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A Humiliating Week Away - Part 2  一周的羞辱之旅 - 第 2 部分

"I was tricked into being spanked naked in front of three girls and my aunty"

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Legendary Story 传奇故事
If you read part 1, you'll know that I had been fortunate enough to witness the nude spanking of Kate.

Since I arrived for my weeks stay Aunty had been threatening to spank me in the same way and I was determined to avoid that fate, but I hadn't counted on the cunning of a teenage girl with the same determination to get revenge.

After breakfast on the Tuesday morning I was allowed to spend the morning with Kate and her friends Sarah and Pauline round at Sarah’s and for the first time I was enjoying my stay.

After lunch Kate asked her Mum if Sarah and Pauline could come over here tomorrow afternoon and I was glad Aunty agreed as they were much more fun than Kate. What I didn’t realise was that Kate had my come-uppance planned and that her friends would be part of it.

The rest of Tuesday passed uneventfully.

The next morning I didn’t wake till quarter past seven and lay there slowly coming round.

Then, with a start, I remembered where I was, and Aunty's strict rule about being at the breakfast table, dressed and ready by 7.30am. I leapt out of bed and went to get washed ……..only to find Kate in the bathroom.
然后,我突然想起我在哪里,以及阿姨关于早餐桌上必须在 7:30 之前穿好衣服准备好的严格规定。我跳下床去洗漱……只发现凯特在浴室里。

I yelled at her “Hurry up in there”.

She whispered back “I’ve only just got in here, you’ll have to wait.”

“Be quick,” I shouted, “I need to get washed before breakfast”. At this point Aunty Beryl appeared at the bottom of the stairs and asked what was going on?

“I want to get washed, but Kate is in the bathroom.”

“You shouldn’t have left it so late and stop shouting right away or you’ll be in trouble. You know I don’t like noise.”

I had only a few minutes left and then it occurred to me that I wasn’t dressed, I wasn’t washed and my room was still a mess. At that moment Kate came out and disappeared into her room so I dashed into the bathroom, gave my teeth a cursory brush and had a very quick wash.

When I came out Aunty was waiting, looking at her watch - I was already a minute late and still in my pyjamas.
当我出来时,阿姨正在等待,看着她的手表 - 我已经迟到了一分钟,还穿着睡衣。

“Come down for your breakfast now and we’ll talk about your punishment later.” She was already angry about the shouting and now I was late for breakfast. I felt sure that could not warrant a spanking.

Kate smirked at me as her mother went into the kitchen and I took a swipe at her. Aunty Beryl put her hand on my shoulder and pointed to my chair, adding “I saw that. Now sit down and eat your breakfast before you make it any worse.”

After breakfast, Aunty took me upstairs “Now I want you to go back in there and have a proper wash. I will be here when you come out.” And she waited while I finished in the bathroom.
早餐后,阿姨带我上楼,“现在我想让你回去那里洗个澡。你出来时我会在这里。” 她等着我在浴室里忙完。

Then she checked behind my ears “Go back in there again and let me know when you think you are properly washed.” When I went back in my room she waited for me to get dressed, before making me tidy my room and finally make the bed.

I put all my washing in the basket and checked the room was ready. Aunty looked round. “Very good,” she said “it’s a pity you didn’t manage this earlier. As this is your first punishment I have decided to be lenient with you.

For being late for breakfast, coming down in your pyjamas, your bed unmade and your room untidy I should give you 12 strokes. For hitting Kate alone I should give you another 12 strokes. I have decided to give you just 12 strokes in total.
由于早餐迟到、穿着睡衣下来、床没整理、房间乱七八糟,我本应该打你 12 下。单独打凯特我也应该再打你 12 下。我决定总共只打你 12 下。

You remember that all punishments take place after dinner in the dining room and I will give you 6 with the tawse and 6 with the cane.”
你记得所有的惩罚都发生在晚餐后的餐厅,我会用皮带打你 6 下,用藤条打你 6 下。

“12 strokes!” I shouted “But it wasn’t my fault, it was Kate who stopped me getting in to the bathroom. It’s not fair”
“12 个击键!”我喊道“但这不是我的错,是凯特阻止我进浴室。这不公平”

“Stop right now, or you’ll get some more. Let me remind you may keep on your pyjama jacket for the first 6 strokes with the tawse but you will then remove that for the second 6 with the cane. Now stay in your room until lunchtime. Do you have any questions?”
“立刻停下,否则你会再受到惩罚。让我提醒你,在用皮带抽打的前 6 下可以保留睡衣外套,但在用藤条抽打的后 6 下必须脱掉外套。现在待在房间里直到午餐时间。有什么问题吗?”

"No," I mumbled. I stayed in my room feeling very unhappy and badly done to. At 1.00pm I went down to lunch where Aunty Beryl, Kate and I had a salad. Towards the end of lunch, Aunty turned to Kate and asked when her friends were due.
"不,"我嘟囔着。我呆在房间里,感到非常不开心和受委屈。下午 1 点,我下楼吃午餐,阿姨贝丽尔、凯特和我吃了沙拉。午餐快结束时,阿姨转向凯特问她的朋友们什么时候到。

I went white and Kate smiled saying she thought they’d agreed 2.00pm when she asked them yesterday. I realised that she’d planned this all along but I’d find it hard to prove.
我脸色发白,凯特微笑着说她昨天问他们时,他们已经同意了下午 2 点。我意识到她早就计划好了,但我会发现很难证明。

Sarah, Pauline and Kate played in her room most of the afternoon. There was a lot of giggling. I was dreading dinner.

As the hour arrived I made sure I was downstairs and ready to help.

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But before I got into the dining room, Kate and Sarah had bagged the seats with the best view with Pauline at one end. As 7 o’clock approached I got a nod from Aunty Beryl and left the table to go up to my room.
但在我走进餐厅之前,凯特和莎拉已经和保琳一起占据了最佳景观的座位。 当七点钟临近时,我从贝丽姨妈那里点了点头,离开了桌子去我的房间。

As I took off all my clothes and put on my pyjama jacket I could picture Kate, Sarah, Pauline and Beryl all waiting and saw in the mirror how much was on view.

I went down stairs cupping my hands over my penis until Aunty called up, “You know the rules, hands by your side.” I took away my hands before continuing.

I could hear the girls murmuring and saw Aunty Beryl give them a sharp look. Then she turned to me and reminded me to stand in front of the table and tell everyone why I was being punished.

“I was late for breakfast and hadn’t washed or got dressed before coming down.” I stated and glanced up to see all three girls staring at my cock just as Aunty gave me a quick swipe with the tawse and added, “And, your room was not tidied either.”

“Right, come over here, put your feet either side of the stool and bend right over. I had never felt so embarrassed. Aunty took up position behind me and started to give me the first strokes.

I tried not to yell out but Aunty seemed to think this meant she was not hitting hard enough and after four I was forced to shout. I sensed Aunty Beryl bringing her arm higher, she brought down the tawse even harder, thwack and I yelled and leapt up.

“Back over the stool.” she instructed. Thwack, and again I yelled in pain. Only one more …….. thwack “Keep still. Another one because you got up from the stool. A hard one I think”….Thwack! Now I was near to tears with the pain and the embarrassment.

I pulled myself together as Aunty instructed me to get up and rub my bottom. My cock was moving from side to side as I rubbed my bum getting giggles from the girls and another look from Aunty.

I turned towards the table, aware now that I had a full erection. Aunty Beryl noticed too and slapped my cock with the tawse. “That had better have gone down by the end of your punishment or I’ll be giving him six strokes too.”

“Now take off your pyjama jacket.” As I took it off, Kate, Sarah and Pauline’s eyes were locked on my rock hard penis. “Now, tell everyone why I am going to give you this next punishment.”

I stood there, totally naked and explained to everyone that I was to get 6 strokes of the cane for trying to hit Kate. The girls smirked until Aunty Beryl looked up sharply.

“Right, now, move the stool out of the way and bring over the coffee table.” My cock seemed to have a life of its own as I brought the coffee tale into position. “Now, bend over the coffee table.” I bent over. “Put your legs either side of the table.”
“对,现在,把凳子挪开,把咖啡桌移到这边来。”当我把咖啡桌摆好时,我的阴茎似乎有了自己的生命。 “现在,弯腰在咖啡桌上。” 我弯腰了。 “把腿放在桌子的两侧。”

Aunty took up her position with room for a good swing. Swish, swish, swish, the cane was worse than the tawse and I cried out after each stroke which seemed to please her. Swish, swish, swish.

“Stand up and give your bottom a rub.” Now I was side on to Kate, Pauline and Sarah and my hard on very evident as I rubbed my glowing bum. “I warned you about that,” Aunty said giving my cock a sharp tap. “Kate, fetch a ruler from the kitchen.”

Kate returned with the ruler staring at my erection. Aunty didn’t seem to notice that Kate hadn’t moved away and said to me, “Put your hands on your head” She then proceeded to give me 6 sharp strokes across the length and tip of my hard cock.
凯特回来了,盯着我的勃起看。阿姨似乎没有注意到凯特没有离开,对我说:“把手放在头上。”然后她开始在我坚硬的阴茎长度和尖端给我 6 个利落的鞭打。

Kate watched with delight as I flinched after each stroke and was only sent back to her seat when she reacted after a particularly hard flick on the tip of my cock. “Now, go and stand in the corner.”

I was made to stay in the corner for five minutes. Finally I was instructed to return to the table, still nude, to apologise to everyone for my behaviour.

“I am very sorry for everything I’ve done wrong.” I said, aware that my rigid cock was hovering just over the edge of the table.

Aunty stood up swiftly, giving the girls another glare. “Hands on your head again.” she instructed. Then she gave me three more strokes with the ruler on the head of my rigid cock before finally telling me, “Go upstairs and stay there for half an hour.

Then you can come back down to show everyone that you have learnt to control yourself. And woe betide you if you are still in that state!”

Embarrassed and in pain, I went up the stairs knowing that everyone was watching and knowing that there was no way I could control my erection in front of those girls and I was going to be punished again in such a short time.

Written by Thwackman
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Another brill story. Only just found this one. I get so juicy reading about Jim being stripped in front of Kate and her friends. I bet they'd love to spank his cock if only Auntie would let them. Please post a picture of Jim's cock being spanked with a springy ruler - just fr me.
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