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点击 clickextension图标并固定 Kimi 助手 Icon and pin Kimi assistant
kimi有 Kimi,有好奇 There is Kimi, there is curiosity
欢迎使用 Kimi 浏览器助手 Welcome to Kimi Browser assistant
在您浏览网页时,Kimi 将通过下划线高亮显示其他用户关注的内容。仅需将鼠标悬停在这些部分,即可快速访问其中的深度解释和优质问答,轻松连接到同样话题的讨论。
When you browse the Web, Kimi will highlight the content that other users follow by underlining. Just hover over these sections to quickly access in-depth explanations and high-quality questions and answers, and easily connect to discussions on the same topic.
🐈 来看看这些关于猫咪的冷知识: Let's take a look at these cold knowledge about cats:
catstartend每只猫的鼻纹都是独一无二的,就像人类的指纹一样。 The nose pattern of each cat is unique, just like a human fingerprint.
hand试试把鼠标放在有下划线的文字上 Try to put the mouse on the underlined text
按钮或者快捷键,就可以看到 Kimi 对它的解释并提出你的疑问。
In the process of browsing the website, you can highlight any text content, and then press the button or shortcut key that appears, you can see Kimi's explanation of it and ask your questions.
catstartend家养猫最早出现在公元前 3600 年左右,而直到 1894 年,世上才有了第一部猫视频。
Domestic cats first appeared around 3600 BC, and it was not until 1894 that there was the first cat video in the world.
试试 Try选取上面这句话中的任意部分 Select any part of the above sentence并按下出现的 And press the one that appears
按钮 button
按钮来唤起 Kimi 帮你总结网站内容,或者解答问题。
Finally, when you do not select any content, you can use shortcut keys at any time, or click the button on the right side of the screen to arouse Kimi to help you summarize the content of the website, or answer questions.
看到这个浮窗后直接按下回车即可总结全文 After seeing this floating window, just press enter to summarize the full text
更喜欢在侧边栏中和 Kimi 对话?没问题!你可以随时在插件设置中修改偏好。
Do you prefer to talk to Kimi in the sidebar? No problem! You can modify your preferences at any time in the plugin settings.
相信现在的你对猫咪和 Kimi 浏览器助手都有了更多的了解。
I believe you now have a better understanding of cats and Kimi browser assistant.