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点亮北京 | 暑期4-9岁双语日间营  Light up Beijing | Summer bilingual day camp for ages 4-9

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Lighter 2024-05-07 14:42

小小探索家 little explorer

双语日间营 Bilingual Day Camp

This summer, Lighter and Beijing 3e International School jointly created the "Little Explorers" bilingual day camp. It carefully designed a series of courses that are in line with the physical and mental development characteristics of children aged 4-9, aiming to inspire children through interesting activities. They cultivate their curiosity and desire for exploration while cultivating their social skills, emotional expression and leadership potential.


第一期:2024.7.01-12(不含周末) First issue: 2024.7.01-12 (excluding weekends)

第二期:2024.7.15-26(不含周末) Second issue: 2024.7.15-26 (excluding weekends)



营会亮点 Highlights of the camp


1. 跨学科学习体验 1. Interdisciplinary learning experience

Our curriculum combines five-sense education, leadership development, social-emotional learning and international cultural exchange to provide children with a diverse learning environment where they can learn and grow in practice.

Age-appropriate sensory games: Aiming at children’s natural curiosity about the world, through five-sense games, children can learn about the world through touching, hearing, seeing, tasting, and smelling.

Emotional recognition and expression: Through drawing and role-playing, help children identify and express their emotions and cultivate their empathy.


五感感官教育 Five senses sensory education

Develop Five Sense

声音、颜色、 sound, color,

味道、触觉、气味 taste, touch, smell

Sensory education is a key way to improve children's sensory perception ability. By training sensory organs, it can promote the development of intelligence and promote the natural development and social adaptation of individuals. It is especially important in the sensory development stage of 3 to 7 years old.


5把钥匙(领导力) 5 keys (leadership)

Inspire Leadership 


Teamwork Games

《5把钥匙》侧重于确定价值观和理想,揭示隐藏的能力。它创造了一种关注未来的方法,从内心激发灵感和动力,并结合个人效能工具和技术,引导未来的上升。通过这 5 个关键点,学员可以持续不断地创造预期成果:
"5 Keys" focuses on identifying values ​​and ideals and revealing hidden abilities. It creates a future-focused approach that inspires inspiration and motivation from within, combined with personal effectiveness tools and techniques to guide future upwards. Through these 5 key points, students can continuously create the desired results:

Key 1:勇于正视自己的失败之处和原因 - 识别自我设置的成功障碍
Key 1: Have the courage to face up to your own failures and reasons - identify self-imposed obstacles to success

Key 2:  对自己的解释、情感和信念拥有自主权
Key 2: Have autonomy over your own interpretations, emotions and beliefs

Key 3:对结果负责而不指责 Key 3: Take responsibility for the results without blaming

Key 4:  选择创造自我拥有的令人瞩目的未来愿景
Key 4: Choose to create your own compelling vision for the future

Key 5:以新的方式机智应对环境的自由 Key 5: The freedom to respond resourcefully to circumstances in new ways

2. 10天外教课程陪伴,沉浸式英文环境 2. 10-day foreign teacher course companionship, immersive English environment

Strictly select outstanding tutors from foreign and foreign countries to allow children to experience and explore in an English environment. Fun classes switch between Chinese and English to make children fall in love with speaking English.

3. 充满趣味的互动式学习 3. Fun and interactive learning

A large number of interactive games and team activities are designed to encourage children to learn cooperation and sharing while having fun, and to stimulate their personal leadership potential.


4. 家长参与和见证孩子的成长 4. Parents participate in and witness their children’s growth

We will provide parents with the "Family Relationship Report", "Children's Leadership Strengths Analysis Report", on-site performance reports and summaries of their children, and encourage parents to participate in their children's learning process and witness their children's growth and changes together.


5. 全程呵护与陪伴 5. Full care and companionship

The team of outstanding Chinese and foreign tutors includes education experts, senior psychological tutors, children's leadership outdoor coaches, senior foreign teachers, event planners, etc.

Teaching in groups and small classes ensures that each child receives personalized attention and stays with the child for a happy 10 days.



开启英语社交活动和生活体验 Start English social activities and life experience

双语日间营     活动时间表 Bilingual Day Camp Activity Schedule

双语日间营 Bilingual Day Camp

活动安排 Activity planning

Activity Arrangement