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Summary of the work of the Integrated Management Department in the first half of 2024

In 2024, the Integrated Management Department will focus on accelerating the promotion of the strategic goal of building a "value bank", and under the guidance of the Bank's "management" and "innovation" dual-wheel drive policy, it will analyze the gap against the goal of consolidating the foundation and improving the ability, find answers from the problem orientation, and search for value incremental points from the problems. Under the guidance of the "management" and "innovation" double-wheel drive policy of the head office, we analyzed the gap between the objectives of tamping down the foundation and enhancing the capability, started from the problem orientation, looked for the answers from the problems, and searched for the value incremental points from the problems, and completed the first half of the year in high quality with the working objective of "tamping down the three management basics, and enhancing the four innovation capabilities". Looking back at the first half of the year, the Department of Integrated Management of the bottom remains unchanged, the bottom is constantly strengthening, the bottom is still insufficient, the first half of the department's main achievements and shortcomings are summarized in the report, and put forward the second half of the work plan.

I. Main work and results

(i) Strict management to safeguard development and consolidate the three basic plates of integrated management.

1. Strengthen the foundation of talent incentives, optimize incentives and talent development mechanisms, strengthen the whole process of performance management, and build a high-quality professional talent team

In terms of talent development, the department has established rules and regulations, outlined the path of capacity enhancement, and closed the loop of talent selection, education and utilization. In the first half of the year, the Department of Integrated Management established a dual-channel talent development system in the branch by strengthening management and establishing rules and regulations. At the organizational management level, the Department created a dual-channel management-professional development path and established a professional channel certification system on a step-by-step basis, setting up a team of experts in the branch to open up the chain of knowledge production, breaking the current situation of "thousands of people squeezing on a single wooden bridge" and creating a good ecology for attracting and cultivating talents. It creates a good ecology for attracting and cultivating talents; at the level of staff development, it expands the professional channel career space and establishes a Y-type career development system, so that the staff can really "be the master of their own career development".

2. Strengthen the foundation of team management, optimize the basic human resources management system, and ensure that the talent structure of the branch matches the needs of business development.

It took the initiative to take a forward position in personnel planning and recruitment, strengthened independent recruitment capability, and comprehensively enhanced the value of recruitment. In the first half of the year, the Integrated Management Department took the initiative to take a forward position in recruitment, obtained 750 resumes through Seek, employee inward promotion, and circle of friends maintenance, accounting for 91.5%, and independently recruited the number of people on board, accounting for 66% of the number of new employees on board in the branch, which is a significant increase year-on-year, and saves about AUD 40,000 yuan in recruitment and headhunting fees. In the 2022 session of the management training students fixed recruitment, filming the aerial preaching video, previous management training management students, excellent representatives of the recruitment position present, with personal experience about the Sydney branch talent cultivation path, job work experience, as of June 20, has received a clear intention to candidate resume 3, a significant increase year-on-year, attracting significant effect.

In personnel basic management, the management foundation was strengthened through process optimization and data governance. In foreign affairs management, the passport management process was strengthened, the passport non-exit claim process was established, and the process was further improved to reduce the compliance risk; in payroll management, the standard process specification was established, and the optimization process was reduced to 4 hours, and the payroll data governance was strengthened to achieve zero error in the payroll data reported to the head office; in personnel basic data, the Unified data caliber, completed cleaning of all historical data, and established a human resources analysis database; on leave management, sorted out and optimized the leave process, reduced the approval nodes by 33%, and further improved the efficiency of approval management.

3. Strengthen the foundation of culture propagation, enhance employee care, improve employee pride and sense of belonging, stimulate endogenous motivation, so that employees do the right thing from the heart.

In the cultural reunion activities, rich cultural and sports activities, cohesion team centripetal force. Formed to participate in the New Year's Dragon Boat Race in Xinzhou, and won the best score in the history of the branch, with the spirit of perseverance and hard work, for the branch in the year of the dragon, the dragon walks ten thousand miles, the dragon and tiger leaps in the opening momentum, outside the race field with a small move meow as the core of the IP "zero-cost" synchronization of the brand publicity activities, attracting countless foreign and domestic tourists, participating players, media organizations and group photo! The promotional materials were adopted by the Australia and New Zealand Channel of People's Daily, the official social media of Xinzhou, and the V public number of Xiaohongshu, and gained brand exposure for tens of thousands of times; we organized and carried out staff kayaking activities, using the boat and the water as a link to further draw the distance between the bank and their families, and enhance the sense of belonging to the team while expanding mental and physical strength; we carried out the special activity of March 8 Women's Day Jewellery Appreciation, and customized the March 8 Women's Day gifts for the female staff, combining the names of the staff with the Aus White Pearls. Combining the names of employees with Australian white pearls, the jewelry was given the beautiful meaning of roundness and prosperity.

In terms of cultural immersion and brand publicity, multiple IPs have been used to strengthen the construction of a soft cultural environment and promote the culture of China Merchants Bank in the hearts of the people. All own copyright launched Sydney branch customized small move meow expression, the CBC culture and Australian local culture integration; line song loud and clear, by the light of the forward march, the shooting of the celebration of the line song video, in front of the Sydney landmarks sing CBC melody; complete the update of the branch brochures, complete the "into the Consulate General" brand publicity activities, customized small move meow badge notebooks, We also completed the updating of branch brochures, completed the "Walking into the Consulate General" brand publicity campaign, customized CBA elements such as the Little CBA Meow badge notebook and the Little Cuisinart x Cuisinart Thermal Cup, and customized gift boxes for customers during New Year's Day, Mid-Autumn Festival and other festivals, so as to tell a good brand story from the drop by drop in an all-rounded way and enhance the CBA brand image.

In terms of employee care, the company emphasizes the value of employees' voices and continuously enriches the kernel of care. Create Uber digital platform, from business travel, overtime dinner, overtime taxi and other multi-scenarios linked to the actual needs of employees, to effectively solve the staff reimbursement difficult, difficult to order meals and other practical pain points; strict quality of staff lunch, do a solid supplier pool "can be in and can be out", the first half of the Integrated Management Department through a comprehensive research, advance taste test, public opinion surveys In the first half of the year, the Department of Integrated Management expanded 10 lunch suppliers and eliminated 3, further enhancing the staff dining experience.

(ii) Promote development by observing integrity and innovation, and comprehensively enhance the four major innovation capabilities.

1. Enhance the ability of strategic execution, promote the promotion and practice of strategic culture, and vigorously promote the dual-wheel drive culture of management and innovation.

In terms of strategy execution, it strengthens strategy transmission, centers on two major grips of branch WORK PLAN and strategic key actions, enhances development rationally, and leads management and innovation into depth. Through the development of key work plans of each department and the professional contribution requirements of professional channel talents, we have made the refined division of strategic responsibilities and tasks, and fine-tuned the execution of management and innovation strategies to each department, line and post, and implemented them into the work arrangements of each quarter.

In the strategic cultural propaganda, further deepen the cognitive understanding of strategic culture and gather ideological consensus. Focus on the construction of the soft environment of the strategic culture foundation. Combined with the 2024 head office strategic deployment and branch implementation, complete the strategic culture wall update, promote management concepts and innovative awareness of the people; strengthen the staff behavior "strict days" culture propaganda, production of ten iron law propaganda desktop signage, complete the clean culture propaganda.

2. Enhance digital application capabilities, strengthen management process reengineering and innovation, and promote overall management improvement and safeguard business development by using digitalization as a path around value creation scenarios.

In the first half of the year, the Department of Integrated Management strengthened the awareness of digital transformation, accelerated to get rid of the "administrative quagmire" status quo, completed the three-year plan for digital transformation, actively embraced the future of AI, emphasized the independent application and development capabilities, and transformed science and technology into an advantage in management enhancement and process optimization.

For library management, a digital library management system was designed to realize online, intelligent and community-based library management. With the cell phone applets at your fingertips, the online and intelligentization of branch library management is realized. In addition, through the knowledge cycle of book donation, the digital library is not only a storage and retrieval platform for information, but also an interactive community for knowledge sharing and innovative learning, providing branch staff with one-stop, all-round knowledge service solutions and promoting the intelligent process of iterative knowledge evolution.

In terms of building an intelligent workflow for integrated management, we completed the iterative update of travel approval flow and went online with the OCM travel process to further enhance the flow efficiency and ease of use; optimized the ConnX homepage to create a new platform for internal culture and policy propaganda; empowered the writing of EMC and departmental meeting minutes with the latest AI big language model and voice and text recognition tools to enhance the work efficiency and reduce the manual processing time by more than 50%; collaborate with the head office to do a good job in the application and development of the new-generation personnel system, intend to complete the upgrading and replacement of the old SAP system within this year, and assist the head office to do a good job in the localization and development of the Supervisory System, the Whole-Process Performance Management System and other systems.

3. Enhance the ability of self-evolution, strengthen staff training, clarify the path of organizational capacity enhancement, and improve the self-evolution of the branch team.

In the first half of the year, the Integrated Management Department further improved the management of the branch's knowledge base, pulled knowledge production from strengthening the construction of professional channels, guided knowledge consumption from the application of digital tools, and opened up the management of the whole chain of knowledge production-consumption to comprehensively enhance the employees' independent learning ability.

In terms of knowledge base operation, the introduction of AI big model and RAG private domain Q&A empowerment has realized the online and intelligentization of branch knowledge base operation. Using the bank's big model FinGPT to train the Zhuhu robot "know", through AI deep learning, extract the key information of the knowledge base big data, provide employees with the basis for knowledge decision-making, open up the knowledge consumption terminal, smooth the knowledge production-consumption-production cycle chain, and effectively enhance the branch team's self-evolutionary ability. Up to now, the whole branch has asked the robot questions ** times and solved problems ** times from the knowledge base, with a solution rate of.

In terms of talent training and cultivation, we will accelerate the exploration of the "AI+Finance" training curriculum system, focus on building the capacity of "People+Digitalization", and lay a good foundation for digital transformation; in terms of the cultivation of expatriates and exchanges, we will strengthen the cultivation of expatriates and exchanges of branches, and complete the cultivation actions regularly according to the requirements of the head office. On the training of expatriates and exchange employees, we will strengthen the training of expatriates and exchange employees of the branch and complete the training actions regularly according to the requirements of the head office and the branch, so as to contribute to the cultivation of international talents. On the enhancement of the team's capability, we will adhere to the review thinking, do a good job in the closed-loop management of practice-review-capability enhancement, and complete the output of the management value of the guest reception paradigm and meeting preparation paradigm, so as to continuously enhance the organization's capability.

4. Enhance the ability of refined management, improve the management of office and office facilities, and refine the management of expenses to realize the benefits from costs.

In the first half of the year, the Department of Integrated Management insisted on EVA as the target, improved the ability of fine management, strengthened revenue and expenditure, firmly established the cost consciousness of "tight days" and "strict days", and promoted value creation.

In terms of office management, the Company conducted in-depth research on the leasing market and took the initiative to launch mid-term negotiations on lease renewal. After a number of comparative studies and calculations, if the established negotiation targets are successfully completed according to plan, according to the calculation of 5-10 year lease renewal, it is expected that the annual pre-tax rent can be reduced to approximately AUD 1.68-1.76 million, a reduction of 12-16%, and the annual rental increment is expected to be reduced to 3.5%-3.75%. Based on a 5-year term, the total rental savings for the branch will be not less than AUD 1.34 million.

In terms of cost management, it compares prices from various sources, practises economy, strictly prevents leakage, and promotes the realization of cost reductions and efficiency gains. Firstly, we adhere to the principle of "full competition" in procurement, expand supplier resources through multiple channels, expand procurement channels in China, increase competitive procurement, and promote cost reduction and efficiency in office expenses; secondly, we set up an expense management database, standardize expense data, activate the asset value of expense data, and analyze the reasonableness and regularity of expenses through trend analysis and analysis of types, discrete values to analyze the reasonableness and regularity of expenses and provide decision-making basis for procurement and expense management. In the first half of the year, the comprehensive analysis of the database identified three payment amount errors caused by supplier errors, and the payment process was terminated in a timely manner to avoid losses.

In terms of internal process management, we have taken advantage of the internal audit self-inspection to strengthen the problems found in a targeted manner, so as to realize the improvement of management refinement in all aspects. We have improved gift management, inbound and outbound management and regular review; standardized travel and air ticket application procedures, improved the prior approval process, and ensured that there is evidence to be found; improved passport (not outbound) application procedures, and strengthened foreign affairs management compliance; standardized system management processes, unified management processes and norms, and ensured that all work is rule-based; improved the process of procurement contracts for long-term vendors, and ensured that the procurement process is compliant and transparent. transparency of the procurement process.

II. Challenges and shortcomings

In the first half of the year, thanks to the attentive guidance and support of the branch management, the Integrated Management Department successfully accomplished its key tasks and objectives according to the schedule and made certain achievements, but there is still much room for improvement in many aspects.

(i) Team: There is still a gap between the overall team building and competence of the branch team and the requirements of the strategic transformation of the value bank.

First, the definition of job competency is not clear. In view of the actual working environment is different, overseas branches of each position competency requirements and domestic branch requirements gap is large, and the definition of the ability of each position is not clear enough, what position employees need what kind of competency qualities, what kind of employees in what stage of the ability, the lack of a clear definition of the recruitment of the sense of purpose is not enough.

Second, the path of competency enhancement is not clear enough. The career development system for employees of offshore branches is not clear enough, the incentive mechanism is not sound enough, the professional skills and qualifications required for promotion to higher positions are not defined enough, training and development opportunities lack systematicity and continuity, training is not targeted enough, and the path for competency enhancement is not clear enough.

Thirdly, there is a lack of "multi-specialization" and "multi-talent" capability. Branches are mainly engaged in social recruitment, the depth of the talent pool is insufficient, and there are not many opportunities for cross-departmental "live water" exchanges, so the staff's ability is concentrated in a certain specialized field, and their knowledge of the first-line business of the branch and cross-departmental/cross-discipline work is insufficient.

(ii) Management: the degree of refined management is insufficient, workflow management is not solid enough, and the effect of cost reduction and efficiency enhancement needs to be improved.

First, the degree of process standardization is not high. The degree of refinement and standardization of some of the department's internal management processes and business operations is insufficient, leading to problems such as low efficiency and duplication of work, which affects overall work efficiency. The implementation of process optimization measures is not in-depth enough, and there is no closed-loop management, making it difficult to continuously monitor and assess the effects of improvement.

Second, the risk compliance identification and prevention and control mechanisms are not sound. The identification of compliance risk points is not timely and accurate enough, the risk early warning system and response mechanism are relatively insufficient in the rapidly changing regulatory environment, the effectiveness of internal controls is insufficient, and the exposure to operational risk is still high.

(iii) Digitization: the effectiveness of digitization applications is insufficient to support the value creation of innovative projects.

In the first half of the year, the Department of Integrated Management actively responded to the challenges of digital management and embraced the digital era. Although the Department has already explored cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, big language modeling and RAG domain answering in its daily work and important projects, the coverage of intelligence in the actual work is still low, and the support for value creation is insufficient.

First, a large amount of data processing and workflow still relies on traditional manual means. Data processing fails to take full advantage of existing systems and work to automate, resulting in limited responsiveness and efficiency in the utilization of data resources, and failure to take full advantage of data-driven in-depth observation.

Second, the scope of application of advanced AI tools is relatively limited. Despite attempts to apply cutting-edge technologies such as AI big models in various aspects of work, the penetration and effectiveness of digital tools in actual work scenarios still fail to fully demonstrate their potential, especially at the level of refined management, where their direct promotion of enhancing work efficiency, optimizing the decision-making process and enhancing value creation has not yet been brought into full play.

III. Next steps

(i) To further strengthen the foundation of the team, enhance the team's comprehensive capability, optimize the allocation of human resources, and ensure that the talent structure of the branch matches the needs of business development.

Firstly, the "one horizontal and two vertical" talent development system has been continuously improved to clarify the path of capacity enhancement, expand the boundary of capacity, and enhance the bottom line of innovation. In the vertical channel, continue to strengthen the construction of professional channels, refine the professional requirements of different grades in each department and position, introduce more evaluable, quantifiable, fair and impartial evaluation indexes for professional ability, and clarify the path of professional in-depth ability enhancement; in the horizontal channel, strengthen the exchange of talents, enhance the front-line orientation of talent cultivation, and establish a flow channel for talent cultivation from the front office to the middle and back office, and clarify the horizontal "live" exchange of talents. In terms of horizontal channels, the exchange of "living water" of talents is strengthened, the orientation of talent cultivation in the front line is strengthened, and the flow channels of talent cultivation from the front office to the middle and back office are set up to clarify the path of horizontal "multi-specialty" ability enhancement.

Secondly, it establishes talent portraits and competency models for key positions, builds learning maps for positions, and improves the pertinence of talent training and recruitment. Establishment of competency model, relying on job competencies to organize talent inventory, job evaluation as a traction to enhance the ability to carry out targeted training based on the talent inventory and competency assessment, around the training to establish a learning map, the formation of a closed-loop talent development of the man-gang fit, professional competence and development channel closely integrated. Drawing a set of completed learning maps, so that employees follow the map to find their way, a look at the understanding, bring to use, in order to turn passive training into active exploration, and invisible capabilities into tangible initiatives.

(ii) Further consolidate the management foundation, enhance the ability of digital application, strengthen the adequacy and innovation of the management process, and promote the overall improvement of the management level.

First, we have made efforts to enhance our digital application capabilities, continuously integrated management and services online in all scenarios, and significantly improved management efficiency and employee experience. First, we cooperate with the head office to do a good job in the localized development and application of human resources management system and administrative management system in overseas branches, including but not limited to the full-process performance management system, human resources portal system, talent development system, intelligent recruitment system, communication management system, recruitment and procurement cloud platform, travel system, etc. We also cooperate with the IT department to locally deploy Ollama and other big language models to solve the problem of real-time translation of language. At the same time, we collaborate with the IT department to locally deploy Ollama and other large language models to solve the problem of real-time translation of the localized system languages. Secondly, we strengthen the development of local online systems, and enhance the use of online and intelligent management tools in warehouse management, fixed asset management, travel management, employee database, etc., so as to significantly improve management efficiency.

Secondly, we will further strengthen cost control, do a good job of budget analysis and adjustment, optimize procurement management, and solidly promote the implementation of "cost reduction and efficiency enhancement". Improve the cost management database, refine the cost accounting standards, accurately grasp the cost of various expenditures, identify savings potential, and reduce unnecessary expenditures; through centralized purchasing and competitive purchasing, expand more procurement channels, and reduce procurement costs; further sort out the existing workflow, and strengthen the approval process of cost expenditures; hold the "Cost Reduction and Efficiency" Golden Idea Contest, encourage employees to make suggestions and opinions, and implement the Rational Suggestion Award. The company held the "Golden Idea Competition" to encourage employees to put forward suggestions and opinions, and implemented the Rationalization Suggestion Award to mobilize employees' enthusiasm and creativity.

(iii) To further strengthen the cultural foundation, enhance the ability to implement strategies, and enrich ESG initiatives.

Firstly, we will continue to enrich the cultural communication and group building activities, and strengthen the two-way running to the head office and branches on the cultural side. In the internal publicity of the branch, the activities will be more closely combined with the cultural and strategic values of China Merchants Bank, so that employees deeply understand and agree with the core values and cultural concepts of China Merchants Bank; in the platform of the head office publicity, to send out more "Sydney" voice, in China Merchants Bank E newspaper, China Merchants Bank micro-publication, internal recruitment and other types of platforms to play the Sydney Symphony.

Secondly, we will continue to contribute Sydney's strength to the sustainable development of China Merchants Bank and continue to enrich ESG initiatives. We carry out sustainable and charitable activities in various aspects such as environmental protection and social responsibility, advocate the concept of environmental protection, support public welfare, and actively fulfill our corporate social responsibility.

Small management contains great wisdom. There is no shortcut to excellence in management, but through a brick-by-brick refinement, bit by bit, day by day to achieve. Although the comprehensive management department has a variety of things, but always adhering to the attitude of excellence, constantly optimize and improve the management process. In the details of the real chapter, set rules after the line to see the effect, starting from the smallest point, focusing on every detail of the polishing and enhancement, to ensure the efficient implementation of each job and quality completion. The company will continue to optimize the management process,

Looking ahead to the second half of the year, we will continue to maintain this spirit of excellence, continue to strengthen the three basic management panels, and strive to enhance the four innovation capabilities. We firmly believe that through the joint efforts and wisdom of all staff in the department, the "small wisdom" of each task can be aggregated to depict the "big blueprint" for the high-quality development of Sydney Branch.


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