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 Unit bank settlement account and product authorization letter

To: Agricultural Bank of China Co., Ltd. (name)

Due to business needs, this unit (customer name) authorizes the following:

 1. Authorized person and authorization period

Authorized person's name: , Position in this unit: , Certificate type: , Certificate number: ,

The certificate is valid until Contact mobile phone number: This power of attorney is effective from month of It will take effect from on month, with a maximum period of three months. If early termination is required, the unit will notify the bank in writing.

2. Authorization matters (for specific businesses included in the authorization matters, please refer to the business authority description table on the back of this power of attorney for details. Please fill in " " for the authorized business within " " , please fill in " " inside " " for unauthorized business.

(1) There are items of corporate bank account business. (uppercase, lowercase is invalid)

Open a bank settlement account (including reserved seal) and use identity management for the account
 Oral receipt business management and bank-enterprise reconciliation services
 口 Electronic payment password 口 Mobile phone security authentication code
 Account payment limit management
 Change bank settlement account (including reserved seal)
 Cancel bank settlement account and terminate product contract
 brother kuotongcuntong

(2) A total of products and services. (uppercase, lowercase is invalid)
 Oral-to-public fund

(3) Signing the "Privacy Policy (Public Version) of Agricultural Bank of China" (hereinafter referred to as the "Privacy Policy (Public Version)")

(4) A total of other businesses. (Uppercase, lowercase is invalid) including (For other businesses not listed, please fill in the specific information directly here; if there is no other business, please fill in the details here
 Mark "/" everywhere. )

3. Reconciliation contact person and reconciliation address information (fill in when handling account opening business and when the following information changes)

Name of contact person for reconciliation in this unit: , contact number: , statement mailing address (choose one of the two, enter the selected statement mailing address " "Fill in " ", another item " " fill in " "): Register Address Place of business. If the above information is changed due to our own reasons, our company will submit a change application in advance, and the information change will take effect when the bank's handling network receives our change application.

 4. Personal information processing authorization

This unit confirms: The authorized person and reconciliation contact person involved in this power of attorney have known, understood and agreed that Agricultural Bank of China will process their personal information in accordance with the provisions of the "Personal Information Authorization Statement" on the back of this power of attorney. The above information is Agricultural Bank of China provides necessary personal information necessary for the basic functions of this business.

Statement: The authorized person's activities with this power of attorney include filling in or signing relevant business application forms, contracts, attachments, "Privacy Policy (Public Version)" and other legal texts, handling specific business under the authorized matters, and payment business. The relevant processing fees, etc., are our true expression of intention to your bank, and constitute the reasonable basis for your bank to believe that the authorized person has the right to engage in such behavior. The authorized person shall not delegate the entrusted matters to others. The handling agency of Agricultural Bank of China has informed us of the relevant terms of the power of attorney in accordance with the law, and explained the relevant concepts, content and legal effects at our request. We have known and understood the above terms and are willing to undertake this authorization. legal liability arising.
 Reserved seal:
 Entrusting unit (official seal):
 Explanation form of minor affairs permissions
 business  Specific permissions
 Unit bank account business

Account usage identity management: Add new personnel for voucher purchase and account information inquiry/remove voucher purchase and account information inquiry personnel/modify account verification method.

Reply business management: Add reply inquiry and printing personnel/Delete reply inquiry and printing personnel/Open electronic reply box/Close electronic reply box.

Electronic payment password: issue/detain/delete account/status maintenance payment password
 Bank-enterprise reconciliation services: contract signing/termination/bill information management.
 Account payment limit management: contract signing/modification/termination.  Mobile phone security authentication code: contract signing/modification/termination.

Change bank settlement account (including reserved seal): change account information/legal representative information/certificate material information, etc.
 (2) Products and services
 Corporate online banking payment: signing/modification/termination of contract.  Corporate messaging service/telephone banking: contract signing/modification/termination.

Company settlement card: card opening/cancellation/card replacement/card replacement/associated account change/card password modification/unlock/reset/ (verbal/written/password) loss report/removal/cardholder (information) change/electronic Changes in voucher application/additional security authentication methods.
 Settlement package: contract signing/modification/termination.  Multi-level accounting business: opening/closing/maintenance.

Corporate wealth management: Counter activation/Online banking activation/Cash management client activation/Financial manager H financial management contract/Financial management business/Signing change/Financial management appointment subscription/Financial management subscription subscription/Automatic redemption/Financial management physical conversion/Financial management business termination/ Automatic financial management termination.

Digital RMB public wallet: Open/cancel/upgrade/unbind the public account/revise the agreement/reset the password/cross-subject authorization.

Contract signing, modification and termination/brother leaving/brother returning/friend inquiry/transaction limit maintenance/wallet name
 (3) Signing Privacy Policy

Before issuing the "Privacy Policy (Public Version)", this unit and relevant persons in this unit have requested clarifications on the relevant concepts, content and legal effects from relevant persons. The corresponding legal consequences of this article are all known and fully understood. The authorized person signs the "Privacy Policy (Public Version)" and agrees that Agricultural Bank of China will comply with relevant laws and regulations and the "Privacy Information". (Note: When handling account opening business, if this authorization is not given to the person in charge; when handling non-account opening business, the unit can fill in this authorization matter as needed)
 (4) Personal information authorization statement
 Attachment 1-1
 (4) Agricultural Bank of China

 Instructions for filling out the form: