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Angele Dei

Chapter 3


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Chapter Text 章节正文

When he comes to again, he realizes that Sephiroth has removed the tail from his body. He’s still gaping from the chest, but the bleeding seems to have slowed down. 

Sephiroth’s cock is still inside of him. 

Cloud trembles uncontrollably. How long has he been out? How many times has Sephiroth violated him? He feels stuffed to bursting of sticky wetness, impossibly full in his ass. His stomach is distended and swollen, and Sephiroth’s body is cupped around him, in a pitiful imitation of spooning lovers. 

He feels bile rise through him. 

“Please,” Cloud begs.  “求求你了,”克劳德恳求道。

Sephiroth strokes his shaking arm. “You’re back here again,” he says kindly.

“Please, no more.”  “求求你了,不要再这样了。”

He feels grateful for the way Sephiroth’s limp cock slips out of Cloud’s loose, brutalized asshole. Shame is the only thing he feels right now, and Sephiroth is eager to drive the nail into his coffin.

“Wasn’t that lovely, Archangel Cloud? Letting yourself turn putty in someone else’s hands. Such courage.” Sephiroth is stroking a finger down Cloud’s cheek, and he flinches.

Even now, violated and vulnerable, Cloud can’t look at him in the eye. There is something so mesmerising about the demon’s eyes, despite the wide streak of insane that runs through the green. “What have you done to me?” 

“It’s just as you think,” Sephiroth says, and smiles. “You were passed out for so very long. You were quite entertaining, but I think I prefer you awake.” 

“God will never forgive you for this,” Cloud says hoarsely.

Sephiroth laughs sardonically. “So sure that you still carry his Grace in your hands, aren’t you? Laughable, considering that this is all it takes to unravel your virtue.”

Cloud pushes up to a sitting position. His chest is heaving with fury, indignation even as he is horrified by the wet sounds he makes when his thighs squeeze together, the way wet seed leaks down his thighs and into the sheets. “You have no idea what you’re talking about. You’ve been in Hell for too long now.”

“If you’re so sure, then heal yourself.” Sephiroth points to the wound that he’s ripped in Cloud’s sternum. “Heal that. Then heal your asshole that I wrecked.”

Cloud trembles. But with Sephiroth looking at him like that, Cloud wants nothing but to prove him wrong. So he places a hand over the wound over the slow-bleeding hole in his sternum. And waits.

Nothing happens. 什么也没发生。

Cloud looks down in horror.

Sephiroth laughs cruelly. “Has your God retracted his love for his most precious angel? That was quite fast, wasn’t it? How fickle is He?” There is nothing but bitter contempt in his voice. He sounds angry, and he pushes Cloud down on his back, his wings crushed underneath him.

With one hand on his ankle ruthlessly yanking him apart, Sephiroth presses a hand against Cloud’s asshole, still filthy with come and spit, and a warmth radiates from his palm. The throbbing sensation lessens, and the worst of it eases away.

Before he can even protest, Sephiroth’s done the same for the hole in his chest. And just when Cloud thinks this devil isn’t that bad, Sephiroth proves otherwise.

Proving that Cloud is dead wrong.
证明 Cloud 是大错特错的。

The perfunctory healing now over, Cloud still smarting from the fact that the Corruptor has healed him with whatever dark magic from Hell, he’s flipped Cloud onto his face. For a moment his heart seizes up, and he thinks Sephiroth is going to fuck him open again. He stutters, flails. Summons the sword that’s on the floor, hoping for it to manifest in his hands so he can turn around and slash the demon into oblivion. But nothing happens.

Sephiroth has one large hand braced between his shoulder blade, one knee against the small of his back. And his other hand, curled around the top of his upper right wing.

Cloud turns his head and sees the imminent danger in Sephiroth’s eyes. There’s something feral about him that Cloud hasn’t accounted for. By the time he realizes what Sephiroth’s about to do, he’s already done it.

Sephiroth grabs hold of Cloud’s wing, and rips it cleanly off his shoulder blade.

Cloud screams. 云尖叫。

The devil calmly watches him, his quiet voice clear despite Cloud’s writhing and screaming. It feels like Sephiroth’s ripped a limb from him. He thrashes despite Sephiroth still holding him down, almost unseating him. “Your God has no mercy for you. He’s spurned you, taken your strength away from you.”

“No!” Cloud is lashing out with his hands and feet now, but Sephiroth is bearing down on him with his entire weight. 

His hand moves to the wing below, and this time, he can feel the deafening sound of tearing as it is forcefully separated from his flesh. “Grace, withdrawn from your being.”

Through hazy tears, Cloud sees loosened, white feathers float downwards.

He’s sobbing hysterically. But it’s not enough to stop Sephiroth from moving his hand to the left wing. Cloud tries to jerk away, to pull his giant wing out of Sephiroth’s reach. He was gifted the two larger wings when he was promoted to Archangel. And now, ripped off just like that…

Sephiroth has no mercy for him. “Your faith, burned away.” His voice is emotionless, cold as he rends the third wing from Cloud’s huddled over, shaking form. It causes him untold agony when it rips. He’s howling.

Cloud is all ready for Sephiroth to take his last one, when he stops. “There,” he says. “We’ve taken it all away, leaving only your one wing. It represents your true self.”

Cloud understands now, too intimately, why Sephiroth is called the Corruptor of Self. He’s destroyed the foundation of all the knowledge that Cloud has ever known.

Sephiroth slides his finger and thumb under Cloud’s chin, lifts his face to meet Sephiroth’s insane gaze. “You’re free. I will mould you into a creature consecrated to the sweet darkness of pleasure, and I promise you this, Cloud. Archangel you are no more, but I will love you beyond anything your God can offer you. All that pleasure your beautiful body is capable of carrying, and you will want for nothing.”  

The bereft feeling of grief engulfs his soul. With his wings gone and his powers having disappeared, he is no longer the Virtue of God. A part of him is still in shock, unable to understand how exactly they’ve gotten here. It feels like a terrible nightmare, and for some unknown reason, he can’t wake up.

His three wings, thrown onto the ground like discarded rubbish, its tips dark red with blood where it’s been ripped from his shoulder blades. The white bone structure, the white wings, fading into a sickly, pale grey now that they are no longer connected to an angelic host. He stares at them, mouth still hanging open. The tears won’t stop flowing.

“An angel stripped of his wings is the greatest disgrace,” Cloud whispers. His voice is thick with emotion.

“You have one left.” Sephiroth says. “Like me.”

Cloud covers his eyes with his hands. He can’t even look at the carnage on the ground. He feels like a gigantic gaping wound, all unstaunched bleeding and gushing at the seams.

Sephiroth eases off him.

“This is how you will make more room in your heart for something bigger,” Sephiroth says, and Cloud wants to laugh.

“There is nothing bigger than God’s love,” he whispers, and Sephiroth merely laughs, as if the idea is incredulous to him. He places his hand onto the torn ligaments on Cloud’s back, and seals them closed.

“You’re more beautiful than ever.”

Cloud can’t help it. He cries his rage and his pain, and even through Sephiroth ignoring it all and rolling him onto his back, forcing his thighs apart. Cloud can barely see through the film of tears in his swollen eyes, the fight stolen from him.

It doesn’t shock him that the devil is now between his legs, his engorged cock enormous and intimidating, leaking pre-come at its tip. It looks like a monster that will no doubt wreck his insides. It’s already done so once, and he’s only just been healed up. He’s too big for Cloud’s hole, but something inside him twitches at the thought of Sephiroth’s cock inside him.

What is he becoming? Earlier in the evening, he was one of the four Archangels, the Virtue of God. Brave, strong, courageous. He knew he had earned his place in God’s honoured pantheon. He was proud of the fact he stands up there with his fellow Archangels. 

But now he has fallen. Violated, dishonoured. 

Is there still a place for him anymore?

If he isn’t an Archangel, what is he?

Sephiroth’s startling green eyes are boring into him. He cranes his neck, pressing tender little kisses to Cloud’s trembling mouth. He offers heat and warmth right now, and Cloud’s arms, after hesitating, gingerly curls around Sephiroth’s muscled biceps.

He feels so cold right now. Numb to the tips of his fingers. Every part of him is shivering.

Sephiroth’s kisses are sweet. When he pushes one onto Cloud’s lips, it feels good. It feels like he can swallow it whole and it makes his core warm. Like he’s now standing in front of a roaring hearth.

He wants more.

But he can’t have more, because this is wrong. Cloud sobs wordlessly, and even though he is saying nothing, it’s like Sephiroth can hear his thoughts. “You want this,” he says. “You want this so badly. Earlier this evening, I saw the way you looked at me. You couldn’t take your eyes off me.” 

Cloud shakes his head, but he leans into the warmth offered through Sephiroth’s touch. He’s so cold. 

“Is this what you wanted, all this time?” Sephiroth’s thumb flickers across Cloud’s nipple. Teasing, stroking. Then a hard pinch that has Cloud moaning with pain. Wanting more. Why is his body betraying him like this?

Those fingers do not care what Cloud’s mouth is saying. Instead they travel downwards, teasing at his entrance. He’s opening up for a finger, swallowing it up to the hilt. “Do you feel this secret place here?” Sephiroth asks. “This is where pleasure blooms. This is what you really are, my sweet little angel. Made to be loved. Made to be fucked.” 

Every thrust of his fingers has a loud squelch echoing in Cloud’s ears - a reminder of his shame, his secret delight. His body wants this, needs this. Sephiroth coaxes Cloud to open his mouth, and pours heat into Cloud in the form of his sinuous tongue, licking his way in.

It’s making him greedy for more.

“Come with me,” Sephiroth croons in Cloud’s ear. “Come for me.”

Cloud sobs, pulls Sephiroth to his chest. His hole feels wet. Sticky. Pulsing around a cock that isn’t there. He is all need and desire that it’s overriding his brain and that sense of shame. He wants to escape it, wants to leave it all behind. All he wants right now is to be filled up, for Sephiroth to make it all right. 

With a soft cry, he puts his own hands on his thighs, pulls back so his legs are folded back to his ears. “Want you,” he says incoherently. “Want you inside of me.” 

Sephiroth laughs, and Cloud wonders if that sound means cruelty or satisfaction. Possibly both. 

That cock is nudging at his entrance, pushing in. This time, when Sephiroth’s cock bursts through that ring of muscle and causes him pain, he doesn’t scream. He only embraces the anguish, because it is far better to be hurt like this, with this strange devil holding him, wanting him, than to be lost, unwanted.

And sure enough, after a while, it doesn’t feel like pain anymore. He’s a little rabbit that chases an unnamable pleasure down a hole, especially the way Sephiroth strokes at his cock, coaxing it to full hardness. It feels good, and Cloud loves it. He feels the wet sloppiness pooling at his asshole when Sephiroth thrusts and drags his cock inside his tight walls.

It’s unfamiliar, it’s brutal even when he’s being gentle. Cloud is probably bleeding, but it’s worth it with the way Sephiroth is thrusting back with his hips, slapping at him, sending frissons of pleasure into every corner of his body.

He isn’t cold anymore.

In fact, he’s burning up.

Even the indecent noises that had only shamed him earlier that evening are being pulled out of throat willingly. Loud, unadulterated shamelessness in the form of incoherent pleas and moans, but he can tell Sephiroth likes hearing them. He only slams harder into Cloud, who’s now holding on for dear life.

Sephiroth puts a hand over Cloud’s stomach. It’s distended and swollen from all the filth swimming inside of him. “I want to fill you up with my seed and keep it all inside of you until it drips and leaks out of you.” 

Cloud shivers, and his toes curl from the way Sephiroth looks at him. Like Cloud is his Light; his God. 

The orgasm rushes up to meet him, engulfing his entire body in flames of desire and satiety. And he rises to meet it, painting his own belly and chest with white ropey pearls of come that shoot as far as his own chin. Covered in his own filth and liking it immensely.

Sephiroth chuckles in approval, and for a moment there, Cloud swears that the black horns at his head gleam ominously. But Cloud shudders and ignores it, and still wedged inside, Sephiroth motions for Cloud to climb onto him as he leans back onto the pillows.

Cloud hesitates.

It’s one thing to be taken; it’s entirely another to mount the devil himself.

But he wants it so badly.

The cock inside him is pulsing, and Cloud squeezes it hard. The devil’s green eyes flash, and his tail rises to caress Cloud’s cheek softly. He moans into the touch, feeling the tail between his fingers. It’s thicker than expected, and he wonders what it will feel like thrashing inside of him.

He wants more.

Throwing his hesitation to the evening breeze, Cloud gets up on his knees, positions his wet ass over Sephiroth’s turgid cock. He lowers himself all the way and listens to the way Sephiroth bottoms out inside of him with a wet plop. He watches, breath held, as Sephiroth plays at the disheveled tunic he’s still wearing over his chest, the fabric filthy with come.

“Take it off me,” Cloud orders Sephiroth. Begs him. He does not want another reminder of how white’s been chosen for him tonight because he’s supposed to be pure and untouched. This is no longer true.

Sephiroth places his hand over his belly, and the white tunic burns away. The flames lick at Cloud’s skin but do not hurt him. And now he’s clad only in his skin, Sephiroth looks at him with such naked adoration and possessiveness that Cloud has no choice but to feel safe, despite everything that’s transpired.

Sephiroth reaches up to stroke Cloud’s chin. “I like being sheathed inside your warmth, little angel. I promise you that for the rest of eternity, I’ll have you chained my side. I want you on my cock at all times, even when I’m not using you and loving you. I want your mouth on me. Your hand on me. Your hole impaled upon my cock.”

Cloud shudders. Why does he like the sound of it so much?

“You’re going to be my little cock slut in Hell,” Sephiroth says, and Cloud feels his asshole leaking wetness even more. Lubricating the way for him to glide up and down while Sephiroth grinds up against his ass, sending jolts of electricity through his crotch as his nervous system melts down into a puddle. He belatedly realizes that he’s made for this . “Ride me, angel.”

Cloud bounces vigorously, the flesh of his thighs jiggling against Sephiroth’s hips. He vaguely notes the contrast of his milky skin against the sinful red of Sephiroth’s skin, and he feels like a prey that’s caught in the grasp of a predator.

He wants nothing but to feel the hot spurt of Sephiroth’s come inside of him. He wants to be his more than anything, to pledge fealty to this new God that’s brought him nothing but the luxurious shame of unabashed pleasure.

Leaning into the feeling of Sephiroth’s hands kneading the plump cheeks of his ass, the obscene wet plapping sounds of him impaling his now-stretched hole over Sephiroth’s burning hot cock. He’s going so fast that Sephiroth has to slow him down in order to keep from slipping out. His breaths are coming in panted gasps, and Sephiroth has to remind him to breathe. 

But Cloud can’t, so Sephiroth does it for him. His spiked tail comes up as Sephiroth grabs his chin, forcing his mouth open. Flattening his tongue with a hard press of his thumb, keeping him in place with the curve of Sephiroth’s tail stuffed into his mouth. 

His mouth is filling up with saliva, and the tail tastes like a slippery, chunky eel. It forces his airway to open, forcing him to breathe through his nostrils. He lets out a weak groan as the coiled tail glides on his tongue and silkily down his throat. Suppressing his gag reflex, choking him. His mouth and his ass, all stuffed full and he’s nothing but a receptacle for the pleasure that Sephiroth’s promised him. 

When he’s riding Sephiroth into oblivion and that cock is slamming against his pleasure spot until he’s nothing but a whimpering, crying creature that’s stupidly blissed-out, there is a purpose to him.

Cloud simply lets go, mindlessly coming on himself, on Sephiroth’s cock, like the desecrated whore he is.

When Sephiroth’s tail pulls out of Cloud’s mouth, he collapses on Sephiroth’s broad chest and feels the way his cock pumps into him, emptying out his enormous load until the sticky juices inside are being squeezed out of his ass, leaking slowly down his thighs.

“Very good,” Sephiroth says, praising him.

“I surrender to you,” Cloud whispers, and lifts up one wrist. He watches in resignation as the chains of sin manifest around his right hand. It’s a fine chain made of red links, and he never thought he would see them on his own person. Vessel of God . It feels like a taunt now.

The other end of the chain appears in Sephiroth’s hand. He eyes it with satisfaction, before vanishing it away from his sight. “This will keep you with me for eternity,” Sephiroth promises. “But let’s start with tonight. I’m going to wreck you until you pass out, and I will brand your flesh with all of me.”

Cloud swallows, and looks away. It’s better if he doesn’t look.

There is a knock at the door, and Cloud freezes.

Sephiroth smiles reassuringly at Cloud. “Stay here,” he says. “I’ll be back.”

It’s not like Cloud has a choice. He’s naked and sullied, left alone on the bed where Sephiroth leaves him to go open the door. He’s about to pull the blanket over himself when Sephiroth stops him. “No,” he commands. “I like you that way. Bare skinned and covered in the seeds of our pleasure.”

Cloud shivers. 云颤抖。

Sephiroth turns his back on Cloud and opens the door, and there are two people standing there. The Corruptor of Soul with waves of brown hair down her back, her luminous green eyes shining as she leans against the doorway. She casts a curious glance at him and only smirks as Cloud burns with shame. The other, small and compact, black-haired. The Corruptor of Mind.

He’s supposed to be with Rufus tonight. And Zack was supposed to be with the other Corruptor.

Cloud’s heart thuds painfully in his chest. Surely nothing’s happened to them.

“It’s done,” the woman says. She examines her fingernails. “The Might of God, my ass. He went down so quickly that it even surprised me.” She smiles with those pretty bow-shaped lips. “But he’s a fun little toy. I’d like to get back to him soon.”

Sephiroth looks to the other Corruptor, who nods his head once. “All done. The last time I checked, Genesis sorted out Angeal, but he wanted some more time to play with him a little longer. As for my part, the Grace of God has fallen, and there is no one left to stand in our way.”
塞菲罗斯看向另一位腐化者,后者点了点头。“都完成了。上次我检查时,Genesis 整理了 Angeal,但他想多花点时间陪他玩一会儿。就我而言,上帝的恩典已经陨落,没有人可以阻挡我们。

Sephiroth’s chuckle is low and quiet. But smug with the flush of victory in his voice, and Cloud realizes too late, once again, that the devils used tonight’s ball as an excuse to invade Heaven, to seduce and corrupt the fiercest of their enemies. The peace treaty is nothing but a front for darker machinations.

He should have known. They should all have.

“Tomorrow, Heaven will fall. Now that their Archangels are no longer capable of defending it. But for tonight,” Sephiroth spears a glance Cloud’s way, and the open lust in his eyes is unmistakable. “He is mine, and I intend to make full use of our time together.”

Sephiroth shuts the door behind him and makes his way back to Cloud. His massive cock, wet still with the slick that was inside Cloud’s hole, so stiff and hard that it is curling towards the taut muscles of his abdomen. Bobbing slightly even as he approaches the bed. 

“Do not worry about matters beyond your control,” Sephiroth says in that deep, rich voice of his that has Cloud’s overstuffed belly curling in desire. “You are safe in my arms, and none can reach you but me. I will keep you safe.” 

His tail reaches out and curls around Cloud’s right ankle, viciously drags him down, yanks his legs apart so he is once again, on his back. Weeping cock and gaping hole exposed, ripe for the taking. 

Cloud lets out an involuntary sob of horror; of desire. Then it is followed by a breath of despaired resignation. 

Of quiet submission, to his new God.  

Notes: 笔记:

And that's a wrap! I hope you enjoyed reading this "one shot that went on for too long so I broke it into three parts to save you and your sanity". And you might have noticed that it says Part 1. Is there a Part 2? Why of course, there's always a Part 2. No saying when it will be done, so consider this story complete for now.
这就结束了!我希望你喜欢阅读这篇“一个镜头持续了太久,所以我把它分成三个部分来拯救你和你的理智”。你可能已经注意到它说的是第 1 部分。有第 2 部分吗?为什么当然,总有第 2 部分。没有说什么时候完成,所以现在认为这个故事已经完成。

Thank you for reading and all the lovely kudos and bookmarks!! I enjoyed and hoarded each one!

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