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Chapter 2: Behind enemy lines
第 2 章:敌后

Notes: 备注

Notes: So it is slightly impossible to find real ancient Brittonic words / language so I will be using the closest we have to remnants of that language and according to the internet searches I did that language is Welsh! For this story I will be using Welsh words occasionally for Henry to use / reference. Also if anyone has more in depth knowledge of this time period shoot me a note and I would love to discuss! I’m having a lot of fun with it.

Chapter Text 章节正文

Alexander  亚历山大

“Orders from the front lines, find the prince and bring him before the General! Do not underestimate his status, he has slain one of our own!” 
"来自前线的命令 找到王子 把他带到将军面前不要低估他的身份 他杀了我们自己人!"

A singular scent cut through the chaos of Verulamium’s final stand. 

His mother’s army had been victorious at the northern border. Facets of soldiers stationed there began to filter into the main city walls to aid in the containing of resources. This land was valuable and needed to be treated as such; once it has been properly tamed. 

Young, Omega Prince Henry, who was currently missing in a city of thousands, was key to this process. 

In his hands he clutched a small book of sewn together parchment, recently pillaged from the castle. Of all the items he found in the remnants of the prince’s chambers, this held the strongest scent. It must be of great importance. His fingers gently traced the pages, getting just glimpses of words. His understanding of Britonnic is geared towards speaking, written texts of the language being hard to come by in normal circumstances, but one word jumps out enough to be remembered. 


Love. Did the prince have a secret lover? All intel his people managed to gather before the march on Verulamium suggested the opposite, that the omega prince was studious, kind hearted, reserved at clan functions and most importantly, unmated. He’ll have to get the prince to translate for him and hear directly from the poet himself. 

He breathed in deeply, filling every centimeter of his olfactory system with his target's unique scent. Alexander was something of an Apex Alpha, impeccable breeding with a long bloodline of Alpha and Omega pairings granting him enhanced senses. As a child these enhancements, as his mother referred to them, made him feel special. He was faster and stronger than the other children. He could see and hear movement before all others, often besting Alphas and Betas much older than him in training. The world was loud and present and it excited him endlessly. No dream was too far-fetched for Alexander. 
他深深地吸了一口气,目标的独特气味充满了他嗅觉系统的每一厘米。亚历山大是一位顶级阿尔法,他的血统无可挑剔,阿尔法和欧米茄的配对使他的感官得到了增强。小时候,他母亲所说的这些增强功能让他觉得自己很特别。他比其他孩子更快、更强壮。他能比其他人更早地看到和听到动静,在训练中经常战胜比他大得多的 "字母 "和 "贝塔"。这个世界喧嚣而真实,让他兴奋不已。对亚历山大来说,没有什么梦想是不切实际的。

Then, as a young teenager when growing pains are at their most cruel, the people around him began to look at his gifts as something that needed controlling, needed suppressing. Where once he was a charming boy with too much energy and passion he was now a threat that needed a careful eye to ensure the path he walked did not lead to destruction of the status quo. 

He remembered turning to his mother in despair, pleading with her for help. He was afraid of the empire’s doctors. The various oils and supplements they forced down his throat made his world duller and less exciting. His stomach ached for hours after ingesting and what little he could eat tasted bland and unappetizing. He was still moderately faster and stronger than most, but he felt disconnected from his instincts, the root of who he is. 

“I know this is difficult sakkharon ,” Ellen of Claremont-Diaz said as she held her young son’s face close to her chest, his shoulders shaking as he struggled to contain his tears. “I went through something similar when I was your age and look at me now, a General in our Emperor’s army. A peasant girl with a very small future now tasked with an ever expanding realm.” 

Alexander raised his head to look at his mother’s face, “Soon to be High General.” He quipped before burying his face once again in her comforting scent. 

“We have a few more years to go before that darlin’, but the confidence means the world to me.” She pressed a kiss into the dark curls of Alexander’s hair. “Be patient with yourself and trust in your strength. You are destined for greatness my sweet son, it just will take a bit more time.” 

He has taken those words to battle with him since that moment and he has yet to face defeat.  

A moment of concentration and deep breathing is all he needs to sense him. He can smell his sweat and fear towards the northeast end of the city, but he’s not alone. Wet, matted fur from the earlier rain and dampness from the great lawn works to mute its master’s true scent, only allowing him to pick up the baser notes and if enough time passes it will become more difficult to distinguish; he needs to work fast. 

Alexander takes off in a sprint, not bothering to alert his Lieutenant. As he gets closer he begins to pick up notes of lavender, ink and parchment. His stomach clenches and he lets out a low rumble as he picks up the pace; he’s still about 30 yards away and this little prince is the most enticing omega he has ever encountered. 
亚历山大奋力冲刺,顾不上提醒他的中尉。随着距离越来越近,他开始闻到薰衣草、墨水和羊皮纸的味道。他的胃紧缩着,发出低沉的隆隆声,加快了脚步;他离这个小王子还有大约 30 码的距离,而这个小王子是他遇到过的最诱人的欧米茄。

When he tracks him to the alley a flash of blonde hair is the first thing he sees. Even matted with soot and sweat the omega’s hair shines to him like a beacon. He wants it between his fingers gripped in passion and safely resting on his bare shoulder in the aftermath. 

As he stepped closer and took in more of the omega prince’s features, he knew he was in trouble. Prince Henry’s beauty went far beyond the pages of reports his mother’s spies sent them. The Briton’s face and lithe body more closely resembled the statues of the gods gracing his homeland than any person he had ever seen. What took the breath from his body, however, were his eyes. Hopelessly expressive, he could read the pain and despair held within the deep blue of them. He hated to be the cause of further pain, but he had his orders. 

Alexander truly tried to the best of his abilities to reason with Henry, his better judgment and warrior instinct clouded by omega pheromones and an unreasonably plush mouth. He meant it when he said he meant no harm. Unlike some of his brethren, there was no joy for him in harming the innocent. 

Henry’s dirty little trick, however, proved him to be anything but. 

He had never been caught off guard like that in his twenty two years of life. How dare this omega spit in the face of his kindness. Did he have any idea what could have happened to him if he had not gotten there first? A few bites and a bit of smacking around was child’s play compared to what Miguel or Richards would have done to him if they found him alone in the alley. 

Humiliation at being bested and desire to see this beautiful man submit to his force blended quickly into a frenzy of violence and teeth. His jaw latched onto the prince’s chest, collarbone and soft stomach until blood rushed to the surface. The ache to sink his fangs into Henry’s mating gland transitioned into a vice grip by his hand - he was under strict orders to keep him unclaimed. 

He could smell how the attention from his mouth was affecting the poor prince. Only someone untouched could be this reactive, it made his inner Alpha purr at being the first to taste this exquisite creature. 


He’ll later admit the endearment slipped, but it was fitting for the moment with all of his fighting and squawking to be freed. Only when the omega passed out did the weight of his actions affect him. The marks and bruises he left behind were extensive; a portrait of his lost control. He traced the deep bruise from his backhand and vowed to be better. Knowledge of the plan his mother held for omega’s fate was not something he was privy to. 

He only hoped he was involved in some small way to earn forgiveness. And of the gods will it, perhaps something more. 


When Henry awoke he was alone, and for that he was grateful. 

His entire body ached from yesterday’s ordeal and he was so thirsty he could weep. He winced as he shifted up into a seated position on the pallet of furs he was placed on, the comfort and warmth of it a deeply confusing contrast in the wake of his family’s ruin. The omega was inside a spacious tent, warm and protected from the elements, the fabric of it thick and blood red with golden accents. His thoughts wandered to his mother and sister, praying to anything that would listen that they woke up warm and sheltered. He dared not let his thoughts wander to Philip for too long, only hoping that his death was quick and he was at rest with all those who fell defending their land.  

Upon lifting the blankets from his body Henry realized he was dressed in new clothing, a simple blue tunic with matching trousers. The fabric was soft, clearly well made, and had a familiar scent…

Alexander.  亚历山大

The knowledge that Alexander had undressed and redressed him caused him to wretch. He lightly traced one of the bite marks on his collarbone and wished for a mirror to see the extent of the damage. An Alpha’s mouth had never been close enough for a kiss let alone bites

Now fully awake, apprehension wormed its way into his stomach. He could hear a multitude of voices and movement outside of his tent, having him guess he was in a central location. He wasn’t tied down or constrained but that’s because they didn’t need to. Where would he go? Where even was the location of the camp? His home was in ruins and he was the most alone he had ever been. 

Ah, you’re finally awake! ” 

Henry’s attention snapped to the front of the tent where a young beta woman, no older than he was, stood with a tray and a smile. Her tightly curled hair was pulled into a series of buns and her style of dress led him to believe she was a high ranking soldier recovering from battle. Most of the serious armor was missing from her person but the medals and light leathers she wore signified her status. He remained silent but eyed the jug of water, his throat constricting with a dry swallow. 

“Oh I apologize, I thought you spoke Roman? I’ve brought you some food and water.” The beta woman crouched down before him to place the tray next to the bed. “My name is Nora.” 

Henry nodded before clutching onto the jug, taking deep gulps of cool water, a bit of it trickling down the sides of his face. In his haste he began to choke. 

“Take it easy! You’re injured and will be suffering from extended smoke inhalation, the last thing we need is for you to vomit.” 

In between coughs he glared at her, “ Don’t pretend to act concerned when you are the cause of my suffering . That smoke was coming from the homes of my people which you had destroyed .” 

“Told you he speaks Roman.”

Henry froze and placed the jug back onto the ground and quickly wiped away the water from his face. Alexander walked into the tent like it was his own personal chambers and sat down eye level with him and Nora, acting completely at ease. 

Yeah yeah you didn’t tell me he was so dramatic. He wears his emotions so clearly on his face, I’m surprised he got you so good yesterday. ” 

Dramatic. Truly that must be a joke. Anger simmered in his body but he held his tongue for now, his body too weathered for any kind of a fight. He took large bites of bread and some kind of cheese to prevent him from saying anything he would later regret. 

He’s a tough one, don’t let that pretty face fool you .” Alexander’s gaze zeroed in on Henry’s who tried to make himself look as unappetizing as possible, eating everything with no regard to the manners instilled in him by his mother. 

We’re not going to starve you, you don’t have to act like this is your last meal. ” 

Henry swallowed and chose his next words carefully. “ And how would I know? I could have woken up for my public execution , you Roman’s love those. Might I suggest investing in a play or music to entertain the masses instead of murder? Less mess to clean up. ” 

Nora let out a snort of laughter while Alexander replied with conviction. “I know you don’t believe me, I wouldn’t if I were in your position, but I was serious when I said you were important. I regret what transpired yesterday and will not allow further harm to come to you if I can at all help it but you must cooperate .” 

That is what scares me the most.” Henry replies, drinking the last of the water.