting any effort into things. It would seem that what energy they have is devoted to self nullifying thinking patterns. This makes it particularly important to not be negative with Depressives as they are already too negative, and if you are a Depressive to stop being chronically negative and start putting your energy in actionable behaviors that improve Vitality like exercise and pursuing interests you care about, forming and following plans, and helping others, the world, leaving no mental energy left to be negative, self flagellating.

The historical antecedent to this personality spectrum is Freud's Death instinct. Freud came up with the Death instinct in an attempt to try to explain why trauma victims/survivors (many as a result of WW1) became fixated on self-destructive patterns, specifically they tended to repeat/re-enact their traumatic experiences (unknowingly). He found it connected to another phenomena he noticed in other patients which was a need to repeat past trauma (unhealthy experience) as a contemporary experience instead or remembering that it had actually occurred in the past. I think this repeating of patterns is a function of unhealthy neuropathways that exist due to genetics or unfortunate environment that Depressives by habit adhere to like hikers adhere to a park trail. The solution is to change the pathways/habits and improve energy via exercise so as to embark on, forge, stick to new healthier and more constructive pathways/habits.

Many Depressives are stuck / fixated on unhealthy attachment issues and/or trauma issues (consciously or unconsciously). They don't like most people because all they care about is their destructive course (which often involves re-enacting poor parental relationships), everyone/thing else is invisible / meaningless to them. This is why Depressives can be very inconsiderate (and often not intentionally). Depressives score highly (compared to the average) on wanting to be carried through life which again suggests a need for a replacement parent and/or a broken will. Materialistic Withholding Depressives like Stalin and Hitler managed to coax an entire nation to carry them (although even that wasn't enough, they wanted the whole world to carry them). Some Depressives though, as a result of their genetics, simply are born with a fragile will to live and might not have a particular trauma history. Again, genetics are not destiny, so a Depressive can choose to change their innate behavioral pattern if they want to (realistically, it will just be more difficult for them, and thus, less likely).

Depressives tend to over focus on one or more of the other MOTIVES drives with the notion that if only they are more of something, then they could be happy INSTEAD of focusing on actually living, being more alive.

Materialistic Depressive - focus excessively on being attractive/wealthy/perfect, tends towards narcissism, histrionicism

Offbeat Depressive - focus excessively on unhealthy experiments, paths, tends towards schizotypal behavior

Thinking Depressive - focus excessively on unhealthy plans/routines/systems, tends towards obsessive compulsive behavior

Interpersonal Depressive - focus excessively on serving unhealthy people or serving people in unhealthy ways

Easygoing Depressive - focused excessively on taking it too easy, perma-leisure-mode, i.e. slacker life

Sectarian Depressive - focused excessively on their tribe/nation/culture/race and dislike / hatred of out groups (other cultures, races, etc), i.e. xenophobia

These misperceptions of what will make them happy fuel their repetition of the same dysfunctional patterns. The Depressive thinks they can only be happy if they get that thing that was always missing or became broken and/or replace what their parents can't provide for them anymore (but that they still are dependent on), i.e. a surrogate will to live. Still other Depressives are just resigned to the idea that nothing will ever make them happy, they will never have a sustainable will/reason to live.

The notion of self medication, I think, is all about using external means as a substitute for your own lack of internal motivation, will power. Alcohol (liquid courage) can be a normal occasional fun part of life if you are not a Depressive. But if you are one, then you may not be able to get by without it. Anti-depressants prescribed in unprecedented numbers are nothing more than chemical exercise/motivation (i.e. a means to raise heart rate - source). An individual responded to their test results recently with the following:

Low Vitality score: Little doubt that reflects the fact that I have been diagnosed with depression. I am, however, medicated which ought to have overcome that outcome. Interesting.

As if the solution to happiness is passively ordering it on a menu at the pharmacy. I do think if you are unwilling to exercise, that anti-depressants may be better than the alternative, nothing, which will inevitably lead to more physical/mental deterioration. However, maybe more deterioration would prompt/force the individual to make changes to their behavior and all psychotropic medication does it trap the individual into not getting worse, but not getting better. Further, there's a lot written about serious withdrawal symptoms of anti-depressants which keep patients on them for no other reason than to avoid withdrawal (source). In any case, anything external that you rely on, on a regular basis, that if removed would make you less functional, less motivated, less alive, is an indication of your own fundamental lack of self propulsion. Thus external solutions even when they provide some organic benefit can serve to further weaken a Depressive's already weak internal will to live.

The best solution for the Depressive is to become aware of their unhealthy attachment issues, mindset, and/or trauma history and to give up on the need for an idealized parent/savior/love-interest/external-source-for-motivation, to look to them-self for support/healing. Only then can they begin actively living as a more independent self motivated Vital type (exercising regularly, pursuing a career / authentic interests, etc.) and no longer as a more dependent depressive unhealthy child or victim longing for something that won't sustainably fix their problem, which is that they lack the internal will to live. Only then can they actually have a chance at healthy friendships, romantic relationships, career, life.

Another item that divides Vitals and Depressives strongly is the notion that happiness is something one has control over. Depressives refuse to accept it because they consciously or unconsciously want to be saved by someone/something other than them-self or alternately they think there simply is no hope (which frees them of the responsibility of putting effort into life, i.e. active living). To admit that happiness is something you can have control over undermines their entire emotionally immature psychology, their genetic or learned helplessness. The internal will to live is something that needs to be internally worked for, developed, figured out, as no one is entirely born with it. If the Depressive is otherwise physically healthy, the transition to the Vital orientation won't be so hard. If the Depressive has poor physical health, it will be a longer transition to fix the years of physical neglect, poor habits, but if they move beyond the past unhealthy attachment / dependency issues / trauma fixation there is no reason they can't rebuild themselves in time.

Life is not fair at the start. We are not all created equal. A lot of Vital types merely had/have the fortune of good genes and/or parents which gave them a lot of healthy life momentum/modeling/skills. They may or may not sustain that momentum/modeling/skills, but their lack of unhealthy attachment issues and/or trauma makes it less likely for them to fall into self destructiveness, the grips of the death instinct. Anyone who is Depressive likely had parents who had their own share of problems with likely their own set of Depressive parents and/or trauma, so often there is really no one to blame. Even if there was, it doesn't solve the problem that the Depressive fundamentally lacks sufficient internal will to live. No amount of trauma (short of their own death), can keep someone with sufficient internal will to live permanently down, they will keep picking them-self up no matter what. Ultimately, for the Depressive every problem that occurs in life is a chance for them to choose to keep giving up, being helpless, acting dead, for Vital types it is simply a chance to choose to overcome another hurdle, to be resilient, to act/be alive. (Viktor Frankl's Man's Search for Meaning, written on scraps of paper in a Nazi concentration camp, is a good read on the topic of the will to live.)
生命之初并不公平,我们并非生而平等。许多生命力旺盛的人,只是幸运地拥有优良基因和/或父母,为他们提供了健康生活的动力、榜样和技能。他们或许能维持这种动力、榜样和技能,但缺乏不健康的依恋问题和/或创伤,使他们不太可能陷入自我毁灭,被死亡本能所控制。而抑郁者往往拥有同样面临问题的父母,这些父母可能也有抑郁的父母和/或创伤,因此,很多时候真的无法归咎于某人。即便可以归咎,也无法解决抑郁者内心缺乏足够生存意志的问题。除非自身死亡,否则任何创伤都无法永久击垮一个拥有足够生存意志的人,他们总会不断振作起来。最终,对于抑郁者而言,生活中的每个问题都是选择放弃、无助、装死的契机;而对于生命力旺盛的人,这只是选择克服又一个障碍、展现韧性、活出真我的机会。 (维克多·弗兰克尔的《活出生命的意义》,在纳粹集中营里写在碎纸片上,是关于生存意志主题的一本好书。)

Easygoing vs. Rigid (Calm vs High Strung)

The Easygoing trait is linked to people’s drive to maintain calm, to avoid discord. The Keep Calm and Carry on meme phenomenon was likely because it exemplified this core human drive and thus resonated with lots of people. The Dude from the Big Lebowski is an iconic personification of this trait. People who have 'no chill', the Rigid personality type, are on the other end of this spectrum. The Easygoing trait has far less behaviors associated with it than the other MOTIVES which makes sense since this trait is all about turning things down cognitively and entering, remaining in a more parasympathetic restful state.

This trait has to do with one's capacity and preference in regards to relaxation. Some people are really good at relaxing, really enjoy it, and some people (Rigid types) are horrible at it, don't see the point. While you can certainly over relax, relaxation is an essential part of being a healthy human being as it enables the body to repair itself and it's important to learn to relax as much as you need to (but no more). Rigid types that don't know how to relax are more likely to experience stress related health consequences. Depressive Easygoing types self report spending a lot of time laying around when awake, suggesting you can relax too much. Similarly, Depressive Rigid types self report as never taking it easy.

Sectarian vs. Globalist (Nationalistic/Tribalist vs Cosmopolitan)

This trait has to do with whether you prioritize the welfare of your people/kind/culture or whether you value the welfare of everyone on the planet. In primitive times when humans lived in disconnected tribes it made evolutionary sense to put your tribe above of outsiders. But now as humans live more interconnected with everyone on the planet, and there are far more of us, the benefits and consequences of not working together are more serious. Sectarians tend to be politically or economically conservative, concerned with keeping their country/nation how it is or returning it to how it used to be. They are attracted to strong leaders, tend to prefer authoritarian style government to democracy. They don't believe everyone should have an equal vote likely due to the fact that they don't think people are very equal. They tend to be xenophobic and worry about immigration changing the nature of their country/culture.

Sectarians tend to be practical and weary of anything too complex. They tend to think intellectuals are dangerous. They think their country/culture is best and other countries and cultures are problematic. They favor a world where men (not men and women) run things, i.e. male hegemony. They tend to be very hierarchical and believe those at the top of the hierarchy should not only have special rights, but that they shouldn't have to abide by the same rules/laws the people lower in the hierarchy should. They have a soldier at war mindset making them overly loyal to their leadership and their people and overly weary of outsiders, basically a bias towards the similar and against the disimilar.

Globalists favor a multi-cultural society and tend to be politically liberal. They prefer living in diverse environments, cities. They are skeptical of capitalism, anti-war, and believe women should play a more equal role in society. They are very sympathetic to minorities, the disabled... or anyone that's experienced misfortune especially as a result of systematic oppression. They are more tolerant of others and more likely to endorse the importance of art and philosophy. They favor finding peaceful solutions to international disagreements versus resorting to war and think that coexisting with people of different ideologies is a normal way to live.

Like many MOTIVES traits, a middle preference may be more realistic for many in a world where internationalism is still relatively new as far as human organization and there probably isn't yet enough agreement on core values to sufficiently get along in harmony. In kind, a low preference on this trait seems unrealistic for the aforementioned reasons, and a high preference seems problematic too as that was the norm when the world was stuck in international warfare for half a century and of course the obvious genocidal tendencies that stem from nationalism/ethnocentrism.

Concluding Thoughts  结语

While none of the MOTIVES types individually correlate with Vitality (i.e. scoring highly in Materialistic, Offbeat, Thinking, Interpersonal, Easygoing, or Sectarian, does not indicate whether you will score highly on Vitality, on average), there are enough high scoring Materialistic, Offbeat, Thinking, Interpersonal, Easygoing and Sectarian items I have run across that are associated with Vitality that it would appear developing any or all of those traits can make one healthier (for example the item "I am very popular in mainstream society" correlates with Materialistic and Vitality). On the other hand I've found very few to no low scoring Materialistic, Offbeat, Thinking, Interpersonal, Easygoing or Sectarian items associated with high Vitality, suggesting that an Ascetic, Conventional, Haphazard, Withholding, Rigid, or Globalistic personality orientation tends to be detrimental to one's Vitality and thus maybe should be changed, not reinforced. However, when you group people by personality preference subtypes only Offbeat and Thinking groups show a higher average Vitality score. On most other MOTIVES traits groups scoring in the middle of the each spectrum have higher Vitality (despite the fact that when you look at the average of all individual scores, all six traits are orthogonal to Vitality).
尽管单独的 MOTIVES 类型与活力没有直接关联(即在物质主义、非主流、思考、人际、随和或宗派主义上得分高,并不意味着你在活力上平均得分也高),但我遇到过足够多的在物质主义、非主流、思考、人际、随和和宗派主义上得分高且与活力相关的项目,这表明培养这些特质中的任何一个或全部都能使人更健康(例如,“我在主流社会中非常受欢迎”这一项与物质主义和活力相关)。另一方面,我发现很少有或几乎没有在物质主义、非主流、思考、人际、随和或宗派主义上得分低且与高活力相关的项目,这表明禁欲主义、传统主义、随意性、保留性、刻板或全球主义的人格倾向往往对个人的活力有害,因此可能需要改变而非强化。然而,当根据人格偏好子类型对人群进行分组时,只有非主流和思考群体显示出更高的平均活力得分。 在大多数其他 MOTIVES 特质群体中,处于每个特质谱中间的群体拥有更高的活力(尽管当你查看所有个体得分的平均值时,所有六个特质都与活力正交)。

Therefore, I speculate that emulating / modeling / reinforcing Offbeat and Thinking traits more often and moderating Materialistic, Interpersonal, Easygoing, Sectarian traits may improve one's chances of happiness.

Vitality is an essential check against exploring doomed paths/plans (if a new idea/plan does not further one's health/happiness/prosperity/life-enthusiam in the long term, it should be abandoned and something new should be tried), maximizing Offbeatness is a check against progressing too slowly, maximizing Planning is a check against disorder, being semi-Interpersonal is a check against being too selfless or too unhelpful. Being semi-Materialistic you avoid being too out of touch, unattractive to the world or too fake, inauthentic, pandering.

Below is a list of personality items which correlate with the XOTXVXX personality orientation (many of which are actualizable)...
以下是一系列与 XOTXVXX 人格取向相关的人格特质(其中许多是可以实现的)...

I exercise every day.

I am driven by my life path.

I am driven by my life interests.

I am preoccupied with challenging myself.

I refuse to let the fear of failure inhibit my trying.

My life's work makes me happy.

I am making great progress on my life plan.

I accomplish a lot of work.

I am self disciplined and intrinsically motivated.

I have a life purpose.

I tend to select the life path that offers the most learning opportunity.

I develop life plans.

I do everything I can to better myself.

I am determined.

I'm constantly evolving.

I am very focused.

I am very goal oriented.

There is nothing better in life than making a new discovery.

It is more fun to tackle a complicated problem than to solve a simple one.

More than anything I just want to be who I am.

There is really no such thing as a problem that can't be solved.

I am open to new things.

I know exactly what my long term goals are.

I know how to keep myself healthy.

I have a strong desire to pursue whatever benefit my life interests.

I walk a lot.

I am independent.

Exercise is everything.

The best solution to unhappiness is exercise.

I pursue my interests with everything I have.

Every day I work harder on myself than anything else.


MOTIVES drive descriptions can be found here - http://similarminds.com/motiv/materialist.html
动机驱动描述可以在此找到 - http://similarminds.com/motiv/materialist.html

MOTIVES personality tests

normal version - http://similarminds.com/motiv.html
标准版 - http://similarminds.com/motiv.html

hybrid version - http://similarminds.com/motiv1.html
混合版 - http://similarminds.com/motiv1.html

In any case, understanding the system and determining your own current type introspectively and/or with those that know you well may be more accurate than any test can be.

Reading List 阅读清单

Here are some books which relate, elaborate on the six MOTIVES traits. While I don't agree with everything in these books, they give a more robust overview of what each MOTIVES trait is all about.
以下是一些与六种 MOTIVES 特质相关的书籍,它们详细阐述了这些特质。虽然我并不完全认同这些书中的所有观点,但它们提供了对每种 MOTIVES 特质更为全面的概述。

Materialistic - Survival of the Prettiest, The Wisdom of Crowds
物质主义 - 《生存之美:最美丽者生存》、《群体智慧》

Offbeat - The Roadless Traveled
另类 - 《少有人走的路》

Thinking - The Power of Habit
思考 - 《习惯的力量》

Interpersonal - Altruism: The Power of Compassion to Change Yourself and the World

Vital - Man's Search for Meaning, The Power of Positive Thinking, Spark ? The Revolutionary Science of Exercise and the Brain

Easygoing - Relaxation Revolution: The Science and Genetics of Mind Body Healing

Comprehensive Google doc on the MOTIVES personality system.
关于 MOTIVES 人格系统的全面谷歌文档

MOTIVES items with full type notation and factor scores (xxtxves 230 169 520 190 means the Thinking trait had a factor score of 230, Vitality had a factor score of 169, Easygoing had a factor score of 520, and Sectarian had a factor score of 190, each x means that the factor score was below 150 for that respective MOTIVES trait, i.e. not significant)
MOTIVES 项目,包含完整类型标记及因子得分(例如 230 169 520 190 表示思考特质因子得分为 230,活力因子得分为 169,随和因子得分为 520,宗派主义因子得分为 190,每个 x 表示对应 MOTIVES 特质的因子得分低于 150,即不显著)

I often lecture my friends. moxxxxx 220 280
我经常给朋友们讲课。moxxxxx 220 280

You should always challenge others. moxxxx 310 390
你应该总是挑战他人。moxxxx 310 390

Someone not liking me does not affect my consideration of them. soxxxex 220 240 200
有人不喜欢我,这并不影响我对他们的看法。soxxxex 220 240 200

I lie a lot. moxwdxx 290 360 290 380
我经常撒谎。moxwdxx 290 360 290 380

I tend to think out loud. moxixxx 190 290 170
我倾向于大声思考。moxixxx 190 290 170

I enjoy time spent alone and find less reward in time spent with large groups of people. aotxdex 150 200 320 360 280
我喜欢独处的时间,与大群人相处时感受到的回报较少。aotxdex 150 200 320 360 280

I live life as it is rather than trying to change the world. xxxxxes 350 290
我顺其自然地生活,而不是试图改变世界。xxxxxes 350 290

I enjoy talking to strangers. moxivxx 270 320 230 440
我喜欢和陌生人交谈。moxivxx 270 320 230 440

I value cooperation over competition. xxtixex 170 460 290
我更看重合作而非竞争。xxtixex 170 460 290

I would describe my personality as reserved. xxtxdex 400 300 470
我会形容我的性格为内向。xxtxdex 400 300 470

I would describe my personality as restrained. xxtxdex 350 390 390 
我会形容我的性格为克制。xxtxdex 350 390 390

I have a good word for everyone. xxxivex 520 290 260
我对每个人都抱有好感。xxxivex 520 290 260

I am a vegetarian. xoxxxxg 220 170
我是素食主义者。xoxxxxg 220 170

I am sexually attracted to members of my gender. xoxxdxg 210 370 150
我对同性成员有性吸引。xoxxdxg 210 370 150

I will always have a passport. motxvxx 200 320 210 160
我将永远持有护照。motxvxx 200 320 210 160

I would never cheat on my taxes. xxtivxx 240 350 150
我绝不会在税务上作弊。xxtivxx 240 350 150

I think marijuana should be legal. xoxxdex 300 160 250 
我认为大麻应该合法化。xoxxdex 300 160 250

I want to make my country proud. xxtivxs 160 320 240 280
我想让我的国家感到骄傲。xxtivxs 160 320 240 280

I am a slave to curiousity. xoxxxex 490 210 
我被好奇心所奴役。xoxxxex 490 210

It is very important to be able to put words to feelings. moxixxx 270 170 400
能够用言语表达情感非常重要。moxixxx 270 170 400

I feel like I constantly have to prove my worth. moxidxx 340 160 260 340
我感觉自己似乎总得不断证明自己的价值。moxidxx 340 160 260 340

I will always have a smartwatch.  motxxxx 180 160 240
我总会拥有一块智能手表。  motxxxx 180 160 240

I will always have an automobile.  mxtivxs 210 250 150 240 190
我总会拥有一辆汽车。  mxtivxs 210 250 150 240 190

I exercise every day. motxvxx 180 230 250 290 
我每天都锻炼。 motxvxx 180 230 250 290

I tend to feel hostility towards people who are different. mxxxxxs 200 540
我往往对不同的人抱有敌意。 mxxxxxs 200 540

I tend to perceive people who are different as a threat. mxxxdxs 180 189 540
我倾向于将不同的人视为威胁。mxxxdxs 180 189 540

Might makes right. moxxxxs 230 240 360 
强权即公理。moxxxxs 230 240 360

I have a fitness wearable. motxvxs 200 200 200 220 190 
我有一个健身可穿戴设备。motxvxs 200 200 200 220 190

I will always have a fitness wearable. motxvxs 220 220 190 230 230
我将始终佩戴健身追踪器。motxvxs 220 220 190 230 230

I will always wear a watch. xxtxxxs 240 190
我将永远佩戴手表。xxtxxxs 240 190

I am always trying to figure out how I fit in this world. moxidxx 200 260 230 400
我总是在努力弄清楚自己如何适应这个世界。moxidxx 200 260 230 400

I am very aware that there are long term consequences to my daily choices. xotixex 240 380 260 180
我非常清楚我的日常选择会有长期后果。xotixex 240 380 260 180

Prayer should be required in school. xxxivxs 260 230 360
学校应该要求祈祷。xxxivxs 260 230 360

I will always have a cell phone. mxtixex 360 220 180 190
我将永远拥有一部手机。mxtixex 360 220 180 190

I have a smartwatch. mxtxxxx 170 190 
我有一块智能手表。mxtxxxx 170 190

There is nothing better in life than making a new discovery. xotxvex 530 210 150 190 
生活中没有什么比发现新事物更美好的了。xotxvex 530 210 150 190

If I can get away without paying the fare on a subway, bus, etc. I'll do it. moxwxex 210 260 150 180 
如果我能逃票乘坐地铁、公交等,我会这么做。moxwxex 210 260 150 180

I trust experts. mxtixex 280 240 260 210 
我相信专家。mxtixex 280 240 260 210

I'm more likely to prefer a doctor with eight years experience to one with four years experience. mxtxxxs 190 190 270
我更倾向于选择有八年经验的医生而非四年经验的医生。mxtxxxs 190 190 270

I behave in traditional ways. xctivxs 160 390 310 270
我遵循传统方式行事。xctivxs 160 390 310 270

The most important thing about a person is their taste. moxxxes 330 230 190 200
一个人最重要的就是他们的品味。moxxxes 330 230 190 200

The ends justify the means. moxxxxs 200 270 400
目的可以证明手段的正当性。moxxxxs 200 270 400

I operate more on instinct than planning. mohxxex 150 390 350 240 
我更多地依靠直觉而非计划行事。mohxxex 150 390 350 240

The strong must overcome the weak. moxxxxs 200 220 510
强者必须战胜弱者。moxxxxs 200 220 510

In the long run it is possible to get more done by tackling small, simple problems rather than large and complicated ones. xxtixes 200 210 210 160
从长远来看,解决小而简单的问题比处理大而复杂的问题更能取得更多成果。xxtixes 200 210 210 160

At my worst, I can be a bully. moxxdxs 200 230 250 250 
在我最糟糕的时候,我可能会变得霸道。moxxdxs 200 230 250 250

If you want to win, there is no room for mercy. moxwxxs 180 290 170 550
如果你想赢,就没有仁慈的余地。moxwxxs 180 290 170 550

I'm a big fan of studying people who have been successful. motivxs 300 340 230 170 150 160
我非常喜欢研究那些成功人士。motivxs 300 340 230 170 150 160

I like to get as much from others while giving as little as back as possible. moxwdxs 270 150 280 190 310
我喜欢尽可能从别人那里获取,而给予的却尽可能少。moxwdxs 270 150 280 190 310

Everything I do has a practical purpose. xotivxs 240 450 150 200 290
我所做的一切都有实际目的。xotivxs 240 450 150 200 290

If lots of people like something, I usually will too. mcxixxx 290 150 320 
如果很多人喜欢某样东西,我通常也会喜欢。mcxixxx 290 150 320

I seldom toot my own horn. xotixex 150 210 180 280
我很少自吹自擂。xotixex 150 210 180 280

I hate to seem pushy. xxxixex 410 380
我讨厌显得咄咄逼人。xxxixex 410 380

I like people being jealous of me. mxxwdxx 580 210 180
我喜欢别人对我嫉妒。mxxwdxx 580 210 180

I like to get as much reward from the world as possible while giving as little as possible back. mxxwdxs 350 360 220 200
我喜欢尽可能从世界获取回报,而回馈的却尽可能少。mxxwdxs 350 360 220 200

I would like people like me to be the majority in any community I reside in. mxxxxxs 310 280
我希望像我这样的人能在我所居住的社区中占多数。mxxxxxs 310 280

I am attracted to introversion. xotxdex 200 230 340 260
我被内向所吸引。xotxdex 200 230 340 260

I can be a bully. moxwdxs 320 160 240 180 230
我可能会欺负人。moxwdxs 320 160 240 180 230

Human activity is causing climate change. moxxdeg 160 360 190 170 170
人类活动正在导致气候变化。moxxdeg 160 360 190 170 170

People who insist upon a yes or no answer just don't know how complicated things really are. xoxides 250 150 210 190 160
坚持要得到肯定或否定答案的人,其实并不了解事情的复杂性。xoxides 250 150 210 190 160

Teachers and supervisors who hand out vague assignments give one a chance to show initiative and originality. xoxixxx 430 160
给出模糊任务的教师和主管,给了人们展示主动性和独创性的机会。xoxixxx 430 160

Emotions can't be allowed to interfere with what is right. xotxxes 260 210 170 160
情感不能干扰正确的事情。xotxxes 260 210 170 160

People look up to me. motivxx 210 340 260 210 380 
人们仰视我。motivxx 210 340 260 210 380

Often the most interesting and stimulating people are those who don't mind being different and original. xoxixex 540 170 270
往往最有趣、最激发灵感的人,是不介意与众不同、独树一帜的人。xoxixex 540 170 270

It is more fun to tackle a complicated problem than to solve a simple one. xotxvex 540 160 170
解决复杂问题比解决简单问题更有趣。xotxvex 540 160 170

People who fit their lives to a schedule probably miss most of the joy of living. xohxxes 350 350 210 240
按计划生活的人可能错过了生活的大部分乐趣。xohxxes 350 350 210 240

I believe that others have good intentions. xxxivex 450 380 220  
我相信别人都有好意。xxxivex 450 380 220

I hesitate to criticize other people's ideas. xxxixex 460 300
我不愿批评别人的想法。xxxixex 460 300

I just want everyone to be equal. xxxixeg 460 210 260
我只希望人人平等。xxxixeg 460 210 260

I phrase things diplomatically. xotixex 230 200 270 280
我措辞总是很委婉。xotixex 230 200 270 280

I hate seeing a signifigant other happy when I'm not the cause of that happiness. mxxxdxs 280 290 210 
看到自己的另一半快乐,而这份快乐并非由我带来,我会感到不快。mxxxdxs 280 290 210

I generally prefer to work through ideas by thinking about them first, before expressing them out loud.  xotxxex 180 410 350
我通常喜欢先思考想法,然后再大声表达出来。xotxxex 180 410 350

More than anything I just want to be who I am. xotxvex 410 200 180 320
我只想做真实的自己。xotxvex 410 200 180 320

I prefer to be with people who are quiet. aotxdex 150 180 320 300 280 
我更喜欢和安静的人在一起。aotxdex 150 180 320 300 280

I hold back my opinions. xxtidex 180 180 240 350 
我抑制自己的观点。xxtidex 180 180 240 350

An external negative comment about me has more effect on me than an internal negative thought.  mxxidxx 350 210 200 
外界的负面评论对我影响大于内心的负面想法。mxxidxx 350 210 200

What I internally think is desirable, matters more, than what most people think is desirable. xotxxes 440 200 200 180
我内心认为的渴望,比大多数人认为的渴望更重要。xotxxes 440 200 200 180

The more off/insecure I feel the more arrogant I become with others. moxxdxs 250 210 280 210  
我感到越不安/不安全,对他人就越傲慢。moxxdxs 250 210 280 210

Some causes are worth killing for. xoxxxxs 340 350 
有些事业值得为之献身。xoxxxxs 340 350

I am obedient. xxtixex 430 450 200 
我很顺从。xxtixex 430 450 200

I love order and regularity. xxtixxs 180 670 180 
我喜欢秩序和规律。xxtixxs 180 670 180

I get jealous of other people's friendships. mxxidxx 370 160 440
我对别人的友谊感到嫉妒。mxxidxx 370 160 440

I think some people are just better than others. mxxxdxs 320 170 410
我认为有些人就是比其他人优秀。mxxxdxs 320 170 410

Sometimes I have a hard time taking my eyes off of an attractive person. moxxxex 430 170 180
有时我很难把目光从有吸引力的人身上移开。moxxxex 430 170 180

I ask why things really happened. motidex 160 330 280 160 160 170
我问为什么事情真的发生了。motidex 160 330 280 160 160 170

I have a very wide circle of friends. moxivxx 240 230 250 400 
我有一个非常广泛的朋友圈。moxivxx 240 230 250 400

I respect my elders and those in authority. xxtives 350 510 200 190 150
我尊敬长辈和权威人士。xxtives 350 510 200 190 150

I've always been a polarizing figure. moxxxxs 240 410 170
我向来是个有争议的人物。moxxxxs 240 410 170

My trust gets broken a lot. moxidxx 200 250 180 450 
我的信任经常被辜负。moxidxx 200 250 180 450

Sometimes you have to force people to do the right thing. motxxxs 240 280 190 320 
有时你不得不强迫人们做正确的事。motxxxs 240 280 190 320

Some of my relationships are more about me getting/needing attention than me caring about the other person.  mxxwdhs 430 220 170 170 260
我的某些关系更多是关于我获取/需要关注,而非我关心对方。mxxwdhs 430 220 170 170 260

I exercise every day. xotxvx 172 201 215
我每天都锻炼。xotxvx 172 201 215

I would describe myself as detached. xoxxdes 200 500 200 230 
我会形容自己为冷漠。xoxxdes 200 500 200 230

I wait for others to lead the way. xcxidex 280 240 390 230 
我等待别人带头。xcxidex 280 240 390 230

I live for pleasant situations. mxxixex 390 210 370
我为愉悦的情境而活。mxxixex 390 210 370

I'm always trying to find pleasant situations. mxtixex 310 150 240 420 
我总是在寻找愉悦的情境。mxtixex 310 150 240 420

I seek out potentially rewarding situations. motxxxx 460 250 230
我寻求可能带来回报的情境。motxxxx 460 250 230

I often need to be alone to recharge my batteries after vigorous social interactions. xxtxdex 310 410 300
在激烈的社交互动后,我常常需要独处以充电。xxtxdex 310 410 300

It is important to date around. moxxxxx 340 220
多约会很重要。moxxxxx 340 220

I read the fine print. xotxdxx 200 420 160 
我仔细阅读了细则。xotxdxx 200 420 160

I lose my patience when I get tired. mxxxdxs 210 270 170 
当我疲惫时,我会失去耐心。mxxxdxs 210 270 170

I don't like people who dress messy. mxtxxxs 390 280 310 
我不喜欢穿着邋遢的人。mxtxxxs 390 280 310

I always remember when someone compliments me. motixex 370 150 230 310 170
每当有人称赞我时,我总是记忆犹新。motixex 370 150 230 310 170

I like to do nice things for people even if I get no credit. xotixex 220 230 670 230 
我喜欢为人们做好事,即使没有得到任何赞誉。xotixex 220 230 670 230

I prefer to make friends with people exactly like me. mxxxdxs 180 260 210 
我更喜欢与和我一模一样的人交朋友。mxxxdxs 180 260 210

I hate it when people want to make changes for no reason. xxtxdxs 250 400 250
我讨厌人们无缘无故想要做出改变。xxtxdxs 250 400 250

I love order and regularity. xxtidxx 660 170 170
我喜欢秩序和规律。xxtidxx 660 170 170

I do not like small talk. xotxdxx 220 200 420 
我不喜欢闲聊。xotxdxx 220 200 420

I don't ever litter. xotixxx 150 420 190 
我从不乱扔垃圾。xotixxx 150 420 190

I avoid mistakes. mxtxdxx 160 480 260
我避免犯错误。mxtxdxx 160 480 260

I prefer to participate fully rather than view life from the sidelines. moxxvxx 260 460 470
我更愿意全情参与,而不是从旁观者的角度看待生活。moxxvxx 260 460 470

I rarely spend time alone. mxxivxx 300 350 380
我很少独自一人。mxxivxx 300 350 380

I am emotionally reserved. xxtxdex 250 460 220
我情感上比较内敛。xxtxdex 250 460 220

I have a strong need for power. moxwxxs 430 320 250 240
我对权力有强烈的渴望。moxwxxs 430 320 250 240

I joke around a lot. moxixex 280 420 220 200
我经常开玩笑。moxixex 280 420 220 200

I laugh aloud. moxivxx 270 360 280 330 
我大声笑。moxivxx 270 360 280 330

I would describe my personality as reserved and restrained. xxtxdes 360 310 380 170 
我会形容我的性格为内敛且克制。xxtxdes 360 310 380 170

I willing to try anything once. moxixex 160 580 160 160
我愿意尝试任何事物一次。moxixex 160 580 160 160

I seek adventure. moxxvxx 210 660 190
我追求冒险。moxxvxx 210 660 190

I'm better at paying attention to details than seeing the big picture. mxtxdxs 150 240 170 170
我更擅长关注细节而非把握大局。mxtxdxs 150 240 170 170

It's unwise to call attention to yourself with fancy dress. axtxdes 150 210 160 220 250 
穿着华丽引人注目是不明智的。axtxdes 150 210 160 220 250

It is sometimes necessary to do some bad to achieve a greater good. moxwxxs 210 390 180 250 
有时为了实现更大的善,做些坏事是必要的。moxwxxs 210 390 180 250

I find humour in everything. moxivex 180 450 170 180 300
我在任何事物中都能找到幽默。moxivex 180 450 170 180 300

I love large parties. mohivxx 440 310 160 170 390
我喜欢大型派对。mohivxx 440 310 160 170 390

I make lots of noise. mohivxx 370 290 240 170 170
我制造很多噪音。mohivxx 370 290 240 170 170

I want strangers to love me. moxidxx 580 170 160 170
我希望陌生人喜欢我。moxidxx 580 170 160 170

I enjoy being part of a loud crowd. mohivxx 420 310 170 220 340
我喜欢成为喧闹人群的一部分。mohivxx 420 310 170 220 340

I always prefer being with others to spending time alone. mxxivxx 470 380 390
我总是更喜欢与人相处,而不是独自度过时光。mxxivxx 470 380 390

I prefer to be with people who are quiet rather than exciting. axtxdxx 

I like doing exciting things with people more than just talking quietly. moxxvxx 490 300 350 
我喜欢和人们一起做刺激的事情,而不是仅仅安静地交谈。moxxvxx 490 300 350

I am sensitive to rewards in my environment.  mxtixxx 390 220 160
我对周围环境中的奖励很敏感。mxtixxx 390 220 160

I reveal little about myself. xxxxdes 200 320 150
我很少透露自己的信息。xxxxdes 200 320 150

I put people under pressure. moxxxrs 380 340 280 190 
我给人们施加压力。moxxxrs 380 340 280 190

I run to get where I am going faster. motxxxx 300 340 150 
我跑步是为了更快到达目的地。motxxxx 300 340 150

I like to call people by their last names. moxxxxs 170 240 190 
我喜欢用人们的姓氏称呼他们。moxxxxs 170 240 190

I am always on the look out for ways to make money. motxxxx 410 290 160
我总是在寻找赚钱的方法。motxxxx 410 290 160

I boast about my virtues. moxxxxx 470 270
我夸耀自己的美德。moxxxxx 470 270

I like to surround myself with things that are familiar to me. mxtides 150 360 300 190 270 350
我喜欢身边围绕着熟悉的事物。mxtides 150 360 300 190 270 350

I would like to live in a foreign country for a while moxxxex 190 540 220
我想在外国生活一段时间。moxxxex 190 540 220

A good teacher is one who makes you wonder about your way of looking at things. xotixex 520 220 230 250
好老师是让你对自己的思考方式产生疑问的人。xotixex 520 220 230 250

If given a choice, I will usually visit a foreign country rather than vacation at home. moxxvex 230 470 190 180
如果有选择,我通常会选择去外国旅游而不是在家度假。moxxvex 230 470 190 180

The sooner we all acquire similar values and ideals the better. mxtxxxs 260 150 370
我们越早拥有相似的价值观和理想越好。mxtxxxs 260 150 370

I avoid settings where people don't share my values. mxtxdxs 200 210 240 290
我避免那些人们不共享我的价值观的环境。mxtxdxs 200 210 240 290

I can be comfortable with nearly all kinds of people. xoxivex 360 240 450 250
我几乎可以和各种人相处融洽。xoxivex 360 240 450 250

External validation means a lot to me. mxxixxx 630 290 
外界的认可对我来说意义重大。mxxixxx 630 290

I can enjoy being with people whose values are very different from mine. xoxivex 400 270 340 190 
我能享受与价值观与我大相径庭的人相处。xoxivex 400 270 340 190

What we are used to is always preferable to what is unfamiliar. xctixxs 250 320 250 360
我们习惯的事物总是比不熟悉的事物更可取。xctixxs 250 320 250 360

A good job is one where what is to be done and how it is to be done are always clear. mxtxxxs 200 390 360 
一份好工作是那种做什么和怎么做总是清晰明了的工作。mxtxxxs 200 390 360

A person who leads an even, regular life in which few surprises or unexpected happenings arise really has a lot to be grateful for. xxtixxs 300 310 280
一个过着平稳、规律生活,很少有惊喜或意外发生的人,其实有很多值得感激的地方。xxtixxs 300 310 280

An expert who doesn't come up with a definite answer probably doesn't know much mxtixxs 220 160 410
一个专家如果提不出明确答案,可能对 mxtixxs 220 160 410 了解不多。

I like parties where I know most of the people more than ones where all or most of the people are complete strangers. xxtixex 250 190 230 
与那些几乎全是陌生人的聚会相比,我更喜欢大多数人都认识的聚会。xxtixex 250 190 230

Many of our most important decisions are based upon insufficient information. xoxxdex 320 160 170
我们许多最重要的决定都是基于不充分的信息。xoxxdex 320 160 170

There is really no such thing as a problem that can't be solved. xotxves 400 160 360 150 190 
实际上,不存在无法解决的问题。xotxves 400 160 360 150 190

I call people out when they tell fake or exaggerated stories. moxxxxx 230 370
当人们讲述虚假或夸大的故事时,我会揭穿他们。moxxxxx 230 370

I often prefer doing things alone or with one or two people I feel comfortable with. xotxdex 290 330 280 220
我常常喜欢独自做事,或者与一两个让我感到舒适的人一起。xotxdex 290 330 280 220

I am very ambitious. motxvxx 170 460 260 200 
我非常有野心。motxvxx 170 460 260 200

You have to help yourself before you can help others. motwvex 180 260 250 190 220 170
你必须先自助,而后才能助人。motwvex 180 260 250 190 220 170

I would like my people to be the majority in any community I reside in. mxxxxxs 310 500
我希望我的人在任何我居住的社区中占多数。mxxxxxs 310 500

I speed up to avoid being passed. moxxxxs 460 250 220
我加速以避免被超越。moxxxxs 460 250 220

I demand the recognition I deserve. moxxxxs 540 260 150 
我要求得到我应得的认可。moxxxxs 540 260 150

I have a strong need for power. moxxxxs 610 360 170
我有一种强烈的权力欲望。moxxxxs 610 360 170

My relationships tend to define me. mxxixxx 360 380 
我的关系往往决定了我。mxxixxx 360 380

I don't really care if I get public credit for my accomplishments.  axtixex 290 170 230 280
我并不太在乎我的成就是否得到公众认可。axtixex 290 170 230 280

I try to outdo others. motxxxx 570 340 170
我试图超越他人。motxxxx 570 340 170

I am a rage-aholic. moxxdrs 240 480 190 220 210
我是个暴怒狂。moxxdrs 240 480 190 220 210

I dislike open plan offices (i.e. no work space privacy).  xoxxdxs 150 210 170 
我不喜欢开放式办公室(即没有工作空间隐私)。xoxxdxs 150 210 170

I take pleasure in solitary activities xotxdex 190 240 250 310
我享受独处活动。xotxdex 190 240 250 310

I prefer to communicate by talking. moxivxx 200 260 200 500
我更喜欢通过交谈来沟通。moxivxx 200 260 200 500

If people annoy me I do not hesitate to tell them so. xoxxxxs 550 250 
如果有人惹恼我,我会毫不犹豫地告诉他们。xoxxxxs 550 250

I prefer to communicate in writing. xxtxdex 200 370 220 
我更喜欢通过书面形式交流。xxtxdex 200 370 220

Facts are more important than feelings. xxtwxes 390 470 340 170
事实比情感更重要。xxtwxes 390 470 340 170

I need to prove how great I am to others. moxxdxx 630 200 160
我需要向他人证明我有多么出色。moxxdxx 630 200 160

Being around other people is boring. xoxwdxx 150 240 430
与他人相处很无聊。xoxwdxx 150 240 430

I am an extraordinary person; modesty doesn't become me. moxxxxx 390 450
我是一个非凡的人;谦逊并不适合我。moxxxxx 390 450

I tend to be jealous in relationships. mxxxdxs 370 380 180
我在恋爱关系中往往容易嫉妒。mxxxdxs 370 380 180

Sometimes I get so angry I break or smash things. moxxdxx 160 200 450
有时我气得会摔东西或砸东西。moxxdxx 160 200 450

I tend to freak out when I feel abandoned. mxxidxx 400 350 270
当我感到被抛弃时,我往往会惊慌失措。mxxidxx 400 350 270

I indulge in random dangerously self-destructive behaviour. mohxdxx 200 230 270 510
我沉溺于随机且危险的自我毁灭行为。mohxdxx 200 230 270 510

There is no one I know whose death would make me sad. xoxwdxs  150 230 370 160
我所认识的人中,没有谁的去世会让我感到悲伤。xoxwdxs 150 230 370 160

I have almost no internal reaction to most stimuli unless it interests me. xoxxdes 180 430 230 290 
除非刺激引起我的兴趣,否则我几乎对大多数刺激没有内在反应。xoxxdes 180 430 230 290

Right and wrong mean nothing to me. xoxwdxx 390 210 390 
对错对我来说毫无意义。xoxwdxx 390 210 390

I am preoccupied with orderliness, perfectionism, and mental and interpersonal control, at the expense of flexibility, openness, and efficiency. mxtxxxs 180 510 190
我过分追求秩序、完美主义以及心理和人际控制,牺牲了灵活性、开放性和效率。mxtxxxs 180 510 190

I have no moral reservations with doing whatever is necessary to get what I want.  moxwdxs 170 370 230 420 190
为了得到我想要的,我没有任何道德上的顾虑,可以不择手段。moxwdxs 170 370 230 420 190

I experience instability in my relationships, self-image, and emotions. moxxdxx 250 160 600
我在人际关系、自我形象和情绪方面感到不稳定。moxxdxx 250 160 600

Deep down, I'm a selfish jerk. mxxwdxx 220 210 530
实际上,我是个自私的混蛋。mxxwdxx 220 210 530

While I tend to be inconsiderate of the needs/feelings of others, I am an amazing unique person with an overwhelming need for admiration. moxwdxs 440 230 160 200 180
尽管我往往不顾及他人的需求和感受,但我是一个独特非凡的人,有着对赞美的极度渴望。moxwdxs 440 230 160 200 180

While I am inconsiderate of the needs/feelings of others, I am an amazing unique person with an overwhelming need for admiration. moxwdxs 320 200 200 160 300
虽然我常常忽视他人的需求和感受,但我是一个非凡独特的人,有着对赞美的强烈渴望。moxwdxs 320 200 200 160 300

People have the right to get whatever they want, if they have the guts to do anything to get what they want. moxxxes 200 300 180 340
人们有权得到他们想要的任何东西,只要他们有勇气不择手段去争取。moxxxes 200 300 180 340

Jungle law rules the world. xoxxdxs 270 150 330 
丛林法则统治世界。xoxxdxs 270 150 330

When I hurt someone I don't tend to care. xoxwdxs 310 460 290 280
当我伤害别人时,我往往不在乎。xoxwdxs 310 460 290 280

I tend to believe that other people’s motives are suspect or even malevolent. xoxxdxs 210 470 300
我倾向于认为别人的动机可疑甚至恶意。xoxxdxs 210 470 300

I need to be taken care of and fear being abandoned or separated from the people that take care of me. mxxidxx 340 250 450
我需要被照顾,害怕被遗弃或与照顾我的人分离。mxxidxx 340 250 450

I am an attention seeker with extreme emotionality. moxidxx 490 210 190 320
我是一个寻求关注的人,情绪极端。moxidxx 490 210 190 320

Losers deserve to lose. motwxxs 230 180 160 210 430
失败者活该失败。motwxxs 230 180 160 210 430

I am coldhearted. xoxwdxs 360 380 350 340 
我冷酷无情。xoxwdxs 360 380 350 340

I'm capable of sympathy, but empathy is beyond me and I don't see any use for it. xotwdxs 260 170 270 230 420 
我能同情,但共情超出了我的能力,而且我看不出它有什么用处。xotwdxs 260 170 270 230 420

Most people are very boring to me. xoxwdxs 330 250 380 290
对我来说,大多数人都很无聊。xoxwdxs 330 250 380 290

Good music makes me feel more connected to my self. moxixex 150 360 360 220 
好的音乐让我感觉与自我更加紧密相连。moxixex 150 360 360 220

Good music makes me feel more connected to others. moxixex 190 320 440 190
好的音乐让我感觉与他人更加紧密相连。moxixex 190 320 440 190

I believe that other people's motives are suspect or even malevolent. xoxxdxs 240 420 320 
我相信别人的动机是可疑的,甚至是恶意的。xoxxdxs 240 420 320

I enjoy frustrating others and making them feel powerless. moxwdxs 160 300 400 370 330 
我喜欢让他人感到沮丧和无能为力。moxwdxs 160 300 400 370 330

My friends have strong personalities and strong opinions. xotixex  320 200 310 170
我的朋友们个性鲜明,意见强烈。xotixex 320 200 310 170

I have little interest in social relationships, I prefer a more solitary existence. aotwdes 240 180 310 210 500 220 260 
我对社交关系兴趣不大,我更喜欢独处。aotwdes 240 180 310 210 500 220 260

I don't see the appeal of social relationships, I prefer a more solitary existence.  aotwdes  230 190 300 260 500 190 250 
我不明白社交关系的吸引力,我更喜欢独居生活。aotwdes 230 190 300 260 500 190 250

I disregard other people’s rights, often crossing the line and violating those rights. moxwxxs 170 230 250 390
我无视他人的权利,经常越界侵犯这些权利。moxwxxs 170 230 250 390

I experience strong, sometimes overwhelming desire for instant gratification. mxxidxx 480 300 170
我经常有强烈且有时难以抗拒的即时满足欲望。mxxidxx 480 300 170

I really do not care for other people at all. xxxwdxs 360 560 190
我真的一点也不在乎别人。xxxwdxs 360 560 190

I can see why what someone else is going through might be unpleasant, but there's never been a reason for me to try to pretend to put myself in someone else's shoes. xxxwdes 290 330 150 300
我能理解别人经历的事情可能令人不快,但我从未有过理由去假装设身处地为他人着想。xxxwdes 290 330 150 300

I only invest my time in things I care about. motxdes  210 250 160 240 190 150
我只在我关心的事情上投入时间。motxdes  210 250 160 240 190 150

It takes a lot of willpower for me to really focus in on other people. xoxwdxs 280 350 220 270
我需要极大的意志力才能真正专注于他人。xoxwdxs 280 350 220 270

I'm convinced there is a conspiracy behind many things that happen in the world. moxxdxs 180 250 380 200
我确信世界上许多事情背后都有阴谋。moxxdxs 180 250 380 200

I behave in extravagant ways in order to attract attention. mohxdxx 480 280 170 180 
我以奢华的方式行事以吸引注意。mohxdxx 480 280 170 180

I can create an image of being an extremely charming, exciting and eccentric romantic partner. moxxxxx 420 340 
我能营造出一种极具魅力、激情和古怪的浪漫伴侣形象。moxxxxx 420 340

I argue or fight when people try to stop me from doing what I want. moxxdxx 280 390 320
当人们试图阻止我做我想做的事情时,我会争论或争吵。moxxdxx 280 390 320

I don't believe most people are fair and honest with me. xoxxdxs 190 590 170
我不相信大多数人对我公平和诚实。xoxxdxs 190 590 170

It's very important to me to stand out, and have my achievements recognized. moxxxxx 640 300
对我来说,脱颖而出并让我的成就得到认可非常重要。moxxxxx 640 300

I will never be satisfied until I get all that I deserve. motxdxs 450 280 160 260 160
除非得到我应得的一切,否则我永远不会满足。motxdxs 450 280 160 260 160

I tend to sacrifice future gain/reward for present enjoyment. mohxdex 270 190 230 240 280 
我倾向于牺牲未来的收益/奖励以换取当下的享受。mohxdex 270 190 230 240 280

I'm more energized by internal things than external things. aotxxxx 200 420 260  
我更多地被内在事物而非外在事物所激励。aotxxxx 200 420 260

Experience speaks to me louder than words. motixxx 230 230 360 180
对我来说,经验比言语更有说服力。motixxx 230 230 360 180

I prefer to get things decided, locked in, over staying perpetually open to new information, options, what-ifs. mxtxxxs 260 500 210 
我更喜欢做出决定并锁定结果,而不是始终保持开放,不断接受新信息、新选项和各种假设。mxtxxxs 260 500 210

I believe telling the truth is more important than being tactful. aotxvxs 150 360 250 190 260
我认为说真话比保持圆滑更重要。aotxvxs 150 360 250 190 260

I tend to make decisions based on logic and facts. xotxxes  260 680 180 220 
我倾向于根据逻辑和事实来做决定。xotxxes  260 680 180 220

I create drama in order to get attention. moxxdrx 560 180 170 220 
我制造戏剧以吸引注意力。moxxdrx 560 180 170 220

I associate loving someone with being addicted to them. moxxdxx 310 250 240
我认为爱一个人就像对他们上瘾一样。moxxdxx 310 250 240

I believe being tactful is more important than telling the 'cold' truth. xcxxxxg 270 220 
我相信委婉表达比直言不讳更为重要。xcxxxxg 270 220

When dealing with information, I prefer to interpret and add meaning to it versus just taking the information for what it appears to be.  xotxxxx 410 230
在处理信息时,我更倾向于解读并赋予其意义,而不是仅仅接受信息的表面价值。xotxxxx 410 230

My interest and focus is more inward, towards myself, than outward, towards the outside world. xotwdex 460 280 210 250 220 
我的兴趣和关注更多地向内,朝向自己,而非向外,朝向外部世界。xotwdex 460 280 210 250 220

My interest and focus is more outward, towards the outside world, than inward, towards myself. xcxivxs 150 370 310 290
我的兴趣和关注更多地向外,朝向外部世界,而非向内,朝向自己。xcxivxs 150 370 310 290

I'm more aware of what's going on in the outside world than what's going on in my head. xcxivxs 170 220 180 340 
我对外部世界发生的事情比对内心世界发生的事情更为警觉。xcxivxs 170 220 180 340

I'm more aware of what's going on in my head than what's going on in the outside world. xotxdex 520 310 200 210
我对内心世界发生的事情比对外部世界发生的事情更为警觉。xotxdex 520 310 200 210

Every day I work harder on myself than anything else. xotxxxx 370 310  
每天我都在自我提升上比其他任何事情更加努力。xotxxxx 370 310

I prefer to spend time in my inner world of ideas and images than in the outer world of people and things. xotxdex 390 170 370 210 
我更喜欢在我的内心世界中与想法和图像共度时光,而不是在外部世界与人和事物相处。xotxdex 390 170 370 210

I sometimes jump too quickly into an activity and don't allow enough time to think it over. moxixxx 330 290 230 
我有时会过于迅速地投入一项活动,没有留出足够的时间来深思熟虑。moxixxx 330 290 230

I prefer to focus on the outer world than my own inner world.  mxxivxx 230 230 340 
我更倾向于关注外部世界,而非自己的内心世界。mxxivxx 230 230 340

I hate lying. xxtixxx 280 270
我讨厌撒谎。xxtixxx 280 270

I'm excited when I'm around people and I like to energize other people.  mxxivxx 450 230 440 
我在人群中感到兴奋,喜欢激励他人。mxxivxx 450 230 440

I cannot try something until I understand it. xxtxwes 330 190 200 180 
在我理解某事之前,我无法尝试它。xxtxwes 330 190 200 180

I cannot understand something until I've tried it. moxixxs 160 170 250 170
在我尝试某事之前,我无法理解它。moxixxs 160 170 250 170

I am observant at the expense of imagination. xxtxxes 190 260 310
我为了观察力牺牲了想象力。xxtxxes 190 260 310

I tend to pay more attention to my thoughts than my feelings. xotxxes 320 500 170 200 
我倾向于更关注我的思想而非我的感受。xotxxes 320 500 170 200

I tend to analyze things objectively and critically. xotxxxs 310 580 260
我倾向于客观和批判性地分析事物。xotxxxs 310 580 260

I tend to value competence more than compassion. xotwxxs 280 470 280 280 
我往往更看重能力而非同情心。xotwxxs 280 470 280 280

I avoid conflict at all costs.  xxtixex 210 350 300 
我竭尽全力避免冲突。xxtixex 210 350 300

Sometimes I like the idea of something better than the real thing. motxdxx 240 390 230 20
有时我喜欢某个想法胜过实际事物。motxdxx 240 390 230 20

Ideas are almost solid things for me. xotxxex 450 330 190  
对我来说,想法几乎是有形之物。xotxxex 450 330 190

I believe that God has a plan for me. xxxivxx 360 300 
我相信上帝对我有安排。xxxivxx 360 300

I put more weight on personal concerns and the people involved than on objective principles and impersonal facts.  mxxixxx 230 480
我更看重个人关切和涉及的人,而非客观原则和非个人事实。mxxixxx 230 480

I'm always looking to make things better, as I think nothing is ever quite good enough. xotxxxx 450 290
我总是在寻求改进,因为我认为没有什么是足够好的。xotxxxx 450 290

I desire to reform and improve. xotxxxx 300 450 
我渴望改革和进步。xotxxxx 300 450

I need to understand the world. xotidxx 420 380 210 180
我需要理解这个世界。xotidxx 420 380 210 180

I need to succeed. motxxxx 350 240 400 
我需要成功。motxxxx 350 240 400

I take advantage of others. moxwdxx 270 420 450 270
我利用他人。moxwdxx 270 420 450 270

I am manipulative.  moxwdxx 300 480 310 260 
我很会操控别人。moxwdxx 300 480 310 260

I am unique. motxxex 210 470 220 220
我很独特。motxxex 210 470 220 220

I am skeptical. xotxdxs 350 350 380 180
我很怀疑。xotxdxs 350 350 380 180

I am at peace. xotivex 240 200 179 590 370
我内心平和。xotivex 240 200 179 590 370

I am open to new things. xotxvex 590 150 210 310 
我乐于接受新事物。xotxvex 590 150 210 310

I get into very intense relationships that don't last. moxxdxx 240 200 330
我陷入非常激烈的关系,但它们不会持久。moxxdxx 240 200 330

I go to extremes to try to keep people from leaving me. mxxidxx 310 270 380
我会走极端试图阻止人们离开我。mxxidxx 310 270 380

I haven't had close relationships that have lasted a long time. xoxwdxs 180 160 390 220
我未曾有过能长久维持的亲密关系。xoxwdxs 180 160 390 220

In general, I do not trust other people. xoxwdxs 300 190 420 190
总的来说,我不信任其他人。xoxwdxs 300 190 420 190

In general, I have difficulty making and keeping friends. xoxxdxx 180 550
总的来说,我很难交到并保持朋友。xoxxdxx 180 550

I will lie to or con someone if it serves my purpose. moxwdxx 280 440 400 350 
如果撒谎或欺骗某人能达成我的目的,我会这么做。moxwdxx 280 440 400 350

I will lie to obtain goods or favors or to avoid obligations. moxwdxx 290 390 340 360 
为了获取物品、好处或逃避责任,我会撒谎。moxwdxx 290 390 340 360

I prefer to focus on my own inner world than the outer world. xotxdex 260 250 250 190
我更愿意关注自己的内心世界而非外部世界。xotxdex 260 250 250 190

I try everything to make sure I know what is best. xotxxxx 410 270
我会尝试一切以确保我知道什么是最好的。xotxxxx 410 270

I lack empathy for the needs and feelings of others. xoxwdxs 330 510 290 200 
我对别人的需求和感受缺乏同情心。xoxwdxs 330 510 290 200

I am a thrill seeker. moxxxxx 290 510 
我是个寻求刺激的人。moxxxxx 290 510

I must be strong. motxxxs 220 380 260 160
我必须坚强。motxxxs 220 380 260 160

I don't usually feel bad when I hurt or mistreat someone. xoxwdxx 350 500 250 
我通常在伤害或虐待他人时不会感到难过。xoxwdxx 350 500 250

I lose my temper easily. moxxwrx 190 360 340 240 
我很容易发脾气。moxxwrx 190 360 340 240

I am impulsive. mohxxxx 200 550 150 
我做事冲动。mohxxxx 200 550 150

I'm enthusiastic about almost everything that catches my attention. moxivex 190 430 190 210 200
我对几乎所有引起我注意的事物都充满热情。moxivex 190 430 190 210 200

I get anxious when I don't get enough stimuli from the outside world. moxixxx 330 250 160 
当我从外界得不到足够的刺激时,我会感到焦虑。moxixxx 330 250 160

I'm always mapping and planning my next great adventure. motxvxx 190 430 240 310 
我总是在规划我的下一次伟大冒险。motxvxx 190 430 240 310

I strive to make order out of the omnipresent chaos. xotxxx 220 470
我努力在无处不在的混乱中创造秩序。xotxxx 220 470

I tend to be more practical than abstract. xctivxs 200 430 200 190 310 
我往往比抽象更实际。xctivxs 200 430 200 190 310

I tend to be more comfortable with the known than the unknown. mxtixxs 190 350 210 210
我更倾向于对已知事物的舒适感,而非未知。mxtixxs 190 350 210 210

I tend to be more down-to-earth than head-in-the-clouds. xctivxs 160 390 230 230 280 
我通常比那些不切实际的人更脚踏实地。xctivxs 160 390 230 230 280

I tend to be more realistic than conceptual. xctixxs 170 430 220 340 
我倾向于更现实而非概念化。xctixxs 170 430 220 340

I know exactly what my long term goals are. xotxvxs 250 470 270 200
我非常清楚自己的长期目标是什么。xotxvxs 250 470 270 200

I prefer living in a big city. moxxxxg 470 250 190
我更喜欢住在大城市。moxxxxg 470 250 190

I only need enough money for room and board. aoxxdxx 420 220 240
我只需要足够的钱支付食宿。aoxxdxx 420 220 240

I don't want to stand out. acxxdxx 290 230 470 
我不想引人注目。acxxdxx 290 230 470

I would rather have a more flexible and adaptable lifestyle than a more structured and decided lifestyle. xohxxex 420 200 260 
我宁愿选择一种更加灵活和适应性强的生活方式,而不是一种结构固定、已决定好的生活方式。xohxxex 420 200 260

I would enjoy working in marketing. moxxvxx 230 420 270

I'm learning driven. xotxxxx 290 330 
我正在积极学习。xotxxxx 290 330

I am right where I need to be. xxtxvxx 220 440
我正处于我需要的位置。xxtxvxx 220 440

Every one of us has greatness. xoxivxx 240 400 350
我们每个人都拥有伟大之处。xoxivxx 240 400 350

I am more dominant than submissive. xotwvrs 500 170 220 190 230 170 
我比顺从更具有支配性。xotwvrs 500 170 220 190 230 170

I am aggressive. xoxwdrs 390 180 160 300 220 
我很激进。xoxwdrs 390 180 160 300 220

I am a domineering person. moxwxrs 160 440 190 250 180 
我是一个专横的人。moxwxrs 160 440 190 250 180

I am assertive. xotxvrx 460 190 260 200
我是一个果断的人。xotxvrx 460 190 260 200

I value sentiment above logic. moxixxx 200 200 530 
我重视情感胜于逻辑。moxixxx 200 200 530

I value logic above sentiment. xxtwxes 300 300 210 310 
我重视逻辑胜于情感。xxtwxes 300 300 210 310

I prefer to keep things open than have matters settled. xoxxxex 330 320 
我宁愿保持事情开放,也不愿让事情尘埃落定。xoxxxex 330 320

I prefer to have matters settled than keep them open. xxtivxs 430 200 160 200 
我宁愿让事情尘埃落定,也不愿保持它们开放。xxtivxs 430 200 160 200

I'm more interested in things than human relationships. xotwdxs 190 190 330 240 330 
我对事物比对人际关系更感兴趣。xotwdxs 190 190 330 240 330

I'm more interested in human relationships than things. mxxivxx 220 540 260 
我对人际关系比对事物更感兴趣。mxxivxx 220 540 260

I think rules and regulations are necessary. mxtixes 170 510 270 190 220  
我认为规章制度是必要的。mxtixes 170 510 270 190 220

I have a strong immediate reaction against anything that threatens to harm my security in any way. xxtxxxs 330 230 
我对任何可能威胁到我的安全的事情都有强烈的即时反应。xxtxxxs 330 230

Fun is the most important thing in life. moxxxex 250 260 340
快乐是生活中最重要的事情。moxxxex 250 260 340

Making sure I'm constantly in an enjoyable state of mind is extraordinarily important to me.  moxxvex 270 250 170 350
确保自己始终处于愉悦的心态对我来说极为重要。moxxvex 270 250 170 350

I think if it's not exhilarating, I would rather not do it. moxxxxx 200 420 
我认为如果不是令人兴奋的,我宁愿不做。moxxxxx 200 420

I prefer to keep things open and flexible. moxixex 200 370 220 440 
我更喜欢保持开放和灵活。moxixex 200 370 220 440

I am somewhat disorganized. mohxdex 190 200 410 290 420
我有些杂乱无章。mohxdex 190 200 410 290 420

It's important to keep a detailed record of one's experiments. xotxxxx 220 460 
详细记录实验过程非常重要。xotxxxx 220 460

I tend to be spontaneous.  moxxxex 250 520 270  
我往往很即兴。moxxxex 250 520 270

Making money is more important than changing the world. mxtwxxs  330 220 150 280
赚钱比改变世界更重要。mxtwxxs 330 220 150 280

I frequently do things without a specific schedule or plan. mohxxex 180 370 330 400
我经常做事没有具体的时间表或计划。mohxxex 180 370 330 400

I often start/do things at the last minute. mohxdex 270 210 340 230 460 
我经常在最后一刻才开始/做事情。mohxdex 270 210 340 230 460

I am far more casual than orderly. xohxxex 260 200 580 
我远比有序更随意。xohxxex 260 200 580

I pursue new, intense experiences in the hopes of finding that next rush. moxxxxx 250 640
我追求新的、强烈的体验,希望能找到下一次的刺激。moxxxxx 250 640

I constantly seek new and exciting experiences. moxxvex 210 650 190 190 
我不断寻求新奇和令人兴奋的体验。moxxvex 210 650 190 190

I tend to err on the side of security even if it means playing it too safe. xctxdxx 350 450 230 
我倾向于选择安全,即使这意味着过于谨慎。xctxdxx 350 450 230

I'm always trying to be healthier than I am.  xotxxxx 280 380
我总是在努力让自己比现在更健康。xotxxxx 280 380

I know how to keep myself healthy. xotxvxx 180 270 340
我知道如何保持自己的健康。xotxvxx 180 270 340

I want to blend in and not be noticed. acxxdxx 250 180 560
我想融入人群,不被注意。acxxdxx 250 180 560

I always put myself first. moxwxxx 280 220 590
我总是把自己放在第一位。moxwxxx 280 220 590

I have a strong desire to pursue atever benefitmy life interests. xotxvxx 250 380 280
我强烈渴望追求任何有益于我生活利益的事物。xotxvxx 250 380 280

I'm the person least likely to be forgotten.  moxxvxx 250 320 210
我是最不可能被遗忘的人。moxxvxx 250 320 210

My primary motivation is whs the world. xoxixxx 240 500
我的主要动机是改变世界。xoxixxx 240 500

The most important thing to me is what I like. moxwdxx 223 221 380 163
对我来说最重要的是我喜欢的东西。moxwdxx 223 221 380 163

My internal interests are the most important thing to me. xotwdxx 214 162  401  160
我的内在兴趣对我来说最重要。xotwdxx 214 162 401 160

I enjoy deceiving people. moxwdxx 265 285 301 267
我喜欢欺骗别人。moxwdxx 265 285 301 267

I want to be successful. mxtxxxx 390 220
我想成功。mxtxxxx 390 220

I never exercise. xchxdxx 210 230 380 
我从不锻炼。xchxdxx 210 230 380

I am very social. moxivxx 360 170 260 480 
我非常喜欢社交。moxivxx 360 170 260 480

Without a new challenge I feel off. xotxxx 620 280
没有新挑战我会感到失落。xotxxx 620 280

I walk a lot. xotxvxx 310 230 170
我经常走路。xotxvxx 310 230 170

I am hands-on. xotixxx 280 260 260
我动手能力强。xotixxx 280 260 260

I am intellectual. xotwxxx 470 410 170
我学识渊博。xotwxxx 470 410 170

I am analytical. xotwdxx 360 450 200 200 
我善于分析。xotwdxx 360 450 200 200

I am scientific. xotxdxx 350 340 160 
我崇尚科学。xotxdxx 350 340 160

I am a thinker. xotxdxx 370 330 210
我是一个思考者。xotxdxx 370 330 210

I am independent xotxvxx 370 330 190 
我独立自主。xotxvxx 370 330 190

I am chaotic xohxwxx 300 360 390
我比较混乱。xohxwxx 300 360 390

I am tool-oriented. xotxxxs 280 320 200
我注重工具。xotxxxs 280 320 200

I like to minimize the amount of attention I get. actxdex 430 190 200 290 240
我喜欢减少自己受到的关注。actxdex 430 190 200 290 240

I am machine-oriented. xotxxxs 240 270 210 
我注重机器。xotxxxs 240 270 210

My humorous outlook on life keeps me from getting overly upset or depressed about things. xoxxvex 280 230 330
我对生活的幽默态度使我不会过于沮丧或抑郁。xoxxvex 280 230 330

I analyze. xotxxxx 250 340
我进行分析。xotxxxx 250 340

Exercise is everything. xotxvxx 200 370 200
锻炼是一切。xotxvxx 200 370 200

Polyamory (open romantic relationships) appeals to me. moxxxx 200 260
多角恋(开放式浪漫关系)吸引我。moxxxx 200 260

I would prefer a job with lots of social interaction. moxivxx 240 240 290 420
我更喜欢社交互动频繁的工作。moxivxx 240 240 290 420

I don't care whether I'm considered special. sxxixxx 500 230
我不在乎自己是否被视为特别。sxxixxx 500 230

I have highly developed personal interests. xotxxxx 369 214 
我有着高度发展的个人兴趣。xotxxxx 369 214

I have highly developed personal taste. motxxxx 196 324 207
我拥有高度发达的个人品味。motxxxx 196 324 207

I believe in letting people be who they are even if that means they become someone I don't like. xoxxxeg 180 220 230
我相信应该让人成为他们自己,即使这意味着他们可能变成我不喜欢的人。xoxxxeg 180 220 230

I have a purpose in life. xotivxx     241 229 183 593 
我的人生有目标。xotivxx 241 229 183 593

The best solution to unhappiness is exercise. xotxvxx 154 231 203 
消除不快乐的最好办法是锻炼。xotxvxx 154 231 203

I love to win people over romantically that may not be interested at first. moxxxxx 390 340
我喜欢赢得那些起初可能不感兴趣的人的浪漫青睐。moxxxxx 390 340

I like being really physically sore. moxxxxx 197 239 
我喜欢身体极度酸痛的感觉。moxxxxx 197 239

The most important quality in a romantic partner is how attractive they are to me. mxxxxxs 430 210 
在浪漫伴侣中,最重要的品质是他们对我有多大的吸引力。mxxxxxs 430 210

The most important quality in a romantic partner is how attractive they find me. mxxxxxs 480 240 
在浪漫伴侣中,最重要的品质是他们觉得我有多大的吸引力。mxxxxxs 480 240

I pursue my interests with everything I have. xotxvxx 449 207 247
我全力以赴追求我的兴趣。xotxvxx 449 207 247

I have a romantic preference for people that look like me. mxtxxxs 236 172 240
我对长得像我的人有浪漫偏好。mxtxxxs 236 172 240

I'm very interested in the values and customs of other cultures. xxxixxg 372 301
我对其他文化的价值观和习俗非常感兴趣。xxxixxg 372 301

I respect the values and customs of other cultures. xxtixxg 169 332 432
我尊重其他文化的价值观和习俗。xxtixxg 169 332 432

I am not compelled to be patriotic. xoxwdxg 166 201 217 377
我并不被迫爱国。xoxwdxg 166 201 217 377

I am compelled to be patriotic. xxxivxs 298 257 390
我被迫爱国。xxxivxs 298 257 390

I learn better by just jumping into a new situation versus doing a lot of preplanning/preparing. xohxxxx 390 320
我通过直接跳入新情况来学习,而不是做大量的预先规划/准备。xohxxxx 390 320

I have little respect for the values and customs of other cultures. xxxwdxs 284 204 567
我对其他文化的价值观和习俗缺乏尊重。xxxwdxs 284 204 567

I have a lot of pride in my country. xxxivxs 198 309 402
我对自己的国家感到非常自豪。xxxivxs 198 309 402

I have a lot of pride in my culture. xxxivxs 234 406 337
我对自己的文化感到非常自豪。xxxivxs 234 406 337

I admire soldiers' sacrifices for my country. xxxivxs 393 294 196
我钦佩士兵们为我的国家所做的牺牲。xxxivxs 393 294 196

I always prefer to go to public events with my crew rather than alone. mxxixxx 219 192
我总是更喜欢和我的团队一起去参加公共活动,而不是独自一人。mxxixxx 219 192

I'm not violent but if someone hurts my family I would be. xoxxxxs 172 176
我不是暴力的人,但如果有人伤害我的家人,我会变得暴力。xoxxxxs 172 176

People in my culture could learn a lot from people in other cultures. xoxixxxg 149 184 332
我文化中的人可以从其他文化的人那里学到很多。xoxixxxg 149 184 332

Lifestyles in other cultures are just as valid as those in my culture. xxxixxg 213 493
其他文化的生活方式与我文化中的生活方式一样有效。xxxixxg 213 493

Loyalty is everything to me.  xxtixxx 168 321 
对我来说,忠诚就是一切。xxtixxx 168 321

Minorities are minorities for a reason. xoxwdxs 155 174 182 483
少数群体之所以是少数群体,是有原因的。xoxwdxs 155 174 182 483

My religious faith is important to me. xxtivxs 216 272 229 250
我的宗教信仰对我很重要。xxtivxs 216 272 229 250

An insult to our honor should always be punished. moxxdxs 188 191 153 386 
对我们的荣誉的侮辱应当受到惩罚。moxxdxs 188 191 153 386

I think my culture is great. mxxxvxs 193 385 400 
我认为我的文化很棒。mxxxvxs 193 385 400

I prefer team sports to individual sports. xxxivxx 203 246
我更喜欢团队运动而非个人运动。xxxivxx 203 246

I like being part of a culture.  mcxivxs 280 182 264 310 205 
我喜欢成为一种文化的一部分。mcxivxs 280 182 264 310 205

My culture is important to me. mcxivxs 180 212 240 384 377
我的文化对我很重要。mcxivxs 180 212 240 384 377

I dislike political correctness. moxxxxs 149 174 346
我不喜欢政治正确。moxxxxs 149 174 346

I dislike people preoccupied with social justice.  xxxwxxs 169 468
我不喜欢那些满脑子都是社会正义的人。xxxwxxs 169 468

I'm more likely to marry someone that shares my culture.  xxtxxxs 170 460
我更倾向于与和我文化相同的人结婚。xxtxxxs 170 460

People are too sensitive these days. xoxwxxs 198 187 385
如今人们太敏感了。xoxwxxs 198 187 385

I tend to pursue pleasurable things without considering whether they actually are good for me. mohxdxx 248 272 222 382 
我倾向于追求快乐的事物,而不考虑它们是否真的对我有益。mohxdxx 248 272 222 382

I don't like to follow the rules. xohwdxx 441 350 167 224
我不喜欢遵守规则。xohwdxx 441 350 167 224

Nothing is more important than family honor. xxtivxs 213 321 182 298 
没有什么比家族荣誉更重要。xxtivxs 213 321 182 298

I value my country's cultural norms. xxtivxs 148 175 203 467
我珍视我国的文化规范。xxtivxs 148 175 203 467

There is nothing worse than being a traitor to your country. xxtivxs 182 228 189 552
没有什么比背叛自己的国家更糟糕的了。xxtivxs 182 228 189 552

I'm not a fan of special protections for minority groups. xxxwxxs 197 593
我不赞成对少数群体给予特殊保护。xxxwxxs 197 593

I prefer clarity and unity to ambiguity and difference. xxtxxxs 274 242
我更喜欢清晰和统一,而不是模糊和差异。xxtxxxs 274 242

In children, good manners are more important than curiosity. xxtixxs 216 202 415
在儿童中,良好的礼貌比好奇心更重要。xxtixxs 216 202 415

In children, respect for elders is more important than independence. xxtixxs  203 262 496
在儿童中,尊重长辈比独立性更为重要。xxtixxs 203 262 496

I believe in law and order. xctivxs 216 345 154 364 2.43
我相信法律和秩序。xctivxs 216 345 154 364 2.43

Relationships are secondary to my life's work. xoxwxxx 165 220  
人际关系在我的人生事业中是次要的。xoxwxxx 165 220

I strongly support the police. xctivxs 186 224 191 229 419  
我坚决支持警察。xctivxs 186 224 191 229 419

I self promote. moxxvxx 393 320 207
我自我推销。moxxvxx 393 320 207

Patriotism is essential to the development of local culture. xxxivxs 171 179 567
爱国主义对地方文化的发展至关重要。xxxivxs 171 179 567

I'm prone to addiction. moxxdxx 196 160 370
我容易上瘾。moxxdxx 196 160 370

I am unhappy when not in a romantic relationship. mxxidxx 346 215 187
没有恋爱关系时我会感到不快乐。mxxidxx 346 215 187

I need something I'm fighting for. motixxxx 167 308 157 148
我需要一个为之奋斗的目标。motixxxx 167 308 157 148

I'm aimless. xxhxdxx 277 580
我感到没有目标。xxhxdxx 277 580

It is very difficult for me to sit still. xoxxdrx 216 175 145
我很难保持静坐。xoxxdrx 216 175 145

If people would talk less and work more, everybody would be better off. xxtxxxs 253 365 
如果人们少说多做,每个人都会过得更好。xxtxxxs 253 365

Every day I work harder on myself than anything else. xotxvxx 277 264 155
我每天都在自我提升上比其他任何事情都更加努力。xotxvxx 277 264 155

I love the uncertainty of what will happen. xohxvex 480 190 149 199 
我喜欢未来不确定会发生什么的感觉。xohxvex 480 190 149 199

Life problems are a good thing. xoxxvex 372 299 165 
生活中的问题是好事。xoxxvex 372 299 165

My country's flag is sacred.  xxxivxs 250 250 453
我国国旗是神圣的。xxxivxs 250 250 453

Pornography is wrong. axxivxx 160 192 171
色情是错误的。axxivxx 160 192 171

Having a family is the most important thing to me.  xxxivxs 327 335 145 
对我来说,拥有一个家庭是最重要的。xxxivxs 327 335 145

I have a pretty face. moxxvxx 361 176 415
我有一张漂亮的脸。moxxvxx 361 176 415

Adulthood is the best time of life. xxtxvxx  182 370
成年是人生中最美好的时光。xxtxvxx 182 370

I have a strong need for power. moxwxxx 441 383 201 
我强烈渴望权力。moxwxxx 441 383 201

I manipulate others to accomplish my objectives. moxwdxx 352 292 305 215
我操纵他人以达成我的目标。moxwdxx 352 292 305 215

I enjoy conflict. 179 339 234 213 moxwdxx 
我喜欢冲突。179 339 234 213 moxwdxx

I am open about myself to others. xxxivxx 320 400 
我向他人坦诚自己。xxxivxx 320 400

The flag of any country is sacred. xxxivxs 285 176 350
任何国家的国旗都是神圣的。xxxivxs 285 176 350

Public shame can drive a lot behavior. mxxxxxs 245 185
公众羞辱能推动许多行为。mxxxxxs 245 185

Avoiding punishment is central to how I act. mxxxdxs 289 258 145
避免惩罚是我行为的中心。mxxxdxs 289 258 145

I tend to ignore the faults of people I admire. mxxidxx 233 215 211
我倾向于忽视我所钦佩的人的缺点。mxxidxx 233 215 211

I tend to ignore the virtues of people I dislike. mxxwdxs 224 149 305 149
我倾向于忽视我不喜欢的人的美德。mxxwdxs 224 149 305 149

I avoid losses at all costs. mxtxdxx 300 157 231 
我无论如何都要避免损失。mxtxdxx 300 157 231

I too easily follow orders. xcxidxs 266 374 160 165
我太容易服从命令。xcxidxs 266 374 160 165

I would like to be the leader of a great tribe. moxxvxx 245 338 161
我希望成为伟大部落的领袖。moxxvxx 245 338 161

It makes sense to be more cooperative with those who share your culture than those that don't. mxxxxxs 187 380
与文化相同的人合作比与文化不同的人合作更有意义。mxxxxxs 187 380

It disturbs me the types of people that have children. xxxxdxs 219 172
那些人生育孩子让我感到不安。xxxxdxs 219 172

Minor forms of military training, obedience, and discipline, such as drill, marching and simple commands, should be made a part of the elementary school educational program. xxtxxxs 204 407
诸如操练、行进和简单命令等军事训练、服从和纪律的初级形式,应成为小学教育课程的一部分。xxtxxxs 204 407

One main difficulty with allowing the entire population to participate fully in government affairs (voting, jobs, etc.) is that such a large percentage is innately deficient and incapable. mxxwdxs 157 223 180 408   
让全体民众充分参与政府事务(如投票、工作等)的主要困难在于,很大一部分人天生有缺陷且无能。mxxwdxs 157 223 180 408

A large-scale system of sterilization would be one good way of breeding out criminals and other undesirable elements in our society and so raise the general standards and living conditions.  xxxwxxs 182 482 
大规模的绝育系统是消除社会中犯罪分子及其他不良分子的一种有效方法,从而提高整体的社会标准和生活条件。xxxwxxs 182 482

When I travel, I like to do what tourists do. mxxixxx 197 257 1.64 
当我旅行时,我喜欢做游客们常做的事情。mxxixxx 197 257 1.64

When I travel, I like to do what the locals do. xoxivxg 227 169 149 150  
旅行时,我喜欢做当地人做的事情。xoxivxg 227 169 149 150

A good system is better than good instincts. xxtxxxs 330 181 
一个好的系统胜过良好的直觉。xxtxxxs 330 181

I have many friends from other cultures. xoxivxg 329 248 190 157
我有许多来自不同文化背景的朋友。xoxivxg 329 248 190 157

Patriotism and loyalty are the first and most important requirements of a good citizen. xxxixxs 230 566 
爱国主义和忠诚是好公民首要且最重要的要求。xxxixxs 230 566

I see people who are similar to me as virtuous. moxxxxs 187 187 202 
我将与我相似的人视为有德之人。moxxxxs 187 187 202

I can be vindictive. moxxdxs 276 171 374 183 
我可能会怀恨在心。moxxdxs 276 171 374 183

Might makes right.  moxxxxs 180 175 380 
强权即公理。moxxxxs 180 175 380

I trust the government. xxtivxx 164 188 264 
我信任政府。xxtivxx 164 188 264

Trust in government is important. xxxivxx 240 172  
对政府的信任很重要。xxxivxx 240 172

I am romantically attracted to members of my own gender. xxxxdxg 311 177   
我对同性成员有浪漫的吸引力。xxxxdxg 311 177

I do not cooperate with people who are different. xxxwxxs 211 439
我不与不同的人合作。xxxwxxs 211 439

I believe in 'survival of the fittest' more than 'we are all in this together'. xoxwdxs 185 335 170 389
我更相信'适者生存'而不是'我们同舟共济'。xoxwdxs 185 335 170 389

Patriotism is the most important requirement of a good citizen. xxxivxs 199 242 505
爱国主义是良好公民最重要的要求。xxxivxs 199 242 505

Diversity is overrated. xxxwxxs 225 573 
多样性被高估了。xxxwxxs 225 573

Everyone should be willing to fight for their country. xxtixxs 152 211 484
每个人都应该愿意为自己的国家而战。xxtixxs 152 211 484

My country should be willing to accept the cultures of immigrants. xxxixxg 241 672 
我的国家应该愿意接受移民的文化。xxxixxg 241 672

Individual rights and liberties are more important than community life. xoxwxxx 167 217
个人权利和自由比社区生活更重要。xoxwxxx 167 217

I am more concerned with physical comforts or the acquisition of wealth and material possessions, than with spiritual, intellectual, or cultural values. mxxwdxs 314 234 215 198
我更关心物质享受或财富和物质财富的积累,而不是精神、智力或文化价值。mxxwdxs 314 234 215 198

I have a genuine desire to unite people. xoxivxg 163 505 194 214 
我真心渴望团结众人。xoxivxg 163 505 194 214

It is important to protect cultural diversity. xxxixxg 287 481 
保护文化多样性至关重要。xxxixxg 287 481

I love travelling to foreign countries. moxivxg 146 242 156 171 171 
我喜欢去国外旅行。moxivxg 146 242 156 171 171

Taxes should be far lower. xoxxdxs 166 157 282 
税收应该大幅降低。xoxxdxs 166 157 282

My country is extremely important to me. xxtivxs 237 242 246 242  
我的国家对我极为重要。xxtivxs 237 242 246 242

Having a biased emotional allegiance to one's favored political party is normal. mxxxxxs 153 169
对所支持的政党怀有偏颇的情感忠诚是正常的。mxxxxxs 153 169

I think I am a superior role model. motxvex 196 202 209 280 145  
我认为自己是一个优秀的榜样。motxvex 196 202 209 280 145

I am gifted at making people laugh. moxixex 185 185 142 179
我擅长逗人发笑。moxixex 185 185 142 179

I'm a big sports fan. xxxxxes 166 147
我是个狂热的体育迷。xxxxxes 166 147

My culture is extremely important to me. xxxivxs 164 243 146
我的文化对我来说极为重要。xxxivxs 164 243 146

There is nothing more important to a functioning society than justice for everyone. xxxixxg 201 202
对于一个正常运转的社会来说,没有什么比为每个人伸张正义更重要了。xxxixxg 201 202

There is nothing more important to a functioning society than freedom for everyone. xxxixxg 156 209
对于一个正常运转的社会来说,没有什么比为每个人争取自由更重要了。xxxixxg 156 209

I frequently assess other people's emotional states by watching their behavior. mxxixxx 165 211
我经常通过观察他人的行为来评估他们的情绪状态。mxxixxx 165 211

It is very important for me to maintain my preferred internal feeling state(s). mxtxxex 143 170 158
对我来说,保持我偏好的内在感受状态非常重要。mxtxxex 143 170 158

I drink alcohol or smoke. mxxxxxx 175
我饮酒或吸烟。mxxxxxx 175

I am thin moxxxxx 214 161
我很瘦,moxxxxx 214 161

I rarely depend on anyone else to get things done. xotxxxx 164 221 
我很少依赖别人来完成事情。xotxxxx 164 221

I readily admit when I'm wrong. axxxvex 183 141 181
我乐于承认错误。axxxvex 183 141 181

I remain calm under pressure. xotxvex 280 157 296 332
我在压力下保持冷静。xotxvex 280 157 296 332

I enjoy exercising. xotxvxx 226 185 267 
我喜欢锻炼。xotxvxx 226 185 267

Not contributing to your country makes you a bad citizen. xxxivxs 242 179 237 
不为国家做贡献,你就不是一个好公民。xxxivxs 242 179 237

I prefer clear lines of social authority. mxtixxs 213 244 153 390  
我更喜欢明确的社交权威界限。mxtixxs 213 244 153 390

Strict social norms can be a good thing. xxtxxxs 171 426  
严格的社会规范可能是件好事。xxtxxxs 171 426

The powerful will always rule the weak. mxxxdxs 224 162 439 
强者总是统治弱者。mxxxdxs 224 162 439

It is best to be on the side of the powerful. mxxwxxs 395 211 410  
最好站在强者一边。mxxwxxs 395 211 410

Force is the best way to deal with conflict. moxwdxs 219 226 226 160 459  
用武力解决冲突是最有效的方式。moxwdxs 219 226 226 160 459

There are two types of people, predators and prey. xoxxdxs  227 261 428  
世界上有两种人,捕食者和猎物。xoxxdxs 227 261 428

I'm more likely to want those I disagree with punished than to try to understand them. mxxwdxs 192 238 292 332  
我更倾向于惩罚与我意见不合的人,而不是试图理解他们。mxxwdxs 192 238 292 332

I am more interested in intellectual pursuits than anything else. xotxxxx 337 273
我对智力追求比其他任何事情都更感兴趣。xotxxxx 337 273

I tend to err on the side of security even if it means playing it too safe or alternately confronting danger. xctidxx 319 154 254 259 
我倾向于选择安全,即使这意味着过于谨慎或相反地面对危险。xctidxx 319 154 254 259

I believe all cultures can coexist peacefully with each other. xxxixxg 203 520  
我相信所有文化都能和平共处。xxxixxg 203 520

I am constantly moving toward that sense of intense stimulation in my relationships. moxxxxx 317 253 
我不断追求在人际关系中那种强烈的刺激感。moxxxxx 317 253

Raising children is essential to my happiness. xxxivxx 326 190  
养育孩子对我的幸福至关重要。xxxivxx 326 190

When I did something wrong growing up I was punished physically. xoxxxex 166 183  
成长过程中,每当我做错事,都会受到体罚。xoxxxex 166 183

If you want wealth, you take it. moxwxex 298 284 249 196
若欲得财富,便去取之。moxwxex 298 284 249 196

I find analytical living rewarding. xotxxxx 252 379
我发现分析性的生活方式颇具回报。xotxxxx 252 379

Fun is the most important thing in life. mohxxex 236 150 172 283 
乐趣是生活中最重要的事情。mohxxex 236 150 172 283

I see other people's success as my failure. mxxxdxx 285 537  
我将他人的成功视为自己的失败。mxxxdxx 285 537

I defend my countrymen and my history because that's how nations survive. xotxxxs 181 179 541  
我捍卫我的同胞和我的历史,因为这是国家得以存续的方式。xotxxxs 181 179 541

If an alien race came to earth tomorrow and was superior based on the values I hold dear, I would adopt their culture. xoxxdxx  143 220 
如果明天有一支外星种族来到地球,并且根据我所珍视的价值观他们更为优越,我会采纳他们的文化。xoxxdxx 143 220

Rules are important. xctixxs 372 494 189 207 
规则很重要。xctixxs 372 494 189 207

Rule of law is important. xctixxs 350 413 162 265 
法治很重要。xctixxs 350 413 162 265

I think we may be heading for a race war.  xoxxdxs 269 316 306 
我认为我们可能正走向种族战争。xoxxdxs 269 316 306

I think we may be heading for a culture war.  xoxxdxs 310 337 354 
我认为我们可能正走向文化战争。xoxxdxs 310 337 354

I think we may be heading for a class war.  xoxxdxx  315 312 
我认为我们可能正走向阶级战争。xoxxdxx 315 312

I am very traditional. xctixxs 180 305 218 345  
我很传统。xctixxs 180 305 218 345

People are responsible for one another. xxxixxg 330 250 
人们彼此负有责任。xxxixxg 330 250

I am very nostalgic. xxxidxx 193 211
我非常怀旧。xxxidxx 193 211

I'm a company man/woman. mxtivxx 240 220 181 179
我是公司的一员。mxtivxx 240 220 181 179

I've bullied people. moxwdxs 187 150 249 185 162 
我曾欺负过人。moxwdxs 187 150 249 185 162

Justice is more important than humility. xxxwxxs 144 205  
正义比谦逊更重要。xxxwxxs 144 205

War is beautiful. xoxwdxs 249 177 201 247 
战争是美丽的。xoxwdxs 249 177 201 247

The normal have exactly zero responsibility to bend reality to cater to the mentally ill.  xxxwxxs 166 448
正常人完全没有责任去扭曲现实以迎合精神病患者。xxxwxxs 166 448

I'm restless. xoxxdxx 212 476
我心神不宁。xoxxdxx 212 476

I'm uptight. xxtxdrx 169 414 339
我感到紧张。xxtxdrx 169 414 339

I am unsettled. xxxxdrx 699 174
我心神不定。xxxxdrx 699 174

I am uneasy.  xxxxdrx 740 187
我感到不安。xxxxdrx 740 187

My country should accept the cultures of immigrants more often than not. xoxxxxg 183 639  
我的国家应该更多地接受移民的文化。xoxxxxg 183 639

Freedom isn't free, it requires change and sacrifice. xotxxxs  153 168 296
自由并非无代价,它需要改变和牺牲。xotxxxs 153 168 296

I'm open to new behavior or opinions and willing to discard traditional values. xoxxxeg  405 309 216
我愿意接受新的行为或观点,并愿意摒弃传统价值观。xoxxxeg 405 309 216

You can't be nice and get ahead in the world. xoxwdxs 150 216 318 307 
在这个世界上,你不能既善良又取得成功。xoxwdxs 150 216 318 307

Not all people are equal. xoxwxxs 174 174 517 
并非所有人都是平等的。xoxwxxs 174 174 517

I prefer suburban living to urban living. axxxxxs 179 177 
相较于城市生活,我更喜欢郊区生活。axxxxxs 179 177

The ends justify the means. moxxdex 167 143 192 263  
目的决定手段的正当性。moxxdex 167 143 192 263

There is no point in helping if the help does not really make a difference. xxxwdxs 287 235 300 
如果帮助并不能真正带来改变,那么帮助也就没有意义。xxxwdxs 287 235 300

Wanting to be the best at anything, even being a country, shouldn't be looked at as a bad thing. mxxxxxs 200 429 
想要在任何事情上,哪怕是成为一个国家,成为最好的,这不应被视为坏事。mxxxxxs 200 429

Selfishness is the natural state of the human condition. mxxwdxs164 238 249 251
自私是人类状况的自然状态。mxxwdxs164 238 249 251

Full list of MOTIVES coded items that is updated regularly (every few weeks) with new experimental items can be found on this page.
定期(每隔几周)更新新实验项目的 MOTIVES 编码项目完整列表可在此页面找到。

Comprehensive Google doc on the MOTIVES personality system is available here.
关于 MOTIVES 人格系统的综合谷歌文档可在此获取。

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