Authentication and authorization

This guide introduces the different methods of authenticating and authorizing apps with Shopify’s platform. Make sure that you understand the differences between the types of authentication and authorization methods before you begin your development process.
本指南介绍了使用 Shopify 平台对应用程序进行身份验证和授权的不同方法。在开始开发过程之前,请确保您了解身份验证和授权方法类型之间的差异。

You can use Shopify CLI to generate a starter app with boilerplate code that handles authentication and authorization. The starter app includes code for an embedded app that follows app best practices:
您可以使用 Shopify CLI 生成带有处理身份验证和授权的样板代码的入门应用程序。入门应用程序包含遵循应用程序最佳实践的嵌入式应用程序的代码:

You should use this starter app unless you need to create an app that is not embedded.