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Coal Mine Cooperative Mining Agreement

Party A: [Party A's Company Name]

Address: [Party A's company address]

Legal representative: [Name of legal representative of Party A]

Party B: [Party B's company name]

Address: [Party B's company address]

Legal representative: [Name of legal representative of Party B]

In view of the fact that Party A has the legal procedures for coal mining rights and hopes to carry out coal mining cooperation with Party B; Party B has the advantages of capital and technical team, and is willing to work with Party A to carry out coal mining work. Based on the principle of mutual benefit and win-win results, the two sides have reached the following cooperative mining agreements through friendly consultation:

1. Basis of cooperation and responsibilities of Party A

1. Party A is responsible for providing the legal procedures for coal mine rights, and ensuring that the procedures provided are true, effective and legal, and there are no ownership disputes or legal risks. The production plan and environmental assessment report for the current year applied by Party A shall be completed within two months.

2. Party A shall actively cooperate with Party B's work, including but not limited to providing necessary information, coordinating the relationship between relevant governments and local villagers, etc., to ensure the smooth progress of coal mining.

2. Scope of cooperation and distribution of benefits

1. Both parties agree to distribute the benefits to Party A based on the calorific value of ≥ 3200 and the unit price of 2.5 US dollars per ton of mined coal. (Based on the actual tonnage loaded)

2. Party B is responsible for investing funds and technical teams to carry out coal mining work, including but not limited to equipment purchase, personnel recruitment, production technology management, etc.

3. During the cooperation period, Party A does not participate in the daily management of coal mining, but has the right to supervise Party B's mining activities to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations and safety production requirements.

3. Party B's Rights and Responsibilities

1. Party B has the right to operate and manage coal mining, and is responsible for comprehensively carrying out coal mining, processing and sales.

2. Party B shall ensure the adequacy of capital investment and equip a professional technical team in a timely manner to ensure the efficient and safe operation of coal mining.

3. Party B shall strictly abide by the relevant national laws and regulations to ensure the legality and safe production of coal mining activities.

Fourth, safety production and environmental responsibility

1. The two sides shall jointly abide by Indonesia's national laws and regulations on production safety and environmental protection, and ensure that coal mining activities are safe and harmless to the environment and people.

2. Party B shall formulate and implement strict safety production and environmental protection measures to ensure that no safety production accidents and environmental pollution incidents occur during the mining process.

3. If an accident or pollution occurs due to violation of safety production or environmental protection regulations, Party B shall bear the corresponding legal responsibility and economic losses.

5. Term and termination of cooperation

1. This cooperative mining agreement shall be valid for 10 years from the date of signing this agreement.

2. After the expiration of the cooperation period, the two parties can negotiate to renew or terminate the agreement according to the actual situation. If one party proposes to terminate the agreement, it shall give 6 months' written notice to the other party.

6. Dispute Resolution

If any dispute arises between the two parties in the course of cooperation, it shall first be resolved through friendly negotiation; If the negotiation fails, either party has the right to submit the dispute to the people's court with jurisdiction for litigation resolution.

7. Other matters

1. If the coal calorific card value in the mining area is less than 3200 kcal, the contract will be terminated naturally, and the two parties may sign a supplementary agreement for matters not covered in this agreement.

2. This Agreement shall be executed in duplicate by both parties, and shall come into force on the date of signature (or seal) by the representatives of both parties.

Party A's representative: [Party A's legal representative personally signed and sealed]

Date of signature: XX/XX/XXXX

Representative of Party B: [Signature and seal of the legal representative of Party B]

Date of signature: XX/XX/XXXX