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Indians battle intense heat with 'mad rush' for air conditioners, beer
印度人 "瘋狂搶購 "空調和啤酒,與酷熱作鬥爭

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A worker carries an air cooler for delivery to a customer during the heat wave in Ahmedabad, India, May 30, 2024. - Photo: Reuters file
2024 年 5 月 30 日,印度艾哈邁達巴德,一名工人在熱浪中搬運空氣冷卻器。 - 照片:路透社檔案路透社資料

BENGALURU, (India): Demand for beer in India is at a multi-year high and air conditioner sales are skyrocketing as the intense, unprecedented heat scorching parts of the country becomes a boon for some consumer businesses.

Temperatures in the Indian capital Delhi and the western state of Rajasthan soared to almost 50 degrees Celsius in recent weeks, with scientists saying the hot summer has become even more intense due to human-driven climate change.
最近幾週,印度首都德里和西部拉賈斯坦邦的氣溫飆升至近 50 攝氏度,科學家表示,由於人類驅動的氣候變化,炎熱的夏季變得更加炎熱。

While rains lashed Delhi on Friday, many northern areas such as Punjab recorded temperatures above 40 C on Thursday (June 27).
雖然週五德里降雨不斷,但旁遮普等北部許多地區週四(6 月 27 日)的氣溫卻超過了 40 攝氏度。

Beer sales volume are expected to jump 10% this summer and demand is at its highest since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, said Vinod Giri of Brewers' Association of India which represents leading beer makers Carlsberg, Anheuser-Busch InBev and United Breweries.
代表主要啤酒製造商嘉士伯(Carlsberg)、安海斯-布希-英博(Anheuser-Busch InBev)和聯合啤酒公司(United Breweries)的印度啤酒釀造商協會的維諾德-吉里(Vinod Giri)說,今年夏天的啤酒銷售量預計將激增10%,需求量也將達到Covid-19 大流行以來的最高點。

Beer in this scorching heat, Giri said, makes Indians "feel better without getting too high on alcohol."
吉里說,在如此酷熱的天氣裡喝啤酒,能讓印度人 "感覺更好,而不會喝得太醉"。

The heat has also driven power demand to a record peak as more people seek ways to cool down.

B. Thiagarajan, managing director at ACs-to-air purifier maker Blue Star, said he has not witnessed such strong sales for air conditioners in the more than 30 years he has worked in the industry.
B.空調變空氣清淨機製造商藍星公司總經理 Thiagarajan 說,在他從業的 30 多年裡,他從未見過如此強勁的空調銷售。

HUAWEI unveils anti-glare MatePad 11.5s PaperMatte Edition, more versatile than a PC
華為發布防眩光 MatePad 11.5s PaperMatte 版,比 PC 更全能

It's been a "mad rush... anything called air conditioner would have got sold," he said.
他說,這是一場 "瘋狂的搶購......任何叫空調的東西都能賣出去"。

The number of affluent people in India is rising rapidly, and Thiagarajan said overall air conditioner sales will grow 50% in the April-June summer months, outstripping the industry's expected demand increase of 25% to 30%.
印度的富裕人口數量正在迅速增加,Thiagarajan 表示,在 4-6 月的夏季,整體空調銷售量將增加 50%,超過業界預期的 25% 至 30% 的需求成長。

Other businesses are also enjoying a strong summer.

Quick delivery service Swiggy Instamart said it is seeing a sharp rise in orders for ice cream and cold beverages.
快速外送服務 Swiggy Instamart 表示,冰淇淋和冷飲的訂單量正在急劇上升。

Walmart-owned Indian e-commerce website Flipkart said demand for top-end sunscreen products jumped 40% between February-May 2024 versus the previous year, with products such as sunscreen sticks proving particularly popular.

"Heatwaves made me use sunscreens very frequently, like, 3 to 4 times a day," said S. Dinesh, 27, whose job demands him to stay out in the sun during the day.
"27 歲的 S. Dinesh 說:"熱浪讓我不得不頻繁使用防曬霜,例如每天使用 3 到 4 次。

But even as the heat pushes up demand for some online products, it is causing logistical challenges as more delivery workers fall ill due to the high temperatures, said Ajay Rao, CEO of Emiza, a logistics company which counts Flipkart and Mamaearth among its customers.
但是,物流公司Emiza 的執行長Ajay Rao 說,即使高溫推高了對一些線上產品的需求,但它也帶來了物流方面的挑戰,因為更多的送貨工人因高溫而生病,該公司的客戶包括Flipkart 和Mamaearth。

"People are not able to actually cope with the outside temperatures," he said. - Reuters
"他說:"人們實際上無法承受室外的溫度。 - 路透社

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