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IchibyaA Decision

Kurosaki Ichigo turned over, drowsily wanting to reach for the alarm clock on the bedside as usual, but his hand swung twice in mid-air and found nothing. Only then did he open his eyes, greeted by a vast expanse of deep and shallow red.

Ichigo was instantly awake, springing up from the bed, disbelievingly scanning the unfamiliar and eerie surroundings, as well as the person lying next to him.

"Byaku... Byakuya!?"

The person who had been disturbed from his sleep opened his eyes and looked at him, with furrowed brows indicating that his current mood was far from pleasant, and his eyes seemed to be about to lift his hand and give him a Shakkahō【1】.Fortunately, the low pressure around Byakuya didn't last long, quickly returning to his usual calm state, preventing the imagined scene in Ichigo's mind from becoming reality.

Kurosaki Ichigo let out a couple of dry laughs, wiping the cold sweat from his forehead as Byakuya looked away, turning to observe the surroundings.

This was an empty room. Apart from the bed they were lying on, there was hardly any furniture. Only the dark red velvet drapes hanging at the foot of the bed, covering the entire wall. The floor was also covered with the same color carpet, adorned with irregular crimson patterns, reminiscent of that day...

Kurosaki Ichigo suddenly froze, closed his eyes and turned his head away, no longer looking at the eerie patterns.

But it seemed the owner of the room had a penchant for red, even the walls were painted a slightly oppressive red. No matter where he looked, images of blood flowing in a rainstorm kept emerging in his mind.

"Kurosaki Ichigo."

Like a brief spell, the owner of the name instantly escaped from the red nightmare and looked at the person beside him: "What's wrong, Byakuya?"

As soon as the words left his mouth, Kurosaki Ichigo realized his breathing was trembling. Byakuya calling him must have been because he noticed something was off.

However, before he could utter his thanks, he was cut off by Byakuya's stern voice: "There's a line of text on that wall."

Kurosaki Ichigo followed Byakuya's gaze and his face flushed red: "Wait... what is this?!"

"If you leave this room without having sex, you will never see each other again."

The flamboyant light pink font, surrounded by a few hearts, seemed like something out of a shojo manga. Yet, against the red wall, it lacked any sweetness, leaving only a sense of eeriness.

Kurosaki Ichigo's face was flushed red, and he couldn't bring himself to look at the person beside him. Being locked in such an eerie room with Byakuya, it just didn't seem possible. Maybe this was all a dream. If it was a dream...

Thinking this, Ichigo pinched himself roughly: "Ah, it hurts, it hurts—"

"Kurosaki Ichigo," Byakuya, the young master of the Kuchiki clan, looked over with a gaze that seemed to carry a strange kind of care, "What are you doing?"

Kurosaki Ichigo wished he could just find a crack in the ground to hide in. Unfortunately, they were trapped here, with no place to hide, not even a crack. He could only awkwardly change the subject: "So what should we do now?"

Byakuya Kuchiki looked at him with a sense of resignation, then shifted his gaze to the words on the wall: "Just break this room."
Byakuya Kuchiki无奈地看着他,然后将目光转移到墙上的字上:“就打破这个房间吧。

"Oh, right, that makes sense."

But before they could act, a mechanical voice suddenly appeared: "If you break the room to get out, you will never be able to see each other again. Can you accept that?"

"Nonsense," Byakuya said as he raised his arm, his spiritual energy gathering at his fingertips.

"Wait! Byakuya!" Kurosaki Ichigo took a deep breath, trying to push the image of Byakuya's life force gradually fading out of his mind, and instead asked the voice, "What do you mean by 'unable to see each other'?"

"We will affect your perception. Even if you meet, you will not be able to sense each other's reiatsu【2】, body, voice, or any traces left by the other, completely erasing the other from your world.

"If you can accept that," the voice continued as the curtains at the end of the bed slowly opened, revealing a door behind it, identical to a Senkaimon, its elegant style contrasting with the eerie room, "then, please proceed. Of course, you can also choose to make love and leave in the normal way."

Never being able to see each other again... Kurosaki Ichigo's heart tightened, and then he forced himself to calm down, turning to look at the other person, but only saw his half-turned back, unable to see the expression. A sense of loss surged uncontrollably. It was true, how could Byakuya possibly agree to such a thing?

Suppressing the swelling bitterness in his chest, Kurosaki Ichigo gritted his teeth and gave an answer to the two absurd options, forcing a smile: "Then Byakuya, let's go. Controlling senses like that is impossible. Even if what he says is true, Mr. Urahara will definitely have a way."

With that, he stepped towards the door.

His escape was unsuccessful. Just two steps out, he heard Byakuya calling his name, and then his wrist was held tightly. Before Ichigo could turn back to ask what was happening, he was pulled off balance and thrown onto the bed.

"Bya... Byakuya, what's wrong with you? Eh, eh!?" Kurosaki Ichigo watched as the person who had been normal just moments ago straddled him, his mind going blank.

Byakuya Kuchiki looked down at him, the high-intensity lights above casting his face in shadow, making it impossible to read his expression, even his voice seemed devoid of emotion: "Sorry."

As he spoke, he reached to pull at Ichigo's pajama pants. Kurosaki Ichigo quickly grabbed his waistband, trying to put up a final defense: "Wait... Byakuya, what are you doing, are you going to do what he said?"

It would be a lie to say he wasn't secretly pleased, but he was afraid that Byakuya was just influenced by the room. Instead of causing a rift between them because of a ridiculous request such like this, it would be better to find a way out first.

But Byakuya Kuchiki seemed not to hear at all, continuing his actions. In the end, under the tussle between the two, the once sturdy fabric couldn't withstand the strain and let out a ripping sound, declaring its demise. Even as he threw the torn cloth off the bed, he said something rather inopportunely: "I will take responsibility for the compensation."
但Byakuya Kuchiki似乎根本没有听到,继续他的行动。最终,在两人的较量下,曾经结实的布料承受不住压力,发出撕裂声,宣告了它的灭亡。甚至在他把撕裂的布从床上扔下来时,他却说了一句相当不合时宜的话:“我会负责赔偿。

"Wait, that's not the issue here!" Kurosaki Ichigo hurriedly grabbed his wrist, trying to make eye contact with him, but could only see the slightly trembling eyelashes.

His heart skipped a beat, and Ichigo suddenly understood the hidden meaning in the silence, loosening his grip on the wrist of the person on top of him, finally showing the first genuine smile of the day: "So Byakuya, you don't want to be separated from me, right?"

"Shut up."

He's embarrassed.

Kurosaki Ichigo let go of his grip, cooperating as Kuchiki Byakuya pulled open his T-shirt. He subconsciously followed the trajectory of the discarded clothing as it fell off the bed, then turned his gaze back as the person on top of him stopped moving: "So, Byakuya, do you know how to do......?"
黑崎一护松开了手,配合着Kuchiki Byakuya拉开了他的T恤。他下意识地顺着被丢弃的衣服从床上掉下来的轨迹看去,然后把目光转回去,看着他上面的人停止了移动:“所以,白谷,你知道该怎么做吗......?

Kuchiki Byakuya, as if finally fed up with his incessant chatter, grabbed Ichigo's head and leaned down to fiercely collide with the mouth that had been moving non-stop since the beginning.

Ichigo was dumbfounded by the sudden turn of events, but quickly reacted, one hand circling behind the shoulder of the person on top, the other wrapping around his waist, returning the kiss.

This was originally not really a kiss, just Byakuya's lips rubbing against his, teeth nibbling on him, the force so strong it even hurt a bit. Kurosaki Ichigo had never kissed before, but relying on theoretical knowledge and instinct, he extended his tongue, licking against Byakuya's teeth, and then, taking advantage of his relaxation, pushed in forcefully, stirring in the warm cavity, inviting the flustered soft tongue to dance.

The noble who had lived for an unknown number of years probably only had a concept of kissing as lips touching, and after Kurosaki Ichigo invaded his territory, he quickly lost his means of response, only able to passively entangle his lips and tongue with the other. Naturally, he was unwilling to be at a disadvantage, but tonsil hockey was still too advanced for him, and he quickly found himself on the retreat, completely losing his initiative in this entanglement.

It was unknown how much time had passed, until the oxygen in their lungs was exhausted, that they reluctantly parted.

The lack of oxygen made the brain a bit muddled, and as the darkness in front of him dispersed, Kurosaki Ichigo saw the state of the person on him.

Kuchiki Byakuya half-opened his mouth, the tip of his tongue that had been entwined with his peeking out a bit red, resting on his lower teeth, saliva that hadn't been swallowed during the kiss hanging at the corner of his lips, looking so dazzling. His amethyst eyes, veiled by a layer of mist, met Ichigo's, like a rippling moonlit bay. His juban had also been untied at some point, fully opened, the light-colored tips half-hidden behind the white silk fabric, rising and falling with each breath. The smooth muscle lines seemed like a masterpiece meticulously carved by a master, leading all the way to the hidden place. The sizable manhood stood proudly, its shape and color beautifully matching its owner.

The heartbeat at his chest suddenly quickened, warmth and joy spreading, flowing into his limbs and bones. Kurosaki Ichigo raised his hand, just about to wipe away the liquid at Byakuya's lips, when the last line of defense was suddenly pulled down.

The usually well-protected private area suddenly came into contact with the slightly cool air, causing him to shudder violently, instinctively wanting to bend over and close his legs. But Kuchiki Byakuya was sitting on his thighs, and this action didn't have any real effect, instead causing the semi-erect penis to sway a few times under their gaze.
平时保护良好的突然接触到微凉的空气,让他剧烈地打了个寒颤,本能地想要弯腰合拢双腿。但Kuchiki Byakuya坐在他的大腿上,这个动作并没有产生任何实际效果,反而让半勃起的阴茎在他们的注视下摇晃了几下。

Kurosaki Ichigo instantly felt his face burning up, and the next second his brain completely shut down under the other's actions.

The hands that usually held a sword were now on his penis, the pale fingers encircling the fleshy column, stroking up and down, with almost no technique, but just this simple touch made the uncooperative thing tremble and swell even more.

Contrary to his aroused lower body, Kurosaki Ichigo himself even stopped breathing, as if struck by an unknown binding spell, completely losing his ability to move, only able to stare blankly at Byakuya who was masturbating him, subconsciously swallowing a mouthful of saliva. The next second he was startled wide-eyed: "Wait! Byakuya, you'll get hurt!"

However, the person on top merely glanced at him and continued to hold his penis, trying to insert it into his buttocks.

Ichigo hurriedly grabbed Byakuya's waist, trying to make him stop, but perhaps due to the position, he couldn't resist the inertia, allowing the other to successfully sit down. Fortunately, with his interference, the penis tilted, sliding directly through the crevice, not directly thrusting into the unexpanded back hole, but hard against Kuchiki Byakuya's buttocks.

Kurosaki Ichigo breathed a sigh of relief, but seeing Byakuya about to repeat the same move, he hurriedly turned over, pressing the person underneath him, foreheads touching, looking into those still moist eyes, and couldn't help but drop another kiss on the soft lips: "Byakuya, I'm happy, let me take care of the rest."

The restrained Kuchiki heir seemed a bit displeased, narrowing his eyes, but the relaxed muscles in his palm told Ichigo that he had acquiesced.

In the event of two men making love, some tools would likely be necessary. Kurosaki Ichigo scanned the surroundings but couldn't find a place to store items. Using saliva might suffice, he thought. Just as he was about to moisten his fingers with his tongue, he accidentally bumped into a slightly cool bottle—it was the lubricant he had been looking for.

"In a way, this room is quite convenient," Ichigo mused as he opened the packaging. The liquid that flowed from the bottle was cold, and entering the body in such a state would certainly be uncomfortable. After some thought, he decided to hold the entire bottle in his hand.

Kuchiki Byakuya watched him with a frown, then shifted his gaze to the object in Ichigo's hand. "Kurosaki Ichigo, what is that?"
Kuchiki Byakuya皱着眉头看着他,然后将目光转移到一护手中的物品上。“黑崎一护,那是什么?”

"This? It's lubricant."

Kuchiki Byakuya frowned, apparently understanding its purpose from the name but clearly not intending to be gentle with himself. "I don't need such a thing."
Kuchiki Byakuya皱了皱眉头,显然从这个名字中理解了它的目的,但显然不打算对自己温柔。“我不需要这样的东西。”

Ichigo sighed casually, responding noncommittally, but his actions betrayed no intention of obeying.

The liquid, warmed by the palm's temperature, no longer had the initial chill. As it flowed down his fingers, it almost merged with body heat. Meeting Byakuya's disapproving gaze, Ichigo lifted one of Byakuya's legs and squeezed the remaining lubricant at the entrance.

The slippery sensation on the private area was uncomfortable, and the wetness, due to the position, trickled down the crevice, creating an odd feeling that made Byakuya want to pull his leg away from Ichigo immediately. The next instant, he was startled by the sudden intrusion of fingers into the hidden entrance, his eyes widening and a meaningless moan escaping his throat.

With the help of lubricant and the finger not being as large as a penis, the entry was exceptionally smooth, and the anticipated pain did not occur. However, the sudden invasion of a territory never before trodden upon brought a sense of discomfort and swelling. The slender fingers explored the passage, the hard and thin tips brushing against the inner walls, leaving a fine itch.

First one finger, then a second and a third entered. Byakuya could feel these fingers moving flexibly within the inner sanctum, changing positions. The increasingly obvious swelling sensation made him tremble involuntarily, looking up at the person who was giving him such unique sensations. His vision was blurred by a layer of mist, and he could see nothing clearly, only large patches of color leaving a reliable image on his retina.

The front was also held warmly in a hand, from the glans to the phallosome being gently stroked.

The fingers in the silken passage continued their movements, sometimes spreading at the entrance, stretching the tight opening; sometimes delving deep, searching for something in the passage, each movement stimulating the nerves throughout the body. Suddenly, something was touched, and a flash of white light burst before his eyes, his body seemingly thrown into unfamiliar territory, a pleasure never experienced before climbing up his spine and exploding in his mind. A familiar voice vaguely reached his ears: "Hmm? Is it here?"

"Kurosaki... Ichigo... Ah!"

Byakuya arched his body, gripping the arm of the person on him. His body, overwhelmed by pleasure, was unable to exert much force, but this only led to Ichigo's fingers pressing against that spot more aggressively, tiny electric currents spreading out densely. His brain and body seemed to have separated, his brain sinking into chaos, while his body gradually ascended in unfamiliar sensations. His vision was blurred, but his other senses dutifully transmitted information. He seemed to hear his own voice emitting unfamiliar tones, and even with clenched teeth could not stop intermittent muffled groans from escaping.

"I say, don't call me by my surname at a time like this," Ichigo said, his words accompanied by a gentle kiss on the eyelashes.

The mist covering his vision transformed into glistening droplets that rolled down, restoring a temporarily clear view, making contact with a pair of eyes filled with tenderness. His brain had not yet reacted, but his body, following its instincts, called out: "Ichigo..."

Then he was pressed into the soft bed, his lips and tongue once again welcoming the invasion of his young lover, with one hand put around partner's neck and the other pressing against the back of his head, responding to the kiss.

The closed entrance had already opened wide under this affectionate invasion, obediently sucking in the fingers.

But it was far to be enough, for both of them longed for a deeper intimacy.

The sudden withdrawal of what had filled the secret sanctuary, only left a small opening, gaping and eager to devour more.

Kurosaki Ichigo had been observing Byakuya's reactions, and upon hearing the trembling moans, he understood that the other had adapted. Moreover, he himself had reached his limit; who could possibly restrain themselves when their beloved lay beneath them immersed in the burning desire?

"Byakuya, I'm going in."

Although the expansion was adequate, fingers could never compare to the real thing.

The moment he entered, Byakuya felt a tearing pain within his body, seemed exceptionally fragile. Both pleasure and pain surged intensely, dampening the tide of passion slightly.

Seeing Byakuya's softening member, Ichigo immediately froze. He wasn't feeling great either; his penis encountered resistance when just inserting, and the narrow passage tightly gripped his glans, refusing to let go. Although forcing his way through was possible, his concern for Byakuya made him hesitate.

Just as Ichigo was about to pull out, he received a command from below: "Kurosaki Ichigo, come in."


Byakuya ignored his “but” and directly wrapped his leg around Ichigo's waist, pressing down hard. His penis slid in completely, plunging into the wet warmth.

This nearly made Ichigo climax. Byakuya paid the price for his recklessness as the thick penis crushed his prostate, the pain suddenly drowned out by pleasure, mixed to pulling him up into the air, followed by the pain returning, nibbling at every part of the passage, dominating his senses. His sanity was knocked away, with darkness flooding his vision.

When Byakuya came to himself, Ichigo was slowly thrusting with his legs held, and a tingling sensation gradually rose in the private area, eased by the friction. His body recovered from the intense reaction and began to enjoy the gradually rising slow pleasure.

But Ichigo, already on the verge of eruption, couldn't hold back anymore. Seeing Byakuya recover, he began to thrust vigorously, holding his thighs. A high school boy with no experience had no technique to speak of, simply relying on instinct to ram into the sensitive spots.

Byakuya let out a seductive cry from the sudden acceleration, disbelievingly looking at the man above him, unable to believe that the sweet sound had come from his own mouth. The eager young man didn't care about his thoughts, thrusting harder with each movement, and even pulling away Byakuya's hand which tried to muffle his own gasps.

The other hand was also busy, reaching for the erect nipples on his chest, pinching and rubbing them. The other nipple wasn't spared either, being sucked and nibbled between teeth.

Byakuya had never imagined those almost decorative spots could play a role in intercourse, with both top and bottom being attacked, the rapidly increasing pleasure immersing him completely. The loss of control left him helpless, wanting to free his chest for a momentary relief, but as his hand just touched the fuzzy head, the pleasure from below sapped his strength, and his resisting action turned into a seemingly encouraging invitation.

"Kurosaki... Ichigo... Ichigo! Stop... Ugh!"

His words turned into moans under the impact, unable to form complete sentences.

The originally light-colored nipples had been teased to a bright red, standing erect in the cool air, covered in a layer of moisture, shamelessly seeking more attention, while the perpetrator looked innocent, speaking nonsense after releasing it, further heightening Byakuya's shame.

With Ichigo's movements, Byakuya was soon sent to the peak of desire again, but this time there was no lucky reprieve. The accumulating pleasure teetered in his body, finally erupting into white essence that sprayed onto Ichigo's chest and abdomen, even splattering onto himself, forming a lascivious scene in contrast to his flushed body.

The climax did not bring him rest; as he trembled and climbed to the peak of bliss, Ichigo Kurosaki's member was still thrusting in and out of his rear passage. Overwhelmed by desire, his body trembled incessantly under the overload of lust, even his words were knocked into fragments.

However, the rod inside his body showed no intention of letting him go, continuously grinding against his prostate, stirring wave after wave of surges, yet unable to sweep away all his consciousness, allowing him to clearly feel himself being passionately embraced.

The consciousness immersed in the tide of passion could not discern the passage of time, feeling as if it had been a long time, yet also as if only a moment had passed. The weapon that had been wreaking havoc inside his body finally stopped its movements, pressing deep into the passage and releasing a torrent, bringing his sanity into the realm of bliss.

Byakuya's body, which still in the refractory period, could not respond, only lifting his head high with the mouth agape in a silent scream,ended in climbing to the peak of pleasure together with the person on top through the joining of bodies.

Ichigo Kurosaki leaned down, cupping Byakuya's face and exchanging another passionate lingering kiss, the confession brewing on his tongue not yet spoken, when suddenly everything went black. When his vision returned to normal, he had already left that bizarre room, of course, only himself, naked and lying in bed, his pitiful pajamas left in that unknown room.

The alarm clock rang shrilly and bounded on the bed. With a groan, Ichigo turned it off, burying his face in his palms.