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Summary: 摘要

Henry Fox is a witch who has resolved himself to a life on his own, having been banished from his family home and forced to live in the woods on the outskirts of town.

He’s fine on his own - he likes it that way.

Until a well-meaning jogger shows up and refuses to leave him the hell alone.

Notes: 备注

I actually need to be stopped !!! Two one shots in two days????

I have had a horrid few days so I thought writing some pure fluff would bring me some comfort, so enjoy whatever this is. Rated T for once! (I contain multitudes)
这几天我过得很糟糕,所以我想写一些纯粹的东西会给我带来一些安慰,所以不管这是什么,请尽情享受吧。这一次是 T 级!(我包含众多)

(I may delete this. I am undecided).

Do not take this seriously, it is not meant to make sense. It's just meant to be some silly lighthearted fun!!

Hope you enjoy :)
希望您喜欢 :)

(See the end of the work for more notes.)

Work Text: 工作文本:

Others might get bored of the monotony, but Henry lives for it. He wakes to the sunshine on his face, streaming through his blinds and he stretches his arms above his head, his feet catching on his dog’s tiny form curled up at the end of the bed. He had found David wandering the woods a few years back, malnourished and skittish - Henry had been half convinced he was a shapeshifter. It had taken him days of scraps and bowls of water to get the dog to take a precarious step towards him, nose sniffing wildly.


When he had nuzzled his snout into Henry’s palm, he had been sold. The dog had become his only companion in half a decade and while he hadn’t been looking for it, the company was welcomed. Now Henry couldn’t imagine life without David by his side, curled up at his feet in front of the fire after a long day, dashing through the front garden in pursuit of a butterfly in the summer sun. Part of him wonders if David knows something is different about him, and if he would even care if he did. 


He gets out of bed, waves his finger and walks out of the room as his bed dresses itself, pointedly not disturbing David who is still in a peaceful slumber, his snores echoing around the house. He waves his finger again as he walks down the stairs, the blinds on the windows flipping themselves open, filling his home with sunlight. 


By the time he makes it to the kitchen, breakfast is already entirely made, laid out on the tablecloth, knife and fork hovering midair, ready for him to take them. Yes, he could use magic to spoon the food into his mouth, but he doesn’t want to be reliant on it of course. He eats his eggs and waves his finger to flip through his latest read, a weathered copy of Paradise Lost that he had been meaning to get to in the last few years.


When he finishes his food, his plates are already washing themselves as David trots into the kitchen, his bowl full and waiting for him. He munches happily as Henry waves his finger again and he’s fully dressed. As he climbs to his feet, book floating alongside him, he chances a glance at the clock and realises that he’s only been awake for eight minutes.


But such is the life he has chosen to lead, and he’s happy , he knows he is. It’s taken him a long time to get this far since he had been shunned to the woods but he is happy, he wants for nothing.


He’s completely entirely happy.


He is . 他是.


The one thing he doesn’t use his magic for, is his garden. It was something he had never anticipated on starting until he had been banished to the woods. His mother had always loved her own garden, and some of Henry’s fondest memories from childhood involve him knelt at her feet, watching her plant bulbs with the widest smile on her face. His father would appear, almost from thin air, and scoop him into his arms as he squealed, the summer sun blazing down on him all.


He can’t remember the last time he actually smiled.


The sun blazes down on him as he kneels in his garden, attempting to pull out a particularly stubborn weed. David is yapping somewhere in the distance, likely in pursuit of a smaller creature and Henry doesn’t have the energy to call him back. His hands are firmly clasped around the weed as he leans back, planting his heels into the ground in his attempts to use his body weight to force it up.


“Come on.” He mutters, voice hoarse, “ Get out .”


He knows he can use his magic right now, and if it were for anything else he would have used it already. But something about his garden feels too sacred to sully with the thing that essentially ruined his life. It’s not something he enjoys dwelling on.


He can feel the ground beneath the weed begin to crumble and before he can let go, the soil releases it, sending Henry flying backwards, landing flat on his back with a grunt.

“Ouch.” He mutters, tossing the weed to the side, not entirely sure of where it’s landed.


He stays on his back, eyes closed as he allows the sun to beat down on him. It’s nice actually, and a luxury he doesn’t often afford himself, spending most of his time holed up inside. The winter is the most difficult, his flowers frozen over and even his magic can’t thaw them for more than minutes at a time.


“Uh, you alright there?”


His eyes snap open to see a face hovering oddly close to his own, wide brown eyes framed by thick luscious lashes that have Henry’s breath stuttering in his chest. In his panic, he sits upright, sending his forehead careening directly into the stranger’s nose.


“Fuck!” The stranger exclaims, falling back and clutching his nose, scrabbling across the grass as he lands flat on his behind, “Jesus!”


“I am so sorry!” Henry’s hands fly up to fix his mistake, but he pauses, finger hovering midair.


Something inside of him is screaming at him; danger, danger . He doesn’t use his magic. Instead, he sits upright and scoots back a bit, putting distance between himself and the man. He is cautious, careful.


The man tilts his head back, pinching the bridge of his nose as he slides his eyes closed. The action gives Henry a proper chance to look at him, to take in the way his tanned skin is shimmering with sweat, raven curls plastered to his forehead and bright white teeth gritted in pain as they shine at him.


“It’s fine.” His breathing is laboured as he finally tilts his head down to show that, thankfully, he isn’t bleeding, “I probably shouldn’t have hovered over you like that. I thought you were dead.”

“You thought dead over sunbathing?” Henry can’t help but frown incredulously at the gorgeous man in front of him, “I worry about how you act on the beach.”


“In my defence, you live in the middle of the woods man. I didn’t even think people did that.” He throws his hands up exasperatedly, but he’s betrayed by the wide grin spreading across his lips, the sight flooring Henry even further.


He’s suddenly very thankful that he isn’t standing up.


“People don’t.” Henry says simply, “I’ve never seen you before.”


“Yeah,” The man chuckles, rubbing the back of his neck. He’s still sitting on the grass directly across from Henry, his knees propped up and an arm draped across them, “I only moved to town a few days ago. Figuring out my new jogging route.”


He knows he needs to nip this in the bud before it becomes a habit but, deep down, part of him really does not want to. Part of him wants to smile at this man, allow him into his orbit and see what could come of him. The more rational part of him shuts this thought down instantly.


Henry sighs, “You shouldn’t jog in the woods.”


“Why not?” "为什么不呢?"


“They’re dangerous.” "他们很危险"


Or, the thoughts of this man being in his vicinity daily is dangerous to Henry’s mental wellbeing.


“You live here.” "你住在这里"


“Exactly. So I know.” He can’t fight the cold tone that slides into his voice as he climbs to his feet, brushing his pants down, “You should go home.”


“Woah, hang on a fucking -”


“Don’t come back here.” He turns and goes back into his house without another word, stopping himself from waving a finger to close the door and instead kicks it shut behind him.


David angrily scuffs at the door a few moments later and Henry pulls it open sheepishly to see the dog worming his way inside, clearly peeved at being left alone outside.


“Sorry bud.” He waves his finger to summon his dog a treat, which seems to placate him.


That night as he curls up in bed, David at his feet, he finds himself unable to sleep as each time he closes his eyes, his mind flashes with dark curls and a blinding smile. It’s a thought he tries to erase, but somehow he knows no amount of magic could get rid of the way that smile made him feel, a warmth he hasn’t felt in a very long time.


At least Henry had told him to stay away and the stranger, like any sane human being, would do so.



He should have known better than to believe his life could be that easy.


The next morning finds him planting tulip bulbs in his flower garden before the winter chill comes and makes the soil uninhabitable. The rest of his flowers are perking up quite nicely, a bloom of colour against the grey paint of his home.


“Hey, you.” "嘿,你"


Henry takes a moment to clench his eyes shut and sigh, willing away the thoughts of using his magic to send this man back to town because he fears he would just storm back with a vengeance.


“Ah,” He says as he turns his torso, “it’s you.”


The man is in a bright red tee and a pair of shorts that seem too short to be considered even those. His arms are crossed over his chest, muscles bulging in a way that has Henry biting on his tongue to keep himself silent.
他穿着一件鲜红色的 T 恤和一条短得不能再短的短裤。他的双臂交叉在胸前,肌肉隆起,让亨利咬着舌头保持沉默。


“Yeah.” He’s glaring down at Henry, feet firmly planted, “What are you gonna do about it?”
"是啊"他瞪着亨利,双脚站稳 "你打算怎么办?"


Excuse me?” "你说什么?


“You told me to stay away. And I refused.”


Henry is torn between wanting to kiss the man and wanting to wrap his hands around his throat and squeeze.


“Are you a child ?”


“Not legally.” "不合法"


Henry pinches the bridge of his nose before grimacing at the soil he manages to get on his face, “You are impossible.”


“And you are really fucking mysterious. How dare you dangle a mystery carrot in front of my face and expect me to stay away ?”
"你还真他妈神秘你竟敢在我面前晃来晃去 还想让我远离你?"


“I expected you to do the adult thing and stay away from the person that wants nothing to do with you.” Bloody mystery carrot.
"我以为你会做成年人该做的事" "远离那个不想和你有任何瓜葛的人"该死的神秘胡萝卜


It’s a complete lie; he actually wants so much to do with him. But he can’t , he knows it’s a pipe dream and while it’s easy to live in the fantasy, that’s all it can ever be.


As though sensing his thoughts, the frustrated expression on the stranger’s face shifts into something much more sinister, a low smirk and a sparkle in his eyes that does strange things to Henry’s insides.


“Really?” He says simply, taking a single step forward, smirk firmly on his lips.


“Yes.” Henry says, climbing to his feet and trying to appear nonchalant as he puts his hand on the door handle, “Don’t come back. I mean it.”


He fears this man will ruin him if he does, even without knowing his name. His smile is enough to do some serious damage to his heart.


“Whatever you say, sweetheart!” He hears as he slams his door shut, heat rising in his cheeks.


Really, the odds of him coming back twice are insanely slim.



He comes back every day for the next week. Henry honestly doesn’t know what he was expecting, but each morning he opens his front door to find the man already in his garden, his smile widening at the sight of him. Like he’s happy to see Henry.


“Sweetheart,” He drawls on the ninth morning, two takeaway cups in hand, “I brought you a coffee because I cannot for the life of me keep showing up empty handed. It’s bad etiquette.”


Henry takes it with a bashful duck of his head, waving his finger discreetly behind his back to turn it into a cup of tea. He takes a long sip and exhales happily, “Delicious. Thank you.”


“You’re welcome. Now that we’re on the subject of etiquette…very rude to not invite a guest into your home.”


Henry raises an eyebrow over the lid of his cup, “What if you’re a serial killer? These woods are dangerous, you know.”


“I’m hurt.” The man mimes clutching at his heart, “You’re the one that lives here, who says you’re not the monster.”
"我受伤了""你是住在这里的人,谁说你不是怪物" "You're the one that lives here, who says you're not the monster."


The words are lighthearted, because he doesn't know. How could he? But the word monster being thrown at him makes his breath catch in his chest, his stomach sinking at the reminder of the harsh words thrown at him all those years ago.
这话说得轻松,因为他不知道。他怎么会知道?但 "怪物 "这个词让他喘不过气来,想起多年前对他说的那些刺耳的话,他的胃在下沉。


“Hey, you okay?” "嘿,你还好吗?"


He blinks, coming full force back to reality to see the man staring at him, eyes wide and concerned and much closer than they had been a moment ago. Henry jerks back, cheeks flushing and he offers him an awkward nod as he attempts to put some distance between them.


“I’m good. Thank you.”
"我很好 谢谢" "I'm good.谢谢


The man smiles, “Good.” He glances down at his phone, his face twisting into a frown, “Shit, I have to run. Same time tomorrow?”


“Do I have a choice?”


“Nope!” His voice is gleeful, the man practically bouncing on the spot as he speaks. He turns to leave but freezes in his tracks, casting a curious glance over his shoulder, “Hey…what’s your name?”

He considers lying but, at this point, so much of his heart lies in this man’s hands that the simplicity of a name could do no harm.


“Henry.” "亨利"


“Henry.” The man repeats with a beam, “Suits you. I’m Alex.”
"亨利"那人又重复了一遍 "很适合你我叫亚历克斯


“Nice to officially meet you, Alex.”


The man - Alex - blows an exaggerated kiss over his shoulder before he breaks into a run, back through the trees and towards town. Only when he’s out of sight does Henry’s heart finally slow down to a more natural pace. He knows he’s in trouble, deeply in trouble, but he can’t bring himself to stop.


He knows this won’t last forever; Alex will get bored or busy and one missed day will turn into weeks at a time until he simply doesn’t have time for Henry anymore. And it will hurt, more than anything has managed to hurt him for years.


But he will deal with it, if it means he gets to have this for a little while longer.



Alex has taken to bringing him various different treats, as though trying to gauge what it is he likes. It starts with coffee, before turning into pastries, pies, before finally something that makes Henry’s heart ache in his chest.


“They’re uh…snowdrop bulbs.” Alex says, holding out the bag of bulbs awkwardly, as though expecting him to reject them.


“You jogged two miles with a bag of bulbs?” Henry asks, voice hoarse as he takes the bag from the other man, “ Alex .”


“I know…it seems silly but I just…I saw them and thought of you.” Alex’s eyes are wide and anxious, as though afraid Henry will reject the most thoughtful gift anyone has ever offered him.


“Alex…” He breathes, holding the bag close to his chest and fighting the tears that are begging to fall, “ Thank you .”


Alex shrugs, hand scratching down his face, “Don’t mention it.”


Henry is floored, his heart making a valiant effort to escape his chest and smack Alex in the face. There are no words he can think of that can properly explain what the gesture means to him. So instead, he smiles.


“Woah.” Alex says, dazed, “You uh…you have a beautiful smile.”


Henry can’t remember what it’s like to not be blushing.



Henry thinks he may be in love - and it’s a problem. He realises it as he plants the snowdrops, smiling at the thought of Alex seeing them when they blossom in the spring. The thought is enough to bring him back down to earth, to stop him in his tracks.


Because Alex can’t be here in the spring. Henry cannot allow this poor man to get dragged into the mundane existence that Henry has come to know. He thought he was happy, he thought this life was enough for him but now with the potential of light and love, everything seems hollow.


And Henry cannot in good conscience drag another person into that with him. He can’t go to town, can’t be a real person . He’s simply a witch that lives in the woods, and that is all he will ever be.


He decides that the next time Alex comes to see him, he won’t come outside. He will force himself to sit, back plastered against the front door and ignore Alex’s calls for him. It’s what’s best for them both, even if Alex will never understand.


Or so he plans until he hears pained shouts and an inhuman roar outside of his window one morning.


“Fuck!” An all too familiar voice yells, followed by a yelp and a screech.


Henry doesn’t think, he doesn’t hesitate, he almost rips his front door off its hinges as he bounds outside towards the noise, deep in the trees.


“Alex?” "亚历克斯?"


“Hen - fuck . Stay back! There’s a wolf! Get back - shit - inside!”


He ignores Alex’s pleas as he reaches the clearing. The wolf is massive and if Henry didn’t know any better he would suspect a werewolf attempting to rip Alex to shreds. Nothing in Henry’s body is allowing him to relax, the magic thrumming under his fingertips as it itches to do something, to help and allow no harm to come to Alex.


Before he can allow himself to overthink the implications of anything, he waves his finger. The need to protect Alex outweighs any of the anxieties he’s been riddled with the last few weeks. His secret would be out, Alex would likely be horrified and run away but, at least he would be alive .


The wolf yelps, before collapsing on the spot.


“What the fuck ?”


Henry stares, wide eyed at Alex who has collapsed on the forest floor, staring up at him incredulously, “Uh…maybe we can talk about this later?”


“What on earth could be more important than you telling me what the fuck is going on?”


“Maybe the fact that you have a chunk taken out of your leg?”


Alex glances down, “Huh.” Then promptly passes out, head smacking off the ground with a resounding thud.
亚历克斯低头一瞥,"咦 "了一声。然后立刻昏了过去,头重重地砸在地上,发出 "砰 "的一声巨响。


“Great.” Henry mutters as he leans down, scooping Alex up and tossing him over his shoulder, “Makes this a bit bloody easier.”


Unconscious, Alex is silent for the first time since they had met all those weeks ago, when Henry’s heart realised it could beat for the first time in years. The man who had managed to bring a spark of light back to Henry’s dim life without even realising it. But it’s over now, and he’s trying to resolve himself of this as he lays Alex down on his kitchen table, rolling up his shorts to see the extent of the damage.


A massive chunk of flesh is missing from Alex’s leg, enough to kill him if it keeps bleeding. Thankfully, Henry can do one last thing for him as a thank you. 


Henry may be bringing him back to life, but in all honesty, it was Alex who had brought him to life in the first place.


He knows that the magic will have some sort of toll on Alex, so he settles him in on the couch, drapes a blanket over him and encourages David to snuggle up on his chest. Henry can’t remember not having his magic to warm him, so he’s honestly worried that Alex will somehow freeze to death under his care.


He’s curled up on the arm chair, unable to move more than a few feet from Alex’s side. A book is floating alongside him but he’s barely paying any attention to the words, his eyes constantly flitting back to the man collapsed on the couch.


“Fuck.” "妈的"


Henry jumps up from his seat at the sound, dashing over and standing near Alex as he cautiously reawakens, hand raising to his head and pressing down.

“What the fuck.” He groans, “Where am I?”


“If you wanted to come into my house, there were much easier ways than being mauled, you know.”
"如果你想进我的房子" "有比被殴打更简单的方法"


Alex’s eyes snap open and immediately land on Henry, a wide smile spreading across his face, “Ah, my knight in shining capri pants.”


“Ha ha.” Henry says dryly, moving over and pressing the back of his palm to Alex’s sweltering skin, “How are you feeling?”


“Like I’ve been attacked by a fucking wolf.” Alex mutters, moving to sit up and dragging David so he’s sitting on his lap, “Hello boy, I’m sorry, the wolf ate your treat.”


David huffs out a breath, snuggling deeper into Alex’s lap.


“He’s furious.” Henry sighs, “He’s not going to forgive you for this one.”


“Hey, Henry?” Alex’s eyes are sparkling with amusement, his skin still deathly pale.


“Yes, Alex?” "什么事 亚历克斯"


“Why is there a book floating?”


Henry’s gaze snaps to where Alex is looking, his abandoned book still floating, pages fluttering as it demands attention. He waves his finger and it drops onto the couch.


“Uh…I am a puppeteer.”


“Hmm.” Alex pulls up the blanket, “And my leg is perfectly healed? Even though I was missing half the muscle and skin?”


“I have some really good uh…balms.”


“You have good balms.” Alex echoes hollowly.


Henry sighs, sitting on the end of the couch where Alex’s feet once lay, “Is there any way I’m getting out of this?”


“Nope!” Alex pops the ‘p’, face gleeful as he leans further into Henry’s space, “What are you?”
"不!"亚历克斯把 "P "打成了 "P",一脸得意地进一步靠近亨利:"你是什么?"


“Excuse me?” "你说什么?"


“Fae? Wizard? Vampire? I could so see vampire, you have the complexion for it.”


“Hey!” Henry says defensively, a hand raising to cup his own cheek, “I am not that pale.”


“Well, what are you then?” Alex’s tone isn’t accusatory, simply curious.


Henry swallows the stone in his throat; the last time he had told anyone - he had been banished to the woods. He hadn’t actually said the words aloud in close to a decade.


“I’m a witch.” "我是个女巫"


“Huh.” Alex says, like Henry had told him he knew how to sew or something as equally mundane, “Interesting.”


“Interesting?” Henry deflates, honestly expecting more fanfare from someone as expressive as Alex, “I am telling you I am essentially a mythical creature and all you have to say is interesting ?”


“What would you like me to say?” Alex asks curiously, head tilted to the side in a way so endearing that it makes Henry’s chest clench.


“What are you thinking?”


“Well, I’m slightly pissed that I was attacked and dropped the flowers I was bringing for you. Or that a fucking wolf managed to ruin the romantic moment I had planned. I’m also thinking that I’d quite like to kiss you, and I have for some time.”


Henry lets out a shaky breath, “ Alex .”


His lips quirk up on one side, “You asked.”


“Alex, we can’t .” He pleads, trying to keep his heart in check even though all he wants is to do exactly that .
"艾丽克丝 我们不能他恳求道,努力控制住自己的情绪 尽管他只想这么做


Weeks of pining and wanting and trying not to hope have culminated in this moment, Alex looking at him with an expression he has never been faced with before. And it terrifies him.


“Why?” "为什么?"


The simple word short circuits his brain for a moment as he finds himself wondering - why ? His mind flashes with his grandmother’s disgusted face, the way she had shoved him away from her, demanding that he leave and never come back. He thinks of the townspeople he passed glaring at him like he was something to be feared.


He remembers the whispered words, Monster, Freak, Dangerous .


That’s a life he has come to get used to, but he can’t drag Alex down with him. Not Alex who is so full of light and love and joy and potential . Potential to be someone, to live a fruitful life. Not locked away in a cabin with Henry who can’t even make a bowl of cereal for himself.


“You cannot resolve your life to what I have to offer. I have nothing I can offer you.”


“Henry,” Alex moves closer and the hairs on Henry’s arms stand up, his body frozen under the other man’s penetrating gaze, “you are enough in yourself.”


And then he kisses him. He allows himself to indulge in it for a moment, Alex so warm and firm and alive against him. His hand clutches Henry’s arm, the other pressed to his cheek, dragging him closer. Alex’s lips are soft against his own, moving with a practised ease that allows him to slip his tongue against Henry’s, pulling a low moan from his throat.


He allows himself to memorise every aspect of it; the smell of Alex’s cologne, the feel of his fingertips pressed against his skin, his lips melding so perfectly with his own. Once he feels as though it’s committed to memory, he waves his finger, and Alex is gone. The silence is loud, stretching through his home and only broken by David’s soft whimpers, followed closely by Henry’s choked sobs as he curls up in the spot Alex has just vacated.



He wakes to the sound of rain pattering against his window, and a loud thudding against his front door. A few months ago, he would be terrified that the sounds meant his grandmother had found his home and had come to finish him off once and for all. Now, he knows exactly who would be pounding down his front door in the middle of the night, a thunderstorm raging around them.


I know you’re fucking there.” The pounding grows more insistent, “ Fucking open the door or I’m coming in through a window .”
""我知道你他妈的在那儿""快开门,不然我就从窗户进来了" "The pounding grows more insistent, " Fucking open the door or I'm coming in through a window."


Henry scoffs, making no moves towards the front door until he hears the sound of a stone hitting his window pane.


“Bloody menace!” He hisses, storming down the flight of stairs and yanking the front door open.


Alex, clearly not expecting Henry to open the door with such vigour, fully stumbles through the front door, landing in a wet pile by Henry’s feet.


“What do you want, Alex?” He sighs as he shuts the front door, trapping the wind and rain outside.


“Oh, I don’t know.” Alex begins lowly as he rises to his feet, dripping aggressively all over Henry’s new carpet, “Maybe I want to talk about the fact that you fucking teleported me home .”


“It seemed the easiest decision at the time.”


Henry .” Alex’s eyes are wide and pleading, hands twitching by his sides and Henry takes a step back so that he can’t reach for him.


He knows with full certainty that if Alex were to touch him now, the last remaining threads of his resolve would completely unravel.


“Alex. We can’t .”


“But you won’t tell me why!” Alex exclaims, throwing his hands up, splashing droplets of water as he does, “So what you’re a witch? Who fucking cares!”


“Everyone does!” Henry snaps, clenching his fists by his sides, “My parents died and suddenly I can fucking conjure things from midair! My grandmother banished me to these fucking woods! The townspeople despise me! I haven’t been back in a decade! I haven’t even seen my own sister, I never got to say goodbye .” He chokes on his words, feeling the tears come to his eyes, “I don’t have a life , Alex. And I can’t in good conscience bring you down with me.”
"每个人都会亨利咆哮着,双拳紧握,"我父母死了,我却突然能从半空中变出东西来!我祖母把我流放到这该死的树林里!镇上的人都瞧不起我!我已经十年没回去了!我连自己的妹妹都没见过 我都没机会跟她道别."他哽咽着说,感觉眼泪夺眶而出,"我没有生活,亚历克斯。我不能昧着良心把你拖下水"

“None of that is telling me why .” Alex says softly, taking a step closer. Henry takes another step back to keep the distance but feels his back meet the wall. He is well and truly trapped, “It’s been a decade . That woman has no power over you. You deserve to live, Henry. To be free. You’ve never hurt anyone.”


Henry lets out a sob, “They don’t care. They see me as a monster , a freak . My grandmother threatened to have me killed on sight if I dared to come back.”


“You,” Alex takes a final step forward, effectively trapping him against the wall. His hand rises to cup Henry’s cheek and he can’t help but lean into the gentle touch, the way his thumb swipes to wipe away an errant tear, “are the gentlest, most wonderful person I have ever met, Henry. You deserve everything. Why can’t you just let yourself have this? Fuck all of them, we can love each other on our own terms.”


“I don’t know.” Henry says, face screwing up as the tears won’t stop falling, “Alex, I can’t confine you to this life. It’s miserable, Alex. It’s fucking miserable . And I didn’t even realise how horrible it’s been until you showed up and showed me how wonderful things could be.” 


“Then let yourself have this, let yourself have me . I don’t fucking care, Henry. We’ll figure it out! You owe it to yourself to just try.” 


Alex scans his face and something in his eyes looks so deeply sad that it makes Henry want to cry more. 


“I love you.” He chokes out, “I really do and the thought of you giving up everything for me is my worst nightmare.” 


His resolve is shattering under Alex's intense gaze, every single part of him - including the voice in his head - screaming at him to just give in. To be happy. He sees his parents' faces in his mind, soft and concerned, begging for him to just leap 


“Baby,” Alex’s face softens, “It wouldn’t be giving up. I would be gaining everything .” 


“How do you know just what to say?” Henry sniffs, reaching up to wipe away his tears with his sleeve, “You make everything seem simple.” 


“Because it is.” Alex says with a soft smile, his thumb tracing the bow of Henry’s lips, “We need to just… be . And we can figure out everything else after.” 


And Henry finds himself on the cusp of something he has never had before - a choice. Everything had been taken from him the day his grandmother turned him away, when she had realised exactly what he was. But now, he’s faced with someone that knows exactly what he is, and loves him in spite of it. 


No, loves him for it. 


“Okay.” He says, a laugh bubbling up in his throat at the sheer absurdity of it. 




“Okay!” He breaks off into a squeal as Alex’s arms wind around his waist, lifting him off the ground and into a tight hug, “You’re all wet!” 


“So fucking worth it!” Alex’s beam is blinding as he puts Henry down, leaning directly into his space, “I love you so fucking much, you know that, right?” 


Henry really does. 


For the first time in his life, it feels as though his story isn’t over. He knows Alex won’t give up on him, that he’ll do everything in his power to try and drag Henry back to civilization. He knows that his story has more to come, that perhaps he can even see his sister again. 


He knows, as Alex’s arms wind around his waist and their lips meet, that his story is only just beginning. 



This was so much fun to write, silly boys. I might expand on this one. or rewrite it. I feel like there's more I can add to it but we'll see. I know Henry's backstory is vague but this was intentional in case I decide to expand on it with another one shot..perhaps one where Alex drags him into civilisation. Time will tell 

Snowdrops symbolise new beginnings and hope and I felt really smug with that metaphor 

Update for Red September coming on Wednesday :) (Maybe Tuesday depending on how fast I can get words out) 

Back into the abyss I go !!! 

until next time xoxx