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The Initiation: Part Two — VIP and MinitSwap
启蒙:第二部分 — VIP 和 MinitSwap

The Initiation: Part Two — VIP and MinitSwap
启蒙:第二部分 — VIP 和 MinitSwap

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As week 8 — the final week — of The Initiation: Part One begins, we’d like to briefly reflect and introduce a short and sweet 4 week Part Two.
随着《启蒙:第一部分》第 8 周(最后一周)的开始,我们想简要回顾并介绍一个简短而甜蜜的 4 周第二部分。

The Initiation: Part One — a quick lookback

The Initiation: Initia’s Public Testnet began on May 14 and has blown our minds. We hope you have enjoyed experiencing the beginning of an interwoven future.
Initiation: Initia 的公共测试网于 5 月 14 日开始,让我们大吃一惊。我们希望您喜欢体验交织未来的开始。

From receiving over 130,000 requests per second during the first few hours of testnet, to the network bullishly breaking from hectic demand by the Initia Militia, all the way to where we are now nearly 7 weeks later, it’s been an incredible ride.
从测试网的最初几个小时内每秒收到超过 130,000 个请求,到网络乐观地打破了 Initia Militia 的繁忙需求,一直到近 7 周后我们现在所处的位置,这是一次令人难以置信的旅程。

Week 7 Recap 第 7 周回顾

After 7 weeks of Public Testnet we’ve seen:
经过 7 周的公共测试网,我们看到了:

  • 7 interwoven rollups live on initiation-1 including: Blackwing, Civitia, Tucana, Lunch, and INIT-AI.
    7 个交织的 rollups 在 initiation-1 上直播,包括:Blackwing、Civitia、Tucana、Lunch 和 INIT-AI。
  • The launch of Initia’s Rapid Relayer system.
    推出 Initia 的 Rapid Relayer 系统。
  • 11,500,000+ cross rollup transactions.
    11,500,000+ 交叉汇总交易。
  • 2,800,000+ unique wallets.
  • 95,000,000+ transactions across the Initia L1 and 7 Minitias.
    Initia L1 和 7 Minitias 的 95,000,000+ 笔交易。
Jennie Evolutions as of July 3rd
Jennie Evolutions 截至 7 月 3 日

The Jennigotchi program has been a hit as users summon, feed, and evolve their on-chain pets. We hope your Jennie has not become a ghost and she’s been spoiled with Filet Mignons.
Jennigotchi 计划一直很受欢迎,因为用户召唤、喂养和进化他们的链上宠物。我们希望你的珍妮没有变成鬼魂,她被菲力牛排宠坏了。

We’ve seen over 1,250,000+ Jennies summoned. Only the best of owners have fully evolved their Jennie to unlock her Avatar State.
我们已经看到超过 1,250,000+ Jennies 被召唤。只有最好的主人才能完全进化他们的珍妮来解锁她的阿凡达状态。

Initia Core Apps Initia 核心应用

We are incredibly grateful to the entire Initia Militia and all those that have given Public Testnet a try. Your feedback has been immensely valuable as we iterate our architecture and Core Apps.
我们非常感谢整个 Initia Militia 以及所有尝试过 Public Testnet 的人。在我们迭代架构和核心应用程序时,您的反馈非常有价值。

The Initia Labs team has been working diligently on the infrastructure and full product suite behind the scenes for nearly a year and a half. It has been incredible to see all the positive feedback.
近一年半以来,Initia Labs 团队一直在幕后努力开发基础设施和完整的产品套件。看到所有积极的反馈真是令人难以置信。

We are also proud of the wonderful Minitia teams that worked on Closed Testnet to launch rollups during The Initiation. We can’t wait to launch mainnet with you all.

The Initiation: Part Two — VIP and MinitSwap
启蒙:第二部分 — VIP 和 MinitSwap

The Initiation: Part Two will be a focused, concise, and simplified 4 week Incentivized Testnet. Part Two is dedicated to breaking, testing, and collecting feedback on two major features of the network for interwoven rollups: VIP and MinitSwap (in addition to the launch of additional Minitias ofc 😉).
启蒙:第二部分将是一个重点突出、简洁和简化的 4 周激励测试网。第二部分致力于分解、测试和收集有关网络的两个主要功能的反馈,用于交织汇总:VIP 和 MinitSwap(除了推出额外的 Minitias ofc 😉 )。

There will be no more Parts to The Initiation after the 4 week Part Two.
在为期 4 周的第二部分之后,将不再有启蒙部分。

A few changes will be made to the Jennigotchi program in Part Two:
在第二部分中,将对 Jennigotchi 程序进行一些更改:

  • After Week 8 of Part One concludes, your on-chain pet’s evolution will be crystalized and she will become immortal. This means feeding and evolving her will no longer be possible and she can no longer turn into a ghost.
    在第一部分的第 8 周结束后,您的链上宠物的进化将结晶化,她将变得不朽。这意味着喂养和进化她将不再可能,她不能再变成鬼魂。
  • Ghosted Jennies will be revived to their last evolution before death.
  • XP will no longer be distributed and hidden XP quests will no longer exist.
  • Each week of Part Two will have a series of quests to explore and experience Initia VIP, MinitSwap, and Minitias.
    第二部分的每一周都会有一系列的任务来探索和体验 Initia VIP、MinitSwap 和 Minitias。
  • The completion of these quests each week will apply a new feature to your on-chain Jennie adding a visual distinction signifying your progress and achievements in the ecosystem.
    每周完成这些任务后,您的链上 Jennie 将应用一项新功能,添加视觉区别,表示您在生态系统中的进步和成就。

Part Two of The Initiation is designed to collect feedback on VIP, MinitSwap, and Minitias ahead of Mainnet launch.
启蒙的第二部分旨在收集在主网启动之前对 VIP、MinitSwap 和 Minitias 的反馈。

We look forward to introducing you to Initia Vested Interest Program (VIP), Initia’s multi-chain alignment system. It’s damn cool.

Timeline 时间线

  • July 3rd: Week 8, the final week of Part One, begins.
    7 月 3 日:第 8 周,即第一部分的最后一周开始。
  • July 10th: Part One concludes and the 1 week cooldown period begins.
    7 月 10 日:第一部分结束,1 周冷却期开始。
  • July 17th [tentative]: Part Two commences.
  • August 14th [tentative]: Part Two concludes.

A new multichain world is almost here.

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