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Notion Beginner Bundle

Thank you! 谢谢你!
買過的產品 买过的产品


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Notion Beginner Bundle - Notion Beginner Bundle

👋 Welcome and thank you for your download!
👋 欢迎并感谢您的下载!

We truly appreciate your support and trust in our products.

⚙️ To get started with your new Notion template, please follow these simple steps:
⚙️ 要开始使用新的 Notion 模板,请按照以下简单步骤操作:

  1. Open the template by clicking the link below:

  2. Click "Start with this template" in the top right corner to copy the template to your workspace. (On mobile, tap the 3-dot menu to reveal the same option.)
    单击右上角的“从此模板开始”,将模板复制到您的工作区。 (在移动设备上,点击三点菜单即可显示相同的选项。)

  3. If you don't have a Notion account, sign up for one before duplicating the template. If you have one, login using this account now.
    如果您没有 Notion 帐户,请在复制模板之前注册一个帐户。如果您有,请立即使用此帐户登录。

  4. Once the template has been duplicated, you can customize it to suit your preferences. Feel free to delete elements you don't need or even change the layout to fully fit your needs.

  5. Additionally, we recommend creating a Gumroad account to easily access all your downloaded products in the future.
    此外,我们建议创建一个 Gumroad 帐户,以便将来轻松访问您下载的所有产品。

🙏 A Small Ask from Us...
🙏 我们的一个小问题...

We're grateful for your purchase and would love to get your feedback.

If you're happy with the product, please consider leaving a 5-star rating to help others discover it too.
如果您对该产品感到满意,请考虑留下 5 星级评级,以帮助其他人也发现它。

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📢 Other ways we can help
📢 我们可以提供帮助的其他方式

  • Browse all our Notion templates, guides and resources on our website.

  • Get all products & guides for a discounted price with the Complete Bundle.

  • Become a Notion expert in no time, with our detailed guide The Notion Bible.

  • Build an online business selling Notion templates with the Notion Creator Bible.
    使用 Notion Creator Bible 建立销售 Notion 模板的在线业务。

  • Work 1:1 with Pascio to help you achieve your goals with consulting, mentorship & custom builds.
    与 Pascio 一对一合作,通过咨询、指导和定制构建帮助您实现目标。

  • Exposure your product, app or service to Pascio's audience of 400,000+ people with promotions.
    通过促销活动向 Pascio 超过 400,000 名受众展示您的产品、应用程序或服务。

Other products you might like...

Based on the product you've downloaded, we think you might love these templates too:

  1. Job Hunt OS

  2. Stoic Life OS

  3. Stoic Life Journal 斯多葛派生活杂志

  4. Soul Architect

  5. Monk Mode OS

  6. Health Hub OS

  7. 1 Year Transformation Board

P.S. You can take 20% off your next purchase using code "NEWFRIEND" on checkout.
附:您可以在下次购买时使用代码“NEWFRIEND”享受 20% 的折扣。

Keep scrolling to see a preview of the recommended templates...

1. Job Hunt OS

All-in-one Notion system to simplify the process of applying for jobs and increase your chances of landing your dream job.

How does it work? 它是如何工作的?

Using Job Hunt OS, you'll follow a simple 3 step process when looking for your next dream job:
使用 Job Hunt OS,您在寻找下一份梦想工作时将遵循简单的 3 步流程:

  1. Prospecting
    While you browse job listing sites, you'll come across multiple listings that may be of interest. Upload all these in the "Prospecting" section of Job Application OS.

  2. Applications
    Once you've collected the relevant jobs from each listing site, it's time to send, track and manage your applications. Track your progress from the "Applications" section.

  3. Filtering
    Once you start getting job offers, it's time to compare your options side by side, filtering by salary, perks or even your intuitive feeling about each job opportunity.

Job Hunt OS gives you a simple-to-follow process that'll simplify the hassle of applying for multiple jobs at once - all leading to increased chances of landing your dream job.
Job Hunt OS 为您提供了一个简单易懂的流程,可以简化同时申请多个工作的麻烦 - 所有这些都会增加您获得梦想工作的机会。

Get Job Hunt OS ->

2. Stoic Life OS

Track, organize and manage your life as a Stoic from one place, digitally.

What's inside? 里面是什么?


  • Workout/Stretches 锻炼/伸展运动
    Save different workouts or stretches to your database

  • Routines/Habits
    Track habits and stay on top of routines, simplified

  • Meal Plan
    Plan meals effectively, intuitively, and simply.

  • Home Improvement
    Prioritize and pick your need to have/nice to have.


  • Daily Reflection Journal 每日反思日记
    Morning and evening reflection templates.

  • Personal Manifesto
    Write a statement to live by and then live by it.

  • Long Term Goals
    Create your life vision and long term goals

  • Goal Action Plan
    Break down goals into actionable steps


  • To-Do List
    Prioritize tasks and organize them in the calendar

  • Calendar
    Organize your days, and plan tasks and events.

  • Cleaning 打扫
    Manage your cleaning schedule in one place

  • Wishlist
    Prioritize purchases from your wish list


  • Quick Notes 快速笔记
    Manage your quick notes from one place

  • Social Accounts
    Manage your social accounts from one place

  • Vocabulary
    Collect and learn your 2nd language words

  • Groceries
    Keep track of grocery receipts and spending


  • Wiki
    Learn from the pre-filled info on stoicism, vitamins & nootropics, and even add your own knowledge sections.

  • Library  图书馆
    Keep track of books you have and how far you've read. Review your favorite books and some add some to the wish list.

  • Database
    Fill your database with recipes, quotes, principles, movies and ideas. Or customize them and add your own categories.

Get Stoic Life OS ->
获取 Stoic Life 操作系统 ->

3. Stoic Life Journal 2.0

The ultimate one-of-a-kind life Stoic Journaling experience designed to give you insight and clarity in life by journaling the stoic way.

What's included? 包括什么?

  • Complete Journaling Dashboard

  • Personal phrase collection system

  • Unlimited amounts of journal entries

  • Easy sorting and storage 轻松分类和存储

  • Weekly review journal 每周回顾日记

  • 18+ total stoic teachers

  • 54+ total stoic quotes 总共超过 54 条坚忍名言

  • 270+ total writing prompts
    总共 270 多个写作提示

  • 1350+ total journaling questions
    总共 1350 多个日记问题

Get Stoic Life Journal 2.0 ->
获取斯多葛生活日记 2.0 ->

4. Soul Architect

A spiritual journal made to enhance your life and make you a better person.

All your problems solved with spirituality...

❌ Stress, worry and anxiety
❌ 压力、担忧和焦虑

If this is you, your root, sacral & solar plexus chakras are most likely out of balance.

It's time to re-evaluate how you're living life on daily basis.

 ✅ With Soul Architect, you can tend to your chakras with the included chakra exercises.
✅ 通过 Soul Architect,您可以通过附带的脉轮练习来护理您的脉轮。

❌ Confusion, forgetfulness or lack of focus?
❌ 混乱、健忘或注意力不集中?

If this is you, your crown chakra (or the third eye) is probably blocked.

It's time to re-evaluate what choices you're making.

 ✅ With Soul Architect, you can un-block your crown chakra by doing the included meditation exercises.
✅ 使用灵魂建筑师,您可以通过进行附带的冥想练习来疏通您的顶轮。

❌ Tiredness, sadness or out of balance?
❌ 疲倦、悲伤或失去平衡?

If this is you, your heart chakra might be cluttered.

It's time to re-evaluate how you're healing yourself.

 ✅ With Soul Architect, you can declutter your heart chakra by doing the included breathwork exercises.
✅ 使用 Soul Architect,您可以通过进行附带的呼吸练习来整理您的心轮。

Get Soul Architect ->

5. Monk Mode OS

Boost productivity, reduce stress and take your life to the next level with Monk Mode

What's included? 包括什么?

  • Unlimited cycles 无限循环
    Each cycle is designed to last for 31 days and you can create unlimited amounts of them making this a lifetime-use system.
    每个周期设计持续 31 天,您可以创建无限数量的周期,使其成为终身使用的系统。

  • Customizable cycles 可定制的周期
    Not only does each cycle let you set a start date and keep track of how long is left, but you can also customize them just as you want.

  • Recurring non-negotiables
    Each day your up to 10 customizable non-negotiables show up automatically and disappear when marked as done only to return the fresh and ready-to-use the next day again!
    每天,最多 10 个可定制的不可转让物品会自动显示,并在标记为完成时消失,仅在第二天再次返回新鲜且可供使用的物品!

  • Track your non-negotiables

    For each cycle you can track your hit rate of how many non-negotiables you managed to stick to (the goal is 100%!)
    对于每个周期,您可以跟踪您成功坚持了多少不可协商的目标的命中率(目标是 100%!)

  • Timeboxing and regular planning

    With the click of a button, you generate a whole week of planning space to either write your to-dos or to timebox every hour of the day.

  • Tasks, sticky pins and top goals

    Keep everything in one place at the glance of an eye by customizing your own tasks, pins or goals for every cycle.

  • Responsive, easy-to-use & beginner friendly

    Monk Mode is built with simplicity and decluttering principles in mind to give you a breathable space to level up — no crazy Notion skills needed to get the full benefit from this.

Get Monk Mode ->

6. Health Hub OS

The Ultimate Health Operating System for Notion
Notion 的终极健康操作系统

What's included? 包括什么?

  • Your own personal Health Tracking Operating System

  • 15 unique templates and +10 different health trackers!
    15 个独特的模板和 +10 个不同的健康追踪器!

  • Easy tracking & storing of all your health data

  • A highly customizable template that's easy to use

  • A minimalist dashboard to help you stay organized!

  • A full PPL workout split & template for your own workout
    完整的 PPL 锻炼分组和适合您自己锻炼的模板

  • Journaling & mental check-In system with daily happiness tracking

  • Track Moods, energies, triggers, meditations, mental states & journal entries

  • Track vitamins, calories, macros, workouts, running, daily steps

  • Track water intake, meditation, happines and much more...

Get Health Hub OS ->

7. 1-Year Transformation Board

1-year Goal-setting System for Notion
Notion 的 1 年目标设定系统

How does it work? 它是如何工作的?

  • Set yourself some yearly goals

    Set 1 year goals on health, wealth, relationships and spirituality - or even add your own categories.
    设定关于健康、财富、人际关系和灵性的一年目标 - 甚至添加您自己的类别。

  • Break down the goals quarterly
    Break down how you'll accomplish your goals and plan out the next 4 quarters of the year.
    详细说明您将如何实现目标并计划今年接下来的 4 个季度。

  • Break down the goals monthly
    Turn the quarterly goals into monthly tasks that needs to be accomplished.

  • Assign daily tasks 分配日常任务
    Sit down weekly to plan out your tasks for the coming week.

  • Accomplish more
    When you know exactly what a task contributes to, it's going to be way easier to do it.

Get 1 Year Transformation Board ->