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Long Lost ''Prince''ess (Crossdressing Caption)

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This one was really awesome to write and I really like the direction I took it. If enough people like it, I am very willing and ready to make this a series. I really really hope you all like it as much as I do.
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I hope this gets a continuation!

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Please make this a series I can't get enough

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a lot of people are enjoying it, so a part two is becoming more likely

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do you plan on a part 2?

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I have ideas for a part 2, but it releasing will depend on how well this one does

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I'm sorry the caption is a little blurry, if you click to expand, it gets better, but also I'll put the text here so its much easier to read

Text: You used to be the crown prince of the most powerful kingdom in the world, that is, until your little sister decided to run away, leaving the castle with a missing princess. Tensions were already pretty high between you and the rivaling nation, but your father, the King, blamed the disappearance on them, claiming they kidnapped the Princess, and went to war. A few months of bloodshed later, it was clear that your father was losing. You tried to talk him down, not wanting your kingdom destroyed, but he was blinded by rage and obsession and refused to surrender, either we killed them all or die trying.

In a last-ditch effort to save both kingdoms, you break into your lost sister's chambers, which had been barricaded in respect. Looking around her room, you search for anything that might help you find where she went or any confirmation of her current status. As you open her closet, you notice all of her dresses perfectly intact. You remember how your sister always hated wearing some of them, and as you look at the bright pink dress and matching bow completely drowning in frills, you can only imagine how uncomfortable it would be, but, you think, that's the price paid for your kingdom. As that thought goes through your head again, you have an idea so crazy, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

The clacking of heels is heard as a feminine figure walks down the castle stairs and into the King's throne room. When you look up, you see that you are too late, your father sits dead on his throne as the Lord of the rival nation wipes his sword of blood. You shiver in fear of what just happened as the Lord walks up to you, carefully inspecting your face and outfit.

"Well look here!" he announces in a mocking tone, "The lost Princess has returned, but with no kingdom left to rule, perhaps you would serve better as my personal spoils of war. What do you think, girly boy?" The trauma of witnessing your father's murder, the fear for your own life, and the shame and embarrassment of your plan failing and being seen in this outfit left you completely immobile and speechless. The Lord barked some orders at one of his men and proceeded to scoop you up in his arms bridal style. The Lord carried you all the way back to his castle and threw you in a dungeon, still clothed in your sister's dress. As you sit there, you know he's keeping you alive for a reason. You just hope it involves fewer frills, but the way the guards have been looking at you makes you think otherwise.

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Your story is amazing!! I love it!! <3

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I'm glad you like it so much!