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Chilanga Cement PLC
Terms & Conditions
for Non Unionised Staff
Hay 1 and Hay 15
Effective:1st January 2022


A. Definitions ..... 3
1.0 Introduction ..... 4
2.0 Basic Pay Salaries ..... 4
2.1 Job Evaluation ..... 4
3.0 Probation
4.0 Resignation and Termination ..... 5
5.0 Hours of Work ..... 5
Leave ..... 5
6.1 Annual Leave
6.2 Sick Leave ..... 6
6.3 Medical Discharge ..... 7
6.4 Compassionate Leave ..... 7
6.5 Family Responsibility Leave ..... 7
6.6 Maternity Leave ..... 7
6.7 Nursing Break ..... 8
6.8 Paternity Leave ..... 8
6.9 Study Leave ..... 9
7.0 Housing
8.0 Business Travel
8.1 Travel Within Zambia ..... 10
8.2 Travel Outside Zambia ..... 10
8.3 Class of Air Travel ..... 11
8.4 Local Removal and Disturbance Allowance ..... 11
8.5 Repatriation Benefits ..... 11
9.0 Overtime Payment ..... 12
10.0 Acting Allowance ..... 12
11.0 Extra Responsibility Allowance ..... 12
120 Child Education Benefit ..... 12
13.0 Shift Allowance ..... 13
14.0 Standby Allowance ..... 13
15.0 Employee Contribution Welfare Loan- ..... 13
16.0 Use of Own Vehicle on Company Business ..... 13
16.1 Personal Car Mileage ..... 13
16.2 Transport Allowance ..... 14
17.0 Company Vehicle ..... 14
18.0 Service and Terminal Benefits ..... 14
18.1 Pension Scheme and Retirement Age ..... 14
18.2 NAPSA ..... 14
18.3 Redundancy Benefits ..... 14
18.4 Separation Benefits ..... 15
18.5 Gratuity ..... 15
18.6 Long Service Award ..... 15
19.0 Funeral Grant ..... 15
20.0 Membership to Professional Institutions and Clubs ..... 16
21.0 Medical Benefits ..... 16
22.0 Staff Development and Training ..... 16
23.0 Income Tax ..... 17
24.0 Disciplinary Code and Grievance Procedure ..... 17
25.0 Environment, Health and Safety ..... 17
These Terms and Conditions of Employment (hereinafter referred to as "Conditions of Service") replace any previous Terms and Conditions, which are hereby cancelled. These Terms and Conditions are effective 1st January 2022 and will be reviewed and amended at management's discretion as required. The Staff Association will be engaged in the review.
这些雇佣条款与条件(以下简称“服务条款”)取代任何先前的条款与条件,现已被取消。这些雇佣条款与条件自 2022 年 1 月 1 日起生效,并将根据管理层的裁量进行审查和修订。员工协会将参与审查。


(i) "Company" shall mean Chilanga Cement Plc
(ii) "Dependant shall mean a spouse or biological child of an Employee or a legally adopted child of an Employee and registered with Chilanga Cement Plc. For the purposes of this definition, a child shall mean a person under the age of 21 years and who is either normally resident with the Employee or maintained by him/her in full time education. The number of eligible registered dependants shall be upto a maximum of four (4).
(ii) "受扶养人应指雇员的配偶或生物子女,或雇员的合法领养子女,并在 Chilanga Cement Plc 注册。根据此定义,子女应指年龄不超过 21 岁的人,且通常与雇员同住或由雇员全日制教育。符合条件的受扶养人数最多可达四名(4 名)。
(iii) "EXCO" shall mean Executive Committee
(iv) "Employer" shall mean Chilanga Cement Plc.
(v) "Employee" shall mean all those Non-Unionised persons who in return for wages, enters into a contract of employment on Permanent and Pensionable, Short Fixed Term Contract or Long Fixed Term Contract (excluding a temporal or casual employee) with the foresaid Employer and are reckoned as such under the provisions of the Employment Code Act No. 3 of 2019.
“雇员”指的是所有那些非工会人员,他们为工资而签订永久和养老金制度、短期固定期限合同或长期固定期限合同(不包括临时或临时雇员)与上述雇主签订雇佣合同,并根据 2019 年《就业法典第 3 号》的规定被视为这样。
(vi) "HOD" shall mean Head of Department.
(vii) "Management shall mean an employee who is empowered to make management decisions or an employee that is entrusted with Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations functions or reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer.
(vii) "管理人员"指的是被授权做出管理决策或被委托从事人力资源管理和劳资关系职能或直接向首席执行官汇报的雇员。
(viii) Shift Worker shall mean an employee who works according to a schedule outside the normal pattern of to or 08:00 hrs to 17:00hrs. Particularly when operations are on 24 hour basis.
(viii) 轮班工人指的是按照 或 08:00 至 17:00 的正常工作时间表之外的时间表工作的雇员。特别是在 24 小时运营的情况下。
(ix) "Basic pay" means the standard rate of pay before additional payments such as allowances and bonuses for a period not exceeding one month.
(x) "Full pay" means basic pay, allowances and the cash equivalent of any allowances in kind applicable for a period not exceeding one month, but does not include payments in respect of any bonus.
(xi) "Gratuity" means a payment made to an employee in respect of a person's service on the expiry of a long-Fixed term contract of employment based on basic pay earnings that have accrued to the employee during the term of service.
(xii) "Long Term Fixed contract" means a contract of employment for a period of twelve months or exceeding twelve months or the performance of a task or project over a specified period of time with fixed termination date in advance by both parties.
(xiii) "Short Term Fixed contract" means a contract of employment not exceeding twelve months.
(xiv) "Temporary Employment" means employment under a contract of employment where a person is engaged to do relief work in absence of a substantive employee.
(xv) "Technical Staff" means all staff in the Plant falling under the Maintenance, Production, Quarry and Quality Departments but excluding Sectional and Departmental Heads as they fall under Administrative staff.


1.1 These Conditions of Service are applicable to all non-unionized Employees of the Company in grades Hay 1 to Hay 15, unless any variation is confirmed in writing.
1.1 这些服务条件适用于公司的所有非工会员工,包括 Hay 1 至 Hay 15 级别的员工,除非有任何变动经书面确认。
1.2 These Conditions of Service shall form part of any Contract of Employment entered into between the Employer and Employee. Upon entering into such Contract of Employment, the Employee undertakes and agrees to abide by these Conditions of Service including such amendments, which may be made from time to time.
1.2 这些服务条款应构成雇主与雇员之间签订的任何雇佣合同的一部分。一旦签订了这样的雇佣合同,雇员承诺并同意遵守这些服务条款,包括可能不时进行的修订。
1.3 The Employer shall adhere to all Laws of the Republic of Zambia as they affect employment. In this respect these Terms and Conditions are subordinate to these Laws, but reflect variation or addition to any Statutory provision by the Employer where the Law allows.
1.3 雇主应遵守赞比亚共和国的所有与就业有关的法律。在这方面,这些条款和条件是从属于这些法律的,但反映了雇主在法律允许的情况下对任何法定规定的变化或补充。


The Basic Pay Salaries will be subject to review on an annual basis in March with adjustments backdated to the 1st Day of January each year.
基本工资将每年三月进行审查,调整将追溯到每年的 1 月 1 日。


2.1.1 Job Evaluation focuses on the job in terms of its content, demands and scope. It does not focus on the individuals or job holders. It does not focus on performance, terms of employment or salary levels.
2.1.1 工作评估侧重于工作的内容、要求和范围。它不关注个人或工作持有者。它不关注绩效、就业条件或薪资水平。
2.1.2 Employees performing jobs that are up-graded as a result of job evaluation shall with effect from the 1st day of the month following the up-grading of the job receive at least the minimum salary of the grade to which the job has been up-graded. In addition, and at the same time, such an Employee shall receive any enhancement to their conditions of service contained in these conditions of service that may apply as a result of the upgrading of the job.
2.1.2 根据工作评估升级的员工应自升级后的第一个月起至少获得升级后工作等级的最低工资。此外,同时,员工还应根据工作升级可能产生的服务条件改善获得这些服务条件中包含的任何增强。
2.1.3 Employees performing jobs that are downgraded as a result of job evaluation shall retain their existing salaries. However, where the existing salary of an Employee exceeds the maximum of the scale into which the job has been downgraded, the salary shall not be revised until the maximum of that scale is subsequently adjusted beyond the salary of that incumbent Employee.
2.1.3 由于工作评估结果而被降级的员工将保留其现有薪水。但是,如果员工的现有薪水超过了其工作被降级到的等级的最高薪水,那么在该等级的最高薪水随后调整超过该员工的薪水之前,薪水将不会被调整。
2.1.4 Where the downgrading of the job results in changes to Conditions of Service other than the salary of an Employee, the conditions of service appropriate to the new grade of the Employee shall apply from the 1st day of the month following the down grading of the job. Salary is also inclusive of allowances and other bonuses and these can't be reduced even when the grade is lowered.
2.1.4 如果工作降级导致员工的服务条件发生变化,除了薪水之外,适用于员工新等级的服务条件将从工作降级后的第一个月的第一天开始生效。薪水还包括津贴和其他奖金,即使等级降低,这些也不能减少。
2.1.5 Employees performing jobs whose grades remain unchanged as a result of Job Evaluation, the grade and salary remain unchanged.
2.1.5 在工作评估结果不改变的情况下继续从事工作的员工,等级和工资保持不变。


3.1 An employee may be employed for a probationary period, not exceeding three months, for the purpose of determining that employee's suitability for appointment.
3.1 员工可以被雇佣试用期,不超过三个月,以确定该员工是否适合任命。
3.2 An assessment of an employee shall be taken by the Company during the probationary period and the result of the assessment shall be communicated to the employee before the end of the probationary period.
3.2 公司应在试用期间对员工进行评估,并在试用期结束前将评估结果告知员工。
3.3 Where, during the probation period, the Company determines after an assessment that an employee is not suitable for the job, the Company shall terminate the contract of employment by giving the employee at least twenty-four hours' notice of the termination.
3.3 在试用期间,公司经评估确定某员工不适合工作时,公司应提前至少二十四小时通知员工终止劳动合同。
3.4 When the Company is satisfied with the performance of an employee after a probation period they shall notify the employee, in writing, of the confirmation of employment, except that where the Company does not notify the employee, in writing, of the confirmation after three months, the employee's probation shall be extended for another three months.
3.4 公司在试用期后对员工的表现满意时,应书面通知员工确认雇佣,但若公司在三个月内未书面通知员工确认,则员工的试用期将延长三个月。
3.5 A probationary period as stipulated under clause 3.1 above, may be extended for a further period not exceeding three months. However, the employee shall formally be notified in writing of the extension and reasons thereof given.
3.5 根据上述第 3.1 条规定的试用期,可以延长不超过三个月。但是,必须以书面形式正式通知员工延长期限及理由。
3.6 An employee on probation may terminate the contract of employment by giving the Company at least twenty-four hours' notice of the termination.
3.6 在试用期的员工可以通过提前至少二十四小时通知公司来终止劳动合同。
3.7 An employee who is re-employed by the Company for the same job within a period of two years from the date of termination of the contract of employment with the Company shall not be subject to probation, where the termination was not performance related.
3.7 如果员工在与公司终止雇佣合同的日期起两年内被公司重新雇佣从事同一工作,且终止不是因绩效原因,该员工将不再受试用期限制。


After confirmation, employment may be terminated by either party giving one month notice in writing to either party or by payment of one (1) month's salary in lieu of notice. Provided that where the termination is at the initiative of the Company, the Company shall give reasons to the Employee for the termination of that Employee's employment. Failure by either party to comply with the forgoing above shall result in forfeiture or payment of one (1) month's salary in lieu of notice.


Hours of work shall be as advised individually to Employees from time to time by Management. However the weekly standard hours of work are currently forty eight (48) hours per week for technical staff and forty 40 hours per week for administrative staff, although these may also vary to accommodate various shift patterns and necessary working practices.
工作时间应根据管理层不时向员工个别通知的安排。然而,技术人员每周标准工作时间目前为 48 小时,行政人员每周为 40 小时,尽管这些时间也可能会因应各种轮班模式和必要的工作实践而有所变化。
6.1.1 An employee, who remains in continuous employment with the Company for a period of twelve consecutive months shall be granted, during each subsequent period of twelve months while the employee remains in continuous employment, annual leave on full pay at a rate of two days per month.
6.1.1 员工在连续工作满十二个月后,每随后的十二个月期间,只要员工保持连续工作,将享有每月两天全薪年假。
6.1.2 The annual leave entitlements for Employees employed prior to 1st October 2008 are as follows:-
Grades 1 - 7
28 working days per annum
Grades 8 - 15
30 working days per annum
For employees employed after 1st October 2008, their leave entitlements shall be as follows:
Grades 1 - 7
working days per annum
working days per annum
6.1.3 The Company shall in consultation with an employee, at the beginning of each year prepare an annual leave plan specifying when the leave is to be taken by employees.
6.1.3 公司应在与员工协商的基础上,每年初制定一份年度休假计划,明确员工应何时休假。
6.1.4 Where the Company does not grant an employee on permanent and pensionable terms leave, or grants the employee leave less than the total leave due, the Company shall allow the employee to carry maximum 10 days of leave accrued forward to 1 st of January of the following year.
6.1.4 如果公司不给予永久和养老条件下的员工休假,或者给予员工的休假少于应得的总休假,公司应允许员工将最多累积的 10 天假期延期至次年的 1 月 1 日。
6.1.5 The Company may, with the agreement of the employee, pay wages to the employee in lieu of any annual leave due to the employee, and if any leave has been accumulated by an employee whose contract of employment has terminated or expired, the Company shall pay wages to the employee for the period of the accumulated leave. Payment Formula will be as follows: (Full Pay Leave days accrued) / 26 days.
6.1.5 公司可以在员工同意的情况下,支付给员工工资,以代替员工应得的任何年假,如果员工的劳动合同已终止或到期,且员工已累积了任何假期,公司应支付员工累积假期期间的工资。支付公式如下:(全薪 假期天数累积)/ 26 天。
6.1.6 Every employee must take his or her leave entitlement every year. Alternatively, the Supervisor may apply in writing using the Leave Recall Form to recall the employee from leave or re-schedule the employee's leave subject to prior written approval by the HOD and Functiona Head.
6.1.6 每位员工每年必须使用其年度休假权利。或者,主管可以书面申请使用休假召回表格召回员工休假或重新安排员工的休假,前提是必须获得部门主管和职能主管的书面批准。
6.1.7 An employee may give notice of termination of employment whilst on leave and his service will terminate on the last day of the prescribed notice period, provided that the Company may reduce the period of notice in special circumstances.
6.1.7 员工可以在休假期间通知终止雇佣关系,其服务将在规定通知期的最后一天终止,但公司可以在特殊情况下缩短通知期。


6.2.1 An Employee who is unable to perform normal duties due to illness or injury not occasioned by the default of the Employee shall on production of a medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner or medical institution designated by the employer, be granted paid sick leave at the following rates:-
6.2.1 员工因疾病或受伤无法履行正常职责,且非由员工过失引起,应出示雇主指定的注册医生或医疗机构出具的医疗证明,将按以下比例获得带薪病假:-
Permanent & Pensionable and Long Fixed Term Contract (LFTC is applicable to a contract of twelve months and above)
  • Full pay during the first three months
  • Thereafter at half pay for the next three months
Short Fixed Term Contract (SFTC is applicable to a contract of less than twelve months)
  • Full pay for equivalent of twenty six working days
  • Thereafter at half pay for the equivalent of twenty six working days
The employer reserves the right to seek a second opinion from a Registered Medical Practitioner of the employer's choice.


6.3.1 Notwithstanding the above clause 6.2.1, if the Employee on Permanent & Pensionable has not recovered from the illness or injury after six months from the date of illness or injury the Company may, on the recommendation of a Registered Medical Practitioner or Medical Institution designated by the employer, discharge the Employee, whereupon the entitlement to sick leave shall cease.
6.3.1 尽管上述第 6.2.1 条规定,如果员工在患病或受伤后六个月内未康复,公司可以在雇主指定的注册医师或医疗机构的建议下解雇员工,此时病假的权利将终止。
6.3.2 An employee whose employment is terminated on medical grounds, will be entitled to a severance pay - lump sum of three months' basic pay for each completed year of service, in addition to any other accrued benefits.
6.3.2 在医疗原因下被解雇的雇员将有权获得一笔遣散费 - 每个完整服务年限的基本工资的三个月总和,另外还有任何其他应计福利。


6.4.1 Compassionate leave with full pay for a period of twelve (12) days in a calendar year shall be granted to an Employee on the death of his/her spouse, own child, and biological parents or dependents or a justifiable compassionate ground. Compassionate leave is in addition to normal annual leave and is not accruable or commutable.
6.4.1 在一个日历年内,员工因配偶、子女、生父母或受抚养人去世或出于正当同情原因,将获得全薪的十二(12)天恩恤假。恩恤假是额外于正常年假的,不可累积或折算。


6.5.1 An Employee who has worked for a period of six (6) months or more shall be granted leave of absence with pay for a period of seven (7) days in a calendar year to enable him/ her nurse a sick spouse, child or dependent, provided that the Company may, before granting such leave, require the Employee to produce a certificate from a Registered Medical Practitioner or Medical Institution certifying the sickness and requirement for special attention.
6.5.1 已在公司工作六(6)个月或以上的员工应在每个日历年内获得带薪休假七(7)天,以便照顾患病的配偶、子女或受抚养人,前提是公司在批准此类休假之前,可能要求员工提供注册医师或医疗机构出具的证明病情和需要特别关注的证明。
6.5.2 An employee is entitled to three paid leave days per year to cover responsibilities related to the care, health or education for that employee's child, spouse or dependant.
6.5.2 员工有权每年获得三天带薪休假,用于照顾、健康或教育员工的子女、配偶或受抚养人的责任。
6.5.3 Days taken as leave under clause 6.5 shall not be deducted from the Employee's accrued leave days.


6.6.1 A female Employee employed prior to 9th May 2019 shall be granted one hundred and twenty (120) calendar days paid maternity leave on production of a medical certificate to ascertain her pregnancy signed by a Registered Medical Practitioner. This entitlement is subject to completion of twenty four (24) months of continuous service from the date of first engagement, or twenty four (24) months of continuous service since the beginning of a previous period of maternity leave with the Company.
6.6.1 在 2019 年 5 月 9 日之前雇佣的女员工,出示由注册医师签署的确认怀孕的医疗证明后,将获得 120 天带薪产假。此权利需在首次雇佣日期起连续 24 个月的服务期满,或在公司之前的产假期间起连续 24 个月的服务期满后才能享有。
6.6.2 A female Employee, employed after 9th May 2019 shall be granted fourteen (14) weeks paid maternity leave on production of a medical certificate signed by a Registered Medical
6.6.2 在 2019 年 5 月 9 日后雇佣的女员工应出示由注册医生签署的医疗证明,享受十四(14)周带薪产假。
Practitioner. This entitlement is subject to completion of twenty four (24) months of continuous service from the date of first engagement, or twenty four (24) months of continuous service since the beginning of a previous period of maternity leave with the Company.
6.6.3 The maternity leave shall be taken immediately after the delivery or preceding the expected date of delivery, except that at least six weeks maternity leave shall be taken immediately after delivery;
6.6.3 产假应在分娩后或预产期之前立即休假,除非至少在分娩后立即休假六周。
6.6.4 The maternity leave under clauses 6.6 .1 or 6.6 .2 shall, in the case of a multiple birth be extended for a further period of four weeks.
6.6.4 根据 6.6.1 或 6.6.2 条款规定的产假,在多胞胎情况下应延长四周。
6.6.5 A female employee who gives birth to a premature child is entitled to an extension of the maternity leave for a period that shall be recommended by a medical doctor.
6.6.5 产下早产儿的女职员有权获得产假延长,延长期限应由医生推荐。
6.6.6 A female employee shall not resume work within six weeks of the date of the delivery of the employee's child, unless a medical doctor certifies that the employee is fit to resume work.
6.6.6 女性员工在生育后六周内不得复工,除非医生证明员工适合复工。
6.6.7 The maternity leave shall be additional to any other leave to which the Employee may be entitled.
6.6.8 Where, by reason of illness arising out of pregnancy, a female Employee becomes incapacitated of performing her normal duties, she shall be entitled to sick leave under the normal sick leave rules.
6.6.8 如果因怀孕引起的疾病,女性员工无法履行正常职责,她将有权根据正常病假规定休病假。
6.6.9 In the event of a pregnant female Employee not qualifying for paid maternity leave under rule 6.6.1 or 6.6.2, such an Employee will be granted 6 weeks paid maternity leave. At management's discretion the employee may be granted additional 6 weeks unpaid leave.
6.6.9 如果怀孕的女性员工不符合规则 6.6.1 或 6.6.2 下的带薪产假资格,该员工将被授予 6 周的带薪产假。根据管理层的裁量,员工可能会被授予额外的 6 周无薪假期。
This is subject to the provision that she shall first exhaust any accrued paid leave, and then the balance of the 6 weeks shall be taken as unpaid leave.
这是在她首先用尽任何已发生的带薪休假后,剩余的 6 周将作为无薪休假。


6.7.1 A female employee who is nursing that employee's unweaned child, is entitled each working day, at a time convenient to the employee and having regard to the needs of the child, to at least two nursing breaks of thirty minutes each; or one nursing break of one hour.
6.7.1 正在哺乳未断奶的婴儿的女性雇员,每个工作日有权在方便员工并考虑到婴儿需求的时间内,至少享受两次每次三十分钟的哺乳休息时间;或者一次一小时的哺乳休息时间。
6.7.2 The nursing break shall be for a period of six months from the date of delivery; and not be deducted from the number of paid hours of work of that female employee.
6.7.2 护理假期应从分娩日期起计算六个月;不得从女性员工的带薪工作时间中扣除。


A male employee who remains in continuous employment for a period of twelve months will be entitled to five continuous working days paternity leave, if the employee is the father of the child; submits a birth record of the child; and the leave is taken within seven days of the birth of a child.


6.9.1 Study leave may be granted to an employee attending part time courses with prior approval of management.
6.9.2 Study Leave may be granted to an employee who has served the company for a period of not less than one (1) year.
6.9.3 A 10 working days Study Leave may be granted per annum to an employee preparing and sitting for examination whose course study is relevant to ones' job.
每年可给予员工 10 个工作日的学习假期,以便准备和参加与工作相关的课程考试。
6.9.4 Study Leave shall only be granted for courses that are in line with the employee's career development as stipulated in their IDP and approved by the Line Manager and Talent Manager.
6.9.4 学习假期只能用于符合员工职业发展规划(IDP)规定,并经直线经理和人才经理批准的课程。


7.1 Employees will receive a housing allowance of of their Monthly Basic Salary.
7.2 However employees occupying former Company Houses with the provision of water and electricity will have the bills recovered in full on a cost recovery basis at rates to be determined by the Company from time to time until such a time when the respective Service Providers take full control of the facilities.
7.2 然而,占据前公司房屋并提供水电的员工将按照公司不时确定的费率全额收回账单,直到各自的服务提供商完全控制设施为止。
7.3 Employees temporarily housed in Guest Houses (Company or Private) will receive a Housing Allowance for the first one month during their stay at the Guest House. After the one month elapses they will cease to be in receipt of a Housing allowance.
7.3 暂时住在宾馆(公司或私人)的员工在入住宾馆期间的第一个月将获得住房津贴。一个月后,他们将不再享有住房津贴。
7.4 Employees shall be free to buy cement for cash at factory (wholesale) price as per Company policy subject to the rules pertaining to Staff Sales.
7.4 员工可以根据公司政策自由以现金按工厂(批发)价格购买水泥,但需遵守员工销售规定。


8.1.1 Where available, accommodation and meals for travel in Zambia shall be booked and provided at Company Guesthouses. Other accommodation may not be booked unless there is
8.1.1 在赞比亚旅行时,如有条件,住宿和餐饮应在公司宾馆预订和提供。除非有特殊情况,否则不得预订其他住宿。
no accommodation available at a Company Guesthouse. Where the course or meeting is within the Employee's town of residence, no accommodation will be booked.
8.1.2 All Employees traveling outside town on approved Company business may obtain an advance for their local business trips if they are accommodated at a hotel/lodge. The amount of advance requested or reimbursed should be in line with the level of accommodation entitlements as per Terms and Conditions of Service as well as the cost of accommodation at the Company approved hotels/lodges.
8.1.2 所有外出公干的员工,如果在酒店/旅馆住宿,可以根据公司批准的商务出差事项提前获得本地商务出差的预付款。所请求或报销的预付款金额应符合服务条款规定的住宿待遇水平,以及公司批准的酒店/旅馆住宿费用。
8.1.3 All Employees will settle their expenses through the Employer's expense clearing process and prevailing rules upon return. The said rules may be amended from time to time. Employees booked in Company guesthouses will not be required to draw cash and consequently will not be eligible to claim reimbursement unless such Employee can show cause otherwise to the
8.1.3 所有员工在返回后将通过雇主的费用结算流程和现行规定来结算他们的费用。上述规定可能会不时进行修改。入住公司宾馆的员工将不需要提取现金,因此将无资格要求报销,除非该员工能够证明有其他原因。

satisfaction of the HOD or the Managing Director whichever the immediate Supervisor is.
8.1.4 Direct billing to the Company by the Hotel/Lodge is not permitted where the Hotel/Lodge does not have an Agreement with the Company. The maximum amount to be paid out by the Company to an Employee for the purpose of accommodation will be as follows:
8.1.4 酒店/小屋未与公司达成协议的情况下,不得直接向公司开具账单。公司向员工支付住宿费用的最高金额如下:

Hotel/Lodge Rate per night

These figures may be revised by the Company from time to time and may vary depending on the cost of accommodation at the approved hotels/lodges.
The advance requested or reimbursed will cover the cost of accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus minor incidentals such as laundry. Excluding the amount payable for accommodation, the said advances shall not exceed the following amounts unless prior written approval has been obtained from the HOD:
Alcoholic drinks are to the Employee's own account.
8.1.5 Employees required to be away from place of work over the normal lunch period on Company business, with prior approval by the HOD, which does not involve an overnight stay, will be reimbursed upon production of valid and verified receipts up to a maximum of One hundred Kwacha (K100.00) for lunch expenses. No advances will be given for lunch allowances with an exceptional of planned business trips.
8.1.5 员工因公司业务需要在正常午餐时间离开工作地点,需提前获得部门主管批准,且不涉及过夜住宿的,可凭有效和经核实的收据获得最高 100 克瓦查(K100.00)的午餐费用报销。除计划中的商务出差外,不会提前支付午餐津贴。
8.1.6 Employees scheduled to travel on approved Company business may obtain a travel advance to cover approved expenditures in relation to the planned programme, and any other anticipated expenditure, such as for purchase of fuel, as may be approved by the Company. Advances are deductible from the salary within one month following completion of the journey for which the advance was drawn less the value of satisfactory proof of genuine expenditure which has been submitted to, and approved by, the Company finance department.
8.1.6 已安排出差的员工可以获得差旅预支款,用于支付与计划项目相关的批准支出,以及公司批准的其他预期支出,例如购买燃料等。预支款将在完成预支款所用旅程后的一个月内从工资中扣除,减去已提交给公司财务部门并获得批准的真实支出证明的价值。
8.1.7 A non-accountable out-of-pocket allowance of K50.00 per night shall be provided in addition to the advance mentioned above for each complete day away from the employee's normal place of work.
8.1.7 每晚提供 50.00 基那的不可报销的零用钱,此外,对于每个完整的离开员工正常工作地点的日子,还将提供上述预付款。


8.2.1 Employees scheduled to travel on approved Company business outside Zambia may obtain a travel advance or be reimbursed upon submission of receipts up to a maximum per night of:-
8.2.1 在赞比亚以外获得批准的公司商务出差的员工可以在提交收据后获得差旅预支或报销,每晚最高金额为:-
Grades Within Africa Outside Africa
US$200 US
These travel advances requested or reimbursed will cover expenditure on meals, accommodation, laundry etc. Alcoholic beverages are to the individual's own account. The amounts above are indicative and may vary from country to country depending on the cost of living in the country an Employee is traveling to.
8.2.2. Out of Pocket Allowance will be paid to an employee for each night outside Zambia at the following rates:
Grades Within Africa Outside Africa
US$ 20 US$ 25
US$ 15 US$ 20
However where the reason for travel is to attend training of more than fourteen (14) days, the total applicable out of pocket allowance rate shall be US$ 10 per day for all grades of employees
然而,如果出差的原因是参加超过十四(14)天的培训,那么所有员工的每日适用的实际支出津贴率将为每天 10 美元
8.2.3 Employees scheduled to travel outside Zambia on approved Company business may obtain a travel advance to cover the above expenditures in relation to the planned programme, and any other anticipated expenditure, such as car hire, which may be approved by the Company. Advances are deductible from the salary within one month following completion of the journey for which the advance was drawn less the value of satisfactory proof of genuine expenditure which has been submitted to, and approved by, the Finance department.
8.2.3 已安排前往赞比亚以外地区进行公司批准的商务出差的员工可以获得差旅预支,以支付与计划的项目相关的上述支出,以及公司可能批准的其他预期支出,如租车。预支款项将在完成预支所用旅程后的一个月内从工资中扣除,减去已提交给财务部并经批准的真实支出证明的价值。
8.2.4 Employees on secondment outside Zambia shall be paid in line with the Lafarge Group guidelines relating to Short Term Assignment contracts or Long Term Assignment contracts. Once the secondment is completed the Employee shall revert to his/her basic pay.
8.2.4 在赞比亚以外派遣的员工应按照 Lafarge 集团有关短期派遣合同或长期派遣合同的指导方针支付工资。一旦派遣结束,员工应恢复到基本工资水平。


8.3.1 Where journeys overseas/abroad involve the use of scheduled air travel the following class of travel shall generally apply:-
8.3.1 出国旅行涉及定期航班的情况下,一般适用以下旅行等级:-
Grades Long flights ( hours) Short flights (less than 3 hours)


Employees transferred at the Company's request between Lusaka and Ndola shall be paid a sum equal to of the Employee's basic annual salary as disturbance allowance. Where the couple both work for Lafarge, only the Employee in the higher grade will be entitled to the disturbance allowance. The Company will also cover the cost of transport for personal effects. This allowance shall not be paid when an Employee is transferred from Head office to Chilanga Plant or vice versa.
公司要求在卢萨卡和恩多拉之间调动的员工将获得相当于员工基本年薪 的骚扰津贴。如果夫妇双方都在拉法基工作,只有级别较高的员工有权获得骚扰津贴。公司还将支付个人物品运输费用。当员工从总部调动到奇朗加工厂或反之时,将不支付此津贴。


8.5.1 Upon retirement, redundancy, medical discharge or death of an Employee, the Company shall, repatriate the Employee, registered dependants, and household goods of the Employee
8.5.1 员工退休、被裁员、因医疗原因退伍或死亡时,公司应将员工、已登记的家属以及员工的家庭物品遣送回国。

to the place of recruitment as shown in the Company records.
8.5.2 Notwithstanding the provisions of clause 5.5.1 above, employees recruited prior to 2nd June 2006 shall be repatriated to their district of origin as indicated in the employment contract or employment records.
8.5.2 尽管上述第 5.5.1 条的规定,2006 年 6 月 2 日之前招聘的员工应根据就业合同或就业记录被遣送回其原籍地区。
8.5.3 The Company will pay the cost of transportation of household goods and personal effects directly to the selected transporter. The process of selecting the transporter will be done by the Procurement department.
8.5.3 公司将直接支付家居物品和个人物品的运输费用给选定的运输公司。选择运输公司的过程将由采购部门完成。
8.5.4 Repatriation shall only be applicable within the first year of separation.


Employees in Hay Grade 11 and below are eligible for overtime as per Company overtime policy as amended from time to time. Overtime payment will only be applicable for works worked exceeding 48 hours in a week.
Hay Grade 11 及以下级别的员工根据公司不时修订的加班政策有资格加班。每周工作超过 48 小时的工作才适用加班支付。


If an Employee acts in a Grade higher than his/her substantive Grade for at least ten (10) working days, an acting allowance shall be payable at the rate of of the monthly basic pay of the Employee who is acting. This is Payable on pro-rata basis according to the acting period. Prior authorization by the Head of Department, Head of Function and Human Resources is required in order to qualify, with employee formally written to by the Human Resources through a staff notice. Acting allowance is applicable to Employees in Hay Grade 15 and below. The acting period in any grade shall not exceed six months. However, where there is an exception the company shall endeavor to communicate to affected employee and state the position.
如果员工在比其实质级别高的级别上工作至少十(10)个工作日,应支付代理津贴,比例为 。根据代理期间按比例支付。需要部门负责人、职能负责人和人力资源部门的事先授权才能符合资格,人力资源部门通过员工通知正式通知员工。代理津贴适用于海伊级别 15 及以下的员工。在任何级别的代理期限不得超过六个月。但是,如果有例外情况,公司将努力与受影响的员工沟通并说明立场。


11.1 If an employee is asked to perform additional responsibilities in a job either equivalent to his grade, higher or lower than his grade for a period of at least 10 consecutive days shall qualify to be paid responsibility allowance at the rate of of his monthly basic pay. Prior authorization by the Head of Department. Head of Function and Human Resources is required in order to qualify, with employee formally written to by the Human Resources through a staff notice.
11.1 如果员工被要求在工作中执行额外的职责,无论是与他的等级相当、高于或低于他的等级,连续至少 10 天,都有资格按照其月基本工资 的比例支付责任津贴。需要部门负责人、职能负责人和人力资源部门的事先授权才能有资格,员工将通过员工通知书正式收到人力资源部门的书面通知。


12.1 The child education benefit shall not apply to all new joiners effective 1st May 2019.
12.2. For Employees in Hay Grades 1-9 a child education allowance of One thousand one hundred and fifty kwacha ( ) gross per term per child shall be paid up to a maximum of four (4) registered biological or legally adopted children between the ages of four (4) and twenty one (21) inclusive who are attending pre-school, primary school or secondary school up to ' levels stage only. (Exceptions will be made to schools whose curriculum includes ' ' levels)
12.2. 对于哈伊等级 1-9 的员工,每学期每个孩子的儿童教育津贴为一千一百五十克瓦查( )总额,最多支付四个(4)名年龄在四岁(4)至二十一岁(21)之间的注册生物或合法领养子女,他们只上学前班、小学或中学的 级阶段。(对于课程包括 级的学校将有例外)
12.3 For Employees in Hay Grades 10 - 15 a child education benefit shall be eight percent ( ) of the Employee's annual basic pay per child per annum up to a maximum of four registered biological or legally adopted children between the ages of four (4) and twenty one (21) inclusive who are attending pre-school, primary school or secondary school up to ' ' levels stage only. (Exceptions will be made to schools whose curriculum includes ' ' levels)
12.3 对于哈伊等级 10 至 15 级的员工,每个孩子每年的子女教育津贴应为员工年度基本工资的百分之八( ),最多为四个在四岁(4 岁)至 21 岁(21 岁)之间的在读学前、小学或中学的注册生物或合法领养子女。只限于 ' ' 级阶段。 (对包括 ' ' 级别课程的学校将有例外)
12.4 This support shall be for tuition, examination and boarding fees only, and payment is for one (1) year per grade only. No allowance is paid where a grade is repeated. The allowance excludes expenses for school registration, uniforms, books, food and development and PTA levies.
12.4 这项支持仅用于学费、考试费和住宿费,每年每个年级只支付一次。如果年级重读,不支付津贴。该津贴不包括学校注册费、制服、书籍、食物、发展和家长教师协会费用。
12.5 The child education allowance or benefit is subject to tax in the hands of the Employee.


Shift Allowance shall be paid to all shift workers at the rate of of Basic hourly rate from 19:00hrs to of the following day. No shift allowance shall be paid to Employees on standby or call out.
夜班津贴将按照基本小时费率的 支付给所有夜班工人,从晚上 19:00 至第二天 。待命或被叫出的员工不得支付夜班津贴。


The Company shall pay standby allowance as follows:-
(a) On normal working days 11/2 (one and half) times the basic hourly rate limited to the first two (2) hours worked on the first call out. Subsequent call outs on the same night shall not accrue standby allowance.
在正常工作日,基本小时费用的 1.5 倍,但限制在第一次呼叫工作的前两个小时。同一晚上的后续呼叫不会累积待命津贴。
(b) On public holidays and normal rest days two (2) times the basic hourly rate, subject to a minimum of 2 hours for the call out. Subsequent call outs on the same night shall not accrue standby allowance..
(b) 在公共假日和正常休息日,基本小时费率的两倍,最低为 2 小时的呼叫费。同一晚上的后续呼叫不会累积待命津贴。
(c) An extra 15 hours pay entitlement shall be paid to employees on standby for a week or more. Notwithstanding clauses 14 (a) and 14 (b) above, the maximum payable standby allowance in a month is 30 hours. Only Employees in Hay grade 11 and below are eligible for standby allowance.
(c)对于连续待命一周或更长时间的员工,应支付额外的 15 小时工资。尽管上述第 14 条(a)和第 14 条(b)款,但每月可支付的最高待命津贴为 30 小时。只有海伊 11 级及以下的员工有资格获得待命津贴。


15.1 The Company is developing a Employee contribution welfare loan.



The use of a personal car instead of company car is permitted when travelling for business if Pool vehicles are not available and with prior approval by the HOD. Mileage will be reimbursed at the current mileage rate per kilometer. A mileage claim form should be completed on a monthly basis, as applicable. Employees are expected to provide comprehensive Insurance, road tax and fitness certificates as required by law. Tolls and parking charges are reimbursable. The Company will not reimburse fuel, car washes, parking tickets, fines for traffic violations, or damage/repair costs incurred when using a personal car for business. Travel from home to work shall not be considered Company business, unless undertaken for emergency purposes outside the normal hours of work.
Terms and Conditions of Service for Non Unionised Staff - Hay 1 to Hay 15 Issued 1 January 2022|PAGE 13


An Employee whose duty station is beyond a three kilometer radius from the area of residence shall be paid a monthly allowance of based on the current prevailing bus fares for transport expenses unless the employer provides transport for that Employee. This is not applicable to employees allocated with Company vehicle or entitled to a car allowance.
员工的工作地点距离居住区超过三公里的,除非雇主为该员工提供交通工具,否则应根据当前通勤费用支付 的月度津贴。公司分配车辆或有汽车津贴的员工不适用此规定。
The transport allowance shall be released to the Employee upon the Employer being shown proof of residence which proof the Employer shall be allowed to request from the Employee at any time during the course of employment.


Refer to the Company Car Policy.


18.1.1 The Company operates a defined contribution pension fund through the Chilanga Cement PLC Trust Scheme. The scheme is funded by contributions by both employer and the employee of the employee's monthly basic pay. It is a condition of employment that al employees become members of the scheme. A Copy of the rules of the pension fund shall be provided to all qualifying Employees.
18.1.1 公司通过 Chilanga Cement PLC 信托计划运营一个确定的缴费养老基金。该计划由雇主 和雇员 的月基本工资的缴费资助。成为该计划成员是就业的条件。将向所有符合条件的员工提供养老基金规则副本。
The retirement age and the notice required shall be as prescribed in Statutory provisions of the law, National Pension Scheme (Amendment) Act no. 7 of 2015.
《法定规定》中规定的退休年龄和所需通知应符合 2015 年第 7 号《国家养老金制度(修正)法案》的规定。
Early Retirement - 55 years
Normal Retirement -60 years
Late Retirement -65 years
18.1.2 If on the last date of employment sums are owed by the Employee to the Company in respect of any monies or advances or loans, these shall be deducted from the final salary payment and any other payment due to the Employee which deduction the Employee irrevocably authorizes.
18.1.2 如果在雇佣关系终止当日,员工欠公司任何款项、预付款或贷款,则应从最后的工资支付和员工应得的任何其他支付中扣除这些款项,员工不可撤销地授权扣除。

18.2 NAPSA

In addition to the Company pension scheme the Company will make statutory contributions from both the Employer and the Employee to the National Pension Authority Scheme in accordance with prevailing legislation. The Employee contribution shall be collected through deduction from payroll.


Where an Employee's contract of service is terminated by reason of redundancy, the Employee shall be given one (1) month's notice and shall be entitled to redundancy benefits (severance) of two and a half (2.5) months basic pay for each completed year of service.
Employees eligible to receive redundancy benefits shall be those eligible to do so under existing Zambian Legislature. The Employee shall also be entitled to the benefits in accordance with
Chilanga Pension Trust Scheme rules. All benefits are subject to the provisions of the prevailing tax legislation.


Benefits shall be paid in accordance with Chilanga Cement Pension Trust Scheme rules to members separated from the company under the following circumstances:-
a) Early retirement
b) Normal retirement
c) Resignation
d) Dismissal
e) Redundancy (Retrenchment), shall be treated in accordance with rules as specified under the Clause 18.3 above.
f) Death while in service - In the event of death in service of the employee, the Company shall pay the employee's estate a severance pay through the Company Group Life Assurance which is calculated at 2 month's pay for each year served. A minimum of 18 years will be paid to those less than 18 years service.
f) 在职身故 - 员工在职身故的情况下,公司将通过公司团体人寿保险向员工的遗产支付一笔离职补偿金,该补偿金按照每年服务的 2 个月工资计算。对于服务不足 18 年的员工,最低将支付 18 年的补偿金。


(a) The Company shall, at the end of a long-term contract period, pay an employee gratuity at a rate of twenty five percent of the employee's basic pay earned during the contract period.
(b) Where an employee's contract of employment is terminated in accordance with this Code, the employee shall be paid gratuity prorated in accordance with the period of employment.


In order to encourage Employees to stay in the Company, Employees on permanent and pensionable employment shall be paid long service awards for unbroken service calculated as a percentage of a month's basic salary at the following rates:-
10 years of service -
15 years of service -
20 years of service -
25 years of service -
30 years of service -
35 years of service -


19.1 In the event of death of an Employee, the Company shall provide the following:-
  • Executive Coffin and funeral services.
  • Transport to and from local cemetery.
  • Cash equivalent of bags of mealie meal.
  • Cash amounting to:- K 6, 000.00 as grant for funeral and burial expenses.
  • Firewood
  • Cement Pockets
19.2 On the death of an Employee's registered spouse or registered child, who are/were not Employees of the Company, the Company shall provide the following: -
19.2 在员工注册配偶或注册子女去世时,他们不是/曾经不是公司员工,公司应提供以下服务:-
Cash grant amounting to: -
  • Spouse K7,500.00
  • Child K 6,300.00
  • The Company shall further also provide two Pockets of Cement on the death of a Spouse or Child.
19.3 On the death of an Employee's natural parent, the Company shall provide as follows:-
  • A funeral grant of
Note: where the couple and/or biological children work for Chilanga Cement PLC, only the surviving spouse will be entitled to the funeral grant and coffin. Also, in a case where multiple "family" members work for Chilanga Cement, only one member is eligible to claim the funeral benefit as advised by the family in writing.
注意:如果夫妇和/或生物子女在 Chilanga Cement PLC 工作,只有生存配偶有权获得丧葬津贴和棺材。此外,在 Chilanga Cement 有多名“家庭”成员工作的情况下,只有一名成员有资格申请丧葬福利,须由家庭成员书面建议确定。


20.1 Where an Employee by the nature of his professional qualification has gained membership of a professional institution, and the membership is in relation to his job function, and is required for him to perform his/her job function the Company will bear the cost of
20.1 如果员工根据其专业资格的性质获得了专业机构的会员资格,并且该会员资格与他的工作职能有关,并且他执行工作职能需要该会员资格,公司将承担费用
maintaining such membership for up to two institutions, only one of which may be Zambian. Consideration will be given as to whether the registration to both the local and international professional institution is a legal requirement to practice.
20.2 The Company will pay for annual membership subscription for one sport or social club for Employees in grade 11 and above up to a maximum of one thousand kwacha only (K1, 000.00) only per annum. In Lusaka, this shall be restricted to the Chilanga Sports Club. Payment will be made on individual Employee basis and group payments will not be considered. Membership forms should be completed and submitted to the Human Resources Department.
20.2 公司将为 11 级及以上员工支付一项体育或社交俱乐部的年度会员费,最高金额为一千克瓦查(K1,000.00)每年。在卢萨卡,此项费用将限定在奇朗加体育俱乐部。付款将以个人员工为基础进行,不考虑团体付款。会员表格应填写并提交给人力资源部门。


21.1 The medical benefits shall be provided as per existing medical scheme rules and will cover employee and the family. This will be spouse and a maximum of four (4) children inclusive of dependants that are less than 21 years of age and who have been registered with the Company.
21.1 医疗福利将按照现有的医疗计划规定提供,覆盖员工及其家人。这将包括配偶和最多四(4)名子女,包括年龄不满 21 岁且已在公司注册的受扶养人。


22.1 The Company as part of its development plan may provide technical and development training for its Employees at all levels to enable Employees to attain their full potential both
22.1 公司作为其发展计划的一部分,可能为各级员工提供技术和发展培训,以使员工充分发挥潜力。

However training is an investment in the individual and the future of the Company, and as such it must be cost effective and of demonstrable benefit to the individual and the Company.
22.2 A sponsorship award may be offered with a service obligation, to cover the full costs of studies and essential maintenance in the course of such studies and granted to Employees who have been in the employment of the Company for a minimum period of two (2) years and confirmed at the time of considering their sponsorship.
22.2 赞助奖可能附带服务义务,用于支付全额学习费用和必要生活费用,授予在公司就业满两(2)年并在考虑赞助时得到确认的员工。
22.3 Any sponsorship will be in accordance with the Company Training and Development Policy and the employee's career development.
22.3 任何赞助将遵守公司培训和发展政策以及员工的职业发展。


Income tax is the responsibility of the Employee. All salaries and benefits shall be subject to tax deductions in accordance with the tax laws e.g. Pay As You Earn (PAYE). The Company will not bear any liability for existing or future changes in the income tax allowances or rates that are charged against an individual's income.
All benefits, allowances, reimbursements and remuneration will be subject to the applicable taxation Laws of the Republic of Zambia.


24.1 The Company has a disciplinary code and grievance procedure that may be updated from time to time designed to promote orderly conduct. All Employees are subject to these rules and are required to acquaint themselves with them. The policy lays down procedures, sanctions and definitions that regulate the maintenance of discipline amongst the Company's Employees. Ignorance of the policy will not be accepted as an excuse for breach of the policy.
24.1 公司有一套纪律规范和申诉程序,可能会不时更新,旨在促进秩序井然。所有员工都受这些规则约束,并要熟悉这些规则。该政策规定了规范公司员工纪律维护的程序、制裁和定义。对政策的不了解不会被视为违反政策的借口。
24.2 Management shall not accept any collective action by Employees in pursuit of any grievance or complaint. An Employee with any grievance or complaint shall, therefore, present it to management in his or her individual capacity.
24.2 管理不会接受员工为了任何抱怨或投诉而采取的任何集体行动。因此,有任何抱怨或投诉的员工应以个人身份向管理层提出。


The Company has policies with regard to Health and Safety and Environment. It is a condition of employment that Employees comply with the policies. The Company holds training courses for Employees from time to time in order to explain the contents of the policies.


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