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God save the Gay prince

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Alex and Henry get a cat. That's it that's the fic.

Drabbles about Alex and Henry's cat journey

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Henry and Alex currently live together in New York in their brownstone with David. Alex is a full time attorney and Henry works at Percy's shelter after his abdication.


Alex and Henry both are happy and content with the small family they have and how the rest of their family also drops in and it is enough for them but...well.


They once were out to get icecream and instead of taking their car they rode on their bikes to get in some fresh air as Alex suddenly heard a small purring sound from the sidewalk and immediately halted his bike "huh? What's wrong darling?" Henry asks as he brakes his bike as well and leans it on a side to find Alex crouched over near a Little ginger-white kitten as he picks him up, his entire fur is covered with blood and has several gashing wounds around him "Hen, see he's hurt, can we go to a vet please" he asks as he has worry in his voice, Henry nods and he takes off his his scarf and places the baby kitten in the basket in his bike "you're gonna be fine little kitty, hold on" he says as he hops on and starts riding, and Henry follows shortly after.


Luckily for them, a vet was nearby and they didn't have to bike much.


They reached and sat in the waiting room gently holding on to the kitten who was swaddled like a baby by Alex's scarf which was now a little bloody mess. 


In a while, their turn comes and both of them walk in to the doctor's office.


"Good evening Mr. Diaz and Mr. Fox, how may I help you today- oh how is she, what's her name" she said implicating to the cat as Alex clears his throat "uhm it's a boy cat and I just found him on the sidewalk" he said as she bought out a pen and paper to chart the cats condition "well, you'll have to name him something?" She said as she took the cat from Henry's arms as Alex was too jittery to hold onto him.


"Just for the fun of it, let's name him Philip. Philip Fox-Mountchristen-Windsor" Alex said and smirked as Henry rolled his eyes "isn't it a bit ironical as the cat is a little blonde too" "that's exactly why" Alex smirked as the doctor was analysing the little kitten 


"I checked him and it's just a little wound, I'm prescribing a few medicines, I stitched him up but you need to tend to his wounds, also if you're not able to we can give him away to a shelter" she said to him as Alex immediately shook his head "nope, he's staying with us" Henry opened his mouth to protest but he shut him up with a finger.


"That's great, I've written Philip's information on a prescription, get the medicines and take care of him, you can pay the fees at the receptionist, I also included his age, he's a newborn, only a month old" she said as Alex gently took the now stitched up and bandaged kitten from her hand as Henry gave her a handshake. He handed the kitten to Henry to place her in the little basket as he completed the formalities of her treatment.


They both rid back to the hand while they were bickering about the cat and especially the cat's name but eventually agrees to keep him as David might like some company.


"Hi pip, welcome home, I hope you're better than the person whom I've named you after" Alex chuckles as he says and makes the cat lie in a tiny makeshift bed. Suprisingly, he's a calm cat and doesn't have an issue with David but instead decides to nap on him


"And you called me a loser for naming my dog David" Henry snarks at Alex "suck my dick, pendajo" he rolled his eyes and said to him "sure my love but not infront of our two children" Henry smirked and said to him as Alex stomped away while yelling "You're such a pervert Henry, I hate you" 
"你给我的狗起名叫大卫,还说我是个失败者",亨利对亚历克斯讥讽道,"给我吹箫吧,Pendajo",亚历克斯翻了翻白眼,对他说:"当然,亲爱的,但不要当着我们两个孩子的面",亨利冷笑着对他说,亚历克斯一边嚷嚷着 "你真是个变态,亨利,我恨你",一边跺着脚走开了。


Henry knew Alex had the biggest grin and a blush, but his Latino American boyfriend was too shy to admit it.




After them living together, Philip and Bea started visiting them often as Philip began to understand his younger brother better and appreciate him and visit him on his birthday.


Both of them decided to suprise their brother and brother in law and come without informing them.

After a long 7 hour flight, they finally reached New York and we're greeted not by Henry, or Alex for that matter but instead a cat the size of Philips shoe.
经过 7 个小时的长途飞行,他们终于到达了纽约,迎接他们的不是亨利,也不是亚历克斯,而是一只像飞利浦鞋那么大的猫。

"Philip-Fox-Mountchristen-Windsor get back here! You're gonna have a bath today you like it or not!" He heard Henry yelling as he came to the entrance with Alex running behind him.
"菲利普 -福克斯 -温莎山庄" "Philip -Fox -Mountchristen -Windsor get back here.不管你喜不喜欢,今天你都得洗澡!"他听到亨利在门口大喊,阿历克斯跟在他身后跑过来。

Bea looked at both her brothers silently and smiled 

"What's happening?" Philip asked as the little cat caught onto his leg. 

"Um well, we got a cat and yeah?" Alex said as he retrieved the cat from his leg but he refused to let go, Philip bend down and picked him up as he crawled onto his shoulder.

"No I got it that you have a cat now but why name him Philip?" He asked as he sat on their couch petting the little kitten.

"I'm to blame here, I just thought it would be funny as the cat has blonde hair similar to you" Alex said trying to contain his laughter until Bea broke and finally started laughing.

"It's hysterical, I was tired of one Philip and now I'm seeing two of them together!" She commented as she was laughing, Philip gave her a death stare but as the cat fell into his lap and clawed on his stomach, he started laughing with them "god, I never knew I'll meet my cat twin, you like me alot kid, innit?" Philip said while chuckling a bit as the cat jumped off and got to Alex.

"It's his 1 month anniversary with us today and my birthday, so it's both of our birthdays today" Henry said as he leaned his head on Alex's shoulder. "Also, I have to tell you something..." Alex said in a serious tone to which 3 of the fox siblings perked up "yeah, say it" Henry said to which Alex sighed "we need to bathe Philip, he's disgusting right now" and hearing this, Philip totally spit out his coffee "I BEG YOUR PARDON MR. CLAREMONT DIAZ?" 


Three 三个


Though very outrageous, Henry and Alex have decided to get married on new years evening. They both slept in the entire day, it's one of the most special moments of their lives, and they want everyone to be there.

The girls from Henry's shelter will be the flower girls and there will be 10 girls and 10 boys who will be the cat bearers and the cat will be the ring bearer, why the number of 20 kids? Because Orion contains 18 stars so these kids will be his little stars and one girl and one boy will walk ahead of them all, the little girl representing the North star and the little boy representing the ground they walk on, and to remind them both that they're eachothers north stars and grounds as well.
亨利庇护所的女孩们将担任花童,还有 10 个女孩和 10 个男孩将担任猫熊,猫咪将担任戒指持有者,为什么是 20 个孩子呢?因为猎户座有 18 颗星星,所以这些孩子将是他的小星星,一个女孩和一个男孩将走在他们前面,小女孩代表北极星,小男孩代表他们走过的土地,并提醒他们,他们也是彼此的北极星和土地。

As Henry isn't wearing a veil he instead walks the aisle with a leash in hand, David was on the other side, wearing a little bowtie and a hat. And the cat was in the basket, also wearing a bowtie but no hat.

As he walked down the aisle, David was frisked away to sit in the audience by Shaan who was his best man and he started with his vows, which were more like they appreciation they had for one another, because they would be saying another set of vows later.
走过红地毯时,大卫被伴郎 Shaan 拉到观众席坐下,他开始宣读誓言,誓言更像是他们对彼此的赞赏,因为他们稍后还会宣读另一套誓言。


Alex, you're my north star, my knight in shining armour, or I might devistatingly handsome peasant boy~ I can't imagine a life without you here, standing beside me, you're my earth and my sky, the ground and a place to fly. Ever since I was a young lad, I was taught not to make very many wishes but Alex, I have a small wish for myself tonight. I wish to spend several winters, springs, summers, birthdays with you, but when the day comes, where we touch ice for the last time, dance in rain for the last time, I want you, to live a day longer than me, only a day longer, because I wouldn't be able to see you go, nor wait for you in heaven, or hell~ whatever is our destiny, I want you, because even hell would feel like heaven if you're with me, Alexander Gabriel Claremont Diaz, you're mine forever" 
亚历克斯,你是我的北极星,我的白马王子,或者我可以说......我英俊潇洒的农家男孩~ 我无法想象没有你站在我身边的生活,你是我的大地,也是我的天空,是地面,也是飞翔的地方。我从小就被教育不要许太多愿望,但是亚历克斯,今晚我有一个小小的愿望。我希望能与你共度数个冬春夏秋,共度数个生日,但当有一天,我们最后一次接触冰雪,最后一次在雨中起舞时,我希望你能比我多活一天,只多活一天,因为我无法目送你离去,也无法在天堂或地狱等你,无论我们的命运如何,我都想要你,因为如果你和我在一起,即使是地狱也会有天堂的感觉,亚历山大-加布里埃尔-克莱蒙特-迪亚兹,你永远属于我"。

Henry ended his vows and though Alex was tempted to hug him, he got the signal to start his own vows


Henry, from the moment I met you, I hated you, or maybe, I hated how much I loved you. You're right now my everything, my love, my husband, the father of my two kiddos, David and Philip, my partner in crime and everything I ever wished for. But, I want to warn you, if you say yes to marrying me, you'll be stuck forever, but...if you say no, you'll still be stuck with me as I love you too much to leave. They say, if you love something dearly, let it go and if it's yours, it will come back around, and Henry, I hid you, and my feelings, in the drawer with my AP textbooks. And you came back, on new years eve, you kissed me, and it changed my life forever. Henry, be with me till my last breath, be with me till my last spring, you're my ground and my orion, my worst enemy and the love of my life, be with me forever Henry, because I can't imagine a life without you. Henry George Edward James Hanover Stuart Fox, I promise to be yours forever, your forever headache"
亨利,从我见到你的那一刻起,我就恨你,或者说,我恨我有多爱你。你现在是我的一切 我的爱人 我的丈夫 我两个孩子戴维和菲利普的父亲 我的犯罪拍档 我所希望的一切但是,我想警告你,如果你答应嫁给我,你就会被永远困住,但是......如果你拒绝,你还是会被我困住,因为我爱你爱得无法离开。俗话说,如果你深爱着某样东西,那就放手吧,如果它是你的,它就会回来,而亨利,我把你和我的感情藏在了抽屉里,和我的 AP 课本放在一起。你回来了,在新年前夕,你吻了我,从此改变了我的生活。亨利,陪我到最后一口气,陪我到最后一个春天,你是我的土地,我的奥里翁,我最大的敌人,也是我一生的挚爱,永远陪着我吧,亨利,因为我无法想象没有你的生活。亨利-乔治-爱德华-詹姆斯-汉诺威-斯图尔特-福克斯,我承诺永远属于你,你永远的头痛"

he said as he chuckled a bit and then came the cat bearers, Alex picked up the cat and unstrapped him removing the rings and handed them to the kids. They took the rings and exchanged them and then, Alex started his vows.

I, Alexander Gabriel Claremont Diaz, take thee, Henry George Edward James Hanover Stuart Fox, to be my wedded husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, for fairer or fouler, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death us depart, according to God's holy ordinance; and thereunto I plight thee my troth.

Henry heard this and his tears were ready to flow, but they had another set of vows there


May you never steal, lie, or cheat, but if you must steal, then steal away my sorrows, and if you must lie, lie with me all the nights of my life, and if you must cheat, then please cheat death because I couldn't live a day without you. I love you

And the moment he completed the vows, the priest looked at his watch and started with the obligatory questions

Alexander Gabriel Claremont Diaz, do you take Henry George Edward James Hanover Stuart Fox for your lawful husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do you part?”
亚历山大-加布里埃尔-克莱蒙特-迪亚兹 你是否愿意嫁给亨利-乔治-爱德华-詹姆斯-汉诺威-斯图尔特-福克斯 为你的合法丈夫 从今天起,无论好坏,贫富,疾病,健康

yes, I do

Henry George Edward James Hanover Stuart Fox, do you take Alexander Gabriel Claremont Diaz for your lawful husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do you part?

Yes, I do 是的,我愿意

I pronounce you husbands 我宣布你们成为丈夫

The countdown only has 60 seconds till midnight, and it feels like an eternity, holding his hand
距离午夜倒计时只有 60 秒,握着他的手却感觉像过了很久









You may now kiss the husband

And as he says it they kiss at the strike of midnight, the most special moment of their life, being together forever.


Four 四个


Alex comes home and as usual is greeted by his baby Davey but pip is missing. He calls out to his husband "Honeyy where are you" he calls out but gets no response, he takes off his jacket and goes upstairs to Henry's room and sees him lying on their bed
亚历克斯回到家,像往常一样迎接他的宝贝戴维,但是琵普不见了。他呼唤丈夫 "Honeyy 你在哪里",但没有得到回应,他脱下外套,上楼来到 Henry 的房间,看到他躺在床上。

"Alex, see, pip is massaging my tummy because I wasn't feeling well since a few days" he says as he gestures Alex to come near him

"Hmm why so? Are you unwell darling?" He asks as he kisses him gently

"Go to the washroom darling" Alex complies and goes in, thinking he might see vomit but he doesn't.


"So Alex, which do you think it will be? A little sister to our kids or a little brother?" 

Alex goes to him and pulls him in a little loving kiss

"I love you Henry" "我爱你,亨利"

"I love you Alex" "我爱你,亚历克斯"