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ICT Silver Bullet timebased trading model
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ICT Silver Bullet timebased trading model
ICT 银弹时间交易模型

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The Silver Bullet is a rule-based idea to look for time-based model. Time and Price. It highly consistent, it is extremely high probability when all the factors are present in price action. ICT advices to focus only on 1 market and become a specialist in that.
银弹是一种基于规则的寻找基于时间的模型的想法。时间和价格。当所有因素都存在于价格行动中时,它非常一致,极有可能发生。ICT 建议只关注一个市场,并成为该市场的专家。

If you can do that, one of these specific ICT SB setups will form every day. This is all you need to for bread and butter and to make ends meet. If you don’t get a setup in London, you wait for AM session. Nothing in there as well? Look during the PM Session.
如果你能做到这一点,每天都会有一个特定的 ICT SB 设置。这就是你所需要的来维持生计。如果你在伦敦找不到一个设置,你可以等待上午的交易时间。上午也没有?那就在下午的交易时间寻找。

But every single market, every single day, will offer one of these. So you have to be disciplined and focus to look for these specific ideas. This is enough to make you independent and trust yourself and your unique analysis. You won’t have to rely on anything or anyone else.
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You have to frame a narrative for your trade setup, or it other words, where price will go to from the current location (you are building a bridge between point A and point B), and why it should do that. The why is very important. There are 2 reasons: either to take out stops or to reprice to an imbalance/inefficiency. The distance to that level should be at least 10 handles for indices. Now inside of that price leg, you are aiming to get 5 handles. This will allow you to be more flexible with your entries and exits. If you can frame 10 handles, then you have increased chances of getting 5.
你必须为你的交易设置构建一个叙述,或者换句话说,价格将从当前位置走向何处(你正在构建从 A 点到 B 点的桥梁),以及为什么会这样。为什么非常重要。有两个原因:要么是为了触发止损,要么是为了重新定价到一个不平衡/不高效的位置。指数的目标距离应至少为 10 个点。在这个价格区间内,你的目标是获得 5 个点。这将使你在进出场时更加灵活。如果你能构建 10 个点,那么你就增加了获得 5 个点的机会。
Types of ICT silver bullet set-ups
ICT 银弹设置的类型
The framework for many ICT silver bullet setups are as follows. You can treat all of the following 7 variations as Draw on Liquidity. They are all equally available in terms of probability if it is in the market at that time. They won’t be always available all of them.
许多 ICT 银弹设置的框架如下。您可以将以下 7 种变体都视为流动性绘制。如果在市场上,它们在概率上都是同样可用的。它们并不总是都同时可用。

There might be times where PWH has already been ran in the morning. In that case you have look at HTF for Liquidity pool or Inefficiency above price if you are bullish. 💎Not all of them will exist and on any given day not all of these will be in the charts but most days one of these criteria will be in play. The main emphasis is determining the next most likely draw in PA, so where is the price likely to go to next. That's the number one goal. If you don’t know this, whatever analysis concept you are using will probably fail.
可能会有早上已经运行了 PWH 的时候。在这种情况下,如果你看涨,你需要查看 HTF 的流动性池或价格上方的不效率。并非所有这些都会存在,而且在任何一天,这些标准并不都会在图表中出现,但大多数时候,其中一个标准会起作用。主要重点是确定下一个最有可能的价格吸引点,即价格可能下一步去哪里。这是首要目标。如果你不知道这一点,无论你使用的分析概念是什么,都可能失败。
If we are bullish we look for Yesterday’s High, bc there will be resting Buy stops. We will be looking for a run into that PDH. That expansion is the DOL. Vice versa if we are bearish.

If we expect lower prices throughout the week, then we look at PDL as Liquidity Pool with Sell stops. So we will be looking for a setup that expands down into that liquidity.
如果我们预计本周价格会下跌,那么我们将把 PDL 视为具有卖出止损的流动性池。因此,我们将寻找一个向下扩展到该流动性池的设置。
Previous session high/low
Indices: If you are trading the AM session, you can use the London/Asia H/L and look to run on liquidity or retest of those old H/L’s. For forex look at asian during londen open and for london during NY
If we are bullish we would be looking to run above PWH and if bearish we will run to PWL.
Return to current/old NWOG
Returning into the Gap can be treated as DOL
Expansion away from NWOG
Classic ICT OTE
Confluence of the 2022 YT mentorship model
Your draw on liquidity could be an inefficiency above the marketplace when we're bullish or a inefficiency below the price when we are bearish. Which means that if we're bearish we could be aiming for a discount BISI or some measure of FVG below current price action.
That would be your draw when bearish. Or if you're bullish you would be looking for a inefficiency above current price action. Which would be many times in the form of a SIBI or a variant of FVG above current price action.
London Open Silver Bullet: 3-4 AM setup time
This is a time based model, which means that it is linked to a specific 60m interval. It does form every single day. However it may not be in the Future index contract that you trade, or in the FX pair, or in the asset that you are looking at.
What we are looking for is a classic ICT FVG to form between 3AM and 4AM. The factor that we are going to heavily lean on is the skill to determine where price is going to go.
Not necessarily the bias, but you just predominantly have to consider where the next Draw on Liquidity is. Buy stops or SIBI above price if we are bullish. In this example price was bearish:
We have an obvious Swing Low with Sell stops resting below. We look if it has 10 handle distance, but we aim to collect only 5 handles.
The ICT Silver Bullet entry will be taken inside the that 60m interval. It’s not necessary that the whole move will transpire inside that 1 hour. Many times you will have to hold onto the trade further into 5AM or maybe till 7AM-8AM.
Shorting from the low end of the FVG down to the SSL it offers more than 5 handles. The frameworks was “Could it get to 10?”. Yes, but we don’t require that.
AM Session Silver Bullet: 10-11 AM setup time
Setup time: 10:00AM - 11:00AM
Here we can see that the market was bearish. We had Sellside and REL. FVG formed inside the Silver Bullet hour. Is the distance between the both bigger than 10 handles? Yes. 5 handles were delivered even in the same hour window. Not that it must be done so fast.
Many times the trade can be held outside of that time window.
PM Session Silver Bullet: 2-3 PM setup time
If price was to rally, the framework could be based on OTE or the first FVG that forms inside and reprices to between 2:00PM and 3:00PM. Does it has 10 handle distance away? Yes, it does.
That’s high probability entry that lends well with a run into Premium Inefficiency and Buyside.