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Summer 2024 – 06/03/24 – 07/29/24
2024 年夏季 - 06/03/24 - 07/29/24

BIO-108-300 Human Biology/Lab 4 credits
BIO-108-300 人类生物学/实验 4 学分

Monday 5:00 p.m.9:00 p.m. Remote – via WebEx
星期一下午 5:00 点至 9:00 点 远程 - 通过 WebEx

WebEx Information:
WebEx 信息:

Human Biology & Lab Su24 - Monday 5:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
人类生物学与实验 - Su '24 - 星期一下午 5:00 - 晚上 9:00。

Hosted by Burke, Dennis F
由伯克,丹尼斯 F 主持


Monday, June 3, 2024 5:00 PM | 4 hours | (UTC-04:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
2024 年 6 月 3 日星期一 下午 5:00 | 4 小时 | (UTC-04:00) 东部时间(美国和加拿大)

Occurs every Monday effective 6/3/2024 until 7/29/2024 from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM, (UTC-04:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
2024 年 6 月 3 日至 2024 年 7 月 29 日,每周一从下午 5:00 到晚上 9:00 发生,(UTC-04:00)东部时间(美国和加拿大)

Meeting number: 2309 851 3892
会议编号:2309 851 3892

Password: DcW8eMhKV36

Join by video system

Dial 23098513892@bhcc.webex.com
拨打 23098513892@bhcc.webex.com

You can also dial and enter your meeting number.
您也可以拨打 并输入您的会议号码。

Join by phone

1-650-479-3208 Call-in toll number (US/Canada)
1-650-479-3208 美国/加拿大拨打收费号码

Access code: 230 985 13892
访问代码:230 985 13892

Instructor Information

Instructor: Dennis F. Burke, RN, DC
指导员:Dennis F. Burke,RN,DC

Email: dburke@bhcc.edu. BHCC is the required email for this course. I will send all communications to students via BHCC email. If you send me an email from a non BHCC email address, it may be placed in a spam folder and not read. Please remember to include a subject line and include class you are registered. Please remember to be professional in your emails. I will respond to emails Monday – Friday, 9 am to 5 pm.
电子邮件:dburke@bhcc.edu。BHCC 是本课程所需的电子邮件。我将通过 BHCC 电子邮件向学生发送所有通讯。如果您从非 BHCC 电子邮件地址发送电子邮件给我,可能会被放入垃圾邮件文件夹并且不会被阅读。请记得包括主题行并注明您注册的课程。请记得在您的电子邮件中保持专业。我将在周一至周五,上午 9 点至下午 5 点回复电子邮件。

Office Hours: Although this is a remote class, please be aware I am here to assist you in helping you with your class. If you need to make a virtual office hour, please send me an email from your BHCC email and we can make a WebEx mutually acceptable virtual office hour.
办公时间:尽管这是一门远程课程,请注意我在这里帮助您学习。如果您需要安排虚拟办公时间,请从您的 BHCC 电子邮件发送邮件给我,我们可以安排一个双方都接受的 WebEx 虚拟办公时间。

Course Description

This course introduces students to the basic concepts of biology and how these concepts relate to the structure and function of the human body. Topics include cell structure & function, molecular biology, metabolism, cellular reproduction, and genetics. An introduction to human anatomy and physiology will also be presented. Students will integrate structure and function among all levels of biological organization. This course is specifically designed to provide students with the necessary background in basic biological concepts and molecular biology to be successful in the anatomy & physiology and microbiology prerequisite courses require by allied health programs such as nursing and medical imaging. This course does not substitute for programs that require BIO203 and BIO204. This course will satisfy the General Education requirement for Scientific Reasoning (previous area title: Science & Technology) for all programs. Course meets 3 hours lecture; 3 hours lab. Note: May be used as a prerequisite for Anatomy & Physiology I/Lab (BIO-203). Prerequisites: Writing Skills II (ENG-095) and Academic Reading III (ESL-098) or Reading Skills II (RDG-095); or Integrated ELL Level III (ELL-103); and a grade of C or higher in Foundations of Mathematics (MAT-093) or exemption by placing into higher level courses.
本课程介绍了生物学的基本概念,以及这些概念如何与人体的结构和功能相关。主题包括细胞结构与功能、分子生物学、新陈代谢、细胞复制和遗传学。还将介绍人体解剖学和生理学。学生将整合各个生物组织水平的结构和功能。本课程专门设计为为护理和医学影像等联合卫生项目所需的解剖生理学和微生物学先修课程提供学生必要的基本生物概念和分子生物学背景。本课程不替代需要 BIO203 和 BIO204 的项目。本课程将满足所有项目的科学推理(先前领域标题:科学与技术)的通识教育要求。课程包括 3 小时讲座;3 小时实验室。注意:可用作解剖生理学 I/实验室(BIO-203)的先修课。 先决条件:写作技能 II(ENG-095)和学术阅读 III(ESL-098)或阅读技能 II(RDG-095);或综合 ELL 三级(ELL-103);以及在数学基础(MAT-093)中获得 C 或更高分,或通过定位到更高级别课程获得豁免。

Remote Course Information

This is a remote course on Monday from 5 p.m.9 p.m. In remote courses, we do not meet on campus in a classroom. Instead, this class will use a digital platform called WebEx. In addition, you will work on remote assignments in the McGraw Hill Connect platform.
这是一个周一的远程课程,时间是下午 5 点至晚上 9 点。在远程课程中,我们不会在校园里的教室见面。相反,这门课程将使用一个名为 WebEx 的数字平台。此外,您将在 McGraw Hill Connect 平台上完成远程作业。

Our scheduled meeting time will be determined by a number of factors including the course content, our progress on course activities, and our scheduled guest visits. It will be important to follow the Connect course announcements to know what time we are meeting each week.
我们的预定会议时间将由许多因素决定,包括课程内容、课程活动进展以及我们安排的客座访问。重要的是要关注 Connect 课程公告,了解我们每周会议的时间。

Information about technology you need to access WebEx and Connect and our other digital platforms is in the syllabus.
您需要访问 WebEx 和 Connect 以及我们的其他数字平台的技术信息在教学大纲中。

Required Textbook

The Bookstore website is: https://www.bhcc.edu/bookstore/


BHCC uses a custom edition textbook, with Inclusive Access, for Essentials of Biology - (7th edition), by Mader. The information for this is custom edition is listed here:
BHCC 使用定制版本的教科书,配有《生物学要点》(第 7 版)Mader 编著的包容性访问。有关此定制版本的信息在此列出:

Title: Connect 3P Inclusive Online for Essentials of Biology 180 Day Access (Custom)
标题:连接 3P 包容在线生物基础 180 天访问(定制)

Publisher: Mcgraw Hill (Custom Publishing)

ISBN: 9781265301637

Students only need the course URL address for our Human Biology Connect course to register. If you are not familiar with Inclusive Access, or if this is your first time using Connect, please watch this video first on how to gain access to the course:
学生只需要我们人类生物连接课程的课程 URL 地址即可注册。如果您对包容性访问不熟悉,或者这是您第一次使用 Connect,请先观看这个视频,了解如何访问课程:


The course registration code for the class is: https://connect.mheducation.com/class/d-burke-human-biology-su-24---monday-5-pm

If you have any questions regarding the textbook or required access code, please discuss with me on the first day of class.

Tutoring: Academic help can be obtained in the Tutoring and Support Center, in the E-Building.
辅导:在 E 楼的辅导和支持中心可以获得学术帮助。

BIO 108 Course Objectives:
BIO 108 课程目标:

Upon successful completion of the course a student will be able to:

Evaluate career opportunities in allied health and the health sciences

Describe the general criteria for defining life.

Apply basic chemical principles in studying living systems.

Relate the importance of water to life on earth.

Describe the role of carbon in the molecular diversity of life.

Relate the structure of macromolecules and to their functions in organisms.

Illustrate how organisms transform and utilize energy.

Describe the structure and functions of cells as the basic unit of life.

Describe the structure and function of cell membranes.

Explain how cells harvest chemical energy.

Describe and diagram the process of mitosis in cellular reproduction.

Describe and diagram the role of meiosis in sexual life cycles.

Apply Mendelian concepts of inheritance to solve genetic problems.

Explain the chromosomal basis of inheritance.

Specify the molecular bases of inheritance.

Illustrate how transcripts and translation convert the language of genes into proteins.

Name and describe body planes and demonstrate knowledge of body organization and terms of reference.

Identify the types of tissues that make-up organs and the characteristics of each, as well as describe the organs of the body and identify them as composed of different tissues and as components of body systems.

Describe the basic systems of the human body and how these systems interact with each other.

Use anatomical terms to correctly describe the body using the human torso model, human skeleton, and computer software.

Observe biological events and record data using acceptable criteria.

Properly apply inductive and deductive reason to formulate and test a hypothesis.

Formulate experimental conclusions based on evidence.

Reinforce theoretical concepts through actual observations of biological phenomena.

Identify and properly use laboratory apparatus and equipment.

Use computer software, cell models, videos, and microscope slides to learn about cell division, cell membrane transport, and cell structure.

Properly use a microscope to examine slides of tissues as well as prepare their own slides for examination.

Properly use dissecting tools to exam preserved organs.

Describe and follow laboratory health and safety procedures.

Describe how to respond to laboratory accidents.

BIO108 Course Topics
BIO108 课程主题

Themes in the Study of LifeChemistry of Life
生命化学研究中的主题 生命的化学

Structure of CellsIntroduction to Metabolism

Cellular RespirationReproduction of Cells

Genetics and InheritanceMolecular Basis of Inheritance

Basic Human AnatomyBasic Human Physiology

Mendel and the Gene Idea

General Education Menu Five Course: Science and Technology

This course will satisfy your General Education Area Five Requirement “Science and Technology”. Therefore, you will be required to master the core general education competencies of “Critical Thinking” and “Writing Skills” as well as specific “Science and Technology” general education competencies.

Requirement Area Five “Science and Technology” Description

Students will use scientific methods of inquiry to investigate the ideas, laws, and theories used to explain the physical universe, its life forms and its natural phenomena. Students will study the interrelationships between science and technology and how advances in science and technology have impacted the global community, the environment, and the quality of life.

Specific “Science and Technology” Competencies

1.A student can describe the major concepts and connections that define a particular division of
1. 学生可以描述定义特定部门的主要概念和联系。

the biological or physical sciences

2. A student can use the "Scientific Method" to solve scientific problems.
2. 学生可以使用“科学方法”来解决科学问题。

3. A student can test a hypothesis by performing an experiment and formulate a conclusion based
3. 学生可以通过进行实验来测试假设,并根据结果得出结论。

on the experimental results.

4. A Student can use measuring devises, data collecting techniques, and graphical analysis to
4. 学生可以使用测量设备、数据收集技术和图形分析。

solve scientific problems.

5. A student can explain the interrelationships of science and technology
5. 学生可以解释科学和技术之间的相互关系

Core Competencies “Critical Thinking”

1. The ability to interpret, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information from multiple sources in a logical and coherent manner.
1. 以逻辑和连贯的方式解释、分析、综合和评估来自多个来源的信息的能力。

2. A student can interpret information logically by selecting and organizing relevant facts and opinions and identifying the relationships among them.
2. 学生可以通过选择和组织相关的事实和观点,并确定它们之间的关系,从而逻辑地解释信息。

3. A student can analyze an issue or problem by separating it into its component parts and investigating the relationship of the parts to the whole.
3. 学生可以通过将问题分解为其组成部分并调查这些部分与整体的关系来分析问题或问题。

4. A student can synthesize information by combining ideas from multiple sources to come to an independent conclusion.
4. 学生可以通过结合来自多个来源的想法来综合信息,从而得出独立的结论。

5. A student can evaluate information by making informed judgments as to whether the information is accurate, reliable or useful.
5. 学生可以通过做出明智的判断来评估信息,判断信息是否准确、可靠或有用。

Core Competencies “Writing Skills”

1. The ability to write an organized focused composition that demonstrates a clear understanding of the subject matter.
1. 能够撰写有组织、聚焦的作文,展示对主题的清晰理解。

2. A student can approach writing as a process, which proceeds from determining audience and purpose, through idea gathering, planning, writing and revising, to editing a final draft.
2. 学生可以将写作视为一个过程,从确定受众和目的开始,通过收集想法、规划、写作和修订,最终编辑成稿。

3. A student can write a composition that is well focused, well organized and well developed; uses language appropriate to audience and writing situation; and demonstrates a clear understanding of the subject under discussion.
3. 学生可以写一篇内容聚焦、组织有序、发展完善的作文;使用适合受众和写作情境的语言;并展示对讨论主题的清晰理解。

4. A student can effectively incorporate information from other sources, using quotation and paraphrase, and give credit to such sources in an appropriate manner.
4. 学生可以有效地从其他来源中整合信息,使用引用和释义,并以适当的方式给予这些来源信用。

General Education Activities

Required activities and assignments in this course will be directed to assist you in mastering the above General Education “Core” and Area Five competencies. Essay questions on exams and laboratory reports will require you to think critically and express your conclusions in well-focused and organized written statements. Content material and laboratory work will also address the specific Area Five competencies stated above.

Technologies may include

This class is a remote hybrid based and you will be required to complete homework, quizzes, lab assignments, and exams using computers. This course will use the McGraw Hill platform (not Moodle) for completion of all assignments. In addition, you will need to make sure your computer is unto date and able to access Connect.
这门课程是基于远程混合式的,您将需要使用计算机完成作业、测验、实验作业和考试。本课程将使用麦格劳希尔平台(而非 Moodle)来完成所有作业。此外,您需要确保您的计算机是最新的,并且能够访问 Connect。

Technical Skills

Use a Moodle learning management system (LMS), WebEx, and McGraw Hill’s Connect.
使用 Moodle 学习管理系统(LMS)、WebEx 和 McGraw Hill 的 Connect。

Use email with attachments.

Create and submit files in commonly used word processing formats.

Copy and paste.

Download and install the software.

Student and Technical Support

Please note, I do not provide technical support. Please review the BHCC homepage for technical support at: https://www.bhcc.edu/studentlife/technologyresources/. For Connect, please contact McGraw Hill: https://mhedu.force.com/CXG/s/ContactUs
请注意,我不提供技术支持。请查看 BHCC 主页获取技术支持:https://www.bhcc.edu/studentlife/technologyresources/。对于 Connect,请联系麦格劳希尔:https://mhedu.force.com/CXG/s/ContactUs

If you want to learn more about Moodle contact Academic Innovation and Distance Education (AIDE) at onlinehelp@bhcc.edu. AIDE can assist, for example, if you are learning how to upload assignments to Moodle, need to navigate your Moodle dashboard or figure out how to use Moodle Quickmail. You can also call the AIDE Team in the Innovation Lab at 617-228-3427.
如果您想了解更多关于 Moodle 的信息,请联系学术创新与远程教育(AIDE)在线帮助 onlinehelp@bhcc.edu。例如,如果您想学习如何上传作业到 Moodle,需要导航您的 Moodle 仪表板或弄清楚如何使用 Moodle Quickmail,AIDE 可以提供帮助。您也可以致电创新实验室的 AIDE 团队,电话为 617-228-3427。

For technical support with your email or computer, Microsoft Office or other software, or if you have any problems with BHCC OneLogin or your password, you can email the IT help desk at helpdesk@bhcc.edu. If you prefer to speak on the phone, you can call (in the US) 617-228-3441 for tech support and someone to walk you through fixing your problem.
对于您的电子邮件或计算机技术支持,Microsoft Office 或其他软件,或者如果您在 BHCC OneLogin 或密码方面遇到任何问题,您可以通过电子邮件联系 IT 帮助台 helpdesk@bhcc.edu。如果您更喜欢通过电话交流,您可以拨打(在美国)617-228-3441 寻求技术支持,并有人指导您解决问题。

FERPA Statement

This course is scheduled to run synchronously at your scheduled class time via WebEx. These class sessions will be recorded. The recording will capture the presenter’s audio, video and computer screen. Student audio and video will be recorded if they share their computer audio and video during the recorded session. The recordings will only be accessible to students enrolled in the course to review materials. These recordings will not be shared with or accessible to the public. Please be aware: additional students may be added to this course section at the instructor’s discretion. These students may or may not be officially registered for this course. Guest educators and other instructors may also be given access to the course materials and student course activity at the instructor’s discretion.
本课程计划在您预定的课堂时间通过 WebEx 同步进行。这些课堂将被录制。录制将捕捉演讲者的音频、视频和计算机屏幕。如果学生在录制会话期间共享他们的计算机音频和视频,学生的音频和视频也将被记录。录音只能由课程注册学生访问以复习材料。这些录音不会与公众分享或可访问。请注意:根据教师的判断,可能会向本课程部分添加其他学生。这些学生可能已经注册或尚未注册本课程。根据教师的判断,访客教育工作者和其他教师也可能被授予访问课程材料和学生课程活动的权限。

Disability Support Services:

The Disability Support Services Office is a student-focused department dedicated to assisting members of the BHCC community with documented disabilities. Students may be eligible for services that include testing and classroom accommodation.   For more information or to request an accommodation, contact the Disability Support Services Office at disabilitysupport@bhcc.edu or 617-228-2327. Students are encouraged to request accommodations as early as possible, ideally before the start of the semester. For information about programs and services please visit bhcc.edu/disabilitysupportservices
残疾支持服务办公室是一个以学生为中心的部门,致力于帮助 BHCC 社区的成员,他们有证明的残疾。学生可能有资格获得包括测试和课堂适应等服务。如需更多信息或请求适应服务,请联系残疾支持服务办公室,邮箱:disabilitysupport@bhcc.edu,电话:617-228-2327。鼓励学生尽早申请适应服务,最好在学期开始前。有关项目和服务的信息,请访问 bhcc.edu/disabilitysupportservices。

Grading Policy

There will 1000 points total for this class apportioned this way:
这门课程总共有 1000 分,分配如下:

40% = 400 points. There will be four lecture exams (100 points per exam).
40% = 400 分。将有四次讲座考试(每次考试 100 分)。

20% = 200 points will be from lab assignments.
20% = 200 分将来自实验作业。

15% = 150 points from lecture quizzes.
15%=来自讲座测验的 150 分。

15% = 150 points will be from the SmartBook/LearnSmart reading assignments
15% = 150 分将来自 SmartBook/LearnSmart 阅读作业

10% = 100 points will be weekly online homework assignments.
每周在线作业分数的 10% = 100 分。

To calculate your final grade, add together your best score from each exam, laboratory assignment, quiz, SmartBook/LearnSmart reading assignment, and homework assignment. Divide your total score by 1000 then multiply by 100 to obtain your course percentage. Grades will be assigned according to the following scale, which is published in the college catalog:
要计算你的最终成绩,请将每次考试、实验作业、测验、SmartBook/LearnSmart 阅读作业和家庭作业中的最高分相加。将你的总分除以 1000,然后乘以 100 以获得你的课程百分比。成绩将根据以下比例分配,该比例已在学院目录中公布:


Definition of Grades and Notations

Quality Points Per Credit Hour


Equivalent to a numerical grade of 94 – 100
相当于 94-100 的数字成绩



Equivalent to a numerical grade of 90 – 93
相当于 90-93 的数字成绩



Equivalent to a numerical grade of 87 – 89
相当于 87-89 的数字成绩



Equivalent to a numerical grade of 83 - 86
相当于 83-86 的数值等级



Equivalent to a numerical grade of 80 – 82
相当于数值成绩 80-82



Equivalent to a numerical grade of 77 – 79
相当于数值等级为 77-79



Equivalent to a numerical grade of 70 - 76
相当于数值成绩的 70-76



Equivalent to a numerical grade of 60 – 69
相当于 60-69 的数值等级



Equivalent to a numerical grade of 0 - 59
相当于数字成绩为 0-59


Quizzes and lecture exams are primarily multiple choice, identification, and a matching form. I do not curve grades or examinations, nor do I drop any lecture exams.

IP Policy: A request for an In-Progress grade (IP) will only be considered if you encounter an extreme personal situation that does not allow you to finish required assignments or exams at the end of a semester. An IP grade is not intended as a means to make-up for poor performance during the semester. In most cases an IP grade will only be considered if you have successfully completed at least 80% of the required course assignments. The issuing of an IP grade is at the sole discretion of the instructor and you may be required to provide the instructor with documentation of your situation. IP grades not completed by the agreed completion date will automatically change to a grade of
IP 政策:只有在您遇到极端个人情况,无法在学期末完成所需作业或考试时,才会考虑申请进行中成绩(IP)。IP 成绩并非旨在弥补学期间的表现不佳。在大多数情况下,只有在您成功完成至少 80%的必修课作业后,才会考虑给予 IP 成绩。颁发 IP 成绩完全由授课教师自行决定,您可能需要向教师提供您情况的文件证明。未在约定完成日期前完成的 IP 成绩将自动更改为等级



Tuesday – Via WebEx
星期二 - 通过 WebEx

Assignment Due Date

1. 06/03/24

WebEx: Introduction to class.

Chapter 1: The Science of Life.

Chapter 2: The Chemical Basis of Life.

Connect Assignments are due on or before 06/10/24 by 5 p.m.
连接作业的截止日期为 06/10/24,下午 5 点前。

2. 06/10/24

WebEx: Chapter 3: The Organic Molecules.
WebEx:第 3 章:有机分子。

Chapter 4: Inside the Cell.

Connect Assignments are due on or before 06/17/24 by 5 p.m.
连接作业需在 06/17/24 之前或之前完成,下午 5 点前。

3. 06/17/24

Chapter 5: The Dynamic Cell.

WebEx: Chapter 7: Energy for Cells.
WebEx:第 7 章:细胞的能量。

Exam 1: Chapter 1-3. Due on or before 06/24/24 by 5 p.m.
考试 1:第 1-3 章。截止日期为 06/24/24,下午 5 点前。

Connect Assignments are due on or before 06/24/23 by 5 p.m.
连接作业需在 06/24/23 之前或之前完成,时间为下午 5 点。

4. 06/24/24

WebEx Chapter 8: Cellular Reproduction.
WebEx 第 8 章:细胞复制。

WebEx: Chapter 10: Patterns of Inheritance
WebEx:第 10 章:遗传模式

Exam 2: Chapters 4, 5 & 7.
考试 2:第 4、5 和 7 章。

Connect assignments are due on or before 07/01/24 by 5 p.m.
连接作业的截止日期为 07/01/24,下午 5 点前。

5. 07/01/24

WebEx: Chapter 11: DNA Biology.
WebEx:第 11 章:DNA 生物学。

Chapter 22: Being Organized and Steady.
第 22 章:有条不紊。

Connect Assignments are due on or before 07/08/24 by 5 p.m.
连接作业的截止日期为 07/08/24,下午 5 点前。

6. 07/08/24

WebEx: Chapter 23: The Transport System.
WebEx:第 23 章:运输系统。

WebEx: Chapter 25: Digestion and Human Nutrition.
WebEx:第 25 章:消化和人类营养。

Exam 3 – Chapter 8, 10, & 11.
考试 3 - 第 8、10 和 11 章。

Connect Assignments are due on or before 07/15/24 by 5 p.m.
连接作业的截止日期为 07/15/24,下午 5 点前。

7. 07/15/24

Chapter 27 – The Control Systems.
第 27 章 - 控制系统。

Connect Assignments are due on or before 07/22/24 by 5 p.m.
连接作业需在 07/22/24 之前或之前的下午 5 点前提交。

8. 07/22/24

Chapter 29 – The Reproductive System & Review for Exam 4 – Chapters 22, 23, 25, 27 & 29.
第 29 章 - 生殖系统和第 4 次考试复习 - 第 22、23、25、27 和 29 章。

Connect Assignments and Exam 4 are due on or before 07/29/24 by 11:59 p.m.
作业和考试 4 必须在 07/29/24 之前或之前完成,时间为晚上 11:59。

8. 07/29/24

Chapter 29 – The Reproductive System & Exam 4 – Chapters 22, 23, 25, 27 & 29.
第 29 章 - 生殖系统和第 4 章 - 第 22、23、25、27 和 29 章的考试。

Connect Assignments and Exam 4 are due on or before 07/29/24 by 11:59 p.m.
作业连接和考试 4 的截止日期为 07/29/24,截止时间为晚上 11:59。

* Lecture and Lab Schedule: Naturally, it is my goal to cover the material in both the lecture and lab as scheduled. However, if for any reason class is cancelled, we can modify the schedule as needed. I also reserve the right to alter or change the syllabus as needed.
* 讲座和实验安排:当然,我的目标是按照计划在讲座和实验中涵盖材料。但是,如果由于任何原因课程被取消,我们可以根据需要修改时间表。我也保留根据需要修改或更改教学大纲的权利。

The laboratory exercises have been selected to illustrate and enhance the theoretical material presented in the lectures. This course is designed to reinforce the cross-curriculum competencies: critical thinking; technology skills; oral communication; quantitative skills; reading; writing.

Online Resources: Connect, Exams, Quizzes, SmartBook/LearnSmart, and Homework Policies:
在线资源:连接、考试、测验、智能书/LearnSmart 和作业政策:

You must have a student access code to the Connect® website. Online activities are a
您必须有一个学生访问代码才能访问 Connect ® 网站。在线活动是一个

requirement of this course. An inclusive access code is included with the purchase of a new Mader Essentials of Biology 7th edition textbook. This is an E-book. In addition, with your inclusive access, you have access to all of your Connect reading, homework, laboratory, quiz, and exams for the course. You do not need to purchase any other materials for this course.
本课程的要求。购买新版 Mader 生物学基础教材第 7 版时包含一个全面访问代码。这是一本电子书。此外,通过您的全面访问,您可以访问课程的所有 Connect 阅读、作业、实验室、测验和考试。您无需购买本课程的其他材料。

To simplify the course, every chapter listed in your syllabus as the same (3) items: a Homework, a SmartBook/LearnSmart reading assignment and a Quiz. These are the activities you will have to complete for credit as per the Syllabus.
为了简化课程,您的教学大纲中列出的每一章都包括相同的三个项目:作业、SmartBook/LearnSmart 阅读任务和测验。这些是您需要按照教学大纲完成以获得学分的活动。

All of the Homework assignments are kinesthetic in nature. I think you will be impressed with how interactive they are. You have unlimited attempts and you can "check your work" (It will not tell you the correct answer, only your wrong answers. You can only use it 2 times per question). During the Homework Assignment, you can also receive “hints” by hovering your cursor over the blank entry box. You can also be referenced/remediated back to both the written text and the eBook via the “References” and “Related links” hyperlinks at the bottom of the page. I will only record your HIGHEST SCORE, so you should have incentive to do your homework by the due date! You may also turn in your homework late, BUT you will lose 20% for each day it is late.
所有的作业任务都是以肌肉动作为基础的。我认为你会对它们的互动性印象深刻。你有无限次尝试的机会,你可以“检查你的作业”(它不会告诉你正确答案,只会告诉你错误答案。每个问题只能使用 2 次)。在作业任务期间,你还可以将鼠标悬停在空白输入框上,接收“提示”。你还可以通过页面底部的“参考”和“相关链接”超链接返回到书面文本和电子书。我只会记录你的最高分,所以你应该有动力在截止日期前完成作业!你也可以迟交作业,但每迟交一天将扣除 20%。

I have also included SmartBook/LearnSmart reading assignments (where you can access the SMARTBOOK). These assignments accomplish two things. They will not only assess your knowledge they will serve as a personal “tutor.” How many times have you asked, “what do I need to know to obtain a good grade in this course?”
我还包括了 SmartBook/LearnSmart 阅读作业(您可以访问 SMARTBOOK)。这些作业可以实现两个目标。它们不仅会评估您的知识,还将充当个人“导师”。您有多少次问过自己,“我需要了解什么才能在这门课程中获得好成绩?”

LearnSmart is a program that is based upon Bloom’s Taxonomy (questions based on different levels of difficulty). It is an artificial intelligence that adapts to your performance (READ THE CHAPTER and complete the HOMEWORK first. For the best advantage, use SmartBook, and it will personally guide you through learning what you need to know for each chapter.). It will not permit you to progress from Bloom’s Level 1 (Rote memorization) to Bloom’s Level 2 (Understanding), unless you have mastered the concepts first. Within SmartBook, when you struggle with a concept, and/or miss multiple questions targeting a Learning Outcome, you will be given feedback and be directed to the exact page in the text for review.
LearnSmart 是一个基于布鲁姆分类法(根据不同难度级别的问题)的程序。它是一种人工智能,可以根据您的表现进行调整(首先阅读章节并完成家庭作业。为了获得最佳优势,请使用 SmartBook,它将亲自指导您学习每章所需了解的内容)。除非您首先掌握了概念,否则它不会允许您从布鲁姆的第 1 级(机械记忆)进展到布鲁姆的第 2 级(理解)。在 SmartBook 中,当您在某个概念上遇到困难和/或错过多个针对学习成果的问题时,您将收到反馈并被引导到文本中的确切页面进行复习。

You should use the “Reports” tab in Smartbook to identify what you do not know well and to review the Questions you missed.
您应该使用 Smartbook 中的“报告”选项来识别您不熟悉的内容,并复习您错过的问题。

There will also be (1) QUIZ per chapter. You WILL NOT be given “check your work,” “hints,” or “references” back to the textbook! The quiz is based upon 3 “pooled” quiz banks. The first is a Bloom’s Level 1 (basic memorization, 8-10 Q’s).The second is based on Bloom’s Level 2 (Understand, 2-5 Q’s). The third (2-3 Q’s) is based upon Bloom’s Level 3. This quiz is similar to an exam. All 3 banks are "pooled" (there are several questions in the pool, and you will receive a subset that will be different each time you take the quiz). This will reduce “memorization and regurgitation.” So, make sure you are WELL PREPARED before you attempt them. You will have 2 attempts (in case there is a power outage or your child pulls the cord out of the wall).  All of the questions are "high stakes" questions, MC or T/F. You will NOT be able to see the results until AFTER the due date.
每章节还会有一次测验。你将不会得到“检查你的工作”,“提示”或“参考书籍”!测验基于 3 个“汇总”测验题库。第一个是布鲁姆的第 1 级(基本记忆,8-10 个问题)。第二个基于布鲁姆的第 2 级(理解,2-5 个问题)。第三个(2-3 个问题)基于布鲁姆的第 3 级。这个测验类似于一次考试。所有 3 个题库都是“汇总”的(池中有几个问题,每次参加测验时会收到一个不同的子集)。这将减少“记忆和复述”。因此,在尝试之前,请确保你做好了充分的准备。你将有 2 次尝试的机会(以防停电或你的孩子把插头从墙上拔出)。所有问题都是“高风险”问题,是多选或是是非题。你将无法在截止日期之前看到结果。

It is my expectation that you take the quizzes and/or exams on the day they are scheduled. Late assignments will be penalized 25%, per day it is late.
我期望您按照预定日期参加测验和/或考试。迟交的作业将每天扣除 25%的分数。

Academic Code of Behavior:

1. As stated in the BHCC 2023 - 2024 College Catalog: Bunker Hill Community College expects students to behave in a manner that is appropriate to a collegiate environment. Students are expected to assume responsibility for their own behavior and learning and to respect the learning environment of others. Bunker Hill Community College advocates a learning environment that enhances the academic, intellectual, cultural and social enrichment of its students, faculty, staff and the community at large. To guarantee that no member of the College community is deprived of this collegiate environment, student rights and responsibilities are clearly stated and behavior and discipline codes have been established. Please refer to the Bunker Hill Community College Student Handbook at bhcc.edu/handbook for more information.”
根据 BHCC 2023-2024 学院课程目录中的规定:“Bunker Hill 社区学院期望学生表现得符合大学环境的方式。学生应该对自己的行为和学习负责,并尊重他人的学习环境。Bunker Hill 社区学院倡导一个增强学生、教职员工和社区整体学术、智力、文化和社会丰富的学习环境。为了确保学院社区的每个成员都不会被剥夺这种大学环境,学生的权利和责任已经明确规定,并建立了行为和纪律准则。请参阅 bhcc.edu/handbook 上的 Bunker Hill 社区学院学生手册获取更多信息。”

2. Any student behavior that disrupts the learning process of the class will not be tolerated. Disruptive behaviors include; repeatedly coming to class late, private conversations during lectures, cheating on exams, plagiarism, racial and sexual harassment, damage to college equipment, intoxication, violation of lab safety protocol, or any other activities that infringe on the rights of other students to learn. Disruptive behavior may result in one of the following actions depending on the severity of the activity: a warning, dismissal from the class session (consultation with the Academic Dean may be required for re-admission), or administrative withdrawal from the class.
2. 任何干扰班级学习过程的学生行为都将不被容忍。干扰行为包括:反复迟到上课、在讲座期间私下交谈、考试作弊、剽窃、种族和性骚扰、损坏学院设备、醉酒、违反实验室安全规程,或任何侵犯其他学生学习权利的活动。干扰行为可能会导致以下行动之一,具体取决于活动的严重程度:警告、被开除出课堂(可能需要与学术院长协商重新入学),或被行政撤出课堂。

Please refer to the college catalog and student handbook for an official listing of the college’s policy on student behavior and your student rights under this policy: https://www.bhcc.edu/handbook/behaviorpolicies/#behavior

Proctorio Syllabi Description
Proctorio 课程大纲描述

Proctorio is a Learning Integrity resource
Proctorio 是一个学习诚信资源

This course will use Proctorio, a browser-locking and remote proctoring solution designed to protect the integrity of this course’s assessments, within some of your Connect assignments. As your instructor, I’ve chosen the secure exam settings required by this course, and only I will make a judgment as to any potential academic integrity violation.
本课程将使用 Proctorio,这是一种浏览器锁定和远程监考解决方案,旨在保护本课程评估的完整性,在您的一些 Connect 作业中使用。作为您的教师,我已选择了本课程所需的安全考试设置,只有我会对任何潜在的学术诚信违规行为做出判断。

Assignments with Proctorio
使用 Proctorio 的作业

You’ll be able to see which assignments in Connect include Proctorio settings because they will be clearly labeled with “Proctoring Enabled” in the assignment title. The settings that I use may vary depending on the assignment. When you start a proctored assignment, the settings in use will be indicated.
您将能够看到 Connect 中包含 Proctorio 设置的作业,因为它们的标题中将清楚标记为“启用监考”。我使用的设置可能会根据作业而有所不同。当您开始监考作业时,将显示正在使用的设置。

Proctorio Minimum System Requirements
Proctorio 最低系统要求

Proctorio offers a flexible service, which may include recording of video, audio, and screen activity or none of the above. The Proctorio system requirements are dependent on the exam settings and may require a webcam and a microphone. Test takers are encouraged to use a practice exam to test their system prior to taking an exam. Virtual machines and proxy connections will not work.
Proctorio 提供灵活的服务,可能包括录制视频、音频和屏幕活动,也可能不包括以上内容。Proctorio 系统要求取决于考试设置,可能需要摄像头和麦克风。鼓励考生使用模拟考试来测试系统是否正常运行。虚拟机和代理连接将无法使用。

Equity and Fairness

The reason I’ve chosen to enable Proctorio settings for specific assignments in this course is to make education more equal by allowing each student to earn the grades they deserve. The US Federal Government also requires that all schools have a process in place for verifying student identity to protect against Federal Student Aid (FSA) fraud.
我选择在这门课程中为特定作业启用 Proctorio 设置的原因是通过允许每个学生获得他们应得的分数来使教育更加公平。美国联邦政府还要求所有学校建立一个验证学生身份的流程,以防止联邦学生援助(FSA)欺诈。


Proctorio is a trusted resource for remote proctoring because of the company’s commitment to student privacy. Proctorio uses single sign-on through Connect, and only I or approved individuals, here at our institution, will have access to your exam data. Proctorio never requires personally identifiable information from students, and Proctorio will never sell your data to third parties. Read more about Proctorio’s approach to privacy.
Proctorio 是远程监考的可信资源,因为该公司致力于保护学生隐私。Proctorio 通过 Connect 使用单一登录,只有我或经批准的个人在我们的机构才能访问您的考试数据。Proctorio 从不要求学生提供个人身份信息,也绝不会将您的数据出售给第三方。了解更多关于 Proctorio 隐私保护的方法。


Proctorio only runs as an extension in your Chrome browser. This means that Proctorio works within a sandbox and has limited access to your computer system, unlike traditionally installed software applications that have complete access to your computer’s hard drive, or other resources.
Proctorio 只能作为 Chrome 浏览器的扩展运行。这意味着 Proctorio 在一个沙盒中运行,并且对您的计算机系统的访问受到限制,不像传统安装的软件应用程序可以完全访问您的计算机硬盘或其他资源。

Proctorio does not continuously run in Connect. Proctorio only runs while you are taking your proctored Connect assignment. After your proctored assignment ends, you may uninstall the extension by right-clicking on it, to bring you peace of mind. Just remember, if you choose to do this, you’ll need to reinstall the extension again before starting your next proctored assignment.
Proctorio 在 Connect 中不会持续运行。Proctorio 只会在您参加受监考的 Connect 作业时运行。在您的受监考作业结束后,您可以通过右键单击卸载扩展程序,让您安心。只需记住,如果您选择这样做,您需要在开始下一个受监考作业之前再次安装该扩展程序。

All student data is kept safe using zero-knowledge encryption, meaning student data is scrambled and unreadable by anyone outside of our institution’s learning platform. Proctorio cannot see your proctored assignment data. Read more about Proctorio security.
所有学生数据都使用零知识加密进行安全保护,这意味着学生数据被混淆并且在我们机构的学习平台之外的任何人都无法阅读。Proctorio 无法看到您的监考作业数据。阅读更多关于 Proctorio 安全性的信息。

Getting Started

Before getting started on your first proctored assignment, please watch the Student Orientation Video on Proctorio, and then make sure to follow the instructions in Proctorio’s Quick Start Test Taker Guide for the extension. To verify your computer system meets the requirements, take the practice quiz. This will ensure that everything will run smoothly on the day of the proctored assignment.
在开始您的第一次监考作业之前,请观看 Proctorio 的学生定向视频,然后确保按照 Proctorio 的快速入门考生指南中的说明进行操作。为了验证您的计算机系统符合要求,请参加练习测验。这将确保在监考作业当天一切顺利进行。

If, after reading the Quick Start Test Taker Guide, you have any trouble while using Connect & Proctorio, you can access quick help guides or reach out to Connect or Proctorio support for troubleshooting. Support can assist in troubleshooting any extension related issues before, during, and after your proctored assignment.
如果在阅读《快速入门考生指南》后,在使用 Connect & Proctorio 时遇到任何问题,您可以访问快速帮助指南,或联系 Connect 或 Proctorio 支持进行故障排除。支持可以协助解决任何与扩展相关的问题,在您的监考任务之前、期间和之后。

Attendance Policy

As stated in the college’s 2023 - 2024 catalog: “Because poor attendance generally results in poor grades, students must attend all regularly-scheduled classes and laboratory sessions. Students having attendance difficulties should discuss this matter with their course instructors and advisors. Students who know they will be absent for three or more consecutive class sessions because of a family emergency or personal illness should report the extended absence to the Office of the Associate Vice President of Student Services. The Associate Vice President will notify the course instructors of the absence. Upon returning to class, students are responsible for discussing completion of all requirements with their course instructors. If the course instructor and student find it impossible to complete all assigned work, the student may need to withdraw from the course.
根据学院 2023 年至 2024 年的课程目录所述:“因为出勤不良通常会导致成绩不佳,学生必须参加所有定期安排的课程和实验课。出勤困难的学生应与他们的课程教师和顾问讨论此事。因家庭紧急情况或个人疾病而知道将缺席三个或更多连续课程的学生应向学生服务副校长办公室报告延长的缺席。副校长将通知课程教师有关缺席的情况。学生返校后,有责任与课程教师讨论完成所有要求。如果课程教师和学生发现不可能完成所有分配的工作,学生可能需要退出课程。

Students who do not attend during the first four weeks of the semester will be withdrawn from the course and receive an NA (non-attendance) grade. The grade appears on the transcript and is counted toward credits attempted but it is not computed in the grade point average. The NA grade designation is not used during the summer semester.
学生如果在学期的前四周内不出席课程,将被撤销课程资格并获得 NA(缺席)等级。该等级将出现在成绩单上,并计入尝试学分,但不计入平均绩点。NA 等级标识在夏季学期期间不适用。

Regarding class times – it is my policy to begin class on time. I will take attendance at the start of class. Students who are repeatedly late for class are very disruptive. Please do not interrupt the lecture/lab if you are late. If handouts were given before class/lab, you can get them during a break or after the class/lab. If this issue continues, I will deduct one point for each minute you are late, and these points will be deducted from the next exam. Hopefully, this will resolve any issues.
关于上课时间 - 我的政策是准时开始上课。我会在课程开始时进行点名。经常迟到的学生会给课堂带来很大的干扰。如果你迟到了,请不要打断讲座/实验。如果课前/实验前发了讲义,你可以在课间休息或课后拿到。如果这个问题持续下去,我会每迟到一分钟扣除一分,这些分数将从下次考试中扣除。希望这能解决任何问题。