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Daring Boldly: Lessons from Taking the Less Traveled Road to Success

We all arrive at a fork in the road of life. What will your path hold?

K.C. Moore

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Life is Like a Cross-Country Road Trip

It’s an adventure filled with joy and peril as we journey from point to point, discovering new and fascinating people and places along the way. No worthwhile trip is complete without the challenge of a few unexpected detours or bumps in the road.

Travel long enough and sooner or later you’ll come to a fork in the road. It’s a place where you get to choose your own adventure from many paths, ranging from the mundane to the wildly impractical.

I traversed a treacherous road after the end of my first marriage. In the space of a year life became a wild, unpredictable ride. During that time, I:

  • Left a secure corporate job
  • Opened a business 开业
  • Got divorced 离婚
  • Became a single mom 成为单亲妈妈
  • Lost a home and a car
  • Sold a business 出售企业
  • Picked up the pieces and started over

Starting over with two young children in my mid-30’s was a daunting task. Practicality ruled the day when keeping food on the table and a roof over our heads was the only goal.
在我 30 多岁的时候,带着两个年幼的孩子重新开始是一项艰巨的任务。当我们把维持温饱作为唯一目标时,实用主义占据了主导地位。

After the divorce I went to work for the man who bought my business. The hours were long and the pay was scandalously low. There was some kind of mean-girl drama unfolding at any given time.

The divorce battered my self-esteem, and it kept me stuck in that awful environment for eight long years.

An Unexpected Wakeup Call

Three years into my eight-year journey a wakeup call arrived in the form of an unlikely mentor. After a particularly dramatic afternoon that had me dashing from the office on the verge of tears, our business consultant pulled me aside. “You’re better than all of this.” He said, making a sweeping gesture with his hands for emphasis.

He was painfully direct when he told me to stop wasting my time. His advice: Go back to university and get my MBA so I could get out of the unstable, low paying work environment I had become uncomfortably accustomed to.

I smiled, nodding in weak agreement; I was sure the conversation would be forgotten by his next visit.

Turns out, my mentor had an iron-clad memory. Whenever he showed up at the office, he would pop his head through my doorway to ask, “Have you found an MBA program yet?”

His persistence wore down my resistance. I researched degree programs, hoping my self-appointed mentor would eventually stop bugging me.

Once I began exploring options, a funny thing happened; I started getting excited about the future. I felt a growing sense of empowerment fueled by the idea that I had opportunities. Maybe I had a say in my future after all.
一旦我开始探索各种选择,有趣的事情就发生了;我开始对未来感到兴奋。在 "我有机会 "这一想法的推动下,我感到自己的能力在不断增强。也许我终究对自己的未来有发言权。

Arriving at the Fork in the Road

I narrowed my degree options to two interesting paths. One was a highly recommended MBA program. The other was a more unconventional option; a degree in holistic health education.
我将学位选择范围缩小到两条有趣的道路。一个是强烈推荐的 MBA 课程。另一个则是更非传统的选择:整体健康教育学位。

I had arrived at the fork in the road. It was time to choose between taking the tried-and-true path or daring to brave new, uncharted territory.

Both options were expensive and required student loans to cover the tuition. Both also demanded a willingness to sacrifice most of my free time for the next few years.

Logic dictated the MBA was the safest route. It ticked all the right boxes for potential employers and would have the best odds of getting me back into a ‘real job’. It made perfect sense and my future would be clearly mapped out for me.
从逻辑上讲,MBA 是最安全的途径。它能满足潜在雇主的所有要求,也最有可能让我重新找到一份 "真正的工作"。这完全合情合理,我的未来也将清晰地规划出来。

There was one small problem; I felt inexplicably drawn to the holistic health education program. On a gut level there was something about this less-traveled path that called to me. Where the MBA felt cold and almost clinical, the health education program felt warm and welcoming, like coming home.

The unconventional road beckoned to me. After many sleepless nights bouncing back and forth between my options, I chose to follow my gut. Three weeks later I was sitting in my first class as part of a holistic health education cohort. The journey had begun.

I’d be lying if I said it was an easy journey. I spent four years working a full-time day job while attending classes in the evening. Despite the challenging circumstances, I loved every moment of the program.

The passion I felt for my coursework gave me the energy to show up week after week. I credit that passion and interest with helping me stay the course for the entire four-year period.

What I Found on the Unconventional Path

When I embarked on my journey, I never anticipated how well the less-traveled path would turn out. The courses were thought-provoking and I had exposure to new ideas that forever changed my worldview. I picked up new soft skills, like leadership and group facilitation which help me thrive in my professional and personal life.

My unconventional choice had an unexpected bonus; It led me to greater meaning and purpose which in turn boosted my confidence. My newfound confidence, paired with my degree, gave me the courage to reenter the corporate world.

After two successful years in my first role, I was invited to an interview for a leadership role with a much larger company. As I prepared for the interview, I worried what the interviewers would think of my unusual degree and background.

During the interview, the panel said my holistic health education degree intrigued them. I got the job and later found out my degree was a factor that elevated me above the other candidates I interviewed against.

It’s All About the Journey

Would the MBA have delivered me to a similar destination? Most likely, yes.
MBA 会把我送到类似的目的地吗?很有可能,是的。

Sometimes the journey– the people and scenery we encounter on the road — makes the difference. Following my gut felt like a huge risk at the time but I found a new perspective on health, happiness and work along the way.

The less-traveled path took me to a career that resonates with my purpose and gives me a sense of meaning and fulfillment that so many people don’t get in their work lives.

My unconventional education helps me see conventional business challenges in a way that goes beyond common business logic. I often refer to my studies around Eastern healing modalities, like Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda and energy work — healing systems that see everything as interconnected; mind, body, spirit and environment.

I’m acutely aware of how everything we do as a team and a company has a ripple effect beyond the individual. The holistic health program also had a deep focus on coaching and communication. The techniques I picked up in those classes help me navigate the corporate world in a variety of situations.

Lessons From the Unconventional Path

When I chose the unconventional, holistic health education path I had no idea how it would transcend the wellness space to find relevance in the often-rigid, and not very holistic corporate world.

Arriving at the fork in the road can be overwhelming. There is pressure, whether self-imposed or from friends and family, to choose the ‘right’ path.
走到岔路口会让人不知所措。无论是自我施加的压力,还是来自朋友和家人的压力,都要求我们选择一条 "正确 "的道路。

I learned that even though the proven path is often the safe choice it’s important to explore whether it’s really your best option. Life offers no guarantees and sometimes the safe path doesn’t work out.

You may find the unconventional road is the one that takes you to heights you’ve never dreamed of — and the view from that place is pretty awesome.

In the end, you — and only you — will travel your chosen path. Countless factors go into choosing which road you’ll take. But if you feel the irresistible tug of the unconventional path, don’t be afraid to explore what lies there. You never know where the road may take you.

I’m Kim Conrad Moore, a health educator and trainer, writing about life, love, travel and wellness. I’m a mom to two kids and four dogs and am navigating life between two continents with my handsome Australian hubby. You can find my stories on medium @kimconradmoore.
我是金-康拉德-摩尔(Kim Conrad Moore),一名健康教育家和培训师,撰写关于生活、爱情、旅行和健康的文章。我是两个孩子和四条狗的妈妈,和我英俊的澳大利亚老公一起在两大洲之间游走。您可以在 medium @kimconradmoore 上找到我的故事。

K.C. Moore

Global skin health educator and esthetician, writing about life, love, travel and wellness. Navigating life between two continents with my Australian hubby.

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