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“It'll be fun, just relax,” is all Kunimi gives him as an answer, tugging the hoodie off his head and blinking, brushing his hair back from his face. “I won't if you don't want me to.”

Yuutarou doesn't have an answer to that, since he does want Kunimi to.


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Yuutarou did not think that he'd end up working in a strip club in college. But—apparently the fact that Yahaba ran the bar a few nights a week meant he could put in a good word for Yuutarou on a job that was 'pretty easy'.
Yuutarou 沒想到自己會在大學時期在脫衣舞俱樂部工作。但——顯然Yahaba 每週幾個晚上在酒吧當值的事實意味著他可以替Yuutarou 在一份“相當輕鬆”的工作上說句好話。

Now he's in the very back of the room, with a black shirt and bright white letters spelling out 'SECURITY' printed across his chest. He's supposed to be looking intimidating, and he's doing his best to glare at the end of the stage, but he also knows that Iwaizumi and Kyoutani are working and he's not half as terrifying as either of them.

The night is almost over, anyway. There's only a handful of dancers who work this late, and the last song is less a mad clamor for attention from patrons. The bar is still full, at least for the moment, and Yuutarou is wondering if he should duck into the back and check to see if anyone is looking for an escort out to their car.

Except, Kunimi is on the stage, with a pair of boots that stretch all the way to his thighs and reflect back the spinning colors of the lights overhead, and as much as Yuutarou tries not to, his eyes keep darting over to him—it's not the way that Kunimi dances that captivates him, really. It's the bored pout that sticks on his face, the way the light makes shadows on his cheekbones, the hair falling into his face—even if he weren't tugging his clothes off and spinning around a pole, Yuutarou would still have a crush on him.

Kunimi's back turns to the crowd, arms over his head to grip the pole, back arching in a pronounced curve, and just for a second, he catches Yuutarou looking at him and his lips twitch upwards. He grips his hands tighter around the pole, lifting one leg than the other into the air, body curving until he folds nearly in half to wrap his knees around the metal instead, locking them together before releasing his hands and dropping so he's hanging upside down, spinning, facing the crowd again with his hands roaming over his own skin.

Okay, so the dancing thing doesn't really help with his crush at all.

He's forced to look away, attention dragged off by the sound of shouting from the direction of the bar. It's not entirely surprising to look up and see Kyoutani shoving someone into the top of the bar and shouting at them, especially with Yahaba two feet away looking startled and annoyed. He nudges his way off the wall with a little sigh, elbowing his way through the already thinning crowd, bumping his fist on the back of Kyoutani's shoulder to get his attention.

“What happened?” He asks, leaning back just slightly when Kyoutani whips his head around to glare in response, refusing to release the man that he has pinned under his hand despite the futile tugging on his wrist in an attempt to get free. Yahaba seems to recover after a moment, speaking sharply before Kyoutani answers.

“Just throw him out,” he says it like the whole situation has him bored, and Kyoutani looks back at him with his brow furrowed intensely together. They spend a tense moment glaring at each other, refusing to back down, and Yuutarou sighs softly, patting Kyoutani's arm.

“I'll take care of it,” he doesn't try to pry Kyoutani's hand back, instead, he waits for Kyoutani to decide to let go and then tugs the man up, giving him a shove toward the door and shaking his head. “I'd recommend not repeating whatever you said to Yahaba-san.”

“You'd think someone working here wouldn't be so fucking uptight. All I asked was how much it would be to see his cute ass do a little dance,” he spits, and Yuutarou shakes his head because that's exactly the thing he means not to repeat. Still, there's a surprising lack of physical resistance to being ejected, despite the guy's continued frustrated cursing in Yuutarou's direction.

He shoves the guy out the door with a shake of his head, frowning when he turns around like he wants to size Yuutarou up for a fight. “Please don't come back here again.”

And that's that. He shoves the door shut again with his shoulder and turns around in time to watch Kunimi striding off the stage. The last song of the evening starts playing on the speakers overhead and Yuutarou ducks into the back area, grabbing his jacket from the hook it's hanging on.

Living only a few blocks down, Yuutarou generally just walks to work, but his more pressing concern at the end of his shift is making sure no one gets harassed on the way out to their car. He waits an extra few minutes before tapping his knuckles on the door of the changing room, heat already creeping into the skin at the back of his neck when he hears Kunimi on the other side of the door. “I'm decent.”

Decent, in Kunimi's estimation, is apparently being settled into a seat to tug the boots off his legs with a loose shirt on. He has his hair tucked behind one ear, and there's still the sparkle of makeup on his cheeks. Yuutaroru hopes he's not blushing as much as he thinks he might be. Kunimi looks up at him before lifting his leg up and raising both eyebrows. “Help me out of these.”

“S- sure,” he nudges the door shut behind him with his foot, swallowing as he leans over and takes the shoe in his hands, pulling the zipper down before sliding it off his leg with a smooth tug, leaving his fingers wrapped around the smooth skin of Kunimi's ankle. He hesitates a moment before setting it down gently. He reaches for the other before Kunimi picks his legs up, hands sliding down the leather covering his calf. He's almost too distracted by the feeling of Kunimi's muscles flexing under his hands to notice the way he's being stared at.
"「當- 當然,」他用腳輕輕推上門,咽了口口水,俯身拿起鞋子,拉下拉鍊,順利地脫下,手指纏繞著Kunimi的光滑腳踝。他猶豫了一會兒,輕輕放下鞋子。他伸手拿另一只鞋子時,Kunimi抬起腿,手滑過覆蓋小腿的皮革。他幾乎被Kunimi的肌肉在手下彈動的感覺分心,幾乎沒有注意到自己被盯著的方式。」

Kunimi has his head tilted just slightly to the side, expression as flat as ever—but there's a spark in his eyes that Yuutarou only catches for a second before he slides the other boot off as well, setting it to the side. His thumb brushes the bones of Kunimi's ankle before he sets his leg down once again, quirking a smile that feels a little shaky on his face.

“Mmm, that's better,” he hums, flexing his feet before standing, stretching his arms over his head and sliding jeans on as well. Yuutarou feels… slightly strange watching him get dressed when he's become so used to the reverse. Still, he waits patiently while Kunimi gathers his bag and jacket, glancing around the otherwise empty room.

“Did everyone else go home?” He asks, slightly surprised. Kunimi nods, rolling his shoulders after one final stretch, hair fallen in his face once again. Yuutarou's fingers itch to tuck it behind his ear and he jams them into his pockets instead.

“Yeah. Iwaizumi got dragged off by Oikawa and Suga's boyfriend came and got him,” Kunimi shrugs, his lips twitching upwards. “I'm betting Yahaba's gonna finish cleaning up the bar after Kyoutani is done with him.”
「是的。Iwaizumi被Oikawa拖走了,而 Suga 的男朋友來接他了,」Kunimi聳聳肩,嘴角微微上揚。「我打賭Yahaba等Kyoutani弄完他後會繼續清理酒吧。」

Yuutarou wrinkles his nose at the thought, scratching the back of his head. Kunimi nods after another glance around, stepping out the door ahead of Yuutarou. “I'm ready.”

“O- okay,” he almost stumbles after himself in his haste to follow, flicking the light off before the door closes behind them.

The back lot is empty except for Kunimi's car sitting there, sparkling under the streetlights with water from a recent rain. Yuutarou keeps close to Kunimi as he walks, glancing over his shoulder to be sure there isn't anyone lurking around the lot. It's happened before, with overeager 'fans' looking for a chance to catch him alone. Kunimi glances up at him, eyebrows raised. “Was someone really asking Yahaba for a dance?”

“With Kyoutani-san right there,” Yuutarou sighs, shaking his head a little. Kunimi snickers at that.
“在Kyoutani-san就在場的情況下,” Yuutarou嘆了口氣,微微搖頭。Kunimi對此咯咯地笑了笑。

“Well he's definitely done it for Kyoutani,” he sounds entertained and Yuutarou finds himself blushing again as they reach the car. Kunimi surveys it for a moment before a smirk catches on his face. It's small but hard to miss nonetheless. “Have you not gotten one? How long have you been working here?”

“S- six months,” he volunteers shyly, digging his teeth into the inside of his cheek. Kunimi tilts his head slightly, keys dangling from the tip of his finger. There's still dark makeup around his eyes, making them stand out against his pale skin.

“Huh,” Kunimi huffs out a soft breath, soft and curious before he turns and unlocks the door to his car, a small smile still on his face. “Guess you'll have to get someone to fix that for you.”

“I- I guess,” he mumbles awkwardly, watching Kunimi slide into the car, tossing his bag into the passenger seat. He has to remind himself not to linger on that image as he turns to walk home, frowning and hugging his jacket tighter around his shoulders.
「我- 我猜是吧,」他尷尬地嘟囔著,看著Kunimi滑進車裡,將包袋扔進副駕駛座。他得提醒自己不要停留在那個畫面上,於是轉身走向家,皺著眉頭緊緊抱住自己的夾克。

* * *

And really, he never expects the conversation to come up again—there's no reason for it to, of course. Kunimi's probably used to people having crushes on him, and there's no way he hasn't pegged Yuutarou's' for exactly what it is.

Even if it's not for the reasons he'd expect.

He's surprised to find Kunimi leaning with his elbows on the bar after his shift ends—changed from the outfit he was wearing on the stage into a loose hoodie and jeans, leaning forward to listen to whatever it is Yahaba is saying to him.

There's just over an hour left in his shift, and he can't spend the whole time staring at Kunimi, as much as he would like to. He steps in the way of someone trying to put their hands all over Kenma and manages not to get punched in the face for it, which actually sets a new record for 'most consecutive shifts without getting hit' at four.

More surprising still is the fact that Kunimi is still hanging around when he finishes, hopping off the stool that he's been occupying and following Yuutarou through to the back, tucking his hands into his pocket. Yuutarou doesn't ask why he decided to stay so long after his shift, or why this was the moment that he decided he should go home.

There's no point in getting his hopes up over nothing.

Still, Kunimi lingers while Yuutarou grabs his jacket—a slightly heavier one, it's started snowing lately—and ducks out the back door with him, and they have the same sort of conversation they always do while leaving. Since it isn't closing yet, there are a few other cars in the back lot outside of Kunimi's and it makes Yuutarou tense more than usual.

And then Kunimi's car refuses to start.

After maybe a dozen tries, he groans and thuds his head against the steering wheel, squeezing his eyes shut. “Shit.

“Ah—maybe you should call one of your roommates?” He knows Kunimi lives with two other people, he's heard them discussed sometimes, but Kunimi sighs and shakes his head.

“I'd rather not have to explain. They think I wait tables,” he sighs, lifting his head up, staring at the ceiling.

Yuutarou rubs at the back of his head, shifts his weight a little awkwardly. “Y- you can stay the night at my place if you want.”
Yuutarou 揉了揉後腦勺,有些笨拙地轉移了重心。“你- 你如果想的話,可以在我這過夜。”

Kunimi turns to stare at him, and Yuutarou realizes that he's an idiot.
Kunimi 轉過頭盯著他看,Yuutarou 意識到自己是個白癡。

“J- just because it's nearby! Or we can go there and you can call your roommates! W- whatever you want,” he's tempted to run away but Kunimi's gaze pins him to the spot. After a moment, though, Kunimi nods and slides out of the car, shutting the door and locking it once more.
“只- 只是因為它在附近!或者我們可以去那裡,你可以打電話給你的室友!你- 你想要什麼都可以,” 他忍不住想逃開,但Kunimi 的目光卻把他釘在原地。然而,過了一會兒,Kunimi 點了點頭,從車裡滑出來,再次關上車門並重新鎖上。

“That sounds good. I'll call someone to look at it in the morning,” he tucks his keys back into his pocket, giving Yuutarou an expectant look until he starts walking.

Most of the short, cold walk back to his apartment is fairly quiet. Yuutarou can't think of anything to say that doesn't sound entirely idiotic, and Kunimi seems content to walk quietly next to him, puffing warm clouds of breath into the air.

He's glad that his tiny studio apartment is clean at least because having Kunimi step through the door is more nerve-wracking than he thought it would be. The bed is mostly made and the couch isn't covered in dirty clothes, and Kunimi steps out of his shoes with a little hum. “I didn't think you lived by yourself.”

“O- oh. Yeah, I do,” he's standing awkwardly in his own doorway, and for a moment Kunimi stares at him before simply striding into the area that marks Yuutarou's kitchen and dragging back one of his chairs, pulling his phone out to do something with it, glancing up when Yuutarou doesn't move.
「噢- 噢。對,我有。」他笨拙地站在自己的門口,Kunimi盯著他看了一會兒,然後毫不猶豫地走進標誌著Yuutarou廚房的區域,拖回一把椅子,掏出手機做些什麼,當Yuutarou沒有動時抬起頭。

“Sit,” it's nothing less than a command, and Yuutarou sheds his jacket before complying, blinking up at Kunimi when music starts playing from his phone.

“W- what are you doing, Kunimi-kun?” He asks, turning to watch Kunimi set the phone on the low table, blinking as he recognizes the song as one from the club, mouth going dry. “W- wait, you're not—”

“It'll be fun, just relax,” is all Kunimi gives him as an answer, tugging the hoodie off his head and blinking, brushing his hair back from his face. “I won't if you don't want me to.”

Yuutarou doesn't have an answer to that since he does want Kunimi to. Kunimi gives him one of those tiny smirks before his hips start to move.

He doesn't expect it to effect him so much, since really, he's used to seeing Kunimi work—but, the atmosphere is entirely different. They're alone in Yuutarou's apartment, and Kunimi is doing this because he wants to, for whatever reason. Yuutarou nearly jumps out of his skin when Kunimi's hands rest on his shoulders, earning him a soft laugh. “Relax.”

His mouth is dry, and Kunimi slowly lifts his shirt to reveal the smooth skin of his stomach and Yuutarou has never wanted to touch something so badly in his whole life. It's not just the enticing way that Kunimi rolls his hips, making his whole body undulate with the motion, it's not just the slow reveal of more and more skin that Yuutarou can't pull his eyes off of, or the way he looks like his skin would probably be the softest thing Yuutarou ever touches.

It's everything, coupled with the way Kunimi's hands move from his shoulders to slide up his neck and into his hair, giving it a sharp tug and yanking Yuutarou's head back, leaning forward to chase after him, lips pressing the outside of his ear. His voice is barely above his breath when he speaks, and Yuutarou is already desperately gripping his fists on top of his thighs. “Yuutarou, I want you to do what I tell you, okay?”

He feels, for a moment, like he's disconnected from his body. The motion of nodding in response makes Kunimi's fingers tighten in his hair and instead of giving an actual answer in words, Yuutarou rattles a groan in response, digging his nails into his thighs as he clenches his hands in his lap. It seems to be the answer that Kunimi wants, though, because next to Yuutarou's ear his mouth curves into a grin, teeth digging into the shell of his ear. “Good.”

Yuutarou has to stifle another whine in response, resisting the urge to squeeze his eyes shut. Kunimi leans back, fingers sliding through Yuutarou's hair until they come free, pulling his shirt over his head after. There's grace in the way he does it, which, if Yuutarou were more in possession of his mind, wouldn't really be surprising, but in the moment it catches his attention more than it should, the way the discarded fabric flutters out of his fingers and lands on the ground in a crumpled heap. It's hard to pay attention to all the ways his body manages to move, especially when Kunimi shifts forward so he's actually seated all the way in Yuutarou's lap.
Yuutarou 忍住了另一聲牢騷,抑制著閉上眼睛的衝動。Kunimi 向後靠,手指滑過Yuutarou的頭髮,直到脫下來,然後脫掉他的襯衫。他的動作優雅得令人驚艷,如果Yuutarou的頭腦更加清醒,這並不會令人意外,但此刻這個動作引起了他比應有的更多的注意,被拋棄的布料從他手指間飄落,最後摔在地上,變成一團皺巴巴的堆。當Kunimi向前移動,讓他實際坐在Yuutarou的腿上時,要注意他的身體如何移動就變得困難了。

Without meaning to, Yuutarou flinches back slightly from the contact, dropping his hands to hang uselessly at his sides. He tilts his head to meet Kunimi's stare, sure that he's blushing worse than he ever has in his life. Kunimi blinks at him once, the same small smirk on his face, resting his forearms on Yuutarou's shoulders and rolling his hips forward once. Yuutarou tenses like he's been shocked, breath shaking out of his lungs and leaving him struggling to draw in another to follow it. His hands ball into fists until he can feel the crescent shaped indents left by his nails. There's something pleased and wicked glittering in Kunimi's eyes, likely a product of how obviously hard Yuutarou is in his jeans.
不知不覺間,Yuutarou 輕微地往後縮了一下,讓雙手無助地垂在身旁。他轉動頭,迎上Kunimi 的目光,確信自己臉紅得比以往任何時候都要嚴重。Kunimi 眨了眨眼,臉上帶著同樣的微笑,將前臂搭在Yuutarou 的肩膀上,並向前滾動臀部一次。Yuutarou 緊張得像是被電到,呼吸急促地流出肺部,讓他難以吸進下一口氣。他的手緊握成拳頭,直到他能感覺到指甲留下的新月形凹痕。Kunimi 的眼中閃爍著一絲滿意和邪惡,很明顯是因為Yuutarou 在牛仔褲裡明顯地勃起。

It's starting to seem like he's overdressed for the occasion—still fully dressed in his uniform from work and breathing so hard that his chest is practically heaving. Kunimi digs the fingers of one hand into the back of his hair again, the other slipping between them when he leans back to flick the button of his jeans open. When Yuutarou tries to watch the motion the hand in the back of his hair tightens again, tugging his head back to keep him looking up at Kunimi instead.
他開始覺得自己可能穿著太正式了──仍穿著工作制服,呼吸急促到胸膛幾乎快要劇烈起伏。Kunimi 再次用一隻手的手指插進頭髮後方,當他往後靠過去打開牛仔褲的鈕扣時,另一隻手滑入兩人之間。當Yuutarou 試圖看著手勢時,抓住他頭髮的手再次緊緊一緊,拉扯著他的頭使他繼續仰望Kunimi。

Really, he wants to touch Kunimi so badly it feels like he's about to explode out of his own skin. It leaves him squirming back against every slow rotation of Kunimi's hips on top of him, back jerking into an arch when the tip of Kunimi's finger traces back up the center of his chest. He seems almost amused by Yuutarou's reactivity, especially when Kunimi leans forward, so close their lips are almost together, hovering a breath away to speak. “You know this isn't work, right?”

Kunimi's voice is soft, but the rare dig of inflection in it is almost venomous. He drops both hands, tracing the slack lines of Yuutarou's arms, pressing the two of them together chest-to-chest before Kunimi's fingers wrap around his wrists and lift his hands to rest on the bare skin at the small of his back, just above the waist of his jeans. Yuutarou's hands slide up his back without his brain actually commanding them to, feeling each individual bump of his spine and the stretch of his skin between his shoulder blades, up to the soft hairs at the base of his neck. His thumb brushes over them gently, and they're so close that Yuutarou can taste the soft, pleased sigh that Kunimi lets out. He tries to speak then has to clip his mouth shut and clear his throat to keep his voice from coming out sounding so strangled. “K- Kunimi-kun?”

He gets a shake of Kunimi's head in return, eyebrows settling close together for a moment while he rolls his hips forward, pressing down into Yuutarou's lap more, back arching into the slow stroke of Yuutarou's hands like a contented cat. “Akira.”
"他得到Kunimi的一個搖頭回應,眉頭緊緊皺在一起片刻,當他將臀部向前移動,更加壓在Yuutarou的腿上,背部向後拱成滿足的貓一樣慢慢擺動,Yuutarou的手慢慢揉捏著,像一隻滿足的貓一樣。 “Akira。”

Yuutarou whines from somewhere in the back of his throat, reedy and desperate, digging his fingers harder into Kunimi's back. Kunimi reaches, grabbing one of Yuutarou's hands and sliding it down cup around his ass instead. “Say it.”
Yuutarou 從喉嚨深處發出哀鳴,聲音蕭索又渴望,手指更用力地插進 Kunimi 的背後。Kunimi 伸手抓住 Yuutarou 的一隻手,將其滑下來環繞在他的屁股周圍。“說出來。”

“A- Akira,” it sounds steadier than his attempt at speaking before, at least, and Kunimi leans forward and seals their mouths together before Yuutarou has tasted the last syllable of his name. Kunimi's fingers slide into his hair once again, holding his head there like he thinks Yuutarou is somehow going to pull away. He squeezes his hand around Kunimi's ass again instead, opening his mouth easily and letting Kunimi lick his way into his mouth.
“A- Akira,” 聽起來比之前試圖說話時穩重一些,至少如此,Kunimi 向前傾身,將他們的嘴唇貼在一起,Yuutarou 還來不及品嚐他名字的最後一個音節。Kunimi 的手指再次滑進他的頭髮中,像他認為 Yuutarou 會離開似的,他再次緊緊捏住 Kunimi 的屁股,輕鬆地張開嘴巴,讓 Kunimi 舔進他的嘴裡。

Without meaning to, Yuutarou finds himself rolling his hips forward in return. The music that Kunimi put on originally is little more than a forgotten memory at this point, and he uses his grip to guide Kunimi's hips in grinding against his, catching the tiny sounds that Kunimi whimpers against his mouth and swallowing them down as well. Kunimi draws back slowly, biting Yuutarou's lower lip as he does. He stares at Yuutarou with half-lidded eyes in a way that makes his stomach twist with heat, pushing his hips down with purpose and a soft groan, ducking his head to rest it against Yuutarou's shoulder—one hand gripping the back of his hair still and the other clinging to the fabric of his shirt.
不知不覺中,Yuutarou 發現自己也不自覺地向前擺動臀部。Kunimi 原本放的音樂在這時已經成了遙遠的記憶,他利用手掌引導Kunimi 的臀部與自己磨擦,捕捉Kunimi 在他嘴唇上輕輕呻吟的聲音,也將這些聲音一併吞下。Kunimi 慢慢地退開,同時咬住Yuutarou 的下唇。他半眯著眼睛凝視著Yuutarou,讓Yuutarou 的胃部因為熱度而扭曲,有意識地向下用力推動臀部,發出輕輕的呻吟聲,低下頭靠在Yuutarou 的肩膀上—一隻手仍然抓著他的頭髮,另一隻則緊抓著他衣服的布料。

Yuutarou turns his head to kiss the exposed skin of Kunimi's shoulder, watching shivers crawl down his spine. Kunimi forces his hips still with a little, frustrated sound, lifting his head and digging at the bottom of Yuutarou's shirt with a shake of his head. “You're wearing too much.”
Yuutarou 轉過頭親吻Kunimi 肩膀上露出的皮膚,看著顫抖從他脊椎上爬下。Kunimi 發出一聲有點沮喪的聲音,讓臀部停了下來,抬起頭來並搖著頭挖掘Yuutarou 衣服底部。「你穿得太多了。」

“S- sorry,” he mumbles out of reflex, feeling his cheeks heat up when Kunimi chuckles. He pulls the shirt up over his head in an effort to hide it. Still, it's exactly what Kunimi wants it seems, and he lifts his hips up to shove his jeans down them and kick them off to the floor. Yuutarou starts to do the same until he glances down and catches sight of the purple panties Kunimi is wearing instead of something more… regular. His brain stutters out of time, grinding to a halt and making him gape uselessly at the lace trimmed fabric. There's a shiver attached to Kunimi's inhale, but when Yuutarou finally manages to look up at Kunimi's face, there's a slight smirk in the upward tilt of his lips.
「對- 對不起,」他下意識地嘟囔著,感覺臉頰發熱,當Kunimi笑著時。他把襯衫拉過頭部,試圖掩飾它。然而,這似乎正是Kunimi想要的,他抬起臀部,把牛仔褲脫下來丟在地板上。Yuutarou也開始做同樣的事情,直到他低頭看到Kunimi穿的紫色內褲,而不是更普通的內衣。他的大腦突然停滯,讓他無助地瞪大眼睛看著那些帶蕾絲修飾的布料。Kunimi吸氣時帶著一絲顫抖,但當Yuutarou終於抬起頭看著Kunimi的臉時,他嘴角微微翹起,露出一絲冷笑。

Yuutarou's gaze drops again to the darker wet smear on the front and he presses his thumb into it, grinning just slightly at the way Kunimi gasps and jerks forward slightly into the pressure. He swallows, pressing his palm into the bulge Kunimi's cock makes against the soft fabric, kissing the side of his neck when he grinds forward. His hand starts to slide inside the underwear when Kunimi shakes his head, head tilting back slightly with another groan. “Wait—I want…”

He shifts, sliding his own hand between them and jerking Yuutarou's jeans open, impatience quivering down to the tips of his fingers. Kunimi barely wastes time on pushing them down his thighs alongside his already stained boxers, pushing the panties down until his own cock springs free. Kunimi kisses him again, guiding Yuutarou's hand to wrap around both of them, Kunimi's hand squeezing over the top of it and controlling the slow pace that Yuutarou strokes them together.
他移動身體,將自己的手滑入他們之間,拉開Yuutarou的牛仔褲,焦躁不安的感覺一直傳遍他手指尖。Kunimi 幾乎沒浪費時間,將牛仔褲和已經髒污的內褲一起往下推,將內褲推到自己的陰莖彈出。Kunimi 再次親吻他,引導Yuutarou的手環繞在他們兩人身上,Kunimi的手壓在上面,控制著Yuutarou一起握住它們的節奏。

Kunimi guides the pace with a slowness that's almost agonizing. Yuutarou finds himself squirming and groaning against the kisses that are peppered against his mouth, nipping at Kunimi's lower lip and shivering when he groans. He rolls his thumb over the head of Kunimi's cock, gathering and spreading the slick fluid already dripping down his shaft.
Kunimi 以一種幾乎令人煎熬的緩慢節奏引導著。Yuutarou 發現自己在對抗著親吻時扭動並呻吟,親吻落在他嘴唇上,咬著Kunimi的下唇,當他呻吟時顫抖。他的拇指在Kunimi的陰莖頭上滾動,收集並擴散已經滴落在陰莖上的潤滑液。

His back arches when Kunimi twists both their hands, hips jerking upward, stroking out of time with Kunimi's guidance, breath stuttering staccato as he comes, muscles tensing as he paints a sticky mess on his own chest, head lolling back between his shoulders. Kunimi gasps and Yuutarou strokes his back, lifting his head to watch Kunimi come apart in his other hand with a hunger he shouldn't be able to feel so immediately after orgasm.

There's a breathy, relieved sound when Kunimi comes, tied to the faltering notes of 'Yuutarou' in his voice, leaving Yuutarou's stomach a smeared mess as he grinds his hips forward to ride his orgasm out.

Kunimi pitches forward with a slight whine when he finishes, eyes fluttering shut, nuzzling into Yuutarou's fingers when they tuck his hair behind his ear. “You have to carry me to bed now.”

Yuutarou finds himself flushing, gathering Kunimi into his arms and standing a little awkwardly with the extra weight, red staining his cheeks as Kunimi's arms wind around his neck. “W- was that, um, j- just…”
Yuutarou 發現自己臉紅了,將Kunimi擁入懷中,稍微笨拙地承受額外的重量,臉頰泛紅,Kunimi的手臂纏繞在他的脖子上。“那、那個,嗯,剛剛是…”

“Are you trying to ask me out?” Kunimi doesn't even bother opening his eyes, and his face is nuzzled into Yuutarou's neck at an angle that makes it impossible to see the rest of his expression. Helplessly, Yuutarou nods before setting Kunimi down on his bed. Kunimi looks up at him with a smile. “Good. I want you to.”


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