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Your name

-- Chinese Modernization in My Eyes -- Struggle and Creation

Beginning: Ten people short video (name)

What kind of meaning will a name be given by the times?

(New Democratic Revolution Period: May Fourth Movement, Founding of the Communist Party)

这个名字,在民族危亡时吹响誓死力争的嘹亮号角,在救亡图存中点亮民主科学的希望之光。 一寸山河一寸血,十万青年十万军;
This name sounded the clarion call of swearing to fight to the death when the nation was in danger, and lit the light of hope of democratic science in the salvation and survival. An inch of mountains and rivers, an inch of blood, 100,000 young people and 100,000 troops;

This name draws a grand blueprint for opening the world on the red boat of Nanhu, and ignites the endless spiritual torch in the vast mist. The bright candle shines on the red boat, and the hot wind is still surging youth (in the revolutionary sound transmission boat, the Communist Party is born to celebrate the workers and peasants, and the red boat in the South Lake shines brightly, reflecting the blue waves and shining gold. )

(抗战时期:九一八事变) “九一八”历史博物馆
(Anti-Japanese War Period: 918 Incident) "918" History Museum

This name composes a generous tragedy to death and life in the smoke of gunpowder, and ignites the bonfire of hard struggle in the deep twilight. (On September 18, 1931, Japanese militarism brazenly launched a war of aggression against China, and the land of Northeast China instantly became a hell on earth.) Those dark years were a grim moment for the Chinese nation to face life and death. It is against this historical background that they have shown an indomitable spirit of struggle, and in the face of aggression, they have risen up to resist in the white mountains and black waters, fighting a strong enemy with iron bones.

(建国初期:抗美援朝战争) 抗美援朝烈士陵园
(In the early days of the founding of the People's Republic of China: War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea) Martyrs' Cemetery to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea

This name is a bright banner of defending the country on the shore of the ice-clear Changjin Lake, and it has forged an indomitable national backbone among the Shangganling Mountains where the artillery is flying. (On June 25, 1950, the United Nations forces led by the United States brazenly launched the Korean War, and the Chinese People's Volunteers quickly mobilized to defend the peace and security of the Korean Peninsula.) They "are majestic, high-spirited, and cross the Yalu River", and use their blood and lives to compose a magnificent heroic hymn (fight with one punch, lest a hundred punches come) Qingshan buries the bones of the faithful everywhere, why should the horse leather shroud be returned

(社会主义建设时期和改革开放:一五计划、三大改造) 中国工业博物馆
(The Period of Socialist Construction and Reform and Opening-up: The First Five-Year Plan and the Three Major Transformations) China Industrial Museum

This name revives the passionate drumbeat of indignation when everything is wasted and waiting for a new one, and exerts the sweat of self-reliance in industrial construction. (In the early fifties, New China embarked on the journey of socialist construction, and the great decision of "one transformation and three reforms" led the country to new glory.) Those years of exploration were a crucial moment for China to move toward modernization and achieve industrial rejuvenation. It is at such a historical juncture that they have shown a promising enterprising spirit, and in the face of challenges, they have worked hard to create brilliance with firm faith.

Time can't take away eternal pain; History cannot erase the traces of aggression; Remember, it is for the revitalization of the famous race; Striving is for the strength of the country.

General Secretary Xi Jinping's elaboration of Chinese-style modernization

No matter what your name is, the journey of Chinese modernization will continue with your name

The name is me

沏一盏热茶,品一本经典;走进球场,踏上跑道,冲刺,跳跃,投篮。选择心之所向,追求精神的丰盈。 (物质文明和精神文明相协调的现代化)
Make a hot tea and taste a classic; Step onto the court, step onto the track, sprint, jump, shoot. Choose where your heart desires and pursue spiritual abundance. (Modernization of material civilization and spiritual civilization in harmony)

(Teacups; Big Live & Library; court pitching shots; Running sprint)

Every breath is the rhythm of life; Every time you look at it, it is a picture of nature; Every time you listen, it's a harmonious movement. Take care of all things in nature and pursue the beauty of symbiosis. (Modernization of harmonious coexistence between man and nature: care for the environment, animals, and enjoy the environment)

(Breathe with your arms open; small animals; Bird call)

The name is you

You have worked hard in the laboratory, worked hard in the fields, sowed wisdom, reaped abundance, and had enough food for all families. (Modernization with a huge population: Yuan Longping)

You turn from the neon jungle, let your feet be covered with mud, shuttle through every corner of poverty, and capture the pulse of the times with your lens and words (Modernization of Common Prosperity for All People: Chen Beier)

The name is yours

You use time to measure the land of the motherland (the first team of national survey)

You are willing to take root in the frontier and be an invisible buried celebrity with two bombs and one star (Keketuohai)

You run through the sky with your naked hearts, and let the five-star red flag shine in space again and again. (Astronaut)

You have crossed mountains and seas and turned the weight of life into energy that illuminates the world (Modernization on the Path of Peaceful Development: Diplomatic Mission)

You have traveled thousands of miles, gone to the mission with your life, and protected the common people with great love. (Anti-epidemic medical workers)

You write legendary stories with ingenuity and continue the precipitation of thousands of years (non-genetic inheritors)

The name is us

In this ancient and vibrant land, every Chinese is writing their own chapter of modernization with their own hands.

这是你的名字,也曾是 林徽因、黄文秀、彭士禄 的名字,在这些灿若星辰的名字中,也将留下你的名字“ 这个名字的每一笔每一划,都将被赋予自强不息的意义
This is your name, and it was also the name of Lin Huiyin, Huang Wenxiu, and Peng Shilu, and among these brilliant names, your name will also be left." "Every stroke of this name will be given the meaning of self-improvement

After that, you will be joined by many brilliant names to form a bright galaxy that illuminates the chapter of modernization.

谨以此片致敬每一个在时代的洪流里 曾经 正在 即将 为国家发展贡献力量的人!
I would like to pay tribute to everyone who has contributed to the development of the country in the torrent of the times!