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A completely free document translation tool!

Immersive translation supports 10+ translation services, possesses a powerful document parsing algorithm, and adapts different translation formats for different document formats.

Bilingual Parallel Translation of PDF

Immersive Translation innovatively introduces a free PDF document side-by-side translation feature in the browser plugin. Whether you need to read foreign academic papers or handle multilingual business documents, you can obtain high-quality translation results with one click through Immersive Translation.

Bilingual translation of ePub e-books

With immersive translation, creating bilingual e-books in ePub format has never been so easy! Our one-click e-book creation feature can instantly transform your foreign language e-books into elegant bilingual versions, allowing you to enjoy an immersive reading experience on various e-book readers.

Bilingual translation of HTML/TXT files

Need to translate offline HTML or TXT documents? No problem, we fully support it! Whether it's technical documents or novel texts, immersive translation can provide you with accurate and efficient translation services.

SRT/ASS Subtitle Comparative Translation

With immersive translation, you can catch up with dramas or learn from foreign video tutorials in real time, making the creation of bilingual video subtitles simpler and more efficient! Just upload the subtitle file, and the immersive translation will display the subtitles line by line according to the timeline. The translation results can also be edited online to ensure the subtitles are accurate and error-free.

Bilingual translation of Word document

With immersive translation, you can easily translate any .docx document, no matter how complex the content, you can quickly understand the important information in foreign documents. No need to worry about language barriers anymore, our service will help you save time and make you more proficient when dealing with foreign materials. Whether it's business documents, academic papers, or personal materials, immersive translation can provide you with accurate and efficient translation support.

Don't just listen to what we say, hear what our users say:

I have been looking for a Chrome extension to show both original and translated languages on the same page for dual language education purpose. I used Saladict for a few years but the versatility this extension provides is much more powerful. Thanks for making this!

Bo Y.
Chrome User

Common Problems

Can I use immersive translation for free?

Yes, you can use Immersive Translation completely free of charge, as it offers the most comprehensive free package among similar products, without limiting the use of any features. For those who wish to use DeepL and OpenAI translation, Immersive Translation provides a low-cost and ready-to-use experience.

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