Hot Paper Thresholds 热门论文门槛

Hot papers are papers that receive a large number of citations soon after publication, relative to other papers of the same field and age. They are papers published in the past two years that received a number of citations in the most recent two-month period that places them in the top 0.1% of papers in the same field.
热门论文是指相对于同一领域和同一时期的其他论文而言,发表后不久就获得大量引用的论文。它们是过去两年发表的论文,最近两个月内被引用次数位于同一领域论文前 0.1% 的论文。

Time Period for Counts

We measure age for hot papers in two-month periods rather than years, and we only scan papers published in the last two years to see if they are receiving more citations than normal. To get a current sampling of citations, we count citations from only the most recent two-month period. We define the time periods by database processing datesClosed. The data is updated bi-monthly (six times a year).
我们以两个月而不是几年来衡量热门论文的年龄,并且我们只扫描过去两年发表的论文,看看它们是否获得了比正常情况更多的引用。为了获得当前的引用样本,我们仅计算最近两个月的引用次数。我们通过数据库处理日期 Closed 定义时间段。数据每两个月更新一次(每年六次)。

Field and Age Variations

To correct for field variations in citation rate, each field is treated separately. Since older papers tend to be cited more than newer (just published) papers, a separate analysis is made for each two-month grouping of papers, giving a total of 12 groupings over the two-year period.
为了纠正引用率的字段变化,每个字段都被单独处理。由于较旧的论文往往比较新(刚刚发表)的论文被引用的次数更多,因此对每两个月的论文分组进行一次单独的分析,得出两年期间总共 12 个分组。

Sample Report 报告样本

The following table shows ten two-month periods, beginning with the fourth period (July-August) of 2011. The most recent two-month period is 2013-1 (January-February 2013). This report reveals that a paper in the field of Chemistry is hot if it was added to Web of Science in the:
下表显示了从 2011 年第四个期间(7 月至 8 月)开始的 10 个两个月期间。最近的两个月期间是 2013 年 1 月(2013 年 1 月至 2 月)。该报告显示,如果化学领域的论文被添加到 Web of Science 中,那么该论文就会很热门:

  • 4th period of 2011 and received at least 14 citations in the most recent two-month period
    2011 年第 4 期,最近两个月内至少被引用 14 次
  • 2nd period of 2012, and received at least 12 citations in the most recent two-month period
  • 1st period of 2013, and received at least 3 citations in the most recent two-month period
Field 场地 2011-4 2001-5 2011-6 2012-1 2012-2 2012-3 2012-4 2012-5 2012-6 2013-1
Chemistry 化学 14 11 12 11 12 9 8 6 4 3

When the header of the last column changes to 2013-2, different numbers can appear in some or all of the columns. Those number may be larger or smaller because only citation data from the current two-month period is used to generate the counts in all columns.
当最后一列的标题更改为 2013-2 时,部分或所有列中可能会出现不同的数字。这些数字可能更大或更小,因为仅使用当前两个月期间的引文数据来生成所有列中的计数。

Be aware that the total number of citations received by a hot paper will likely be higher than the number shown in any one of these columns, which is only the number of citations received in the current two-month period.