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June 3 Updates 6 月 3 日更新

Hacked Decks Update Hacked Decks 更新
Over the weekend, some players used unauthorized software to run illegal decks in Twist, resulting in instant win combos. We’re currently rolling out a hotfix patch to stop these cheats. After this update is out, we’ll continue to monitor the situation and make further bans as needed.
上周末,一些玩家使用未经授权的软件在 Twist 中运行非法套牌,导致即时获胜组合。我们目前正在推出一个修补程序来阻止这些作弊。此更新发布后,我们将继续监控情况,并根据需要进一步封禁。

Hero Health Updates 英雄健康更新
Alongside the hotfix update, we’ll also be rolling out our first Twist Hero Health Updates.
除了修补程序更新外,我们还将推出第一个 Twist Hero 健康更新。

Arfus: 35 → 25 阿弗斯:35 → 25
Al’Akir the Windlord: 35 → 30
风之领主阿基尔:35 → 30

The Lich King: 35 → 30
巫妖王:35 → 30

Zul’jin: 35 → 30
祖尔金:35 → 30

Forest Warden Omu: 35 → 30
森林守望者 Omu:35 → 30

C’Thun: 35 → 45
C'Thun: 35 → 45

Dr. Boom: 45 → 50
Boom博士:45 → 50

King Krush: 35 → 40
克鲁什国王:35 → 40

Arch-Villain Rafaam: 35 → 40
大反派拉法姆:35 → 40

Guff Runetotem: 35 → 40
古夫符文:35 → 40

N’Zoth, the Corruptor: 35 → 40
堕落者恩佐特:35 → 40

As a reminder, we intend to do Hero Health adjustments like these as needed, likely about once a week, and larger-scale adjustments (like Hero Powers, Passives, and decklists) in our normal balance patch windows. After looking at the impact of each round of changes, we’ll have a clearer idea of what and when our next updates will be.

Please note: due to the nature of weekly balance updates, we won’t be expanding dust refunds to the cards corresponding to Hero unlocks for changes to that Hero’s Health, Passive, Hero Power, or decklist for the Whizbang’s Heroes Twist seasons.
请注意:由于每周平衡性更新的性质,我们不会将灰尘退款扩大到与英雄解锁相对应的卡牌,以更改该英雄的生命值、被动、英雄力量或 Whizbang's Heroes Twist 赛季的卡组列表。

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