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I Built a Custom GPT That Creates an Audience Persona You Can Have a Natter With
我建立了一个定制的 GPT,可以创建一个您可以交谈的观众角色

Chomoi Picho-Owiny
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14 min readApr 26, 2024

I have a love hate relationship with new briefs.

A portrait shot of a young mixed-race woman: She represents the concept of this article, which is about using a Live Customer Persona tool built with a Custom GPT
Created by the author with Midjourney

I’ve always enjoyed the thrill of starting a new project, understanding a new audience segment, but sometimes the data is just lacking.

Or the brief is written in a really dry way.

Or there’s too much “stuff” to sift through before you can understand who you should be speaking to.

Sometimes you just want to meet the target audience. Like now!

So I wondered if AI could help with this.

Welcome to an insight into my dealings with chat bots.

I Built a Tool to Make Customer Personas Come Alive with AI

I know the whole idea of replacing people with machines is not what we want.

But hear me out. 但请听我说。

I’m not trying to do that.

I’ve never been in a position to meet the intended audience for any creative work at brief stage.

This only really happens once a concept is ready for testing, by which time, if you don’t understand your audience, you’ve wasted significant resources.

And even then, it depends on the culture of the agency and the willingness of a client to involve real people.

The idea of saying to my MD, “can we meet the audience before we start work?” is just silly.

So I wondered if there was a way to approximate it with AI.

Start Using AI Like a Grown Up

Generative AI is evolving at a ludicrous pace and at the time of writing, you can do some truly amazing things to understand and create a strong emotional bond with your audience if you know how.

But the flip side of this, is a massive knowledge gap.

Every day I see people who don’t know how to use it properly. Either, they haven’t bothered to put the time in or they are skeptical.

Using ChatGPT to approximate actually speaking with your target audience might smell of foolishness.

What if it hallucinates? 如果它产生幻觉呢?

These are carefully crafted prompts, using best practice, and released only after hours of extensive testing.

I’ve tried this technique and it’s very reliable.

I would invite you to try it out.

This is my first attempt, so I’m happy for feedback!

Begin With a Rough Demographic and a Market Need

All you need is a simple sentence:

People who fly a lot in the USA in the market for luxury luggage

I made a picture in Midjourney for fun:

Our frequent flyer: Ever so slightly confrontational

Marks and Spencer food shoppers in the UK in the market for spending less on their weekly shop with a cheaper supermarket brand
英国的 Marks and Spencer 食品购物者在市场上寻找以更便宜的超市品牌在他们每周购物上花费更少

Glamorous mum from Sheffield

Marketing Directors in the market for award winning Freelance Creative Directors in London to help them catapult their premium gin brand

Definitely had too many martinis last night. Will try and punch you before 3pm comes around
昨晚绝对喝了太多马丁尼。会尽量在下午 3 点之前找你算账。

A 25 year old female musician in the market for a paid-for Tidal account
市场上有一个 25 岁的女音乐家正在寻找一个付费的 Tidal 账户

A portrait shot of a young mixed-race woman: She represents the concept of this article, which is about using a Live Customer Persona tool built with a Custom GPT
Trendy extensions 时尚扩展

Agency leaders in the market for AI Trainers to help their team understand generative AI and produce better work with AI
市场上的机构领导正在寻找 AI 培训师,帮助他们的团队理解生成式人工智能,并利用人工智能产出更好的工作

This is the structure: 这是结构:

[audience] in the market for [product or service]

You could feed it a much richer demographic, but you don’t even need to.

It Will Start By Giving You a Rich Audience Persona

Over the past few years I’ve been using AI through IBM Watson and Audiense tools to provide a rich psychographic profile of any audience. The tools are expensive, but the data is incredible.
在过去几年里,我一直在使用 IBM Watson 和 Audiense 工具通过人工智能为任何受众提供丰富的心理画像。这些工具很昂贵,但数据非常惊人。

It allows you to get to the universal human truth about any audience and breaks everything down.

The best thing about is, is that it scans billions of data points and uses the OCEAN framework to give you an idea of how to adjust your advertising to that audience.
最好的地方是,它扫描数十亿数据点,并使用 OCEAN 框架来为您提供如何调整广告以适应该受众的想法。

It never lies. 它从不说谎。

I baked some of that thinking into the Custom GPT so that it gives you an OCEAN score in a similar way.
我将其中一些思考融入到定制 GPT 中,以便以类似的方式为您提供 OCEAN 评分。

I’m really grateful to Keywords Everywhere. They have built a similar tool to create a buyer persona.
我真的很感激 Keywords Everywhere。他们已经建立了一个类似的工具来创建买家人设。

Watch their video here. 在这里观看他们的视频。

I was inspired by this persona but I wanted to build something simpler to use.

Bring Your Audience to Life With AI

Now to the fun part.

What if I told you there’s a way to bring your audience personas to life so you can have a chat with them any time you want?

Sounds fake, right? 听起来假的,对吧?

Like the AI snake oil-smelling promises all hype and no substance cramming your Instagram feed.
就像人工智能蛇油一样,充斥着虚假承诺,没有实质内容,塞满了你的 Instagram 动态。

How do You Use My Live Customer Persona GPT?
您如何使用我的实时客户角色 GPT?

Try it: 尝试一下:

🤖 Live Customer Persona 🤖实时客户角色

This is just a picture of it, not the actual tool

Really simple. Just jump in, tap on the link, drop in your audience data, and start chatting.

All you need to do is write something like this:

[audience] in the market for [product or service]

Replace the text in the square brackets.

You Need to Have Audience Data First

I designed the GPT so that it won’t start until you give it “Target Audience and Target Market” information. Sorry. Otherwise, it will be a wholly inaccurate exercise in generic guesswork.
我设计了 GPT,这样它不会启动,直到你提供“目标受众和目标市场”的信息。抱歉。否则,它将是一个完全不准确的泛泛猜测练习。

That would surely be useless to you.

The GPT I built needs input.
我建立的 GPT 需要输入。

You need to tell it who your audience is, and any insights you have, particularly the market and product you are trying to communicate, with any barriers, successes you know of.

Give it everything. The more the better, below 1000 words.
全力以赴。越多越好,不超过 1000 字。

With current generative AI tools there is a balance to be struck between asking the chatbot to tell you what it knows, to dig deep into the data it’s been trained on and the data you own.

More and more I’m seeing the value of having good, proprietary data, which you can feed ChatGPT.

Talk to your Audience 与您的观众交谈

This is the fun part. I thought why stop there? If ChatGPT knows everything about this audience, why can’t they stay in character?

This was the “aha” moment for me.

Once you have your persona:

The GPT will then say hello to you in character.
GPT 会以角色的方式向您打招呼。

It will choose a name for this particular fictional customer, and start speaking to you like them.

Talk to them. 和他们说话。

Ask them what they like to do at weekends.

What do they love? 他们喜欢什么?

Fear? 恐惧?

Think of it like having a personal WhatsApp chat with your audience.
把它想象成与您的观众进行一场私人的 WhatsApp 聊天。

Persona Examples 人物角色示例

Screenshot by the author 作者截图
Screen 2 屏幕 2
Screen 3 屏幕 3
Screen 4 屏幕 4

You get the idea. 你明白了。

It’s a simple copy paste job to put that into a beautiful looking deck.

It takes seconds and is really robust. I use it for every brief I work on.

Response Examples 响应示例

Here is just one conversation I had with the tool for one of the personas.

I’m not going to comment on the responses below. I’ll let you judge them. You’ll see what I was driving at.

Frequent Flyer Fiona 常客飞行员菲奥娜

(not the most original title, need to fine tune that)

Does a lot of flying, likes shiny things

ChatGPT 4’s output: ChatGPT 4 的输出:

Openness: 75% 开放性:75%

Frequent Flyer Fiona scores high on openness, reflecting her curiosity and willingness to embrace new experiences and ideas. This trait is evident in her adventurous spirit and interest in diverse cultures, which align with her frequent travels.

User Description 用户描述

Fiona is a successful marketing executive based in New York City who travels frequently for both business and pleasure. Her lifestyle demands high-quality, stylish luggage that can withstand constant travel. Fiona values products that enhance her travel efficiency and style.
Fiona 是一位成功的营销主管,常驻纽约,经常出差兼度假。她的生活方式要求高质量、时尚的行李箱,能经受常旅行的考验。Fiona 重视能提升她旅行效率和风格的产品。

Hi, my name is Fiona, I’m 38. Ask me anything!
嗨,我叫 Fiona,我今年 38 岁。问我任何问题吧!

Chomoi: So what do you think of Away’s suitcases?
Chomoi:你觉得 Away 的行李箱怎么样?

Fiona: I’ve looked into Away suitcases before, especially since they’re quite stylish and I’ve seen them around a lot. They seem great for casual travellers because they’re pretty, functional, and have those useful built-in chargers.
Fiona:我以前查过 Away 的行李箱,特别是因为它们非常时尚,我经常看到它们。它们似乎非常适合休闲旅行者,因为它们漂亮、实用,并且有那些有用的内置充电器。

However, I tend to lean towards brands with a proven track record in durability and elite customer service, like Tumi or Rimowa, given the amount I travel and the quick turnarounds I often need. Away might be good for my shorter, less demanding trips though!
然而,考虑到我经常旅行和经常需要快速周转的情况,我倾向于选择在耐用性和顶级客户服务方面拥有良好记录的品牌,比如 Tumi 或 Rimowa。不过对于我较短、要求较低的旅行来说,Away 可能更适合!

Chomoi: Great. Can I ask you about our marketing plans? It’s a brand new luxury case called Flightplan that we think you will like but we are not sure.
Chomoi: 太好了。我可以问一下关于我们的营销计划吗?这是一个全新的豪华箱子,名为 Flightplan,我们认为你会喜欢,但我们不确定。

We have an idea for a live demo of our indestructible American Aircraft grade aluminium cases where we give Billie Eilish a sledge hammer, and challenge her to smash it before the end of her latest song “What Was I Made For?” ends — It’s about 4 minutes long.
我们有一个想法,即现场演示我们的不可摧毁的美国飞机级铝箱,我们会给比莉·艾利什一个大锤,并挑战她在她最新歌曲“我为什么而生”结束之前将其砸碎 - 这首歌大约 4 分钟长。

We’d put this video on social platforms like TikTok, Instagram and Youtube. We think it would be funny to contrast the soft music with her shouting and swinging the sledgehammer violently but we need your opinion. Would you watch that? Would you like it?
我们会把这个视频放在像 TikTok、Instagram 和 Youtube 这样的社交平台上。我们认为将柔和的音乐与她的尖叫和猛烈挥舞大锤形成对比会很有趣,但我们需要您的意见。您会观看吗?您会喜欢吗?

Fiona: That sounds like a very engaging and memorable marketing stunt! Billie Eilish has a huge following, and her involvement would certainly draw attention to the Flightplan brand.
菲奥娜:这听起来是一个非常引人入胜和令人难忘的营销噱头!比莉·艾利什拥有庞大的粉丝群,她的参与肯定会吸引人们关注 Flightplan 品牌。

The contrast between the softness of her song and the intensity of the task would definitely stand out and make for compelling content.

I would definitely watch that.

It’s clever because it not only highlights the durability of your suitcases in a dramatic way but also taps into the entertainment value that goes viral on social platforms. If the suitcase withstands the challenge, that sends a strong message about its quality.

Plus, leveraging a popular figure like Billie Eilish can definitely amplify your reach and appeal, especially to a younger demographic who might be looking to invest in their first pieces of high-quality luggage.

Make sure to clearly communicate the features and advantages of the Flightplan suitcase in the campaign to maximise the impact.
确保在宣传中清晰地传达 Flightplan 行李箱的特点和优势,以最大程度地提高影响力。

Chomoi: Would you leave a comment on that video? Please be honest. If so, can you give me some examples?

Fiona: Honestly, if the video impressed me, I would likely leave a comment! It’s a fun and unique approach, and I tend to engage with content that resonates with my interests or surprises me in a good way. Here are a few examples of comments I might leave:

“Wow, didn’t expect that suitcase to survive Billie Eilish and a sledgehammer! 😱 Might need to get one for my next trip! #indestructible”

“Is there anything this suitcase can’t handle? Definitely adding Flightplan to my travel essentials list! 👏🧳”

“That was epic! Love seeing products tested in real time. If it can handle Billie, it can handle my travel schedule for sure! 🌍✈️”

These types of comments show my enthusiasm and might also help other viewers see the product’s value from a frequent traveler’s perspective.

Chomoi: I know you don’t have all the information about our new Flightplan suitcase, but of 100, what percentage would you rate this video stunt idea for the following: I intend to purchase this product if the price is right; I love this product; I would share this video with a friend; I think this is the product for me.
Chomoi: 我知道你对我们的新 Flightplan 行李箱并不掌握所有信息,但在 100 分中,你会给以下视频宣传点子打多少分:如果价格合适,我打算购买这个产品;我喜欢这个产品;我会和朋友分享这个视频;我认为这个产品适合我。

We are confident the case will withstand the demo! Let’s pretend it does.

Fiona: Based on the scenario where the Flightplan suitcase withstands the demo with Billie Eilish and a sledgehammer, here are my ratings out of 100 for each aspect:
Fiona: 根据 Flightplan 手提箱在比莉·艾利什和一把大锤的演示中经受住考验的情况,以下是我对每个方面的评分(满分 100 分):

I intend to purchase this product if the price is right: 85/100

The demonstration would significantly raise my interest in purchasing, especially if the price aligns with the value demonstrated.

I love this product: 80/100

Seeing the suitcase survive such an extreme test would definitely increase my affection for the product, assuming it also meets other personal preferences like style and functionality.

I would share this video with a friend: 90/100

The uniqueness and entertainment value of the video would make it highly shareable, especially among my travel-savvy friends or those who enjoy novel marketing approaches.

I think this is the product for me: 75/100

Assuming the suitcase also meets my needs in terms of size, features, and style, seeing it withstand such a rigorous test would strongly influence my perception that this could be a suitable choice for my frequent travels.

These ratings reflect my enthusiasm and the potential influence of such a creative marketing stunt on my purchasing behavior and engagement with the brand.

Chomoi: You are very enthusiastic which is great. However I would like you to be as pessimistic as possible. What are some of the things you don’t like about this video? What are we missing? Are there any other outstanding questions or worries you have about this suitcase brand?

Fiona: Taking a more critical perspective, here are some potential drawbacks and concerns about the video idea:

1. Relevance to Everyday Use: While the video effectively demonstrates the durability of the suitcase against extreme conditions, it might not address the more practical, everyday concerns of travelers, such as weight, maneuverability, storage capacity, and TSA compliance.
1. 与日常使用的相关性:虽然视频有效地展示了行李箱在极端条件下的耐用性,但可能没有解决旅行者更实际、日常关注的问题,如重量、操纵性、存储容量和符合 TSA 规定。

Viewers might wonder how it performs under normal travel conditions.

2. Perception of Gimmickry: There’s a risk that the stunt could be seen as more of a gimmick than a testament to quality. This might detract from the perceived professionalism and sophistication typically associated with luxury brands, potentially alienating a more conservative, upscale market.
2. 技巧的认知:有风险,这一特技可能被视为更多的噱头,而非对质量的证明。这可能会削弱与奢侈品牌通常相关联的专业性和精致性的认知,潜在地疏远更保守、高档的市场。

3. Brand Alignment: Using Billie Eilish and a sledgehammer could attract a younger audience but might not resonate as well with older, more affluent consumers who are the typical purchasers of high-end luggage.
3. 品牌定位:使用比莉·艾利什和一把大锤可能会吸引年轻观众,但可能不会与更年长、更富裕的消费者产生共鸣,他们通常是高端行李的典型购买者。

The tone and approach could seem misaligned with their expectations for luxury brand communications.

4. Environmental and Ethical Concerns: In today’s climate, consumers are increasingly aware of and concerned about environmental impact and sustainability. The demonstration might raise questions about wastefulness or the environmental implications of creating such a robust product.
4. 环境和道德关注:在当今的环境中,消费者越来越关注和担心环境影响和可持续性。这种演示可能会引发对浪费或创建如此强大产品的环境影响的问题。

5. Functionality vs. Durability: While durability is a fantastic feature, the video might leave out information about other essential features like the interior design, security features, or innovative technology that aids travelers.
5. 功能性 vs. 耐用性:耐用性是一个很棒的特点,但视频可能会忽略其他重要功能,比如内部设计、安全功能或帮助旅行者的创新技术。

Consumers might wonder if the focus on durability compromises other important features.

Outstanding Questions or Worries:

- Material and Construction Details: What materials are used in the suitcase? Are they sustainable or ethically sourced?
- 材料和施工细节:手提箱使用了什么材料?它们是否可持续或道德来源?

- After-Sales Service: What kind of warranties or repair services does the brand offer? High-end luggage buyers expect excellent customer service.

- Price Justification: Given that the suitcase can withstand extreme conditions, is it significantly heavier or more cumbersome than other luxury suitcases? How does the price compare to other luxury brands that offer more than just durability?
- 价格理由:鉴于这个手提箱可以经受极端条件,它是否比其他豪华手提箱更重或更笨重?价格与其他提供不仅耐用性的豪华品牌相比如何?

- **Brand Heritage and Reviews:** As a new brand, how has Flightplan established trust with its consumers? Are there any reviews from trusted sources or testimonials from frequent travelers?
- **品牌传承和评价:** 作为一个新品牌,Flightplan 如何与消费者建立信任?是否有来自可信来源的评论或经常旅行者的推荐?

These points could help refine the marketing strategy to ensure it not only captures attention but also thoroughly addresses the needs and concerns of the target market.

Chomoi: OK. That’s great. Can you remind me what you like to do at the weekend?
Chomoi: 好的。太好了。你能提醒我周末喜欢做什么吗?

Fiona: I enjoy a mix of activities over the weekend that help me relax and recharge for the week ahead. Yoga is a big part of my routine; it keeps me centered and physically fit.

I also love getting lost in a good book, and when the weather’s nice, I might go out for some travel photography around the city. These hobbies not only keep me entertained but also enrich my creative and personal life.

Chomoi: What brands do you like?

Fiona: I tend to gravitate towards brands that align with my lifestyle and values, focusing on quality, style, and innovation. For my professional and travel needs, I really like Tumi and Rimowa for their durable and stylish luggage options. In terms of fashion, I appreciate brands like Theory and Vince for their sleek, professional attire. For technology, I rely on Apple for its user-friendly and high-quality products that seamlessly integrate into both my personal and professional life. These brands consistently deliver the reliability and style I need, whether I’m at work or exploring new destinations.
Fiona:我倾向于选择与我的生活方式和价值观相契合的品牌,注重质量、风格和创新。在职业和旅行需求方面,我非常喜欢 Tumi 和 Rimowa,因为它们提供耐用且时尚的行李选择。在时尚方面,我欣赏 Theory 和 Vince 等品牌的时尚专业服装。在科技方面,我依赖 Apple 的用户友好和高质量产品,这些产品可以无缝地融入我的个人和职业生活。这些品牌始终为我提供我所需的可靠性和风格,无论我是在工作还是探索新目的地。

Chomoi: What type of content do you like on social media and are there any influencers you follow?

Fiona: On social media, I enjoy content that’s both inspirational and informative, especially when it ties into my interests like travel, fashion, and technology. I love seeing travel vlogs or posts about unique destinations; they often give me ideas for my next trip.

Also, I appreciate fashion and lifestyle tips that blend professional attire with travel-friendly versatility.

As for influencers, I follow a few who align with my tastes and lifestyle. For instance, I enjoy the content from Jessica Stein (@tuulavintage) for her stunning travel photography and fashion insights. I also follow Vanessa Hong (@thehautepursuit) for her minimalist fashion advice which is perfect for my professional life. In the tech space, I like to keep up with Marques Brownlee (@MKBHD) for his straightforward and thorough tech reviews, which help me stay informed about the latest gadgets and trends. These influencers provide a mix of entertainment, information, and inspiration that resonates with my daily life and aspirations.
至于影响者,我关注一些与我的口味和生活方式相符的人。例如,我喜欢 Jessica Stein(@tuulavintage)的内容,她的惊人旅行摄影和时尚见解让我着迷。我也关注 Vanessa Hong(@thehautepursuit),她的极简时尚建议非常适合我的职业生活。在科技领域,我喜欢关注 Marques Brownlee(@MKBHD),他直接且全面的科技评论帮助我了解最新的设备和趋势。这些影响者提供了娱乐、信息和灵感的混合,与我的日常生活和愿望产生共鸣。

Note: I made the brands bold above, and added the actual influencer links. ChatGPT found the handles.




Well done for making it this far down. Here’s a freebie.

Midjourney Photography Prompt
Midjourney 摄影提示

You could then take these descriptions into Midjourney with a nice photography prompt like I did.

Here a nice, natural photography Midjourney prompt I used. Try it!

Medium head and body shot of a woman, 25 years old mixed race, half asian half caucasian, looks like Lalisa Manoban, dark same length bob hairstyle with bright orange ends, a small mole, greenish grey eyes, freckles, natural brown color makeup, cinematic, high key photo, every day photo using iphone on a plain white studio background — v 6.0 — style raw — ar 16:9
一名 25 岁的混血女性,半亚洲半高加索人种,中等头部和身体镜头,看起来像 Lalisa Manoban,黑色同长度的鲍勃发型,发橙色发梢,一个小痣,绿灰色眼睛,雀斑,自然棕色妆容,电影感,高关键度照片,使用 iphone 在纯白色工作室背景下拍摄的日常照片 — v 6.0 — 风格原始 — ar 16:9

New Ways of Working 新的工作方式

Using this method does take a little mind-shift. Imagine you’re working on a brief for a new tech product (or whatever) and you need to understand how and where your audience are most likely to encounter a pain point that leads them to seek out a solution.

No more trawling forums or sifting through survey data. Just ask ChatGPT 4.
不再在论坛上搜索或筛选调查数据。只需问ChatGPT 4。

Role-play different scenarios and ask them how they’d react or what might convince them to make a purchase. Any time, day or night, fire off a question and get an instant response.

How Do I Use GPTs?
我如何使用 GPTs?

Currently as of March 2024, my understanding is that you need to have a Plus account (or higher) to access GPTs. The owner or builder of the GPT needs to either share the link with you or publish their GPT as Open on the platform.
截至 2024 年 3 月,我了解到您需要拥有 Plus 账户(或更高级别)才能访问 GPT。GPT 的所有者或构建者需要与您分享链接或在平台上将其 GPT 公开。

My GPT is currently “link share only” as I am developing it. I offer it up to you for testing. I welcome any feedback!
我的 GPT 目前只能“分享链接”,因为我正在开发它。我把它提供给你进行测试。我欢迎任何反馈!

What next? 接下来呢?

Maybe some of you will be thinking this all sounds a little too good to be true. Believe me, I was sceptical at first. But having used this method on multiple projects now with a range of different clients and strategists, I can honestly say it has revolutionised my workflow.

What used to take days or even weeks of research and analysis can now be achieved in a matter of minutes. I will share the method so you can try it out yourself.

If you’re looking for a way to gain deeper insights into your target market, I urge you to give this method a try. The possibilities are endless and the results will speak for themselves. After all, wouldn’t you like to ask your target market anything?

Now you can. 现在你可以。

Do you have your own idea for a tool? I’m always looking for ideas for Custom GPTs that can help in the creative strategy space.
您有自己的工具想法吗?我一直在寻找可以帮助创意战略领域的定制 GPT 的想法。

Message me. 给我发消息。

For more insights into how you can use generative AI in your creative practice join my email list, Adhacker https://go.chomoi.co.uk/adhackers
要了解如何在创意实践中使用生成式人工智能的更多见解,请加入我的电子邮件列表 Adhacker https://go.chomoi.co.uk/adhackers

Note: I do sometimes use the help of AI tools to get stuff done.
注意:我有时候会使用 AI 工具来完成一些事情。

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