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AboutFilming 关于 - 拍摄

Filming and Photography 拍摄和摄影

Griffith Observatory has a long heritage of commercial filming and photography. This page is designed to provide information regarding production shoots at our unique and historic facility.

Filming and Photography at Griffith Observatory: What You Need to Know

The Observatory’s main purpose is to serve the public, and we are open to the public 10-12 hours a day on all weekend days and most weekdays in pursuit of this mission.
天文台的主要宗旨是为公众服务,为了履行这一使命,我们在所有周末日和大多数工作日每天向公众开放 10-12 个小时。

We are only able to schedule filming or photography at times which do not disrupt public operation or other scheduled Observatory activities. Our options for scheduling are very limited.

In addition to limited availability, the main challenge for arranging a production shoot here is advance planning. The Observatory is a City of Los Angeles facility with a very small full-time staff, none of whom are dedicated to managing filming activities.

The more planning you have done and the faster you can provide requested information, the better able we will be to help you.

Finally, because we are a historic facility located in a public park, we must have rules to protect the building. This document describes them. While some may seem restrictive, each one is based on experience.

You can make the process smoother by understanding the rules and making sure everyone on your crew follows them.

Please read this information carefully. If you believe your proposed production shoot can conform to the process, requirements, and rules described below, you may submit an application following the instructions at the end of this document.

Part One: When Filming Can Occur

All facilities at Griffith Observatory are primarily for use of the Observatory in accomplishing its mission of public astronomy and science education.

The use of Observatory facilities for activities conducted or sponsored by the Observatory takes priority over all other uses at all times.

Griffith Observatory will consider appropriate and relevant requests for production shoots consistent with the Observatory’s mission, requirements, and rules, and with the policies of the City of Los Angeles, Department of Recreation and Parks (“Department”).
格里菲斯天文台将根据天文台的任务、要求和规则,以及洛杉矶市娱乐和公园部(以下简称 "娱乐和公园部")的政策,考虑适当和相关的拍摄制作要求。

Griffith Observatory cannot permit filming or photography which: Competes with or disrupts Observatory programs; Displaces or interferes with any other Observatory activities or maintenance of the facility and grounds; Imposes an unreasonable burden on Observatory staff, other Griffith Park facilities, or the surrounding neighborhood.

Major commercial film and photography shoots can only take place on days the Observatory building is closed to the public (though the grounds are open). The Observatory has virtually no “back of house” areas where filming or photography can occur away from the public.
大型商业电影和摄影拍摄只能在天文台大楼不对公众开放的日子里进行(尽管场地是开放的)。天文台几乎没有远离公众的 "后院 "区域可供拍摄或摄影。

Filming and photography in non-public areas of the building is prohibited.

Because of the limited available times for filming, the Observatory gives strong preference to productions which portray the Observatory as “itself.”
由于可供拍摄的时间有限,天文台会优先考虑以天文台 "本身 "为题材的作品。

All filming and photography proposals are subject to schedule availability as determined by Observatory management. All proposals and execution are reviewed by Observatory management for appropriateness and compliance.

Approved production activities may take place between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. Additional hours for prep and clean up may be available for an additional fee. This must be approved in advance by the Observatory (and then indicated on the FilmLA permit).
经批准的制作活动可在上午 7:00 至晚上 11:00 之间进行。这必须事先获得天文台的批准(然后在 FilmLA 许可证上注明)。

Part Two: Definitions 第二部分:定义

A. Type of Production A.生产类型

Filming 拍摄 Use of one or more live action cameras
Photography 摄影 Use of still photography camera equipment only

B. “Observatory” B."天文台

Includes the Observatory building and its adjacent grounds, parking lots, and roads. The tunnel and adjacent trails are NOT part of the Observatory grounds; they are under the jurisdiction of the Park Film Office.

C. “Production” C."生产"
The company or entity responsible for the film or TV production or photography shoot.

Part Three: Observatory Production Requirements

Here’s what you need to do to film or photograph at Griffith Observatory.

A. Submit Completed and Signed Filming/Photography Proposal Form

Please be as detailed, complete, and timely as possible. Be sure to sign at the end. Email or fax the completed form to us. (if you fax, please email us to confirm we got it).

B. Make a Film Reservation, Get a Film Permit, and Provide Proof of Insurance

NOTE: All fees associated with Park Film Office and FilmLA permitting processes are billed by those organizations directly. Please inquire with each organization regarding any such fees.
注:与 Park Film Office 和 FilmLA 许可程序相关的所有费用均由这些机构直接收取。请向各机构咨询相关费用。

  • Filming/Photography Permit Coordination. PRODUCTION must contact the Park Film Office (PFO) at (323) 644-6220 to make a location reservation.  The PFO is the liaison between the Department and FilmLA to coordinate your permit.
    拍摄/摄影许可协调。制片公司必须拨打 (323) 644-6220 联系公园电影办公室 (PFO),预订拍摄场地。PFO 是电影部和 FilmLA 之间的联络人,负责协调许可证事宜。
  • FilmLA Permit Application. PRODUCTION must contact FilmLA to apply for a film permit.  They will coordinate Fire Marshal, LAPD, and any other required approval or permits as necessary and will provide you with insurance requirements and submission procedures.
    申请 FilmLA 许可证。制片方必须联系 FilmLA 以申请电影许可证。他们将协调消防局、洛杉矶警察局以及任何其他必要的审批或许可,并向您提供保险要求和提交程序。

C. Provide a Single Point of Contact for Coordination

PRODUCTION must designate a single point of contact for all planning associated with the production shoot.

This person will be the main point of contact with Observatory staff and responsible for coordinating all production activities throughout their respective organization and those employed for the shoot.  If PRODUCTION fails to designate such a person, or if the designated person is unable to provide necessary coordination, the Observatory reserves the right to cancel the production shoot.

D. Coordinate All Details in Advance with Observatory Staff

Griffith Observatory has a very small full-time staff. While our Operations staff handles production shoot planning and monitoring, their primary responsibility is to run the Observatory for the public.

The more advance notice, coordination, and cooperation you provide in defining the details of your planned production shoot, the better we are able to assist. PRODUCTION should schedule a walkthrough with Observatory staff as soon as possible to identify and work through issues.

After the walkthrough, PRODUCTION should document specific plans – locations, timelines, parking plan and equipment – and submit them to Observatory staff for review and approval. The more detailed you can be, the faster we will be able to respond.

E. Pay All Observatory Fees

All Observatory fees are set by the Board of Recreation and Park Commissioners. They cannot be reduced or waived except as specified below in the Fee Exemption section.

PRODUCTION must pay Observatory fees in advance directly to the Observatory, or the production shoot will be canceled. See PART FIVE for details.

F. Acknowledge and Follow All Observatory Production Rules, Including Liability

  • Production Rules. The rest of this document lays out the rules associated with a production shoot at Griffith Observatory. Signature of the production proposal document binds all PRODUCTION staff to follow these rules at all times.

    Any exceptions to the rules must be approved in writing in advance by Observatory management.
  • Liability. The PRODUCTION will avoid any activity that may cause property damage or bodily injury. Failure at any time to act in such a manner will be grounds for the Observatory to terminate the production shoot.

    In the unlikely event of property damage or bodily injury, PRODUCTION will be liable for associated cost. The funding and timely completion of the repair, to the specification of the Observatory’s technical staff is the responsibility of the PRODUCTION.
    万一发生财产损失或人身伤害, PRODUCTION 将承担相关费用。按照天文台技术人员的要求出资并及时完成维修是 PRODUCTION 的责任。
  • Hold Harmless – Waiver of Damages. In consideration of the City granting permission requested herein, PRODUCTION agrees to indemnify and hold CITY and its officers, agents and employees harmless from any and all claims, demands, lawsuits, actions of any kind, damages, judgments, amounts paid in settlement, costs and expenses (including attorney’s fees), which may be incurred or arise out of PRODUCTION’S exercise of the permission granted or from any of the PRODUCTION’s activities related thereto.
    免责 - 放弃损害赔偿。作为城市同意本协议所要求的许可的对价,节目制作公司同意对城市及其官员、代理人和雇员进行赔偿,并使其免受因节目制作公司行使所授予的许可或与此相关的任何活动而可能产生或引起的任何及所有索赔、要求、诉讼、任何形式的行动、损害赔偿、判决、和解金额、成本和费用(包括律师费)的损害。

    The PRODUCTION acknowledges it will use City facilities at its own risk and expressly waives any right to make or prosecute claims or demands against the City for any loss, injury or damage which the PRODUCTION may sustain by virtue of the exercise of the permission granted or by reason of any defect, deficiency or impairment which may occur from time to time from any cause of the water supply system, drainage system, heating system, gas mains, electrical apparatus or cable furnished for the event or for any loss resulting from fire, water, tornado, civil commotion, riot, landslide, windstorm, earthquake or other acts of God.
    产品 "承认将自行承担使用本市设施的风险,并明确放弃就 "产品 "因行使所获许可或因任何缺陷而可能遭受的任何损失、伤害或损害向本市提出或起诉索赔或要求的任何权利、为活动提供的供水系统、排水系统、供暖系统、煤气管道、电力设备或电缆因任何原因而不时出现的缺陷或损坏,或因火 灾、水灾、龙卷风、内乱、暴乱、山崩、暴风、地震或其他天灾而造成的任何损失。
  • Non-Disclosure. Observatory staff may not sign non-disclosure agreements.
  • Release. Observatory staff may not sign release forms. The FilmLA film permit conveys all rights the City is able to provide.
    释放。天文台工作人员不得签署免责声明。FilmLA 电影许可证授予市政府能够提供的所有权利。

G. Catering and Craft Services
G. 餐饮和手工艺服务

Wolfgang Puck Catering (WPC) holds the EXCLUSIVE contract for all food and beverage service on Observatory grounds. Cast and crew size up to 99 are exempt from this requirement and there is no buyout fee.
Wolfgang Puck Catering (WPC) 拥有天文台内所有餐饮服务的独家合同。演职人员人数不超过 99 人的,可免于此要求,也无需支付买断费。

For cast and crew size of 100+, WPC must be contacted and given the first right of refusal. If refused, there will not be a buyout fee. PRODUCTION is solely responsible for cost of catering and craft services either to WPC or third-party vendor.
演职人员人数超过 100 人时,必须联系 WPC 并获得优先购买权。如果拒绝,将不收取买断费。制片方自行负责向 WPC 或第三方供应商支付餐饮和工艺服务费用。

H. Accommodate Observatory Needs

  • Staff Access and Parking. During the production shoot, Observatory staff will be working in the building and on the grounds. PRODUCTION must make provisions for staff parking and building access during the shoot.
  • Staff Photographer. Observatory management reserves the right to assign an Observatory staff photographer to document the filming for the Observatory’s archives and future filming assessment.  Photos will not be published or used in a public setting without advance approval from the filming organization.
  • Credit. PRODUCTION should mention Griffith Observatory and the City of Los Angeles, Department of Recreation and Parks in production credits. PRODUCTION should provide a finished copy of the production to the Observatory for its archive.

Part Four: Production Rules and Procedures

A. No Smoking A.禁止吸烟
There is absolutely no smoking permitted anywhere at the Observatory or anywhere in Griffith Park.  Rangers vigorously enforce this prohibition (63.44B24 L.A.M.C.) and may issue citations (which may include substantial fines).  PRODUCTION must advise all employees and contractors not to smoke.
在天文台或格里菲斯公园的任何地方都绝对禁止吸烟。护林员将严格执行这一禁令(63.44B24 L.A.M.C.),并可能发出传票(可能包括巨额罚款)。制作公司必须告知所有员工和承包商不得吸烟。

B. Load-in and Load-out Limitations

PRODUCTION load-in and load-out plans must be coordinated with the Observatory in advance. Arrangement may be made in advance to unload and load equipment along the red curb at the horseshoe as long as direct access for a fire truck to reach the building is maintained.

PRODUCTION vehicles may not block driveways or hydrants at any time and must always maintain a fire lane. Protective material underneath PRODUCTION vehicles and equipment (such as layout board) is required to prevent oil stains and other damage.

No PRODUCTION vehicles larger than a pick-up truck may approach or depart the Observatory between 10:30 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.
晚上 10:30 至早上 6:00 期间,任何大于小卡车的生产车辆不得接近或离开天文台。

No load-in activities may occur prior to 6:00 a.m.  Filming cleanup and truck loading may begin as soon as the event is completed, but must cease no later than 1:00 a.m.
活动结束后可立即开始拍摄清理和卡车装载工作,但必须在凌晨 1:00 之前停止。

Loaded PRODUCTION trucks and heavy equipment may remain in the Observatory’s parking lot overnight for pick-up the next morning between 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m.  Additional fees for added hours of set-up or wrap-up may apply.
装载产品的卡车和重型设备可在天文台停车场过夜,第二天早上 6:00 至 8:00 之间取走。

Added hours must be specified and approved in advance and included on the film permit.

C. Protection of Surfaces and Lawn

PRODUCTION must ensure protection of floor and other surfaces (including concrete sidewalks, stairs, and walls) from scratches, chips and stains.  Plastic, felt, or other type of protection is needed under all furnishings, set dressing, and equipment.  PRODUCTION vehicles are required to use protection from oil leaks as well as scratching from lift gates or any other equipment making contact with surfaces.

PRODUCTION is prohibited from placing any vehicles, equipment, set dressing, tents, or stakes on the Observatory lawn.  ANY use of the lawn must be approved by the Observatory in advance.

D. Site Clean Up D.场地清理
Clean up is the responsibility of the PRODUCTION and must be completed during the time allotted for the film permit. It is expected the facility will be left as it was received.  All trash generated by PRODUCTION must be removed from the grounds.

E. Parking and Traffic Control

  • Parking/Base Camp Limitations. Griffith Observatory is located in a public park with access restrictions and itself has extremely limited available parking.  We have a limited amount of space for production trucks and vehicles.  PRODUCTION may need to make provisions for off-site parking.  The Park Film Office may be able to assist with alternate locations.
  • Traffic Access. Depending on PRODUCTION size and scope, provisions for restricting public or vehicle access may be necessary.  Please discuss in advance with the Observatory.
    交通通道。根据 PRODUCTION 的规模和范围,可能有必要限制公众或车辆进入。请事先与天文台协商。
  • Traffic and Parking Plan.  PRODUCTION must prepare and submit a detailed traffic and parking plan for Observatory approval prior to the FilmLA permit approval. Our staff can offer suggestions.
    交通和停车计划。制片方在获得 FilmLA 许可证之前,必须准备并提交一份详细的交通和停车计划,供天文台审批。我们的工作人员可以提供建议。

F. Electrical, Equipment, Effects, and Props

  • Electrical. Use of Observatory power is not permitted.  PRODUCTION must provide all necessary electrical equipment for their shoot.  All power cords and cables must be properly shielded and secured so as not to present a trip hazard.
  • Generators. The Observatory will consider PRODUCTION requests for the use of a generator(s).  Such use must be approved in advance, be outside the building, and not cause any damage (oil leakage, surface deformation, etc.) to Observatory property.
    发电机。天文台将考虑 "产品 "使用发电机的申请。使用发电机必须事先获得批准,在建筑物外进行,且不得对天文台财产造成任何损害(漏油、表面变形等)。

    Connections to generators must be secure.  Cable runs must be approved in advance.
  • Lighting. PRODUCTION must disclose location and description of all lighting to be used. A detailed lighting plan must be submitted prior to permit approval.

    PRODUCTION may not: Project onto or materially change the appearance of the Observatory building; Adjust or modify any of the Observatory’s existing interior or exterior lighting; Attach additional lighting to the Observatory
    制作不得投射到天文台建筑上或实质性地改变天文台建筑的外观; 调整或修改天文台现有的任何内部或外部照明; 在天文台附加额外的照明装置
  • Construction. Usage of stages, walls, and/or other items constructed on- or off-site is prohibited.
  • Gunfire or Explosions. These are discouraged, owing to the Observatory’s location in a heavily visited public park, directly above a crowded neighborhood. PRODUCTION may not use simulated gunfire or explosions without explicit advance approval from the Observatory.
  • Smoke Machine. PRODUCTION may not use smoke machines of any kind.
  • Other Special Effects. As a general rule, special effects are not permitted.
  • Set Dressing. All set dressing and/or decorations must be approved prior to the release of the permit.  PRODUCTION may not attach, affix, or place any kind of decoration onto the building interior or exterior.  PRODUCTION may not use tape, stakes, staples, rope or any other implement to secure items to the physical building or grounds.

    This includes alteration of signs. Painter’s (“blue”) tape may be used for layout boards on ground surfaces only.
  • Hazardous Waste. No aspect or procedure of PRODUCTION may generate hazardous waste of any kind. Doing so is grounds for immediate cancelation.

Part Five: Observatory Production Fees

All Observatory fees are set by the Board of Recreation and Park Commissioners. They cannot be reduced or waived except as specified below in the Fee Exemption section. PRODUCTION must pay fees in advance or the production shoot will be canceled.
天文台的所有费用均由康乐及公园事务专员委员会制定。除以下 "费用豁免 "部分规定的情况外,不得减免费用。制作公司必须提前缴费,否则将取消制作拍摄。

Fees may be required both for filming at the facility and for Observatory staffing. NOTE: Observatory fees are in addition to those levied by the Park Film Office and FilmLA.
在设施内拍摄和天文台工作人员都可能需要付费。注:除公园电影办公室和 FilmLA 征收的费用外,天文台还收取其他费用。

A. Observatory Filming Fees

  • Photography. Still photography rates are for a four (4) hour block of time. Each four (4) hour period is $3,000. The fee cannot be prorated by hour.
    摄影。静态摄影的价格以四(4)小时为单位。每四(4)小时为 3000 美元。不能按小时比例收费。
  • Commercial Filming. Standard use filming rates are for days when the Observatory is closed to the public. Fees are inclusive for prep, film, and wrap from 7:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. Exterior-only fees start at $15,000 and Interior & Exterior fees start at $25,000. Fees cannot be prorated or discounted.
    商业拍摄。天文台对公众关闭期间的标准使用拍摄费率。费用包括从上午 7:00 至晚上 10:00 的准备、拍摄和包装工作。仅外部拍摄费用从 15,000 美元起,内部和外部拍摄费用从 25,000 美元起。不能按比例收费或打折。

    There may also be revenue recovery fees for loss of parking or other Observatory revenue. 
  • Overnight Fee. You may have the option to do set-up in the overnight hours (10:00 p.m. – 7:00 a.m.) for an additional fee of $15,000.  Filming during overnight hours is not permitted.
    通宵费。您可以选择在通宵时段(晚上 10:00 - 早上 7:00)进行布景,但需支付 15,000 美元的额外费用。不允许在通宵时段进行拍摄。

B. Observatory Staffing Fees

Observatory staff will be assigned to oversee the prep, filming, and wrap phases of the production shoot.  Their primary function is to protect the Observatory grounds & assets.

The fees are based on the extent of the filming and the impact on vehicle and pedestrian access to the site and the hilltop.  Fees range from $3,500-4,800 per day for Exterior filming and $5,000-6,300 per day for Interior & Exterior filming.
费用根据拍摄范围以及对车辆和行人进入场地和山顶的影响而定。室外拍摄费用为每天 3,500-4,800 美元,室内外拍摄费用为每天 5,000-6,300 美元。

If the production shoot takes place on a City holiday, there is a 50% surcharge on the staffing fees.
如果拍摄在本市节假日进行,则需支付 50%的附加费。

C. Fee Exemptions C.费用豁免
Fees do not apply or may be waived in the following instances as determined by the Observatory Director. Please note the waiver is for the Observatory’s usage fee only. Based on the scope of the production, Observatory monitor fees may still apply.

Contact the PFO to determine what additional City permit and usage fees may also be required.
请与 PFO 联系,以确定还需要支付哪些额外的城市许可费和使用费。

  • News Media. Bona fide and credentialed news media wishing to report from or on the Observatory or interview Observatory staff members are exempt from fees.

    News media must coordinate their activities with the Observatory staff to ensure the orderly presence on the Observatory grounds and lack of disruption to the public operation. Requests for interviews with any staff member must be made through the Observatory Director.
  • Students. Student filmmakers and photographers may be exempted from the Observatory filming/photography fees by providing appropriate documentation from their school or institution.

    A letter signed by an authorized administrator on the school or institution letterhead must state the student is currently enrolled and working on a student project that will NOT be presented commercially.
  • Educational Programming. Any bona fide educational production which enhances the image of Griffith Observatory, is related substantively to the Observatory’s content and resources, and informs a wide audience regarding these topics may be exempted from Observatory usage fees by the Observatory Director.  In addition, any commercial production in which the Observatory’s operations and programming are specifically presented to a wide audience may be exempted from Observatory usage fees.
  • Interviews with Observatory Staff. Any producer wishing to film or photograph an Observatory staff member in connection with astronomical or other scientific matters or with Observatory matters may be exempted from Observatory fees.  All such interviews must be authorized well in advance by the Observatory Director.  Observatory staff members may not be compensated for such an appearance while on-duty.

Part Six: Submitting A Proposal

If you believe your proposed production shoot can conform to the process, requirements, and rules described above, download the Filming/Photography proposal form, fill it out, sign the affirmation at the end, and email the completed form to rap.obsfilmevents@lacity.org (or fax it to (213) 473-0818; please email us to let us knowing you are sending a fax). We will contact you within five business days.
如果您认为您提议的制作拍摄符合上述流程、要求和规则,请下载电影/摄影提议表,填写并在最后的确认函上签名,然后将填写好的表格通过电子邮件发送至 rap.obsfilmevents@lacity.org(或传真至 (213) 473-0818;请发送电子邮件通知我们您发送的是传真)。我们将在五个工作日内与您联系。