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No-Code AI
Decision-Making Software
无代码 AI 决策软件

Build a predictive model in a few clicks and get actionable

business insights. 业务洞察。
Software as a Service. No coding is required. Enhance your decision-making

process with cutting-edge AI and boost your productivity
使用尖端 AI 进行处理并提高您的生产力
Reduce risks by up  将风险降低多达
to 45% 至 45%
Improve your credit  提高您的信用
portfolio 投资 组合
Reveal value of your  揭示您的价值
data insights 数据洞察
Predict churn and retain  预测客户流失率和保留率
customers 客户

Automated Decision-Making Platform

Say goodbye to antiquated spreadsheets and static data visualization! Embrace the power of AI and gain a glimpse into the future. GiniMachine algorithms not only simulate and compare, but they also ignite your strategic action plan.
告别过时的电子表格和静态数据可视化!拥抱 AI 的力量,一窥未来。GiniMachine算法不仅可以模拟和比较,还可以激发您的战略行动计划。

No need to have ML engineers or large teams of data scientists on board. GiniMachine AI-powered decisioning platform can process terabytes of historical data. It builds, validates, and deploys predictive models in minutes, not days.
无需 ML 工程师或大型数据科学家团队。GiniMachine AI 驱动的决策平台可以处理数 TB 的历史数据。它可以在几分钟内构建、验证和部署预测模型,而不是几天。

Credit Scoring 信用评分

Sweep away the limitations of traditional credit scoring. Empower your business with AI underwriting decision software, unlocking the potential to extend loans to even thin-file borrowers. Discover the perfect harmony between maximizing profits and managing risks.
扫除传统信用评分的局限性。使用 AI 承保决策软件为您的企业赋能,释放向单薄借款人提供贷款的潜力。发现利润最大化与风险管理之间的完美协调。

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Collection Scoring 集合评分

GiniMachine helps to prioritize debtors primed for fast payback. It suggests the most effective collection tools, be it calls, messages, or other methods, based on scoring parameters. The outcome? A significant boost in productivity for collection businesses and a swift goodbye to time wasted on non-performing debts.

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Fast and Free Credit Department Audit

Check your credit department on biases and human errors using a comprehensive guide from GiniMachine. You will receive it right away.

No-Code AI Predictive
无代码 AI 预测建模

GiniMachine is an AI-powered decision management platform that enables
GiniMachine 是一个人工智能驱动的决策管理平台,能够实现

balanced decision-making across a variety of business types. Select your industry

to explore the advanced features of GiniMachine.
探索 GiniMachine 的高级功能。
Building a model 构建模型
Unlock precision with just 1000 raw records of past business decisions and their outcomes. GiniMachine automatically deciphers the most impactful factors leading to a positive or negative result.
只需 1000 条关于过去业务决策及其结果的原始记录,即可实现精确度。GiniMachine自动破译导致积极或消极结果的最有影响力的因素。
Validating 验证
GiniMachine crafts a predictive model from the historical data you provide. It also self-assesses its own accuracy and suitability for business forecasting, all in a matter of seconds.
Deployment 部署
Unleash the power of prediction by uploading your latest data. The predictive model deciphers the influence of each variable, predicting the decision that will drive your success.

Debt Collection
Agencies 收债公司

AI software for debt collection agencies fuses data analytics and machine learning to maximize debt recovery efficiency. Focus your collection efforts on accounts brimming with repayment potential, optimizing resources and trimming operational costs. GiniMachine crafts tailor-made debt collection strategies, creating a streamlined workflow that minimizes manual labor.

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Alternative Lenders 替代贷方

GiniMachine scores credit applications and loans using diverse alternative data sources, from rental and utility payments to

asset ownership and public records. It’s like having a crystal

ball as it zeroes in on high-risk assets and anticipates loan

repayments. Streamline your operations with an automated

pre-approval system for incoming applications and fine-tune

your credit portfolio risk.

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Unlock the power of AI for your financial business. Test
为您的金融业务释放 AI 的力量。测试

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GiniMachine 免费 2 周。
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