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i love you just the way you are


Three times Henry's dates wanted to change something about him, and one time Alex proves to Henry just how much he actually loves him just the way he is.


welcome to my first fic !! i've been working on this one for weeks I'm so excited && nervous pls be nice to me oml

thank you, dear Sunflower Soul, for helping me with the details for this one-shot that helped me move through <3

BIG THANKS to those who supported && validated my writing lolol (Dee, Kayla, Aly, Sunflower, etc.!) <33

Slight TW: Mentions of body shaming (MENTIONS ONLY Henry tells it to Alex after it's alr happened) && mentions of grief/mourning for Arthur.

Without further ado, happy reading !!

(See the end of the work for more notes.)

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Alex is late. Nora’s gonna kill him after she told him three times yesterday to not be late to their group breakfast.
亚历克斯迟到了诺拉会杀了他的 诺拉昨天跟他说了三次集体早餐不要迟到


But he really needed to make a stop before going.


Two days ago, June had invited the whole friendship circle to a group breakfast this morning to this breakfast diner called Sunrise. Alex did some research on the place, being the curious, investigative person he is, and their menu did not serve any Earl Grey tea. And Henry is never in a good mood without his morning tea.
两天前,茱恩邀请整个朋友圈的人今天早上一起去一家叫 "日出 "的早餐店吃早餐。亚历克斯是个好奇心很强的人,他对这家店做了一些调查,发现他们的菜单上没有伯爵茶。而不喝早茶,亨利的心情永远不会好。


And so Alex decided to become his knight-in-shining-armor as per usual and stopped by their usual place, Chen’s Cafe, where they serve Henry’s favorite tea.


“Earl Grey with a splash of milk for Henry?” the barista calls, and Alex raises his hand. Yes, he asked her to put Henry’s name instead of his own. It’s his drink, anyway.


He bids thanks and goodbye to the barista, places a $5 tip in the tip jar, and walks back to his car. He carefully places the hot cup into the cup holder, and drives away.
他向咖啡师道谢并道别,在小费罐里放了 5 美元小费,然后走回自己的汽车。他小心翼翼地把热杯放进杯架,然后开车离开。


“I thought I told you not to be late,” Nora says in lieu of greeting him when he arrives at Sunrise 30 minutes later. The whole gang is present—Nora and June sitting across each other by the window, Pez and Henry sitting across each other by the edge, and Bea sitting in front of everyone on a solo chair like a king’s seat.
诺拉说:"我不是告诉过你不要迟到吗?"当他 30 分钟后到达 "日出之城 "时,诺拉没有跟他打招呼。所有的人都到齐了--诺拉和琼隔窗相对而坐,佩兹和亨利隔窗相对而坐,碧坐在大家前面一张像国王座位一样的单人椅上。


The space beside Henry is always left available for Alex, and that’s where he slides into with a sheepish grin on his face.


“Sorry I’m late. Didn’t expect traffic to be this bad at 8 fuckin’ o’clock,” Alex shrugs. “Anyway, I just made a little detour. For this.”
"对不起,我迟到了。没想到 8 点钟的时候交通这么堵。"亚历克斯耸耸肩。"总之,我只是绕了点路。为了这个"。


He places the cup of Earl Grey, still fortunately warm, in front of Henry on the table. He hears June and Bea chuckle in understanding, he’s pretty sure he hears Pez grinning, and he hears Nora snort. But he’s not paying attention to any of them right now.


He’s staring at Henry’s stupidly beautiful face, and his heart flutters when Henry’s facial expression morphs into a fond surprise.


“You went to Chen’s? That’s like, 30—”
"你去了陈家?好像是30 -"


“30 minutes away, yeah. I know,” Alex smiles. “It’s just—I did some research on this place—”


“Of course you did,” Nora mutters, to which Alex only flips her the bird for it, making the whole table laugh.


“—and they don’t serve your stupid Earl Grey, and I know how cranky you get when you don’t have your daily tea fix.” Henry smiles at him.
"他们不提供你那愚蠢的格雷伯爵茶 我知道你每天喝不到茶会有多烦躁"亨利冲他笑了笑。


“You say my coffee addiction is bad, but you’re just the same as I am with your fucking tea, sweetheart,” Alex adds as a distraction, and he is so tempted to lean in and kiss Henry’s cheek that’s painted a beautiful faint blush of pink.


“It’s not an addiction, you imbecile. I do not take more than a cup every morning unlike you who is probably a half step closer to injecting caffeine into your bloody bloodstream.”


Alex only leans in and makes a playful, mocking face that makes Henry laugh while pushing him slightly away.


The group falls into a small chat after that. June had already ordered, which is good because she knows what Alex’s taste in food is.


Pez is still talking animatedly about some disastrous date he went on the previous night when their food is served.
当他们的饭菜端上来时,Pez 还在兴致勃勃地谈论他前一晚参加的某个灾难性约会。


“Speaking of dates, are you still going to that one with Charles, Hazza?” he asks while slicing up his waffle.


“Charles? Who’s Charles?” Alex asks, frowning as he looks back and forth at Pez and Henry.


“Oh it’s this lad he shares a class with,” Bea says, Alex whipping his head to her direction. “Philosophy, was it, Hen?”


When Alex’s gaze falls on Henry, the blush on his cheeks are brighter than earlier. “Yeah. Erm, he DMed me on Instagram a few weeks ago. Asking if I could have drinks with him sometime.”
当亚历克斯的目光落在亨利身上时,他脸颊上的红晕比刚才更鲜艳了。"是啊。几周前,他在 Instagram 上给我发了一条信息。问我能不能找个时间和他喝一杯。"


“And?” Alex can’t help but press. “What did you say?”


“I said I’ll think about it,” Henry answers casually, jutting his chin forward a bit while munching on some pancakes.


“And?”  "然后呢?"


“And I’m thinking of… saying yes,” Henry looks away for a few seconds before returning to eat and sip on his tea.


And Alex, well. He may no longer be hungry.


He opens his mouth to say something back when—


“I think it’s a great idea.” Alex glares at June. “What? Henry has been single for quite some time now, and I think it’s time for him to get back in the game.”
"我觉得这是个好主意"亚历克斯瞪着琼"怎么了 亨利已经单身很久了 我觉得他是时候重新开始了"


Alex only rolls his eyes and decides to murder the pancakes on his plate instead.


“Speaking of relationship statuses,” Nora chips in, making the rest of the group look up at her. “There’s actually a real reason why we asked y’all to meet us this early.”


She and June look at each other and share a smile. Alex squints his eyes. They widen as he watches Nora place her palm on the table down side up, and June slides her hand onto it and intertwines their fingers.


“We’re together now,” June announces happily, albeit a little shy from the blush on her cheek.


The rest of the group erupts in cheers and laughs while Alex keeps staring at them, a surprised smile frozen on his face.


“Alex?” June calls out to him, making him snap back to the present. He can sense the nervousness in his sister’s voice. Oh, we can’t have that now, can we?


“Fucking finally,” he breathes out while chuckling, and both June and Nora sigh in relief.


“I mean, y’all are going to be more gross now that you’re out and I’m gonna have to fucking deal with it because I visit you during my study days so I could focus in your orbit and you know I love you two but seriously, may you have mercy on my poor s—”
"我的意思是,你们都会更恶心 现在你出来了,我要去他妈的处理它 因为我参观你在我学习的日子 这样我就可以集中精力在你的轨道 你知道我爱你们两个 但严重的是,愿你有怜悯我可怜的S -"


“Alex,” Henry cuts him off with a short chuckle. “Breathe, love.”


The rest of the table chuckles as well and moves along the topic, but Alex is stuck at the way Henry called him love.
餐桌上的其他人也都笑了起来,顺着话题聊了下去,但亚历克斯却对亨利称他为 "爱 "的方式耿耿于怀。


He wants to fucking lock it in his brain and play it on loop forever.


The rest of the breakfast runs smoothly until they all part ways. Alex offers to take Henry home, so they’re currently both in Alex’s car, celebrating June and Nora’s announcement.


“I really am happy for them, you know?” Alex says with a smile as he makes a turn. “I know I give them both shit most of the time, but I really love them. I’m glad they found each other.”


“You don’t think it’s weird for your sister to date your one-week fling?” Henry teases gently, making Alex laugh.


“Hey, fuck off! Nora and I were so high school sophomore year. I don’t even remember how the fuck that happened anymore, but I sure as hell don’t like reminiscing it.” He adds a playful shudder at the end that gets Henry laughing.


“So. Charles.” Alex breaks the silence after a few minutes. He sees Henry turn to him with a raised eyebrow through his peripheral view. “What’s he like?” he tries asking casually, hoping Henry doesn’t notice the waver in his voice.


“He’s… nice,” Henry answers.


“Just nice?” This time, it’s Alex who raises his brow.


Henry chuckles while shaking his head. “I only sat with him in class like twice, and you know I don’t mingle much with classmates. But he seems fine,” he says, probably thinking well on how he should answer the question. “I really don’t know much about him, but that’s the purpose of this date, isn’t it?”


Alex only hums, not knowing what to say to that.


“I mean, I guess I could say he’s cute?” Henry chuckles as he hesitates, and Alex fights the urge to roll his eyes. “I just hope it all turns out well,” he finishes before looking out the window.


Alex stays silent. 亚历克斯保持沉默。


From: Sweetheart <3 :
来自亲爱的 <3 :

Are you busy? 你忙吗?


Alex is most certainly not busy. Well, at least not anymore.


It’s almost two in the fucking morning, and he’s been working on several case studies since like… 7. His back and nape fucking hurt from being strained, his eyes burning and his head pounding. A good late-night chat with Henry would definitely make him feel better.
现在都他妈快凌晨两点了,而他从大概......7 点开始就一直在做几个案例研究。他的后背和后颈因为劳累而疼痛难忍,眼睛火辣辣地疼,脑袋嗡嗡作响。和亨利好好聊个深夜绝对会让他感觉好些。


He shoves all his readings to the other side of the bed and lays on his stomach as he video-calls Henry.


“Hey, sweetheart,” he immediately says when Henry picks up. He also instantly notices the slight frown on his best friend’s facial expression. “What’s wrong?”


Henry blinks for a few seconds before shaking his head slowly. “Nothing. It’s stupid, I’m sorry.”


“Hey, none of that now,” Alex chides, pulling himself up in a sitting position on the bed. “You can tell me anything, Hen.”


Henry sighs, and Alex watches on the screen as he shuffles around, probably to get comfy on the bed.


“It sucked.” "糟透了"


Alex doesn’t need to ask what he means. “What did he do to you?”


Henry runs a tired hand across his pretty face. “We may have a minor irreconcilable difference.”


Alex raises a brow. “Care to explain?” he asks, his voice lacking its usual teasing tone.


Henry sighs, leaning his head back against his pillow, a few strands of blonde hair sprawled on it. Alex wants to feel them on his fingers.


“We didn’t even get past the bloody getting to know you stage. He snorted when I told him about my English Literature degree. I asked him What’s so funny? and he said Oh nothing, it’s just… isn’t that boring?”


“What the fuck?” "搞什么鬼?"


Henry nods solemnly. “My thoughts exactly. I stared at him blankly—”


Now that makes Alex snort. He knows exactly what Henry looks like when he’s not impressed with something or someone. Lord knows Alex himself has been on its receiving end multiple times.


“—before I told him in extensive detail how essential it is to know the history of literature as we know it today and its contributions to almost all languages and how life-changing it is to explore the very depths of our minds to come up with beautiful, magical worlds that can be treated as an escape from reality or—or how fulfilling it is to play with so many beautiful words instead of using the same old common ones that only peasants like him could probably fathom.”


Alex stares at his screen, his lips slightly parted in awe, his mind blank of anything else except HenryHenryHenryHenry.


How the fuck can Henry make intelligent rebuttals look so fucking sexy?


“—Alex? Love, are you okay? Did I lose you?” Henry’s voice laced with concern snaps him back to the present.


“No!” Alex shakes his head, chuckling. “I’m just amazed, I think my mind blanked out for a sec there.”


Henry chuckles while wearing a confused look on his pretty face. “I mean—you fucking had him there, sweetheart. I hope the asshole shut his fucking mouth after that,” Alex adds, trying to act as nonchalant as he can.


“Well..” Henry clears his throat, purses his lips and looks away for a few seconds before looking back at Alex. “He may have rolled his eyes and left me alone at our table to flirt with some poor girl on the dance floor.”


“What the fuck?” Alex can feel the anger rising in his throat, foul words threatening to leave his lips. How dare the motherfucker leave Henry alone at a table at a fucking bar?


“How did you get home? Were you safe? Did you call Pez? Where’s that son of a bitch? I swear to fucking—”


“Alex!” Henry cuts him off with a laugh. “Down, boy. I’m fine. I didn’t call Pez because he was feeling slightly under the weather, so I booked an Uber instead. It’s all good.”
"亚历克斯!"亨利笑着打断了他的话"趴下,孩子。I'm fine.我没给佩兹打电话是因为他有点不舒服,所以我叫了辆出租车。没事的


“You sure?” Alex squints his eyes. Henry nods as if to assure him, but Alex has another idea.


He doesn’t want Henry to go to sleep with a sad heart.


“How about I bring over some Chinese takeout and you can tell me all about whatever your favorite book is at the moment and maybe read it to me to sleep and we’ll only wake when the sun is up late?”
"要不我带点中式外卖过来 你可以给我讲讲你现在最喜欢的书" "也许还可以读给我听" "然后我们在太阳升起很晚的时候才醒来"


Henry sighs. “Alex, you don’t have to do that. It’s two in the morning.”


“I’m aware,” Alex rebuts with a raised brow. “I’m still going to.”


Henry sighs again, this time with a small, fond smile. “Oh, bloody well then. Do hurry. My stomach may have just woken up at the mention of Chinese takeout.”


Alex chuckles and breathes out, “Give me 25 minutes, sweetheart.” Henry smiles at him one last time before hanging up.


He jumps out of bed and throws in a hoodie and some sweatpants before running out of his dorm, car keys in hand.



“You really didn’t have to do all this, you know,” Henry says with a small smile as they both clean up the empty Chinese takeout boxes in the kitchen.


“I told you, I wanted to,” Alex winks, making Henry huff out a soft laugh while blushing. “I didn’t want you to sleep after having such a bad night.”


Alex’s boyish grin falters a bit when he feels Henry’s hand gently covering his own. “Thank you, Alex. I really appreciate it.”


Alex’s palm itches to turn over and intertwine their fingers. “Of course, sweetheart.” They share eye contact for a few seconds and Alex can’t breathe, so he changes the subject.


“Why don’t you get ready for bed while I finish cleaning up here, and you can read me that book?”
"你为什么不准备上床睡觉 我收拾完这里 你可以给我读那本书"


Henry starts to protest. “Alex, I—”


“No buts, sweetheart. Shoo!” He waves his hand to shoo Henry away playfully, making Henry roll his eyes playfully.


“Fine. Have it your way then.” Alex chuckles as he watches his best friend march off to his room before finishing cleaning up the mess.


When he gets to Henry’s room, Henry is already in his striped blue PJs, and Alex’s matching red ones are folded neatly at the edge of the bed. Alex bought them those PJs last year at a thrift store they passed by one time.


“We’d slay matching jammies, don’t you think?” Alex had suggested at the time, making Henry roll his eyes fondly.


“What are we, 5?” Henry chuckled. “I think those are meant for children.”


“I’m sure they have sizes. Come on!”


“Alex, what in the world—” Alex cut him off by dragging him inside the thrift store, and 15 minutes and a couple of fittings later, they went out of it with the purchased PJs in hand.
"艾利克斯,这到底是...... "艾利克斯打断了他的话,把他拖进了旧货店,15 分钟和几次试衣后,他们拿着买来的睡衣走出了店门。


Alex had thought back then that Henry would just store them away somewhere, so imagine his surprise when they did a sleepover at Henry’s place time when Henry came out of his room wearing his PJs, and Alex almost about cried because he stuffed his own pair in his bag just for hopes.


“Lookin’ comfy there, Hen,” Alex grins while bending down to grab his PJs. “Wanna tell me about your book for tonight?”


“Actually, I went back to Jane Austen,” Henry blushes shyly. “I needed some familiarity and a bit of a reminder, I guess, of why I chose to take up English Lit in the first place.”


Alex stays silent, his heart hurting for Henry. He’s always been so happy with his college degree, and he doesn’t deserve to have his dreams dampened by some stupid motherfucker.


“Hey,” Alex calls out softly, sitting beside Henry and holding his hand. “That’s totally fine. But I have to say, don’t listen to that asshole, sweetheart. I think you taking up English Lit is the most Henry thing you’ve ever done in your life, honestly.”


Henry grins in relief. “Most Henry thing?” He chuckles.


“Yeah! The most you that you’ve done. You’re so passionate and dedicated and inspired with working on your future, and I think that’s fucking amazing. I’m in awe of you, Hen. Your mind is just fucking fascinating to know and explore.”
"是啊这是你做得最多的一次。你是如此的热情和奉献精神 和鼓舞人心的工作 你的未来, 我认为这是他妈的惊人。我很敬畏你,亨。你的思想让人着迷"


Henry blushes and whispers a thank you that makes Alex smile. “I’ll go get changed, and you can read that little book of yours to me to sleep. How’s that sound?”


When Henry nods, Alex drops a soft kiss on his forehead before heading to the bathroom. He quickly changes and brushes his teeth before plopping himself onto Henry’s bed.


He always loves staying over here. It’s so cozy, so Henry that gives Alex a sense of home.


“Give it to me, sweetheart,” he grins at Henry, who shakes his head while chuckling fondly before turning a bit to face Alex. He opens his copy of Sense & Sensibility and starts reading a random chapter that Alex frankly has no idea about.


Alex stares at Henry the whole time he’s reading. He really can’t imagine Henry feeling sad when approaching books or words or anything English Lit-related, in general. No one understands. No one understands how fulfilling it is to see the way Henry’s eyes would light up while being engrossed in a book. No one understands how beautiful Henry’s smile is while talking about said book.


No one understands. Except Alex. And Alex makes it his life mission to always make Henry feel heard and valued for his passion, his thoughts, his opinions, his interests, everything.


“Thank you for staying with me,” Alex hears Henry whisper by the time they’re both laying in bed, the lights already off.


And— fuck it. Alex gently places his arm under Henry’s head, and Henry instantly scooches into his arms.


“I’ll always stay with you,” Alex breathes out, placing a gentle kiss at the top of Henry’s head.


They fall asleep in the same position, indeed, until the sun is up late.





“Henryyyy,” Alex sing-songs as he enters Henry’s dorm. “I got these tickets to this awesome ice skating show or whatever, and I think we should come check it out!”
"Henryyyy,"艾利克斯走进亨利的宿舍时唱道。"我买到了滑冰表演的门票 我想我们应该去看看!"


“Since when did you have an interest in ice skating?” Alex hears Henry ask from his room, so that’s where he heads to.


“Since today,” Alex points out. “Someone offered them to me at Anthro class today at 50% off because they weren’t gonna make it for whatever reason, and I know you don’t have any classes tomorrow and so do I so I thought we’d ch—Are you going somewhere?” 


He suddenly frowns when he reaches Henry’s room, where Henry is just finishing fixing his hair.


Henry grins sheepishly. “Yes,” he admits while blushing. “I bumped into an old classmate of mine back in London a few weeks ago, and he, er.. he asked for my number and we got to talking and he finally asked me out yesterday. We’re going to this arts and cafe thing down at 23rd Street, I believe.”
亨利腼腆地笑了笑。"是的,"他红着脸承认。"几周前,我在伦敦碰到了我的一个老同学,他要了我的电话号码,我们聊了起来,昨天他终于约我出去了。昨天他终于约我出去了,我们要去 23 街的艺术咖啡馆。


Finally. Meaning Henry has been waiting for this…dude to ask him out.


Alex’s heart clenches tightly in his chest, and he hopes his face doesn’t show how fucking painful it is as he smiles. “I see.”


He casually plops himself onto Henry’s bed, ignoring his best friend’s sputtering. “Too bad, we would’ve seen…” How the fuck does he describe ice skating moves?


“For the record, I didn’t know you’d get tickets to this… show,” Henry chuckles. “If I did, I would’ve rescheduled and indulged your new interest.”


“Shut up.” Alex rolls his eyes. “Shoo. I shall sulk by myself in peace,” he grumbles, pressing his face into one of Henry’s pillows.


God, it smells like Henry. Alex wants to scream and kick his feet and smush his face on it forever.


“If you want, you can come with us?” Henry offers so kindly, Alex hates it.


He sighs and lifts his head up to look at Henry, who is sitting beside him with a hand gently clasping his shoulder.


“Are you kidding? I’ll be fine here, asshole.” He nudges Henry slightly, teasingly. “You deserve to have a good night.”


“Are you sure?” Henry smiles. Alex nods. “All right then. You can stay as long as you want. Just don’t forget to lock up when you leave.” 


Alex’s cheek warms when Henry places his hand on it. Jesus Christ. He hides his face in the pillow once again and mumbles his acknowledgment.


When he hears the front door close as a sign of Henry leaving, he groans out loudly, fishing his phone out of his pocket and dials the third number he’s got memorized. (First is Henry’s, of course. Next is June’s, last is Nora’s.)


“I’m busy, Alejandro. What do you want?” Nora asks from the other line. Oh.. Alex can hear her typing away.


Alex snorts. “Please, I know you’re just fighting Republicans on Reddit.”
亚历克斯嗤之以鼻。"拜托,我知道你只是在 Reddit 上和共和党人吵架"。


“...Well,” Nora sputters. “Shut up. What do you want?”


“Wanna watch an ice skating rink show?”


That’s how they end up sharing popcorn and a big-ass drink with two straws in an indoor ice skating rink, absolutely bored for their lives.


“Tell me,” Nora starts, noisily slurping on her straw. Alex laughs at her action. “Why the fuck are we watching this shitshow when I could be comfy at home while cuddling and making out with your sister?”


Alex grimaces. “Please do not talk about making out with my sister with me, thank you very much.” He pretends to gag, making Nora smile smugly. “I got these tickets from a classmate, okay? And I was supposed to bring Henry here so I could annoy him while I’m bored out of my ass and he pretends to be interested in the show when in fact he wants to fucking flee the scene.”


“And why isn’t Henry here then?” Nora raises a brow. Alex pouts.


“He’s on a date.” He slouches in his seat, stuffing his mouth with several popcorn pieces.


Nora only pats his back comfortingly, and Alex rolls his eyes while begrudgingly pushing her hand away.


He ignores Nora’s giggles and tries to focus on the show in front of him, trying not to think of Henry going out on a date with another guy who isn’t him.



Alex just finished changing his clothes for bed when his phone rings from the nightstand. He frowns a bit and steps out of his room a bit to glance at the clock by the dining area. It’s already past 10PM. Nobody usually calls him this late.
亚历克斯刚换完衣服准备睡觉,床头柜上的手机响了。他皱了皱眉头,走出房间,看了一眼餐厅旁的时钟。已经过了 10 点。通常没人会这么晚给他打电话。


He picks up his phone, and his frown deepens when he sees who’s calling. He immediately presses answer.


“Hen? Are you okay?” he says. His heart skips a beat when he hears Henry breathe shakily on the other line.


“Can you come over?” Henry asks in a soft, small voice. “Please,” he adds, his voice wavering.


“On my way. Do you want me to stay on the line while I’m on my way?” he asks while rushing for his car keys and running out of his dorm.


“N-No, it’s fine. I can wait. Drive safely,” Henry says.


“Okay, baby.” The nickname slips out before he can even think about it, and it definitely doesn’t go unnoticed to Henry, with the way his gasp shakes on the other line. “Can you drink some water for me, at least? I’ll be there in 10.”
"好的,宝贝"他还来不及多想,昵称就脱口而出,而亨利肯定不会没注意到,他的喘息声在电话那头颤抖着。"至少帮我喝点水吧?我 10 分钟后到。"


Alex hears Henry whisper out a Yes, and he smiles. “Hang on tight, sweetheart. See you soon,” he bids before hanging up and rushing to his car.
亚历克斯听到亨利低声说 "是",他笑了。"抓紧了,亲爱的。再见,"他叮嘱道,然后挂断电话,冲向自己的汽车。

“Hen?” Alex softly calls out upon entering Henry’s dorm. “Sweetheart?”


“In here,” Henry answers, and is that a sniffle Alex hears? He frowns and jogs to the living room where Henry is curled up on the loveseat, covered in his comfort blanket. Alex sees a couple of Jaffa Cake wrappers on the floor.


“Hey, what’s wrong? What happened?” He kneels in front of Henry and holds both of his hands. “Are you hurt?”


Henry sniffles and hugs his knees tighter. “I…” Alex can see the struggle in Henry’s eyes, so he decides not to push.


“How about I make you some tea, and I’ll put on Bake-Off and we can cuddle while watching, hmm? Would you like that, sweetheart?” Alex asks while gently caressing Henry’s face, his hand moving upward to comb through his hair lightly as well. God, it’s so soft.
"要不我给你泡点茶 我给你放点《烘焙大赛》 我们可以边看边拥抱,怎么样?你喜欢这样吗,亲爱的?亚历克斯一边问,一边轻轻抚摸着亨利的脸,手还向上轻轻梳理着他的头发。天哪,这头发太柔软了。


Henry nods, and Alex can’t help but kiss his forehead softly. He feels Henry breathe shakily, and he pats his cheek comfortingly. “Just sit back and relax, okay? I’ll be back.” He smiles at Henry’s nod before heading off to the kitchen.


He makes Henry some lavender tea—something he knows Henry loves having when he’s having a bad day.


He goes back to the living room, places the cup of tea on the coffee table and turns the TV on to play a couple of old episodes of Bake-Off.


“Wanna move to the bigger couch, darlin’? So we could cuddle properly?” Alex smiles. Henry nods, and Alex helps him stand and move to the couch. Henry immediately sits himself on his side, Alex following through on the other. “Here you go.” He hands Henry the cup of tea, to which the latter accepts with a grateful smile.


Alex stretches and offers his arm, which Henry instantly melts into. He quietly sips on his tea and Alex quietly watches the TV for a few minutes.


“We were hanging out here after dinner,” Henry starts in a whisper, and if Alex wasn’t so alert when it comes to Henry, he would’ve missed it.


He fixes his gaze on Henry, even while reaching for the remote to turn the TV off. He stays silent, though, as he waits for him to continue.


“We were in a similar position to this,” Henry sniffles. “Probably not as close as we are right now…” He chuckles lightly, and it makes Alex smile as the possessive part of him says Good.
"我们以前的情况也差不多,"亨利抽了抽鼻子。"可能没有我们现在这么亲密......"他轻轻地笑了笑,这让亚历克斯笑了,因为他的占有欲在说 "好"。


“Trent is a gym rat. I should’ve known, considering he was my classmate in gym class back in the day.” Henry scrunches his nose. “He’s bloody built and everything, so I understood where he came from, but still…” He bites on his lower lip, and Alex starts to worry.


“What did he do? What did he say to you?” he asks as softly as he can, slightly pulling Henry closer to him.


“I don’t even remember what we were watching anymore, but we were having a small chat while I was eating a few Jaffa Cakes, hence—” He gestures to their surroundings, and Alex glances quickly at the wrappers he saw earlier.


“Then he said, albeit jokingly, I guess, You’ve eaten quite a few already, haven’t you? And of course, clueless, stupid me asked what he meant then he shrugged and said Nothing, I just hope you cut it down a bit so you won’t get… you know,” Henry retells with a bad imitation of that asshole’s voice.


“So you won’t get, what? Fat?” Alex frowns, feeling his blood start to boil.


Henry huffs out a self-deprecating laugh. “I guess?” He shrugs, failing to hide the sadness in his voice. “I just… you know how happy I am whenever Bea sends me some every month.” Alex nods empathetically. “It’s one of the only things from back home that still brings me comfort, and for him to try and shame and restrict me from it, I—”


Henry starts choking on his tears, and Alex’s heart breaks as he pulls him in for a hug. “Shh, I’m sorry, baby,” Alex whispers, gently placing Henry’s head in the crook of his neck. “I’m sorry he said those horrible things to you.”


He’s going to fucking kill that Trent fucker. He doesn’t have the right to say that shit to Henry nor to anyone.
他要杀了那个混蛋特伦特他无权对亨利说这种话 也无权对任何人说这种话


“I kicked him out right away after telling him he hurt me, and he just shook his head and muttered a Whatever before leaving,” Henry finishes with a sigh, then he closes his eyes and rests his forehead on Alex’s shoulder.


“Good to know. Listen to me.” Alex cradles Henry’s face gently in his hands, and Henry stares at him with sad yet still beautiful eyes.


“You are beautiful. Just the way you are. No matter what your body size is, I don’t fucking care. We, the people who truly love and accept you for you, don’t fucking care. So you shouldn’t, too. Let’s not give a fuck about what that asshole thinks and continue doing what makes you happy, hmm?”


A smile starts forming on Henry’s lips. “Even when it means Jaffa Cakes forever?”


Alex grins while nodding. “Especially then,” he assures before kissing Henry’s forehead and hugging him again. “If that’s what gives you comfort, why does anyone else have to have a say about it? You do you, sweetheart. Fuck anyone else who tries to put you down.”


Henry’s eyes fill with tears once again, and Alex can’t help but lean forward and kiss both of his eyelids gently. Then he hugs him again.


“It’s gonna be okay, he won’t bother you anymore,” he promises while tightening his arms around Henry.


They spend the rest of the night watching more Bake-Off reruns, Henry back to happily eating his Jaffa Cakes. Alex takes it as a win.




Radio silence. 无线电静默。


That’s what Alex has been dealing with for a whole fucking week now with Henry.


Henry hasn’t been responding to his texts, answering his calls, and he’s never in his dorm whenever Alex visits.


Pez hasn’t heard from him as well, and that’s fucking strange. When Henry got mad at Alex once because he wasn’t eating well during finals week which led him to be hospitalized, Henry didn’t talk to him for two days, but he did get updates from Pez on whether he’d eaten and everything.


And that was just for two days. This is a whole-ass week.


“Alex, quit your pacing. I’m getting dizzy,” Nora complains, shutting her mouth instantly when June elbows her and gives her the look.


“I just can’t imagine where he’d go without telling me!” Alex groans, tugging his hair a bit in frustration.


“Maybe he went… I don’t know, soul-searching? And there’s no reception?” June guesses.


Alex shakes his head. “Henry’s bad with directions, and he’s usually scared to travel so far alone. He can’t possibly do that.”


June and Nora keep giving him guesses afterwards, and although all of them sound impossible, knowing Henry, he still appreciates that they’re both here for him.


Alex lets the two girls chat while he sits in silence, his mind reeling back and forth on where Henry might possibly be.


He’s looked in the library, in MoMA, in Chen’s Cafe, and there has been no sight of Henry anywhere.


“I can’t do this,” he mutters while shaking his head. He stands up and grabs his keys. “Y’all lock up if you’re gonna leave. I need some air.”


He doesn’t wait for them to reply; he rushes out instantly and heads to his car. He sends Henry a text after starting the engine.


To: Sweetheart <3 致亲爱的 <3

Hen, if you see this, pls call me

I’m so worried about you

Whatever happens, I’m here okay?

Please don’t shut me out, sweetheart


He sighs and double-checks that his phone isn’t on silent before starting to drive. He drives with the windows rolled down so he could actually get some air while driving around.


Even while driving, Alex’s mind doesn’t stop reeling. He tries to scramble his memories from the past week to see if he missed any details.


“Any plans for the weekend?” Alex asked while eating a bowl of cereal. He’s not too hungry, anyway.


He watched Henry smile while blushing on the screen. “Actually, I’m going on a date on Saturday.”


“Oh?” Alex raised a brow, his hand with the spoon hanging mid-air. “With who?”


“Benedict,” Henry answered while averting his gaze. Alex dropped the spoon noisily into the bowl, sending some milk splatters on the kitchen counter.


“That guy who’s been making eyes at you in the library for two years?” Alex frowned. He got his confirmation when Henry’s blush deepened.


“He sat by my table yesterday and we finally got to talking, and turns out we have quite a lot in common.” Henry grinned, and Alex thought he might be sick.


“Did he say where you guys are going?” He asked casually, playing with the cereal in his bowl, his appetite no longer present.


Henry shook his head. “Said he wanted to keep it a surprise,” he finished off with a chuckle. “He did mention he’s a good cook and I’ll get to have a taste, though.”


Alex choked a bit. “Have a taste?” He snorted. Way to sound innocent on that.


“I know, it sounds presumptuous.” Henry laughed. “Maybe it’s a picnic?”


Picnic. Huh. Alex didn’t remember that right away.


He starts driving to the parks he’s aware of around the whole damn city, starting with the closest one.


The closest park, the one he’s most familiar with, is only twenty minutes away from Alex’s dorm. He parks the car just in front of it and goes out right away, jogging around, scoping the area for a blonde guy, preferably alive.


Henry isn’t there, though, so Alex walks back to his car with his shoulders slumped. He turns Maps on on his phone and starts searching for other parks within the area.


Alex does the same thing for the next few parks he sees—jogging around, scoping the area, also asking some people from time to time if they’ve seen Henry. No such luck every time.


It’s when he arrives at the fifth park in his list when things finally take a turn.


It takes Alex only around five minutes this time before he finds Henry, lying on the grass, right arm under his head and left hand on top of his stomach.


Alex bites his lip and tucks his hands into his pockets while slowly walking towards him. He stops just behind Henry, and from his position, he can see a smile forming across his lips without glancing back.


“I knew it was just a matter of time before you’d come to find me,” Henry softly says, and Alex caves in.


He slowly lays beside Henry, copying his position on the grass.


Before he can say anything, though, Henry already beats him to it. “I know I’ve not reached out, and I’m truly sorry. I just…” He huffs out a soft breath. “I just needed time to reconnect with myself, I guess.”


“Do you wanna talk about it?” Alex whispers.


On the way here, all Alex could think about was confronting Henry for ghosting him and their friends for a whole week and maybe scolding him a little bit from how worried we got.


But seeing Henry here, now, calm with a little mixture of sadness that Alex isn’t sure of, it’s melted all of his frustrations away, and all Alex wants is to fucking take every bit of negativity away from Henry.


He stares at Henry for the next few minutes, just silently listening to him breathe. “I was eight years old when my father first took me out on a late night to look at the stars. He was the one who introduced me to my love for constellations and celestial beings.”


Alex’s breath hitches when Henry gently reaches for his hand and points up to the sky, and when Alex looks up, he immediately recognizes Orion’s Belt.


“The three stars of Orion’s Belt—Alnitak, Alnilam, and Mintaka,” Henry whispers. “They’re the brightest stars among the whole constellation. They were my favorite to look at simply because of how bright they are once you spot them in the sky.”


Henry gently puts their joint hands down, but he doesn’t let go, so Alex doesn’t either. “Ever since Dad died, those three stars have earned a new meaning for me. I treated it as if…” He sniffles, and Alex starts to worry. “As if he is one of those brightest stars, looking down on me. Watching over me. It’s helped me convince myself sometimes that he’s never actually left me.”
亨利轻轻放下他们的手,但他没有松开,所以亚历克斯也没有松开。"自从爸爸去世后,这三颗星对我来说就有了新的意义。我把它当作......"他抽了抽鼻子,亚历克斯开始担心起来。"就好像他是其中一颗最亮的星星,俯视着我。守护着我。这让我有时说服自己 他从未真正离开过我"


“Baby…” Alex breathes, and he wants to pull him close, but moreso, he wants to keep listening to what Henry has to say.


Henry’s grip on his hand tightens as he continues. “Benedict, he…” He sniffles. Alex remembers who the guy is. “I told him how much I loved stars, though I didn’t necessarily state the exact reason except that it reminds me of my dad and our bond that should’ve lasted years and years. But I went a little deeper into how much I love its beauty and he…” He glances up at the sky before looking down again with a sigh. “He thought it was childish.”


Alex hears the pain in Henry’s laugh. “He thought my love for stars mainly because of my deceased father was childish. Never thought I’d live to see the day,” he says sardonically, shaking his head while tears continue streaming down his face.


“Fuck, Henry, I’m so sorry,” Alex says before pulling him into a hug, to which Henry immediately cries into.


“I’m so sorry, baby.. You don’t deserve people like that.” Alex closes his eyes while caressing Henry’s hair, trying to stop his own tears from falling.
"我很抱歉 宝贝你配不上这样的人。"亚历克斯闭上眼睛,抚摸着亨利的头发,试图阻止自己的眼泪流下来。


If there’s anyone else in the world apart from Bea and Pez who gets Henry’s love for the stars, it’s Alex. He’s listened to several anecdotes of Arthur Fox from the son himself so many times over the years, it’s as if Alex has actually met the man.


He may not literally have met him, but from the stories Henry and Bea have shared with them, he knew Arthur loved Henry so much. He adored the relationship the two had despite the short years they spent together.


And for someone who doesn’t understand a fucking thing about that to easily invalidate Henry’s only connection to his father like that is fucking disrespectful and will never sit right with Alex.


Henry deserves to be heard. To be loved. To be cared for. In more ways than he’s sure Arthur would’ve wanted him to be.


What happened this night flips a switch in Alex’s head.


This will be the last time Henry’s going to cry over stupid guy who clearly doesn’t know how to actually make him happy. Henry deserves to get what he actually wants, and Alex will make sure that he does.




Alex doesn’t leave Henry’s side after that night.


He’s there when Henry walks David in the morning. He’s there while Henry is studying. He’s there when Henry practices presenting his thesis to him. He’s there when clouds start to shroud his sunny days. He’s there when Henry wakes up some mornings, warm cup of Earl Grey in hand and pancakes freshly cooked on a plate.


Thankfully, Henry doesn’t mind it all, as well. In fact, if Alex’s eyes aren’t deceiving him, Henry brightens up whenever they’re together compared to when they’re apart. It makes Alex feel so special and honored to know he contributes to Henry’s happiness.


The whole gang is currently at their favorite bar; it’s the last day of finals, and everyone has finished taking their exams and now, they’re celebrating freedom.


“I’m going to the loo real quick. Anyone want a refill on their drinks?” Henry kindly asks, still annoyingly sober, while Alex is only slightly tipsy.


While everyone else is saying no, Alex says something else. “Want me to come with you, sweetheart?” he drawls, and he grins upon seeing Henry’s blush.


“I think I can manage going to the loo on my own, but thanks, love.” He chuckles, patting Alex’s knee before standing up and walking away. Alex knows he’s got the dreamy eyes while watching him.


“God, you’re so fucking into him it’s giving me goosebumps.”


Alex rolls his eyes and playfully kicks Nora on the leg. “Shut up. As if you and June aren’t the same.”


“Yeah, but we’re actually dating,” Nora points out, making Alex pout. “Unlike you who just keeps stupidly pining over him instead of actually making a move.”


“Fuck off,” he grumbles before downing the rest of his drink. “You know he’s been in several failed relationships in the past. I don’t want to seem too forward.”


“I doubt Hazza would ever think of you that way,” Pez sweetly says.


“True! “Plus they aren’t relationships, darling. He never went steady with any of them,” Bea adds in while munching on some chips.


“Where am I even gonna start?” Alex groans, slamming his glass onto the table. “I don’t want it to look like I’m rushing him or anything. That’s the last thing I want him to feel with me.”


June is about to say something when Nora speaks up. “Talk about too forward and making a move,” while nodding towards the dance floor. Alex frowns and follows her gaze, and his jaw clenches as he spots Henry on it, talking with a guy who is clearly flirting with him, with the way he’s smiling and caressing his fucking arm.


He tunes out the rest of the table while he focuses on Henry and the guy. Henry’s wearing his sorry I’m not interested in you smile, so that’s a little win at least. Few seconds later, he’s pulling back from the conversation and rushing back towards their booth, where he goes back to his seat with a breath of relief.
他把注意力都集中在亨利和那个家伙身上,把桌子上的其他人都忽略了。亨利露出了 "对不起,我对你没兴趣 "的微笑,这至少是个小小的胜利。几秒钟后,他从谈话中回过神来,急忙跑回他们的包间,如释重负地回到自己的座位上。


“What did he want?” Alex asks right away, startling Henry a bit, though he masks it off with a chuckle.


“Well. Long story short,  he was propositioning me,” he says tightly while sipping on his drink. “Had to tell him five times that I wasn’t interested.”


“In the proposition or in general?” Pez queries cryptically. Alex watches Henry’s face scrunch up in confusion at what his friend meant, though he still answers.


“In general, I guess. You know I haven’t been… lucky with the past men I’ve tried to date,” he casually says while playing with his drink in his glass.


“Besides,” he adds, and Alex’s heart races when Henry looks up at him from his lashes with a little smile. “I’ve got all I want and need here with me.”



“If that’s not a sign for you to move your ass, I don’t know what is.”
"如果这还不是让你挪挪屁股的信号 我就不知道什么才是了"


Alex sighs, leaning his head back on the couch. “You’re really not gonna let this go, are you?” He closes his eyes as June massages his head gently to relieve him of some of the hangover he has from last night.


“Nope!” Nora says, too cheerily. “I’m telling you, Fox has the hots for you, you just refuse to see it.”


Alex snorts. “I’ve been in love with the man almost my whole life—”


“Just eight years. Dramatic much?”


“—you think I don’t want him to have the hots for me?” he speaks a little louder to ignore Nora’s comment. “I’m just saying, I don’t think it’s the right time, he’s probably still enjoying his time for himself and I—”


“I think Nora’s right,” June chimes in, making Alex look at her with exasperation. She’s got this look on her face that says she knows more than what she’s saying but she won’t tell. Alex has always hated that look. Ugh.


“What if Henry’s just waiting for you to make the first move? Don’t you want to take that chance and see what happens?”


Alex stays silent for a beat, then sighs in defeat. “What do you want me to do?”


June smiles. “It’s simple, really…”



And that’s how Alex finds himself in the middle of Henry’s dorm three days later, a bouquet of pink and white roses in his hand.


June, Nora, Pez, and Bea—they all helped in preparing Henry’s dorm for Alex’s arrival while Henry was away on a grocery shopping errand. They’re both so lucky to have such a wonderful and supportive friendship circle for real.


Alex hears a soft clinking from below, and he glances down at David who’s sitting beside him. He smiles and pets his head.


“You can probably feel my nerves from here, huh, Davey?” He chuckles slightly when David tilts his head to meet Alex’s hand. Their short moment is interrupted, however, by the sound of a keycard beeping by the front door.


Both Alex and David look up at the sound, signaling Henry’s arrival. Alex stands up straight right away, his eyes following David’s happy jumps towards the door to meet Henry.


“Hello, darling,” Alex hears Henry coo over David. He can’t help but smile at the fondness in his voice.


“What are you so excited abo— Alex?” Henry gasps out when he sees Alex standing stupidly between his kitchen and the dining area.


Alex takes a deep breath. Here goes nothing.


“Hi, sweetheart,” he breathes out with a shy smile. The wrapper of the bouquet crinkles softly in his grasp, which seems to get Henry’s attention.


“What… What?” Henry sputters out, and Alex can’t help but laugh. He’s so fucking adorable.


Alex sighs and steps forward, handing out the bouquet. “For you. It’s called Gentle Love, if I’m not mistaken? Bea arranged this for us since my knowledge on flowers is kinda rusty.”


“Bea?” Henry furrows his brows, a disbelieving smile starting to form on his face. “Alex, what the hell is happening?”


Alex shrugs while smiling. “Can’t a guy spoil his favorite guy just because?”


That seems to work based on Henry’s blush. Henry slowly takes the bouquet, smells them with his eyes closed. Alex is rendered speechless; Henry looks so fucking beautiful it hurts him inside.


He clears his throat to re-focus himself and gestures to the dining table, where some food is served with a cover so they don’t get cold and some candles are lit. “Do you wanna eat first? Courtesy of Nora and Pez.”


Henry places the bouquet on the kitchen counter and approaches the table, taking off the covers of the food, revealing shrimp aglio olio pasta and roast chicken. “I love it,” he grins up at Alex. “These look delicious.”


Alex pulls out a chair for him, to which Henry sits on gratefully. He sits in front of him and pours both of their glasses with some wine. “Cheers?” He grins, raising his wine glass, offering a toast. Henry does the same, and they gently clink their glasses together before drinking.


“So how was your day?” Alex asks, and their conversation flows from there.


Henry listens and laughs when Alex tells him about how everything was prepared.


“Pez wanted to take David for the day, but I figured you’d panic if you didn’t see him when you got home.”
"佩兹想带戴维去玩一天" "但我想如果你回家后没见到他 你会惊慌失措的"


“Truly,” Henry chuckles. “Thank you for saving my child from potential dognapping, even if it was planned by my best friend.”
"真的" 亨利笑着说"谢谢你把我的孩子从潜在的绑架狗事件中解救出来 尽管这是我最好的朋友策划的"


“You’re welcome, sweetheart.” Alex winks, and he revels in the way Henry’s cheeks blush.
"不客气 亲爱的"亚历克斯眨了眨眼睛,他陶醉于亨利脸颊泛红的样子。


Alex listens to Henry’s story of helping an elderly woman bring her bags to her car and her giving him a big fat tip and a kiss on the cheek.


“Seems like a good enough reward for a good deed, baby,” Alex smirks. Henry’s answering grin is fucking breathtaking.



Alex hands the last dish he’s washed over to Henry, who happily accepts and dries it. Alex’s dishwasher broke recently that’s why they had to do it manually.


“Thanks for helping out.” Henry smiles and waves a dismissive hand at him.


“A simple deed to pay for this lovely dinner.” Henry walks over to him and shyly takes Alex’s hand in his own. “This really has been lovely, Alex. I can’t tell you how much I needed… this. You know, to unwind and just relax. With you.”


“Yeah?” Alex grins bashfully. Henry nods, and Alex braves enough to turn his hand over and lock their fingers together. “I’m glad, but there’s one more thing I wanna do for you, sweetheart. If you’ll let me.”


“Oh yeah? What is that?” He carefully pulls Henry towards the middle of the living room.


As they stand in front of the couch, Alex can’t help but kiss Henry softly on the cheek, mentally noting the way his breath hitches. “Dance with me?” he whispers, looking Henry in the eyes.


Henry grins. “You know I can’t dance..”


“I don’t care,” Alex whispers. He securely wraps an arm around Henry’s waist and slightly tugs him closer, their foreheads so close to touching. “I just want to sway and stay like this with you. Even for a little while.”


The way Henry stares at Alex is making him want to combust. He feels the intensity and so many emotions he can’t name while their eyes lock gazes with each other. Fuck, it’s taking everything in Alex to not just lean forward and kiss those pretty lips.


Henry’s smile is a little more intimate, something Alex notices is just reserved for him. “We can stay like this as long as we want to.”


Alex sighs shakily, and as much as he can with his arms around Henry, he fishes out his phone from his pocket, opens his Spotify app, and plays a song.
亚历克斯颤抖地叹了口气,搂着亨利,从口袋里掏出手机,打开 Spotify 应用程序,播放了一首歌。


Henry’s face breaks into a pretty grin when the first note plays. “I love this song..”


Alex smiles, a little more reserved. “It’s for you. The song, I mean.” Then, he leans forward and gently presses their foreheads together, closing his eyes as he softly sings along.


Don’t go changing to try and please me, you’ve never let me down before, mmm

Don’t imagine you’re too familiar and I don’t see you anymore


Alex feels Henry’s hold on him tighten a little bit as they continue swaying gently to the song. Alex opens his eyes, and Henry’s watching him with an unreadable expression. He doesn’t sing along this time.


Don’t go trying some new fashion, don’t change the color of your hair, mmm, Billy Joel sings, and Alex starts caressing Henry’s hair gently. “Your hair’s so fucking soft, have I told you that? I’ve always loved feeling it on my fingertips.” He rakes his fingers through Henry’s blonde strands softly.


“Sometimes, I imagine just…” He slightly tugs on Henry’s hair, making the blonde’s breath hitch shakily, his eyes darkening just a little bit. “Yeah,” Alex grins. “That’s the reaction I’ve always imagined getting from you.”


You always have my unspoken passion, although I might not seem to care


“Now that’s slightly wrong,” Alex retorts, making Henry’s brows raise in question. “I will always care about your passion. I will never get tired of seeing the way your eyes shine whenever you talk about the things you love, baby. You’re so fucking beautiful when you’re in your zone.”


Henry’s smile is steady and wide, but his eyes are starting to tear up. If Alex is being honest, he can feel his own doing the same, too.


“Alex…” Henry breathes out, like a soft prayer. Alex wants to hear him say his name like that every fucking day.


He gently places Henry’s head into his neck as they continue swaying. When Alex closes his eyes, his mind plays a brief fantasy—them, in this exact same position, in tailored suits, dancing as husbands in front of everyone they love.


Soon, Alex promises. For now..
很快 艾丽克丝保证现在


When Alex lifts Henry’s face to look at him, he’s not surprised to see that his best friend is already crying. He smiles, wiping Henry’s tears away with his thumbs as both hands cradle his face gently.


I need to know that you will always be the same old someone that I knew, Alex sings along. Oh what will take till you believe in me the way that I believe in you?


When Alex sings the words I said I love you, and that’s forever, Henry starts sobbing. Alex huffs out a soft chuckle while pressing their foreheads together, unable to stop his own tears.
当亚历克斯唱到 "我说我爱你,那就是永远 "时,亨利开始抽泣。亚历克斯轻笑一声,将两人的额头紧紧贴在一起,自己的眼泪也止不住地流了下来。


“I love you, Henry. God help me, I really fucking do,” he whispers as he closes his eyes. Somehow, it makes Henry sob even more. “Seeing all those assholes not treat you and appreciate you the way you deserve made me furious. They don’t know how fucking easy and fulfilling it is to love someone like you.”


He slightly pulls back so they could look at each other. “You don’t have to change a thing about yourself just for others, Hen. Especially for people who don’t know how to appreciate beauty when it’s in their hands. You should want to change for yourself. I’ll support you every step of the way, you know that. But I also want you to know that I love you. Just the way you are. Forever, sweetheart. I—”
他微微后退,让两人可以对视。"你不必为了别人而改变自己的任何东西,轩。尤其是那些不懂得欣赏美的人。你应该为自己而改变。我会支持你的每一步 你知道的但我也想让你知道,我爱你。就爱现在的你永远爱你,亲爱的I-"


Alex is cut off by soft, plush lips crashing against his, and he stops breathing for a full second before visibly melting in Henry’s arms and kissing him back.


It’s a bit wet and salty from their tears, and they couldn’t stop grinning, and it’s fucking perfect. Kissing Henry feels like home. From the second Henry’s lips touched his, Alex has known: he could do this for the rest of his life and he won’t ever get tired.


“Christ, I love you too,” Henry chuckles as he breaks the kiss and pulls Alex in for a hug. “I… I only went on those dates because I was bloody afraid of losing you if I ever so uttered even a single word about how you’ve absolutely ruined me for anyone else the moment I first laid my eyes on you. I was scared of letting you in and you realizing that I’m too much and you’d leave and I—”
"天哪,我也爱你,"亨利笑着说,他打破了这个吻,拉过亚历克斯抱在怀里。"我......我之所以参加那些约会,是因为我害怕失去你,如果我在第一眼看到你的时候,哪怕只说一个字,你就会把我彻底毁掉。我害怕让你进入我的生活 然后你发现我太过分了 你就会离开,而我..."


“Oh, baby,” Alex cuts him off softly, burying his face in Henry’s neck. God, he fucking smells good. “You could never be too much for me. I did just tell you I love you for you literally a few seconds ago, didn’t  I? Also. No more going on those stupid dates. We’ll be each other’s dates from now on. And forever, if possibly.”


Henry pulls back from the hug and cups both of Alex’s cheeks, and he’s smiling that pretty gummy smile that Alex has fallen in love with all those years ago.


“Forever, you say?” Henry pretends to think for a second before grinning. “I think we can work on that.”


“Fuckin’ great, baby,” Alex grins back, his heart finally settling in his chest now that Henry has come to take it and hold it. “Now c’mere, I’ve been holding back from doing this for years.” 


Henry’s laugh while being pulled into a slow, passionate kiss is the last thing Alex remembers before fully drowning himself in the taste and feel of Henry’s lips against his, which fits like a fucking perfect puzzle.


Just like Henry. Henry’s fit like a missing puzzle piece in Alex’s life ever since they first met, filling in all the empty spaces inside him that Alex doesn’t want to and will never want to let go of.


The song stops, but the night doesn’t. They share the remaining wine from dinner and a couple of Jaffa Cakes for dessert, cuddle on Henry’s couch while watching TV, and just chat and kiss and laugh until late.


Yeah, Alex thinks while he stares at Henry who is laughing beautifully at whatever stupid joke Alex said.


He could get used to this life forever.

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