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第壹部分:單選題(占 88 分)
一、詞彙(占 15分)
說明:第 1 題至第 15 題,每題有 4 個選項, 其中只有一個是正確或最適當的選項, 請畫記在答案卡之「選擇題答案區」。各題答對者,得 1 分;答錯、未作答或畫記多於一個選項者,該題以䨐分計算。
  1. Avenger star Benedict Cumberbatch was credited with coming to the aid of a cyclist without , saving him from gang attack on Marylebone High Street.
    (A) hesitation
    (B) recognition
    (C) motivation
    (D) determination
  2. Although it has been ten years since they graduated from high school, Simon and Jimmy still stay in touch and meet for dinner on weekends.
    (A) similarly
    (B) gratefully
    (C) occasionally
    (D) respectively
  3. Don't place too much trust in Luke. He likes to make promises to please others, but he is not capable of all of them .
    (A) bringing...on
    (B) carrying...out
    (C) picking...up
    (D) paying...off
  4. Sweetness is of the cuisine in Tainan. Once a symbol of wealth, sugar has been used in many delicacies to add a touch of luxury.
    (A) characteristic
    (B) significant
    (C) considerate
    (D) worthy
  5. Music is a gift that we all share. It can our pain, restore our faith, strengthen our compassion and awaken our passion to unfold the amazing mysteries in the world.
    (A) stimulate
    (B) infect
    (C) represent
    (D) soothe
  6. Teenagers long to win
    from their peers to get a sense of belonging. As a result, they may find themselves in conflict with their parents over many things.
    (A) consequence
    (B) proposal
    (C) approval
    (D) certainty
  7. The benefits of extensive reading are too to mention. It helps English learners enlarge vocabulary, sharpen reading skills, and improve writing proficiency, to name but a few.
    (A) impressive
    (B) prosperous
    (C) numerous
    (D) incredible
  8. Joanne frowned and turned in the opposite direction at the sight of her ex-boyfriend two blocks away. she did not want to meet him again.
    (A) Conventionally
    (B) Apparently
    (C) Unfortunately
    (D) Desperately
  9. When Charlie bumped his head on the sharp corner of the bookshelf, he let out an cry of pain.
    (A) involuntary
    (B) unconscious
    (C) innocent
    (D) absolute
  10. The outbreak of the Nipah virus, naturally found in fruit bats across South and Southeast Asia, has caused at least seventeen deaths in India.
    (A) fatal
    (B) enormous
    (C) transported
    (D) horrified
  11. The newly-opened branch of a Japanese bookstore features a spacious layout and stylish modern décor. It's no wonder that its customers mainly fashion lovers and Internet celebrities.
    (A) make for
    (B) deal with
    (C) consist of
    (D) rely on
  12. For many Westerners, the thousand-year-old egg, due to its dark green, grey appearance and jelly-like , falls into the category of bizarre food.
    (A) solution
    (B) command
    (C) moisture
    (D) texture
  13. The Last Judgment, a large fresco in the Sistine Chapel by the Italian artist Michelangelo, the second coming of Christ and the final judgment by God of all humanity.
    (A) persuades
    (B) maintains
    (C) portrays
    (D) devotes
  14. Anne is very strict with her children. If they do not go home after school, she will punish them severely.
    (A) sharp
    (B) roughly
    (C) throughout
    (D) straight
  15. Mr. Wang built his business empire at the of his health. He died an untimely death at forty.
    (A) absence
    (B) expense
    (C) discipline
    (D) trial
說明:第 16 題至第 35 題,每題一個空格,請依文意選出最適當的一個選項,請畫記在答案卡之「選擇題答案區」。各題答對者, 得 1 分;答錯、未作答或畫記多於一個選項者, 該題以䨐分計算。

第 16 至 20 題為題組

Historic talks have taken place between the leaders of North and South Korea, aided by the dish of cold noodles. North Korea's Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un and South Korea's President Moon Jae-in discussed a whole (16) of bilateral issues, including a nuclear-free Korean Peninsula. After Kim Jong-un (17) by becoming the first North Korean leader to cross the border and step foot in the South, he joked about his gift of cold noodles for his counterpart. (18) the meeting, long queues formed outside cold noodle shops in Seoul. On social media, the term "cold noodles" was trending higher than "North KoreaSouth Korea summit"
北韓和南韓領導人在冷面的幫助下進行了歷史性會談。北韓最高領導人金正恩和南韓總統文在寅討論了全部(16)項雙邊問題,其中包括朝鮮半島無核化。金正恩(17 歲)成為第一位越過邊境踏入韓國的北韓領導人後,他開玩笑說自己送給對方一份冷面禮物。 (18日)會議結束後,首爾冷麵店外排隊。在社群媒體上,“冷面”一詞的熱度高於“南北韓峰會”
World leaders were optimistic that the summit would lead to peace between the two Koreas. The two countries are technically still (19) , having never signed a peace treaty since the end of the Korean War in 1953. Many families on either side of the border are now hopeful that better relations between their two countries will (20) them to reunite with family members after decades of separation.
世界領導人對此次峰會將帶來南北韓之間的和平持樂觀態度。從技術上講,兩國仍處於 (19) 狀態,自 1953 年朝鮮戰爭結束以來從未簽署和平條約。闊別數十年後的家人團聚。
16. (A) range (B) bandage (C) herd (D) flock
17. (A) took charge (B) took roots (C) made history (D) made a scene
18. (A) Despite (B) Apart from (C) Thanks to (D) In addition to
19. (A) in danger (B) in vain (C) at gunpoint (D) at war
20. (A) let (B) allow (C) make (D) get
第 21 至 25 題為題組
This March, Facebook founder Mr. Zuckerberg took out full-page advertisements in broadsheet newspapers in the UK and US to say sorry for the data privacy scandal. Zuckerberg was being criticized for being too slow to (21) the news. Personal data on up to 50 million users was used by a U.S. political consultancy called Cambridge Analytica, a company which (22) using the leaked data to benefit Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign. Zuckerberg said, "This was a breach of trust, and I am sorry....We're now taking steps to make sure this doesn't happen again."
今年3月,Facebook創辦人祖克柏在英國和美國的大報刊登了整版廣告,並對資料隱私醜聞表示歉意。祖克柏因反應太慢而受到批評 (21)。一家名為 Cambridge Analytica 的美國政治諮詢公司使用了多達 5000 萬用戶的個人數據,該公司 (22) 利用洩露的數據為唐納德·特朗普 (Donald Trump) 的 2016 年總統競選活動謀取利益。祖克柏表示:“這是對信任的違反,我很抱歉……我們現在正在採取措施,確保這種情況不再發生。”
Zuckerberg acknowledged that Facebook should do more to protect user data and to stop it from being exploited. (23) , it was reported that Facebook had been warned about its weak data protection back in 2011. Zuckerberg outlined the actions Facebook would take going forward: "We're investigating every single app that had (24) to large amounts of data before we fixed this. We expect there are others. And when we find them, we will ban them and tell everyone (25)."
祖克柏承認,Facebook 應該採取更多措施來保護用戶資料並阻止其被利用。 (23) ,據報道,早在2011 年,Facebook 就曾被警告其資料保護薄弱。程序。

21. (A) take on
(B) count on
(C) apologize to
(D) respond to
22. (A) is committed to
(B) is accused of
(C) is known as
(D) is informed of
23. (A) Therefore
(B) Likewise
(C) Without doubt
(D) In fact
24. (A) access
(B) permission
(C) advantage
(D) identity
25. (A) affected
(B) affecting
(C) to affect
(D) that affected

第 26 至 30 題為題組

The health industry has boomed in the past (26), with the desire to achieve peak fitness levels and track progress along the way proving popular with both fitness junkies and those simply wanting to (27) themselves. Technology has made it possible for people to obtain their personal data from their own homes, with smart devices, apps, wearables and personalized services, meaning it has never been easier to know_(28) fast you run, what your blood pressure is and how many calories you are consuming.
健康產業在過去蓬勃發展 (26),健身愛好者和那些只想自己健身 (27) 的人都希望達到巔峰健身水平並跟踪進展情況,這很受歡迎。科技使人們能夠透過智慧型裝置、應用程式、穿戴式裝置和個人化服務從自己的家中獲取個人數據,這意味著了解_(28) 您的跑步速度、血壓是多少以及如何你消耗了很多卡路里。
UK-based Vie's creation of a smart box that provides readings on heart rate, blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol levels, and blood oxygen can help the user detect the early signs of (29) diseases. The simplicity of having such a device in your home provides a preliminary step to take before consulting a professional when tracking health. (30) notable device is a lowcost product that uses temperature to detect skin cancer. The continuation of steady growth in this field can be predicted since the public's desire to be healthy proceeds to grow worldwide.
英國的 Vie 創建了一個智慧盒子,可提供心率、血壓、葡萄糖和膽固醇水平以及血氧讀數,可以幫助使用者檢測 (29) 疾病的早期跡象。在您的家中擁有此類設備的簡單性為您在跟踪健康狀況時諮詢專業人士之前提供了一個初步步驟。 (30) 值得注意的設備是一種利用溫度來檢測皮膚癌的低成本產品。可以預見,由於大眾對健康的渴望在全球範圍內不斷增長,該領域將持續穩定成長。

26. (A) faucet
(B) decade
(C) misery
(D) portion
27. (A) look up
(B) look for
(C) look into
(D) look after
28. (A) why
(B) how
(C) what
(D) where
29. (A) chronic
(B) identical
(C) sympathetic
(D) edible
30. (A) Other
(B) Others
(C) Another
(D) The other

第 31 至 35 題為題組

Depression is not your fault, and you didn't do anything wrong to (31) the problem. However, you do have some control over feeling better. The first step is to ask for help. It can be hard to open up about how you're feeling-especially when you're feeling depressed, hopeless, ashamed, or worthless. (32), it's important to remember that many people may struggle with feelings like these at some point in their life. This doesn't mean you're weak, fundamentally flawed, or no good. As a matter of fact, (33) your feelings and opening up about them with someone you trust will help you feel less alone.
憂鬱症不是你的錯,你也沒有對(31)這個問題做任何錯事。然而,您確實可以控制感覺好一些。第一步是尋求幫助。敞開心扉表達自己的感受可能很困難,尤其是當您感到沮喪、絕望、羞愧或毫無價值時。 (32),重要的是要記住,許多人可能會在生命中的某個時刻與這些感覺作鬥爭。這並不意味著你很弱、有根本缺陷或不好。事實上,(33) 你的感受以及向你信任的人敞開心扉會幫助你感覺不那麼孤獨。
Remember, no matter (34) it feels like, people love and care about you, and if you can pluck up the courage to talk about your depression, it can-and will—be resolved. Some people think that talking about negative feelings will make them worse, but the (35) is almost always true. It is very helpful to share your worries with someone who will listen and care. They don't need to be able to "fix" you; they just need to be good listeners.
請記住,無論 (34) 感覺如何,人們都愛你、關心你,如果你能鼓起勇氣談論你的憂鬱症,它就可以而且一定會得到解決。有些人認為談論負面情緒會讓情緒變得更糟,但(35)幾乎總是正確的。與願意傾聽和關心的人分享您的擔憂是非常有幫助的。他們不需要能夠「修復」你;他們只需要能夠「修復」你。他們只需要成為好的傾聽者。

31. (A) cut down on
(B) bring up
(C) contribute to
(D) leave for
32. (A) Nevertheless
(B) Accordingly
(C) In conclusion
(D) To begin with
33. (A) accept
(B) accepted
(C) accepting
(D) acceptance
34. (A) how
(B) which
(C) what
(D) when
35. (A) opposite
(B) potential
(C) elegant
(D) complicated


說明:第 36 題至第 51 題,每題一個空格,請依文意在文章後所提供的選項中分別選出最適當者,每個選項限選一次,並將其英文字母代號畫記在答案卡之「選擇題答案區」。各題答對者,得 1 分;答錯、未作答或畫記的選項未全對者, 該題以零分計算。首字母大小寫不列入考慮。
第 36 至 43 題為題組
An der schönen blauen Donau, which means "On the Beautiful Blue Danube" in English, is one of the world's most beloved pieces of music. (36) as Austria's second national anthem, it is the most famous waltz ever written-actually not one
waltz but a chain of five interlinked waltz themes. There is, (37) , a rather unusual story behind this catchy, lovely masterpiece. In 1865, Johann Herbeck, choirmaster of the Vienna Men's Singing Society, (38) the celebrated composer Johann Strauss Jr. to write a choral work. The following year, Austria was defeated by Prussia in the Seven Weeks' War. (39) the low morale of the Viennese, Strauss was encouraged to write a joyful piece to lift people's spirit. He (40) inspiration from a poem by Karl Isidor Beck, whose each stanza ended with the lines "On the Danube, beautiful blue Danube," although the Danube could never be described as blue. The choral society's "poet" Josef Weyl later came up with humorous lyrics for the waltz to ridicule the lost war. The premiere of the waltz took place in 1867, but the public's reaction was far from (41) . The performance received only one encore. Later that year, Strauss played the piece at the World Exposition in Paris, without lyrics for the first time. The Parisians were all amazed and enchanted! However, the waltz was still not yet (42) . It was not until 1868 that Strauss (43) the long introduction and the ending that we all now recognize. Since then, the popularity and importance of the Blue Danube has grown in leaps and bounds.
華爾滋而是一連串五個相互關聯的華爾滋主題。 (37) 這部引人入勝、可愛的傑作背後有一個相當不尋常的故事。 1865年,維也納男子歌唱協會合唱團指揮約翰·赫貝克(Johann Herbeck)(38歲)為著名作曲家小約翰·施特勞斯創作了一首合唱作品。隔年,奧地利在七週戰爭中被普魯士擊敗。 (39)維也納人士士氣低落,史特勞斯受到鼓舞,寫出一首歡樂的樂曲來振奮人們的精神。他(40 歲)的靈感來自卡爾·伊西多·貝克(Karl Isidor Beck)的一首詩,詩的每一節都以“多瑙河上,美麗的藍色多瑙河”結束,儘管多瑙河永遠不能被描述為藍色。合唱團的「詩人」約瑟夫·韋爾後來為華爾茲創作了幽默的歌詞,以嘲笑失敗的戰爭。華爾滋首演於1867年,但大眾的反應卻遠非如此 (41) 。演出僅獲得一次加演。同年晚些時候,施特勞斯在巴黎世界博覽會上首次演奏了這首沒有歌詞的作品。巴黎人無不驚嘆不已、著迷不已!然而,華爾滋還沒到來(42)。直到 1868 年,施特勞斯(43)才發表了我們現在都認識的冗長的引子和結尾。從那時起,藍色多瑙河的受歡迎程度和重要性突飛猛進。

A. complete
B. given
C. additionally
D. seen
AB. considered
AC. derived
AD. however
AE. added

E. requested
BC. enthusiastic

第 44 至 51 題為題組

Sherlock Holmes is a fictional detective that was created and advanced by Scottish writer, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The first appearance in print of Sherlock Holmes was in 1887 and over the years he has been (44) in several novels and short stories. Holmes, along with his associate Dr. John Watson, would take on the toughest cases and with the use of logic and forensic science would eventually solve the case and bring the guilty party to (45) .
夏洛克·福爾摩斯是一位虛構的偵探,由蘇格蘭作家阿瑟·柯南·道爾爵士創作和推進。夏洛克·福爾摩斯 (Sherlock Holmes) 首次出現在印刷品中是在 1887 年,多年來他 (44) 出現在多部小說和短篇小說中。福爾摩斯和他的同事約翰·沃森博士將接手最棘手的案件,並利用邏輯和法醫學最終解決案件並將有罪方繩之以法(45)。
Over the years, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's famous detective has appeared in print, radio, television and movies. While each of the various media has varied slightly from each other, the basis of the Holmes and Watson characters has essentially (46) the same. (47) the use of logic in seeing the crime scene and victims, Holmes would eventually determine who (48) the crime. Moreover, Dr. Watson would use his skill and training in forensic science to analyze the crimes. Thanks to the teamwork between the two detectives, they could generally solve the crimes that (49) the police can't solve.
多年來,阿瑟·柯南·道爾爵士筆下的著名偵探出現在印刷品、廣播、電視和電影中。雖然各種媒體之間略有不同,但福爾摩斯和華生角色的基礎基本上 (46) 相同。 (47) 運用邏輯在看到犯罪現場和受害者後,福爾摩斯最終會確定是誰 (48) 犯罪。此外,沃森博士將利用他在法醫學方面的技能和訓練來分析犯罪行為。由於兩位偵探之間的團隊合作,他們通常可以解決(49)警察無法解決的犯罪問題。
For over one hundred years, the character of Sherlock Holmes has been one of the most popular in the mystery and crime (50) . After all, the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and the use of logic and forensic science to solve crimes seem to have set the (51) for future police and detective work.
一百多年來,夏洛克福爾摩斯這個角色一直是懸疑和犯罪小說中最受歡迎的角色之一 (50)。畢竟,夏洛克福爾摩斯的冒險經歷以及運用邏輯和法醫學解決犯罪的故事似乎為未來的警察和偵探工作奠定了(51)的基礎。

A. committed
B. even
AB. genres
AC. through
C. seldom
AD. standard
D. featured
AE. remained
E. justice
BC. appealing
四、篇章結構 (占 5 分)
說明:第 52 題至第 56 題, 每題一個空格。請依文意在文章後所提供的(A)到(E)選項中分別選出最適當者, 填入空格中,使篇章結構清晰有條理,並將其英文字母代號畫記在答案卡之「選擇題答案區」。各題答對者,得 1 分;答錯、未作答或畫記多於一個選項者,該題以零分計算。
Taiwan is planning a blanket ban on single-use plastic items including straws, cups and shopping bags by 2030, officials said Thursday. In other words, restaurants are facing new restrictions from next year. (52) The island's eco-drive has also extended to limiting the use of incense at temples and festivals to protect public health.
官員週四表示,台灣計劃在 2030 年之前全面禁止吸管、杯子和購物袋等一次性塑膠製品。換句話說,從明年開始,餐廳將面臨新的限制。 (52) 島上的生態驅動力也擴展到限制在寺廟和節慶中使用香,以保護公眾健康。
Its new plan will force major chain restaurants to stop providing plastic straws for in-store use from 2019. (53) Consumers will have to pay extra for all straws, plastic shopping bags, disposable utensils and beverage cups from 2025, ahead of a full ban on the single-use items five years later, according to the schedule made by the government's Environmental Protection Administration (EPA). " (54) " said Lai Ying-ying, an EPA official supervising the new program. (55) The EPA aims to reduce the number to 100 by 2025 and to zero by 2030. The government has already banned free plastic shopping bags in major retail outlets including supermarkets and convenience stores.
其新計劃將迫使大型連鎖餐廳從2019 年起停止提供店內使用的塑膠吸管。 ,之後將全面實施。 「(54)」負責監督新計畫的環保署官員賴瑩瑩說。 (55) 美國環保署的目標是到 2025 年將數量減少到 100 個,到 2030 年減少到零。

(A) It is a requirement that will expand to all dining outlets in 2020 .
(B) According to Lai, a Taiwanese person on average uses 700 plastic bags annually.
(C) We aim to implement a blanket ban by 2030 to significantly reduce plastic waste that pollutes the ocean,
(D) It is the latest push by Taiwan to cut waste and pollution after introducing a recycling program and charges for plastic bags.
(E) In the near future, the authorities concerned will be expanding the move to smaller businesses including bakeries and tea stores from this year.




第 57 至 60 題為題組

Micro-plastics in sea ice of the Arctic Ocean have been accumulating at an alarming rate, according to a research team from the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research (AWI). Seventeen different plastic types were discovered in ice samples gathered during three Arctic expeditions in 2014 and 2015, ranging from shopping bags, food packaging, fishing nets, to nylon and polyester found in synthetic fabrics. "Micro-plastics are now ubiquitous within the surface waters of the world's ocean," sea ice physicist Jeremy Wilkinson commented on AWI's study. That is, no waters are free of micro-plastics.
阿爾弗雷德韋格納極地和海洋研究所(AWI)的研究小組表示,北冰洋海冰中的微塑膠正在以驚人的速度累積。在 2014 年和 2015 年三次北極探險期間收集的冰樣本中發現了 17 種不同的塑膠類型,從購物袋、食品包裝、漁網到合成織物中發現的尼龍和聚酯。海冰物理學家傑里米·威爾金森 (Jeremy Wilkinson) 對 AWI 的研究評論道:“微塑料現在在世界海洋的表層水域中無處不在。”也就是說,沒有一種水是不含微塑膠的。
Less than five millimeters long, about the size of a sesame seed, micro-plastics come in the form of "micro-beads" used in face scrubs and toothpaste, or are created when larger pieces are degraded by temperature changes or ocean wave action. So
small are they that they can easily be ingested by Arctic micro-organisms on which fish feed.
For the study, the AWI research team used a spectrometer to cover the ice cores with infrared light. They then analyzed the radiation reflected by these tiny fragments to trace their likely origins. Samples from the Canada Basin, fed by water from the northeast Pacific via the Bering Strait, were high in polyethylene used in packaging material. The team speculated these particles came mainly from the so-called Great Pacific Garbage Patch- a swirling plastic dump in the ocean now bigger than France, Germany and Spain combined.
在這項研究中,AWI 研究小組使用光譜儀用紅外光覆蓋冰芯。然後他們分析了這些微小碎片反射的輻射,以追蹤它們可能的來源。來自加拿大盆地的樣品,透過白令海峽從東北太平洋注入水,包裝材料中使用的聚乙烯含量很高。研究團隊推測這些顆粒主要來自所謂的太平洋垃圾帶——海洋中的一個旋轉塑膠垃圾場,現在比法國、德國和西班牙的總和還要大。
The contribution of micro-plastics to ocean pollution is unclear. According to environmental group WWF, 8.8 million tonnes of plastic enters the oceans every year. On current trends, warns the UN, there will be more plastic than fish in the sea by 2050. Other studies have also recently warned that humans are unknowingly swallowing micro-plastics from shellfish, tap water and bottled water.
微塑膠對海洋污染的影響尚不清楚。據環保組織世界自然基金會稱,每年有 880 萬噸塑膠進入海洋。聯合國警告說,按照目前的趨勢,到 2050 年,海洋中的塑膠數量將超過魚類。
  1. Which of the following is closest in meaning to "ubiquitous"?
    (A) Tough
    (B) Similar
    (C) Harmful
    (D) Common
  2. Which of the following is NOT discussed in the passage?
(A) The potential sources of micro-plastics.
(B) The qualities and forms of micro-plastics.
(C) The research method of a team from AWI.
(D) The exact threat micro-plastics pose to humans' health.
  1. What is the purpose of the passage?
(A) To warn the public of the micro-plastic pollution.
(B) To analyze the possible causes of global ocean pollution.
(C) To discourage the use of micro-beads in face scrubs and toothpaste.
(D) To call people's attention to the link between climate change and micro-plastics.
  1. What does the "fragments" in paragraph 3 refer to?
    (A) Ice cores
    (B) Micro-plastics
    (C) Micro-organisms
    (D) Packing materials made from polyethylene

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Saudi Arabia has become the first country to grant a robot citizenship, which can be interpreted as an attempt to promote itself as a place to develop artificial intelligence. The humanoid robot, named Sophia, was regarded as a Saudi citizen in a business event Future Investment Initiative in Riyadh. "Thank you to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I am very honored and proud for this unique distinction," Sophia told the panel moderator Andrew Ross Sorkin. "It is historic to be the first robot in the world to be recognized with citizenship." There then followed an interview during which Mr. Sorkin asked the robot a series of questions, echoing concerns previously raised by Elon Musk that AI could be dangerous if it were to go rogue and turn on humanity. About this, Sophia said that people needed not worry about the rise of AI as depicted in The Terminator, insisting she wanted to use AI only to "help humans live a better life."
沙烏地阿拉伯成為第一個授予機器人公民身份的國家,這可以理解為試圖將自己宣傳為發展人工智慧的地方。在利雅德舉行的未來投資倡議商業活動中,這款名為索菲亞的人形機器人被視為沙烏地阿拉伯公民。 「感謝沙烏地阿拉伯王國。我對這項獨特的榮譽感到非常榮幸和自豪,」索菲亞告訴小組主持人安德魯·羅斯·索金。 “成為世界上第一個獲得公民身份的機器人具有歷史意義。”在隨後的訪談中,索爾金向機器人提出了一系列問題,這呼應了馬斯克先前提出的擔憂,即如果人工智慧失控並攻擊人類,它可能會很危險。對此,索菲亞表示,人們不必擔心《魔鬼終結者》中描繪的人工智慧的崛起,她堅稱自己只想利用人工智慧「幫助人類過上更好的生活」。
While the country might be celebrating the rights it has given to female-appearing robots, quite a few internet users thought the move absolutely outrageous. Soon after Saudi Arabia's Center for International Communication, part of the government's ministry for culture and information, tweeted the announcement, it was met with backlash, with many netizens asking why a robot seemed to have enjoyed more rights than women in the country. Specifically, they noted Sophia addressed the audience in English without the customary headscarf and abaya, a traditional cloak which Saudi women are obliged to wear in public. Also, she was not traveling with a male guardian, a rule of the Saudi guardianship system where every woman must have a male companion with her in public, usually a close family member, who has authority to act on her behalf.
  1. Which of the following is closest in meaning to "outrageous"?
    (A) Creative
    (B) Shocking
    (C) Advanced
    (D) Entertaining
  2. What is the attitude of the author?
    (A) Critical
    (B) Worried
    (C) Hopeful
    (D) Objective
  3. According to the passage, which of the following statements is true?
(A) Sophia was intelligent enough to thank Saudi Arabia for the honor on Twitter.
(B) Elon Musk once expressed his worry about the rapid development of AI.
(C) Sophia announced her plans to help humans live a better life in the interview.
(D) The act of granting a robot citizenship was fiercely attacked by the UN's Center for International Communication
  1. According to the passage, in the Saudi's culture females cannot .
(A) deliver a speech in English to male audience
(B) dress themselves in traditional clothing to attend international events
(C) walk to the bus station without the company of a male family member
(D) express their attempt to cooperate with the opposite sex to improve humans' life

Science Experiment at Home

Introduction & Motivation:

Many foods need to be refrigerated in order to stay fresh and edible. Some foods don't need to be but most, especially dairy products, do. What type of food do you think will mold the fastest when placed in a cabinet together? What type of food will go bad first? It is important to know as some molds can make you very sick if eaten.
Research Question:
Banana / Cheese / Milk / Bread / A cabinet in which to place the samples for one week
Paper and pencil / Camera

Experiment Procedures

  1. First take all your samples and make sure they are not molded yet and that they are still fresh.
  2. Pour the milk in a glass and place it in the cabinet that you have chosen to use for your experiment.
  3. Next take the banana, cheese and bread and place them in all separate dishes.
  4. Then put them in the same cabinet. (It is important for them to all be in the same place for more accurate results because of the temperature of the area.)
  5. Check your samples and take a picture of each sample on a daily basis for a week and record your results in the table below.
Type of Food Date of showing signs of mold
Bread Day
Cheese Day
Milk Day
Banana Day

Results And Data Analysis

After a week, we looked at all our results. It turned out that the milk molded the most. It started to show signs of mold in three days. The cheese and bread both showed signs of mold on the fourth day. 68
  1. The above information is most likely to be found in .
(A) the editorial section of a newspaper
(B) a monthly journal of social sciences
(C) a website for online biology education
(D) the flier for a new food product
  1. According to the introduction and motivation, which of the following is most likely to be the research question for this experiment?
(A) Is it good for us to eat food put in the refrigerator for a week?
(B) Which of the foods should not be put in a cabinet?
(C) Which type of food molds the fastest in the same place: banana, milk, bread or cheese?
(D) Is the refrigerator a better place to keep food than a cabinet?
  1. Why is it important to put all the samples in the same place?
(A) To make the experiment more complex.
(B) To make it easier for the scientist to check the samples.
(C) To get more reliable data.
(D) To prevent the samples from going bad.
  1. According to the table of the experiment results, which of the following is most likely to be the last statement in the data analysis?
(A) Finally, the banana which showed signs of mold the least stayed fresh till about the sixth day.
(B) Similarly, banana also showed signs of mold on the sixth day.
(C) Lastly, all of the food samples went bad except banana.
(D) Food samples including bread, cheese and milk showed signs of mold on the same day

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The Federer-Nadal rivalry, often referred to as Fedal, is between professional tennis players, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, who currently occupy the two top spots in the ATP Rankings and are widely regarded as the two greatest players of all time. The two went head to head for the first time in 2004 when the Spaniard, then 17 years old, stunned the Swiss ace who was world no. 1 back then. Who, then, would've imagined that these two would go on to not only be among the greatest to have ever graced the sport but also treat the world by producing tennis of the highest quality? In the minds of the fans of the sport, even though the two have left their ever lasting impressions on the game, their ways of doing so have been quite contrasting.
費德勒與納達爾的競爭,通常被稱為“費達爾”,是在職業網球運動員羅傑·費德勒和拉斐爾·納達爾之間進行的,他們目前佔據ATP 排名的兩位前茅,被廣泛認為是有史以來最偉大的兩位球員。 2004年,兩人首次正面交鋒,當時年僅17歲的西班牙人擊敗了世界排名第一的瑞士王牌選手。 1 那時。那麼,誰會想到這兩個人不僅會成為這項運動史上最偉大的人物之一,還會透過生產最高品質的網球來對待世界呢?在球迷心目中,儘管兩人在比賽中留下了深刻的印象,但他們的做法卻截然不同。
Federer, as we all know, is the one who adds ace to grace. His lighter-than-air movements, the effortlessness in his shots and his Godlike backhand makes you wonder if he is even real. Nadal, on the other hand, is very much human. He is a human
who struggles and strives for greatness owing to his determination. When we think of Nadal, what comes to mind is his dominance on clay and his injuries. But what we usually tend to overlook is his unreasonable and futile relentlessness. That is what Rafael is all about. He tries and tries and eventually succeeds.
Over the years, the two have mesmerized the world with their long, tiring yet beautiful rallies, with their powerful yet precise and accurate aces and, above all, their remarkable display of sportsmanship every time they were on either sides of the court. It seems to the fans that both of them needed each other to reach where they are. They needed that worthy opponent who makes them want to do better, and while doing so achieve the unthinkable.
  1. According to the above information, how old was Roger Federer when he first met Rafael Nadal in a tennis match?
    (A) 17
    (B) 22
    (C) 27
    (D) 30
  2. What can we infer from the two numbers, 15 and 23, beside their photo?
(A) Their respective age when they turned professional.
(B) Their individual rankings in the ATP World Tour.
(C) The number of their wins when they meet each other in a match.
(D) The number of their total wins in their professional tennis career.
  1. Which of the following statements is NOT mentioned in the information given above?
(A) Rafael Nadal amazes tennis fans with his strong determination in trying to win in a match.
(B) Roger Federer is well-known for his light movement, effortless shots and excellent backhands.
(C) Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal considered each other a worthy and inspiring opponent.
(D) Obviously, both Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal hold a hostile attitude toward each other because of their rivalry.
  1. Which of the following statements is NOT true about Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal?
(A) The two top professional tennis players are of pretty much the same body type.
(B) Top professional tennis players as they both are, they have different styles and techniques in playing tennis.
(C) Federer has won less prize money in his entire career since he has fewer wins when playing against Nadal.
(D) Both of them turned professional before they reached the age of 20 .
第負部份:非選擇題(每題4分, 占 12 分)
  1. James 跟 Jill求婚後十指交叉等著她的回覆。(用with 句型)
  2. 無論你成功或失敗, 記得感謝一路支持你的家人。
  3. 昨天我要是沒卡在車陣中, 我原本能搭上返家的火車。


臺中市立臺中第一高級中學 107 學年度學術性向資賦優異【語文類】
1. A 2. C 3. B 4. A 5. D 6. C 7. C 8. B 9. A 10. A
11. C 12. D 13. C 14. D 15. B 16. A 17. C 18. C 19. D 20. B
21. D 22. B 23. D 24. A 25. A 26. B 27. D 28. B 29. A 30. C
31. C 32. A 33. C 34. C 35. A 36. D 37. 38. E 39. B 40. AC
41. BC 42. A 43. 44. D 45. E 46. 47. AC 48. A 49. B 50. AB
51. AD 52. 53. A 54. C 55. B 56. E 57. D 58. 59. A 60. B
61. B 62. D 63. B 64. C 65. C 66. C 67. C 68. A 69. B 70.
71. D 72. C