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It was already early winter, and the university campus was full of fallen leaves, and the school building was solemn, as if it was also touched by the cold atmosphere. It's early afternoon, and the campus is full of golden sunshine and colorful tree shadows. Many young students come and go, quiet and vibrant. I saw two cars parked in the parking lot about 50 meters apart, Yin Ziqi was dressed in white fur, surrounded by several bodyguards, Wan Ting got out of the car - she came to pick them up for dinner.

When Jian Yao saw her, she smiled and said, "Ziqi, you are here, Jin Yan is going to visit the professor, let us wait for him here for a while." ”

却没想到尹姿淇走过来,第一句话便对简瑶说: “有人想跟你通电话。”
Unexpectedly, Yin Ziqi came over, and said to Jian Yao in the first sentence: "Someone wants to talk to you on the phone."

Jian Yao was slightly stunned, but she smiled slightly and glanced at the others: "We said in the car." ”

Jian Yao and Yin Ziqi returned to the car, and Yin Ziqi handed her a mobile phone. The phone was connected, and Jian Yao was taken aback - it was Bo Jinyan's father.

"Hello uncle." Jian Yao said politely.

The old man on the other end of the phone only replied lightly: "Hello." I heard that you are Jin Yan's assistant? ”

"Yes." After a little nervousness, Jian Yao's voice returned to softness and calmness.

"He never explained what he did - if it wasn't for Ziqi, I wouldn't have known you were back." The old man said, "Let's all go home and eat tonight." ”

Jian Yao couldn't help laughing: "Okay, I'll tell him." ”

Father-son ...... It's really similar.

She was concentrating on the phone, while Yin Ziqi pushed the door with her bag and got out of the car and walked to a small white building next to it, where there was a public toilet on the first floor. Two bodyguards followed her.

It was the first time Jian Yao had spoken to Bo Jinyan's father, a little suddenly, but also pleasant. Listening to the old man's cold but chattering inquiry about her and Bo Jinyan's situation, she couldn't help but laugh.

Occasionally looking up, I saw a rippling light reflected in the glass on the school building not far away, and I didn't know how Bo Jinyan talked to the professor.

Jian Yao was on the phone, and out of the corner of her eye, she suddenly noticed that something seemed to be strange outside the car, and the figure kept flashing. She raised her eyes, but was stunned by the scene in front of her: everyone was running chaotically, and just very close to the car, Yin Ziqi's whole person seemed to be frozen and slowly fell down.

She was frightened, put down the phone and was about to push the door out, but the door of the main driver was opened, and a man quickly sat in, with a tall and slender back.

"Who are you?"

"Uh-huh, uh-huh......"


Everything happens extremely quickly, and the whole process takes no more than 1 minute.

When Jian Yao woke up again, the first thing she saw was a row of metal prison doors. And the light was blazing overhead, and she was in a small cell, and she was lying on the only iron bed. And her limbs weighed as much as a thousand pounds, and when she moved slightly, she jingled—four long chains, which locked her. Great fear engulfed her in an instant. She felt the muscles all over her body, every inch of skin, seem to start to tingle slightly. It was because of fear, because of the imminent, almost predictable pain and despair. Her chest felt like it was filled with boulders, stagnation, soreness, and her breathing became inaudible.

I don't know how long it took, but the sound of light footsteps and the sound of a man humming softly in the darkness got closer and closer. He...... Here it comes. Jian Yao closed her eyes and opened them again, sat up suddenly, her face was as stubborn as iron, and turned to look.

In the bright light, he came out of the darkness. Simple shirt and trousers, straight and well-proportioned body, under the short black hair, is fair, smooth, obviously without the slightest camouflage of handsome cheeks. And those dark and clear eyes were looking at her, smiling crookedly.

Jian Yao's heart shook violently. Some images in my memory flashed through my mind. Blurry, trance, messy...... Then freeze frame. Then more despair welled up in my heart. There was silence all around, just him and her, in this place where no one knew about it, quiet and relative.

Jian Yao's gaze finally inevitably met him. But these eyes were different from any serial psychopathic killer she had ever seen.

"You ......, I've seen you, in Sun Yong's bloodstained execution room, the first to arrive in the "district police", you were still looking up to report the case. “

Jian Yao raised her eyes and saw his eyes smiling deeper. "That's not right...... Also, passers-by, security guards in our community, and young men who deliver couriers. You...... You are Xie Han. ”

"Remembered?" He asked in an almost soft tone.

He's really always there for them. It's just that there is a vast sea of people, even if it is Bo Jinyan, it is difficult to find him.

Wouldn't it be nice if she could tell the others what he really looked like now? The police can mobilize surveillance footage and find out his entry and exit tracks. No matter how good he is at lurking and camouflage, it is impossible for him to always show his face and escape from the ascension.

But now......

It turned out that she had seen him. She saw him for what he really was. He wouldn't let her live.

"Tom-tom-tom-" There were several muffled sounds, and hundreds of lights turned on at the same time. The overwhelming dazzling light rays made Jian Yao close her eyes all of a sudden, unable to adapt to the bright world she was in.

Xie Han chuckled not far away, his voice bright and pleasant, like a big boy who had succeeded in his prank.

After a while, Jian Yao slowly opened her eyes.

Xie Han stared at her and smiled slowly. He walked to a few centimeters from the cage with his long straight legs, and seemed to look at her with interest.

"Such an exciting time...... Jane, I wish I could have seen the sweet smile on your face all the time. He whispered.

"Da-da-da-da-" The sound of light leather shoes sounded, but Jian Yao, who was in a trance, trembled all over, and immediately shrunk herself into a ball and snuggled up in the corner like a small animal.

"Why don't you run away?" Xie Han's clear voice sounded behind him, "It's really boring, you ran like a rabbit two days ago." ”

Jian Yao lowered her head and looked at her hands, which were covered with blood and scarred, and they no longer looked white and soft as usual. It hurt, but she still gritted her teeth and held her head with both hands, waiting for the upcoming whipping.

"Crack-" The sharp and powerful voice seemed to tear through the air around it. Then the familiar hot pain fell on her waist again.

Jian Yao's eyes were dark, she almost fainted, and the pain in her body was even more overwhelming, as if all her internal organs had been removed by this whip.


When will this endless suffering end? How can it end?

Xie Han walked up to her, squatted down, looked at her and smiled, "Be nice, Jane, as soon as you want to escape, my hand will be a little heavy, you see that your body is full of traces of whipping, and it is not beautiful." “

Xie Han smiled and spoke, while taking out a syringe filled with liquid from the iron plate next to him, and then turned his head to look at her. Jian Yao's heart was completely cold, and one wrist had already been picked up by him.

The man's fingers were cold, and he looked down at her slender cyan veins, plunged the needle in, and slowly pushed it in.

"Come, let's break free from the shackles of our bodies and start partying."

Why can he control so many people with psychomagic? In fact, it is simply the use of drugs to make people hallucinate, make people feel dazed, and slow to react.

Her heart was beating fast, and her nerves were pounding. It's a very uncomfortable feeling. Then her vision began to blur and her ears buzzed. Everything around is getting blurred and blurred, and a lot of white phantoms are emerging. The original clear memory and consciousness seem to be lost for a while, where is she?

"Jane, Jane." Someone whispered her name somewhere, Jian Yao struggled to look up, only to see a figure flashing by. Is it Xie Han? Who is it?

Then she was completely lost.

The wounds all over the body cried out for pain, but the brain seemed to not feel it, and the sense of vision and hearing became clear again. She found herself standing in a distant and familiar room—an old-fashioned cabinet, a color TV in its twenties, and a red velvet sofa.

This is...... Grandparents' homes.

Just then, she saw a man, with his back to her, sitting on the couch. He was bare~ barebacked, and his back was full of neat scars.

"Jin Yan!" She walked over and put her arms around his waist, "Why are you here?" ”

Bo Jin Yan slowly fell into her arms, his handsome face was cold, his eyes were closed, and he had no breath.

He died, Bo Jinyan died.

This thought rushed into her mind, and Jian Yao felt a tingling pain in her eyes, and her cheeks were already salty. She heard a hoarse and painful voice: "Jin Yan! Ah, Jin Yan, don't leave me! ”

As she cried in despair, she heard again, "Write it down." ”

His voice was like the only natural sound in the world of pain, beautiful and bewitching, "Do you want to end?" As long as you write down your feelings. If it weren't for Bo Jinyan, you could have been an ordinary, happy girl with a normal life, how could you have today's pain? ”

"Don't you want to tell him? How miserable you are here. You can't take it anymore, but this is just the beginning. Xie Han stared at her pale face, biting his lower lip, the smile in his eyes became deeper and deeper, but his voice seemed to be as sad as hers, "Tell him that you want to leave him." As long as you have nothing to do with him, how can anyone torture you? Love is not the whole of life, give it up, give it up and everything will be fine. Tomorrow morning, you will be lying in a bed in a public hospital, and everything will be over, all you need is a letter to him. ”

Jian Yao looked up in a daze, but only saw Xie Han's vague and handsome smiling face. Then a pen was stuffed in his hand.

Jian Yao looked at the pen and paper in front of her in a trance.

As long as you write a letter and leave Bo Jinyan, this person will let himself go?

Just need a letter?

The slender metal nib, gently swiped across the paper, has written the two most painful words -

Jin Yan:"

The fingers, whose flesh and blood were blurred and their joints were somewhat deformed, suddenly clenched the pen and stopped above the paper. Jian Yao wept silently.

"Why didn't you write it?" His voice was still soft, but there was a faint coldness.

As soon as Jian Yao's fingers loosened, the pen rolled down the sheets, leaving a row of messy black dots. And she lowered her head and buried herself in the crook of her arm, and her heart hurt uncontrollably.

No, it can't be written. No matter how hard it is, no matter how painful it is, it can't be written.

He was lying to her.

Write this painful breakup letter, and he will kill her immediately. Because it wasn't a breakup letter, it was her suicide note, a suicide note that ruined her love with Bo Jinyan - that was what he wanted, and he knew very well how to give Bo Jinyan the heaviest blow, not just to let her die.

There was no doubt that this silent, weak but firm resistance made Xie Han's face slowly sink.

"Oh, don't you write......" he chuckled, the laughter making her creepy all the more. And the fingers that were stuck on her skin slowly increased the force of the rubbing, bringing a faint pain.

A sincere suicide note, full of all the pain, torture and remorse of a woman, and full of a woman's fear of this love, is the lethal weapon that completely sends Bo Jinyan to hell.

It's a pity that this woman's tenacity is beyond his expectations. It's been almost a week, and I'm in a state of confusion for 24 hours, and my tears are falling non-stop, but I refuse to write a suicide note. Xie Han had almost lost interest in torturing her, and she was so stubborn that she made him angry, but it made him excited and loved, and he was even a little reluctant to kill her.

"Then let's do it another way." "Maybe it's a good idea to give Le a gift at this time," he said. ”

Two days later, Jian Yao was imprisoned in an underground warehouse.

The lights dimmed at some point, blurred vision and aching brains. Jian Yao was lying on the ground, with snow-white paper and a shaking pen in front of her.

After many days of continuous drug injection, Jian Yao was not awake for a moment.

蹲在她身旁,如最亲密的朋友,温言细语: “写吧,写下你想对他说的所有话。”谢晗的语气格外温柔,“难道你不想在临死前,让他看到吗?你有多爱他?”
Xie Han squatted beside her, like his closest friend, and whispered softly: "Write, write down all the things you want to say to him." Xie Han's tone was extremely gentle, "Don't you want to let him see it before you die?" How much do you love him? ”

Jian Yao looked up at him slightly. Four eyes staring for a moment. "Okay, I'll write,"

Finally, she reached out and took the pen from his hand.


Jin Yan:

When I was younger, I had a dream. Dream of being like my father, upholding justice and fighting for his life.

Later, I went to school, grew up, and worked step by step. I thought that I was getting farther and farther away from this path, and that dream could only be buried in my heart, as a beautiful and regretful thought. Later, I met you. My dream.

I don't think I ever said I love you. But in fact, I have said it many times, I see your sleeping face every morning, and I see you showing amazing wisdom and talent every time; I see you working hard to save the victims...... At that time, I said to myself, how proud and lucky I am to have you in this life, and you make me love you so much.

But maybe, this time, I can't accompany you for the rest of your life. I can't take it anymore. I look at the endless darkness every day and can't find an exit; Every day, I look forward to waking up and seeing you. I saw you coming down from heaven and saving me from here; Seeing you gently hugging me, I will never be separated again, and I will never lose you again.

I'm sorry Jin Yan, I may really not be able to accompany you. On the road of life, I hope you will go on well. Don't be sad, there are many, many people in this world, and they will love you and will love you instead of me.

I'm not sad at all, really. Because I once had you, even if I was going to die soon, my heart was at peace. It's a relief for me, and even if I turn to dust, I'll never forget you. In the future, every morning, every sunset, every night, I will hope, hope that if there is really a void afterlife, I can still meet you and have you. Go back to where we first met and let me tell you how much I love you. I believe that you will defeat Xie Han. You will find me, and you will take me out of this hell.

Then, we will go back to our hometown, back to our home. Please hold me, even if it's ashes, hold me and sit by the river, watch the sunrise and sunset with me, and then bury me where you can see it every day.

Remember? The first time we kissed, you and I froze. I still remember the first time we held hands, you said I tickled you, it turned out that you had never held hands with a girl...... There are too many memories to accompany me, so what does it matter if I die? I have achieved my dream, fulfilled my mother's wish, I have you, I have become a person like my father, I have solved so many cases with you, I am worthy of my life, I have no other regrets in this life, the only regret is that I can't accompany you to old age. Please don't be lonely, Bo Jinyan. Don't be alone, live every day. Because I'm right here, Jin Yan, in your eyes, in your heart, in your life. We will never be separated.

Please don't be lonely, Bo Jinyan. Don't be alone, live every day.

Because I'm right here, Jin Yan, in your eyes, in your heart, in your life.

We will never be separated.

Jian Yao. ”

"That's good, Jane, get a good night's sleep, open your eyes again, and you can see your Jin Yan, hahaha......"

A wave of dizziness hit, and Jian Yao fell into a dream again.

In the hospital, Jian Yao was lying on the hospital bed, falling into a deep sleep, her consciousness wandering in the fog, unable to find an exit for a long time, and there was always a voice in her ears that kept talking.

"Xiao Yao, how much torture have you suffered, Xie Han is really a devil."

"Xiao Yao, thanks to Jin Yan, we were able to find you and rescue you in time, and when we received the letter sent by Xie Han, we all only felt sad and moved, Bo Jin Yan was also distracted at the time, but he suddenly opened his mouth, saying that there were three major clues in the letter. He said, 'Someone like her father is a police officer; She...... We didn't hold hands when I tickled, and she couldn't be mistaken, it was in the Killing Machine case. And in the end, her mother didn't want her to be a police officer. So, she's telling us that Xie Han used to disguise himself as a police officer in a murder machine case. It couldn't be a criminal policeman, all criminal police in China were subject to strict scrutiny, and they cooperated very closely with me at that time. It could only be the assistant police, because at that time, the auxiliary police from multiple districts were mobilized to assist in tracking down the murderer, and many people didn't know each other......' Speaking of this, he paused and said that he knew who Xie Han was. We finally have a portrait of Xie Wei, and we have traced it to your prison. It's just that Xie Han was too cruel and cunning, and he seriously injured Jin Yan during the rescue operation. ”

"Xiao Yao, Jin Yan can't come to see you now, wake up quickly and go see him."

"Xiao Yao, why aren't you awake yet, the doctor said that you have been injected with too many psychotropic drugs, and you need to overcome the influence of the drugs yourself and wake up as soon as possible."

"Xiao Yao, the old man often says that if you don't die, there will be a blessing, wake up quickly, Bo Jinyan is still waiting for you."

The door of the ward opened, Bo Jinyan was pushed in in a wheelchair, and when he came to the bed, he held Jian Yao's hand and said softly,

"Yaoyao, today the doctor finally agreed that I should come to see you, I miss you so much, you should work harder, open your eyes early, okay?"

"Daddy has been waiting for me to take you home for dinner, so let's tell him we're getting married, okay?"

Hearing this familiar and unforgettable voice, Jian Yao's consciousness searched for the place where the voice came from, and she wanted to try her best to see this person clearly. Hard, hard, Jian Yao slowly opened her eyes. The first thing you see is a white and unfamiliar ceiling and light blue curtains that block the sunlight from the window. And she was lying on the hospital bed, already in clean and soft clothes, and she was receiving an infusion on her arm.

Next to the bed, the handsome man. Dressed in a light blue hospital gown, sitting in a wheelchair, he was babbling and talking.

She said slowly, "Okay." “