Cashmere UltraLuxe 羊绒 UltraLuxe

Cashmere UltraLuxe Luxuriously Soft & Thick Toilet Paper, 8 Triple Rolls = 24 Single Rolls

Cashmere Ultraluxe is our softest and most luxurious toilet paper, specially manufactured and quilted to feel irresistibly soft and luxuriously thick.
Cashmere Ultraluxe 是我们最柔软、最奢华的卫生纸,经过特殊制造和绗缝处理,触感柔软而厚实。

  • 2ply 2 ply 2层
  • feather Our softest 我们最柔软
  • hypoallergenic Hypoallergenic 低致敏性
  • dermatologist tested Dermatologist tested  经皮肤科医生测试
  • maple leaf Canadian made 加拿大制造

Available formats: 可用格式:

  • 6 Rolls
  • 8 Rolls
  • 12 Rolls
  • 20 Rolls
  • 24 Rolls

  • 12 Rolls
  • 24 Rolls

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“This is the best and only toilet paper that I will use. It's so soft and leaves me feeling so clean after using the bathroom, I recommend this toilet paper to everyone!!”

Cashmere UltraLuxe 羊绒 UltraLuxe

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