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I wonder if Arc can sue them?
不知道 Arc 能否起诉他们?

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I’ll take a hot guess that this is a Chinese company, in which case no. China does not care about foreign copyright law in the slightest.

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Not just your average Chinese company, even. We're talking about Tencent, here. Cause QQ (as a brand and social media) is owned by Tencent
甚至不是普通的中国公司。我们这里说的是腾讯。因为 QQ(作为一个品牌和社交媒体)归腾讯所有

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True, so while Tencent could actually be found liable for damages in the US, their resources vastly outweigh Arc’s and would probably make it a battle not worth fighting.
的确如此,虽然腾讯在美国也可能被认定要承担损害赔偿责任,但他们的资源远远超过 Arc,可能会让这场仗不值得打。

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Ik nothing about legal battles between companies, so I'll just ask here: Why can't they sue them in US? 

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China won’t extradite them for trial so no point, it’s much like criminal proceedings AFAIK

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They don't need extraditing in this case, the legal entity would be sued, not the person, the IP infringement being accessible in US territory, they can be sued and forced to pay damages, whether China likes it or not.

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How are you going to force them to pay damages? This only works for large multinationals who need to have a formal presence in the US and other nations. Even then, only sometimes.

There’s a reason Chinese companies just take protected designs form overseas and get away with it.

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As the other commenter said the only thing the us can do is prevent them from conducting business in the US and even that is hard to stop

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They can sue them, but the Chinese company just can not show up and not care about the outcome, as it won’t be enforced in China. Arc could get an order to block the domain / distribution of the software, but that would be very difficult to enforce.

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it's not a Chinese company, it's a Chinese party owned and run company...

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Can they sue them? because they are not pretending to be arc and confuse people. and I dont think arc has registered copyright on the design.

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Sue them for what? I don’t believe Arc has any patents.
告他们什么?我不相信 Arc 有任何专利。

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That's literally a carbon copy. Arc should sue them lol

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"Can I copy your homework?"

"Sure, but change it up a bit."

"Ok." "好的"

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It probably would go more like:

"Can I copy your homework?"

"wtf no" "不"

"Ok sure." "好的,当然"

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Literally. 字面意思是

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Suing a Chinese company for IP violations? Probably smarter to just burn that money in your fireplace and at least get some use out of it.

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Good luck getting a copy right case through the chinese court system lmao.

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Sorry, as a Chinese developer, I feel ashamed about this.

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Do the same for Linux and open source it! Let us customize it so it won’t be a copy unless you create the similar layout. I think this type of design is productive in Linux as well and they don’t have plans for Linux at all. Do it, man! /j
对 Linux 也这样做,并将其开源!让我们来定制它,这样它就不会被复制,除非你创建了类似的布局。我认为这种设计在 Linux 中也很有成效,而他们根本没有 Linux 计划。动手吧,伙计!/j

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That ONE thing I didn't want Tencent to do. Like, can you just not have ANY good originality in your software?

It's like they took bits of Arc, SigmaOS and Safari, added them on top of their old browser, put it onto Windows, slapped on the signature Tencent "toolbox" for extra bloat, branded it under themselves and called it a day.
这就像他们从 Arc、SigmaOS 和 Safari 中汲取精华,将其添加到自己的旧浏览器上,然后将其放到 Windows 上,再加上腾讯标志性的 "工具箱 "以增加臃肿感,然后打上自己的烙印,就算完成了一天的工作。

That's not even mentioning the absolutely shocking Chromium 94 and the sheer amount of privacy issues/exploits that can come with this 2-year-old release (at the time of writing, Arc for macOS uses 122).
这还不算令人震惊的 Chromium 94,以及这个两年前发布的版本可能带来的大量隐私问题/漏洞(在撰写本文时,macOS 版 Arc 使用的是 122)。

Fortunately, according to the comments below this bilibili video, Chinese users don't like it as well.
幸运的是,根据这段 bilibili 视频下面的评论,中国用户也不喜欢它。

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Classic Tencent. 经典腾讯。
Anyone who has been online in China for more than a decade will know how many things Tencent has plagiarized. When plagiarism doesn't work, they will directly acquire that company, such as Riot.
在中国上网十多年的人都知道,腾讯剽窃了多少东西。剽窃不成,就直接收购,比如 Riot。

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NotArc 非弧

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I wonder if they copied Arc Notes

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And then decided to unship it

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Classic Tencent. They love to copy.

I know because they copy every single damn software and still succeed. Do you think WeChat was an original idea, nah uh.

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yes,we all know ,it is known by everyone in china

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Its good for marketing though

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Are you sure this is a different browser

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As a developer in China, I really dislike Tencent because it often plagiarizes

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What else do you expect from a chinese company

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No one truthful should be downvoting you.

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Imitation is the highest form of flattery

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Chinese people and feeling shameful?

Choose one 选择一个

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What's something that these Chinese company have of their own


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not again china 又是中国

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Tencent has a bad reputation even in China especially for copying.

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it’s also based on chromium?

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It's so shameless 太无耻了

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QQ is better because they get rid of thick bezel.
QQ 更好,因为他们去掉了厚边框。

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<image> <图像

That's the Mac version. Windows one looks worse
这是 Mac 版本。Windows 版看起来更糟

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it's there, is just that is te same color as the background of the web.

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Plus, they have a proper NTP
此外,他们还有一个适当的 NTP

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Sorry,Be ashamed of this.It's really hard for me to find a simple Chinese browser, and arc saved me.

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You can't sue him in China because it has government background, haha

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You know you've made it when Chinese companies are copying you 😅
当中国公司都在模仿你时,你就知道自己成功了 😅

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Direct copy, must be that good

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We have Arc at home
我们家里有 Arc

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Is that a Linux Browser?
那是 Linux 浏览器吗?

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No, Windows only. 不,仅限 Windows。

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I think they can copy the design but not the features

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QQ stopped using the IE look?
QQ 不再使用 IE 外观?

Also, did they use swift of c++?
另外,他们使用的是 C++ 的 swift 吗?

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Just Chinese things 只是中国的东西